Hot Wheels

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2010 by Honey Moon

Sex Story: When a woman spots her husband's dream car with a for sale sign in the window, just how far will she go to lower the asking price on a classic 1968 Shelby Cobra GT 500 KR, so she can buy it for him for his birthday?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   .

I was heading home from work when I first spotted her. I nearly ran my 2003 Hyundai Accent off the road when I saw the delightful curves of her body. They say you never forget your first. Let me tell you something. That is so true! I managed to safely pull my car over, and stared openly at the graceful lines of her body.

She was like a twin sister! The lovely blue 1968 Shelby Cobra GT 500 KR that had caught my eye was nearly an exact duplicate of my husband's first car! His father, my father-in-law, had given it to him the day Tom passed his road test and received his driver's license. That made Tom only the car's SECOND owner! My mind went back to our days of dating in high school. That Cobra was our chariot of delight and our bedroom of choice nearly every date we went on! Tom had taken my virginity in the back seat. After that, we made love in every conceivable way in on and around that beautiful machine.

My eyes misted over. Tom and I were both devastated when some punks stole our beloved rolling iron, and went on to total it in their half baked crime spree. The fools had robbed three convenience stores a gunpoint before wrapping the Cobra around a tree during a high speed pursuit! Still, my heart pounded with happiness through my memory induced tears. There was a big cardboard 'For Sale' sign on the windshield!

"This is perfect!" I couldn't help exclaiming as I hit the seatbelt release and opened my car door. I had quite a bit saved up, and a nice healthy bonus burning a hole in my bank account! Tom would be overjoyed to see his birthday present when he gets home from his current deployment.

I hoped against hope that the owner wouldn't want TOO much for the car. She was in gorgeous shape! Walking around her, I could see we would have to do some work, but there was still plenty of life left in this beauty! I had butterflies in my tummy when I finally tapped on the front door of the small well kept house.

The door opened after a moment. "Hello, may I help you?"

I smiled my sunniest smile at the fair skinned handsome redhead who had answered my knock. The good looking guy even had green eyes, just like my Tom! "I certainly hope so! I was driving by when I saw the sale sign on your car!"

He grinned in return. "That was quick. I didn't even register the car for sale online yet. I only just put the sign up about ten minutes ago when I heard I got my promotion and will be relocating to Japan. I can still smell the Sharpie ink!"

I couldn't help sounding too eager. "Let's take that sign down before someone else notices!"

He laughed as he pulled a key ring from his pocket. "Hold on little lady! It's not going anywhere just yet!"

I could have kicked myself for how fast I pranced over to the beautiful automobile. I was acting like some kind of star struck fool! That was no way to enter a bargaining agreement! "Uh, I have time for just a quick look right now." I fibbed, while trying to get myself back under control. "How's she, uh, it run?"

"Like a top." He opened the door and it was all I could do to keep myself from shoving him out of the way! I watched as he slipped into the driver's seat and eased the key into the ignition switch. I nearly wet myself when the air ram fed 428 Cobra Jet's 335 horses roared into life! That is, the official stated 335. The true number is somewhere between 450 and 500! The story is that they intentionally underrated the engine for better insurance premiums at the consumer end!

Time almost rolled back! The throaty voice of the engine actually aroused me by association. I was responding like Pavlov's dogs! How many times had Tom and I ended up joined body and soul after hearing that wonderful sound?

I felt my face grow warm. "Sounds okay." I said feebly, while trying to ignore the condition of my panties. "But how does she handle?"

"Like a dream." He shut off the engine and I nearly wept. "When you have more time, you can come back for a test drive."

"Wait, I have time. My, um, plans can wait a bit!" Damn! I had to calm down! I could sense the price raising to mach my obvious excitement! "I could just drive her, um, it around the block a couple times. You know, just to get a feel for how much work will need to be done."

He stepped out of the car with a grin. "That's fine. I hope you understand that I'm going with the car. I'm not saying you would, but I've heard of people running off with cars while on 'test drives'!"

"That's okay by me!" I was in the car and buckled up before he finished crossing over to the passenger side. My hands caressed the steering wheel. It was a wheel just like this that I bumped my head on while, well, learning to give head for the first time! Tom and I had both laughed when he showed me how it could tilt up to give me more room. I was so wrapped up in my memories that he had to tap the window to signal for me to unlock the door for him!

I started the engine and nearly purred along as it roared. Who says you can't go back? I rolled down the window and tossed the cardboard sign out onto the lawn. All the remembered movements came back. I hadn't driven a stick since OUR Cobra was stolen, but it felt like no time had passed at all! Stick, clutch, gas, it all came back! We smoothly glided out of the driveway and into the street. There was more play in the suspension then I cared for as we bumped over the curb, and the brakes had a bit of a squeal, but the car's heart was sound and strong! This car could be made cherry in no time! I just had to have her for Tom!

"Mark Benson." The redhead said, breaking my joyful revelry.

"Huh, uh, I mean, hi Mark! I'm Janet, Janet Kincaid."

"Well Janet, you seem to know muscle cars. You drive like a pro!"

I laughed as I gave the girl more gas. "My husband taught me on a car much like this one. That's who I'm thinking of buying it for. He gets home from Iraq in two weeks, and as luck would have it, he should be here on his birthday!"

His smile was sincere. "Be sure to thank him for his service for me, okay?"

"You bet I will!"

The sun was setting, so I switched on the headlamps. Driving was a treat, as I reacquainted myself with operating a REAL automobile! I took turns at random, savoring the handling as we motored along. I was out in a more rural area when I forced myself to ask the question that was burning in my soul. "Um, how much are you asking, Mark?"

He named a price, and my heart sank. I knew it would be high, but what I had just wouldn't cover it. I drove on in silence, eating up the miles as we sped through the growing darkness. I recognized the area we were in. It was one Tom and I had visited numerous times while dating. I pulled off of the road and nosed the car down the narrow dirt path that opened up into a small clearing. "That seems a bit steep." I said sadly, as I put the car into park and just held onto the steering wheel. "To be honest, I don't think I can justify spending that much right now."

The dashboard light was enough illumination to let me notice Mark was actively checking me out. It was flattering to know a man ten years younger then I was showing more then a little interest in my appearance. I may be thirty-three, but I work hard to fight Mother Nature! My morning runs and workouts in the gym help to keep my body fit and trim. Of course good DNA helps out! I'm a natural blond (no jokes, please!) and managed to inherit a couple other of my mother's charms. Okay, you got me. They're 44DD. Because of the girls, most guys don't even notice my baby blue eyes! And yes, I'm five foot two, just like in that silly old song!

I took a deep breath, noting how his eyes remained locked on my chest. "Are you sure that price is firm?" I asked in my best dumb blond voice.

There was a catch in his voice when he answered. "I don't know about the price, but something sure is firm!"

It was terrible of me, but I was desperate! Was this a way I could chip a bit off of his asking price? I slipped my right hand off of the wheel, and placed it gently on his left thigh. I ran my fingertips slowly upward until I encountered the hard flesh trapped beneath tight denim. "Oh my. Something surely is firm!" I turned to face him fully. "Did I make you get like that?"

"Hell yes, Janet!" He looked at me, unsure of what was going on. I clued him in real fast as I began to fumble with his belt buckle.

"I really want to buy this car for my husband." I whispered as I worked open his pants and extracted his penis from the folds of his shorts. Mark wasn't quite as big as my husband, but nine inches was nothing to sneeze at! I unbuckled my seatbelt and smiled. "Maybe we can work something out."

"You, uh, you're making a very persuasive argument." He gasped as he shoved his jeans and shorts down to his ankles. "How much do you think you can convince me to take off the price?"

"Let me think for a moment." I was used to being on the passenger side for this, but what the hell. There was more headroom this way! I hunkered down and gave the head of his cock a kiss. His moan told me how much he was paying attention to my arguments. I opened my mouth and accepted the swollen head between my lips.

This was only the second penis I had ever encountered in my life! The shape and size felt different in my mouth, but I found the difference to be exciting! Let's face it. Driving the Cobra had turned me on something fierce, and I hadn't been with Tom in almost a year! Giving head was quite a pleasant way to negotiate a better price! I used my tongue in all the ways Tom liked me to. Mark seemed to enjoy my skills just as much!

His hands went to my head as I began to bob. Mark was a little rougher then Tom, but the contrast was rather nice! He forced me into a faster pace as I worked to release his load, and lower the price of the car.

"Oh God, it's been so long!" he groaned as his hands pressed harder against the back of my head. The crown of his cock lodged in my throat as the shaft began to jerk! Nose buried in his springy red pubic hair, I struggled a bit as he forced me to take his ejaculate directly down my throat and into my tummy!

He only released me when his orgasm tapered to an end. "Jesus!" I gasped. "Take it easy! You almost killed me!"

"Oh shit, I'm sorry Janet!" He grinned sheepishly at me. "My girlfriend ran off with my best friend two years ago. I haven't been with a woman in all that time!"

"That's okay!" His hands were on my in a flash! "Wait a minute!" I gasped, as he struggled to open my blouse. "Let's talk about the car!"

"Janet, please! I, I'm feeling very generous! I may lower the price even more!"

This was starting to really remind me of my first time with Tom! We were parked in nearly the same place, in almost the exact same car! I should admit it. Tom had, well, been a bit of an octopus himself that night. My body was responding even though my common sense was crying for a time out! This was important though! I needed to buy this car for Tom! I ended up saying what may very well be the stupidest thing I ever said in my life. "Alright, let's pursue your generosity a little more."

Our 'discussion' resumed with more passion. "Janet, you're so damn sexy!" he said huskily as I fought just hard enough to slow down the removal of my blouse and bra.

It must have been insanity induced by once again struggling with an attractive healthy redheaded man in the familiar confines of one of the best automobiles to roll off the assembly line! I should crack him one on the jaw and then drive his unconscious body back to his house and escape in my crappy little fuel sipping Hyundai!

Dear lord, I hadn't been with Tom in far too long a time! Tom and I share a VERY active sex life! Since the night he rather forcibly relieved me of my cherry, we rarely missed a night of good healthy sex! My best friend Lisa and I have grown quite a bit closer since my husband's deployment, and yes, that means exactly what you think it does. As much as I love being with her, it's just not the same. Unlike Lisa, I really truly miss being with a man! Besides, being 'friendly' was the best thing I had going for me to reduce his asking price!

In the darkness, it was very easy to pretend this slender redhead was the young man who got my cherry back in high school! That was my undoing! I only gave a token resistance as he worked to relieve me of my own slacks! When he grabbed my panties and started to tug, I spoke up. "Mark, do you have a condom?" I asked hopefully.

He didn't even pause. In seconds he had my panties off of me! "I'm sorry Janet, I don't." My shoes were somewhere on the floor, and all of my clothing was scattered around the interior of the car. I was naked and defenseless with an aroused man!

"I, uh, we, we'll have to be very careful." I gasped, craving the penetration I had missed. "You'll have to tell me as soon as you even suspect you're about to cum, okay? I can't afford to make a mistake right now! Not today of all days in my cycle! You'll have to pull out before you cum in me, do you understand?"

"Oh God, I promise! I swear I'll tell you in plenty of time! I'll pull out and shoot all over your belly!"

I gulped, my arousal making me stupid. Guys think with their dicks all the time. What the hell was I doing, thinking with my ovaries? "Okay, I believe you." I opened my door and stepped naked out of the car. "Now we push the seats up as much as they will go." I demonstrated as I talked, and then slipped into the back seat. "It's cozy, but there's plenty of room!" I assumed the familiar position. I sat on the transmission hump in the middle of the seat, scooted my butt to the edge, and spread my legs wide. My feet were wedged under the two front seats, but I know by long experience that this was one of the more comfortable ways to 'do it' in a Cobra! At least I was comfortable! Tom, and now Mark, had to work at it to get what they wanted! "Now you get in here. Watch your butt against the center console armrest and everything should work out great! Remember Mark, you have to pull out though. I'm not kidding! I'm fertile today! You can't squirt in me!"

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