The Sniper

by Mendon Fishers

Copyright© 2010 by Mendon Fishers

Drama Story: A solder far from Home

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Military   .

I was an expert marksman in the US Army. To be exact I was qualified as a sniper because I was that good. I was trained to use the new M110 semi-automatic rifle system. The rifle held either a 10 or 20 shot clip of 162 grain bullets. I had a 20 shot clip loaded with steel piercing ammo and a suppressor on the barrel. It wasn't a silencer that was for small caliber guns with low velocities. They made a dull pop sound.

My rifle was noisier, but still very hard to hear at the distances it was designed to kill.

The rifle had a published range of 800 meters. But I was very good and managed to stretch out the range to 1000 meters. That's right, about 10 football fields.

I could kill at that range very efficiently.

The Army had trained me as well as possible while I was stationed in the good old USA. Then they shipped me to Afghanistan to practice on human targets.

I got very good at hitting my target.

I lay on my belly on a small hillside overlooking my cabin in Texas. The range was a little over 500 meters. My best range for hunting men. Only this time I was hunting my wife and her lover.

I knew that they would soon be walking out of the cabin; naked as the day they were born to have sex in the grass in the sun. They had done it every day for the few days I was watching.

One day when after it rained, they even did it in the mud.

My cabin was very isolated. There were no neighbors for miles in all directions. I had inherited it from my grandfather when he died. As a child he would take me hunting on this land. He taught me how to hunt and fish. He son (my father) died shortly after I was born. Gramps and I bonded. I was his replacement son and he was my replacement father.

I watched through the scope as they walked out of the cabin. Both of them were nude and couldn't keep their hands off each other. He was about 5' 10" tall and looked to weigh about 160. I looked over his equipment. It was nothing special. Hell I was better equipped at 6'2" and 200 lbs. I wondered what my wife saw in him.

I looked at her. She was still a fine looking blond, 5'6" tall and about 110 pounds. She had a body most women would kill for. I could see her developing tummy. She was about 5 months pregnant and starting to show.

It wasn't my baby. I had been overseas for a year.

I was watching them, waiting for them to lie down and start fucking. Then I'd make my move.

It was just three weeks ago. I was lying in a hospital bed in Germany where they were trying to save my foot. We were returning to our base after a routine patrol when the IED exploded under the vehicle I was riding in. The driver and the guy riding "shotgun" were killed instantly. Those of us in the back received various injuries.

I got mine in the foot.

By the time I knew I was alive and almost well, I was in a big hospital in Germany. The doctors and nurses were great. They were working their hardest to save my lower limb.

I was cheering for them to succeed.

One of the doctors dropped a bomb on me when he said, "We'll have you home and with two good feet in time to see your new baby born."

I just stared at him.

"Oh I'm sorry, but when your medical records arrived your wife's were with them." Explained the doc.

"She's going on 5 months if I remember correctly. I'm sorry I spoiled her surprise for you."

"No problem Doc. It gives me time to get the divorce underway," I answered.

He looked puzzled until I explained that it had been a year since she and I were together. The doc promised to follow up. You see, the Army frowns on a wife cheating on her husband while he's fighting for his country.

Two day later I was visited by a Captain from the AG Corp. He had all the necessary paperwork for me to sign. He explained that he did a follow up and my "faithful" wife was indeed pregnant by another man. While the divorce would take about 5-6 months, all her benefits would stop immediately. She would lose her medical benefits, PX privileges, and all other spouse benefits.

They would cut her off completely.

He said they would revoke her on base housing because the boyfriend was living with her.

"Boy is that going to piss her off, "I thought.

I think I'd better stop and explain about Army guys. The Army works on the buddy system. Small groups of guys called Squads watch each other's backs. We eat together, sleep together, and patrol together. Whatever happens to one of us affects all of us. We had each other's backs.

One of my buddies visited me in the hospital and I told him what my wife was doing to me.

When I got all done, he said, "Don't worry, I'll look into it with the guys. You just get well."

Over the next week, guys I didn't know kept stopping by and asking questions about Deb (my wife).

Finally a grizzled old sergeant stopped by my bedside. All he said was, "We have a plan. Do you want in?"

I nodded.

He looked hard at me and said, "OK, be prepared to travel."

Two days later I was awakened by my bed being moved. Now it's not unusual for a patient to be shifted to a new location in the hospital. But this time my bed and stuff was moved and I was dressed.

"Dress warm, its cold outside." I was told. These were not the gentle voices of the nursing staff, but hardened combat vets.

Making a long story short I was put in the back of a truck and driven to the Air Force Base nearby. Rough hands helped me into the back of a medical transport. I heard a voice ask, "This him?"

"Yeap", was the only reply I heard.

Once airborne they started working on me. I was stripped of my hospital clothing and dressed in a desert camouflage outfit. The last thing they worked on was my damaged foot and leg. The put a plastic walking cast on it padded and wrapped it up.

They finally let me rest. I dreamed of how Deb and I first met.

Deb and I were in a Country and Western Dance Hall outside of the base I was taking Basic Training at. I had just finished my training and was scheduled to start Advanced Infantry School.

She was just looking for a good time.

We met when I asked her to dance. We spent the night just dancing and getting acquainted. I didn't have an overnight pass so I was required to be on base by 12:00. She rode with me in the taxi back to post. When I kissed her goodnight, I was thrilled down to my toes.

Two days later I got a three day pass. She was waiting for me at the gate. I really don't know how but we managed to make it to the first motel outside the post. But we spent the duration of my pass in bed. We lived on pizza and Chinese. We were in love, or at least I was.

I was assigned to different posts as my training progressed. Deb move with me. One day I got orders to the Middle East. Deb suggested that we get married. Her reasoning was that if we were hitched, she could get housing, medical, and part of my pay. When I returned, we could have a proper church wedding and invite our families.

The base Chaplain married us. We spent the weekend in bed. I left Monday morning.

That was the last time I saw her.

We emailed and phoned each other for the next year. I never had a hint there was anything wrong.

The air plane sounds changed and I work up.

A Master Sergeant walked over to me and said, "Well be landing at Dover to unload the dead. Then we'll be off again to Texas. You gonna be OK?"

"Sure, I've got a job to do." was my only reply.

I stood with the other guys as the dead were unloaded. These were soldiers who had paid the ultimate price and deserved our respect. As the caskets were wheeled to the ramp at the back of the plane, I watched their honor guard salute them. Paying them the respect they deserved.

We were soon airborne again, and it was very quiet in the back of that plane. I guess everyone was lost in their own thoughts.

One of the guys gave me some pills and some water, "Take these," was all he said.

I was dreaming again. This time it was about my conversation with one of those unnamed guys in the hospital. He was telling me about my Deb, only her real name was Stella Gomez and her lover was Ramon Gomez, her brother.

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