Hot Tub and a Soul Sister

by Athalia

Copyright© 2010 by Athalia

Erotica Sex Story: Emily ("Hot Tub Service Girl") finally meets Elly, Paul and Sara's other lover, and discovers a soul-sister.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Masturbation   .

Emily again. Well, things just keep getting stranger and stranger. But not, I assure you, in a bad way. You'll see.

The rest of the summer went by in a flash. Jeff left for Stanford in mid-August, driving out in plenty of time to get there and set up his living arrangements. The guest bedroom got pretty lonely after that, so I moved back upstairs with Paul and Sara. When I talked about moving back into the dorm in September, they wouldn't hear of it. I was sure glad to save the money the dorm would have cost, since my tennis scholarship didn't cover that expense.

There was one dark note in that whole summer. Just before school started, Jessie came back from Europe. Her resemblance to her mother Sara was startling; although she took after Paul with her brunette hair, her form and features were Sara through and through. She stayed with us for a couple of days until she left for her junior year at OSU.

But we didn't get along. In fact, the first thing she said to me when we were alone was: "Look, girl. I know you've been fucking my father and mother, and I know you've been fucking my brother, but you're not going to fuck me." Her eyes flashed as she spit out the words.

"Look, Jessie," I began, but she cut me off.

"The rest of my family thinks you're hot shit, but that doesn't mean I have to. I'm not going to end up as another notch on your bedpost. Got that?"

"Got it," I said. Then she walked out of the room, leaving me there in a storm of emotions. What did I say to provoke that outburst? What did I do?

At dinner, no mention of it was made. She was the perfect sweet daughter. She didn't speak to me at all, except to ask me to pass the salt. The next day, she left for school.

I took the opportunity to tell Sara about the exchange and ask what might have caused it. She told me that Jessie had learned that her boyfriend had been seeing somebody else over the summer without telling her, and she might have been taking some of that anger out on me. Well, that figured.

That fall went pretty much like the summer before it. I missed Jeff terribly, but I was getting plenty of sex, from both Sara and Paul. I went home for Thanksgiving, knowing that I wanted to stay here for Christmas, because Jeff was going to be coming home. My folks didn't mind, because they'd been planning to spend Christmas in Florida with my Dad's sister.

Jeff wasn't the only one who was coming home for the holidays. I remember going home one afternoon in early December to what I thought was an empty house. When I went upstairs, I noticed that the door to the master bedroom was closed. And then I heard a woman giggle. And it wasn't Sara.

I went back downstairs and got a glass of water. It wasn't long before Paul came in, put down his briefcase, and gave me a hug. "Where's Sara?" he asked.

"Um, she's upstairs. But she has company."

"Oh, you mean Elly?"

"Elly's here?"

"Yeah. She flew in early this morning. I picked her up at the airport. You haven't been introduced?"

"No, I just got home."

"Then let's go upstairs and get you two acquainted."

We went upstairs, and he knocked on the door. "It's me," he said. "Are you up for company??

"Come on in," I heard Sara say. So we did, and that's when I fist saw Elly, sprawled out on the bed next to Sara. They were both naked and, as you could tell by their sweaty and flushed bodies and their broad grins, just recovering from some very sweet sex. The room just reeked of pussy.

Elly was, frankly, a knockout. I could see in a flash what Paul and Sara saw in her. My first impression was of her hair, long and dark and thick and curly, on both her head and her crotch. She was about my height and build, but she had some decent-sized tits on her, smaller than Sara's but still a handful. She had long muscular legs and a winning smile, which was now directed at me.

"So you're Emily! Sara's told me so much about you!"

I smiled back. "Likewise! I thought you were in Russia."

"And so I was, until about twenty hours ago. I'm so jet-lagged, I don't know whether it's day or night. I slept on the plane, except that you never really sleep on the plane, you know." I nodded in agreement, even though I'd never been on an airplane in my life.

"How long will you be here, Elly?"

"A couple of months, I think. My old visa ran out, and I'm waiting for the new one to come through."

"Well, make yourself at home," I said unnecessarily. "I've got some laundry to do. Paul, can you help me?"

Paul hesitated only an moment before he nodded assent. He knew that I didn't need any help, but instantly knew that I wanted some time alone with him. So he bent down and kissed the two women, and we went downstairs.

"Paul," I said. "I'm glad I met her. You three have a lot of catching up to do, so I'll sleep in the guest room tonight."

"God, Emily. Thank you. I was going to ask you to, but I didn't know how, without making you think we were kicking you out of our bed. You don't know how much I appreciate it. What can I do to make it up to you?"

"Well, you could take me into the guest bedroom and fuck me. Right now."

He grinned. "I guess I could do that. I don't think the ladies would mind if we left them alone for a while longer."

"No, I think they have the situation well in hand."

So Paul and I went into the guest bedroom, stripped, and hopped into bed. He was hard even before he got his boxers off, and I wasn't far behind him in arousal; all that pussy smell went right from my nose to my clit. This was the first time I'd fucked Paul here, in the guest bed I normally shared with Jeff, and it added to the excitement. He got me off using his tongue and fingers on my pussy while I twisted and pulled on my nipples. Soon I was in the throes of the big O, the waves of pleasure originating at my clit and shooting right down my legs to my heels and up my arms to my wrists. Paul was the most experienced male lover I'd ever had, and what he lacked in stamina he more than made up for in talent. He not only knew what buttons to push, but exactly when to push them and for how long. I was so wet that when he finally slipped his dick inside me, I felt only the sudden sensation of fullness. Then it was my turn to tease him, squeezing his cock with my Kegel muscles as he plunged in and out. He always loved it when I relaxed, then clenched, in time with his strokes; my cunt muscles were a lot stronger than Sara's are, and I knew how to use them.

But it wasn't long before Paul abruptly picked up the pace. He was signaling the urgency of his lust, and I just whispered "Fuck me hard and fill me up" into his ear, relaxed under his weight, and succumbed to the golden sensation of lust that was overwhelming me. I felt him give his cock a final plunge into me and he held it there as it it spat out his cum into my womb. The intensity of it caught us both by surprise, and I squeezed his cock again, as if by squeezing alone I could keep it hard and locked inside me.

But I couldn't, of course, and soon it slipped out, followed by our juices. He slipped down on the bed to lap them up as they oozed from my cunt, giving me another frisson of pleasure ... the perfect dessert for a hearty meal.

"I'm so happy, Paul. I'm so happy that Sara lets us fuck together now. I really needed that."

"Me, too. You can let me 'help you with the laundry' any time."

I giggled. "Yeah, help me dirty up the sheets some more, you mean!"

"We sure did, didn't we? Look at that wet spot!"

"Say, I'm getting hungry now. What do you say we order a pizza?"

"Mmm. Good idea, Em. Let's get the biggest one they've got. I bet the girls upstairs are getting peckish, too."

And that's why all four of us were around the dinner table an hour later, scarfing down on pizza and drinking wine. Elly proved to be as companionable as they'd told me she was, always chatting about this or that. "Oh, my God! This is so good! Believe me, you just can't get good pizza in Moscow, unless you make it. And even then, you can't get the right cheese. Boy, have I missed it!"

"Well, we have a good pizzeria in town now," Paul said. "The authentic Brooklyn style. It wasn't here when you lived here; it opened up about five years ago. Actually, Emily told us about it."

"Well, every freshman in school learns about where to get good pizza," I said. "It's a requirement. Antidote for dorm food, you know."

"So tell me about yourself, Emily. Paul and Sara have told me some of it, but where is your home town, and your family?"

So I gave her my life story (short form). She was a good listener; she caught every word, and asked me the sort of questions that told me that she was listening to me. When I told her about my tennis training, she nodded. "My sport was skating, and I trained as hard as you do. I still skate when I can." Then she in turn told me about herself, and before we knew it, the pizza was gone, along with two bottles of wine and a doobie.

"So where's the action in this town now?" Elly said at last.

"Same place it was before," Sara said. "In our bedroom. But we've got a hot tub now. Would you care to try it?"

"I didn't pack a bathing suit. I didn't figure I needed to bring one for a December trip."

"And you don't. Just do it naked, like we do." And with that, we got up and moved to the tub room. We shucked our robes and got into the tub. Paul immediately moved over to Elly's side and put his arm around her. We were all feeling a little randy then, and soon Sara and I were snuggling as well. I'd been asking myself all night how I'd feel when this happened. Would I feel some jealousy toward Elly? Would I be uptight when I saw them necking? Sara, too, was sort of holding her breath, and Paul kept glancing at me as he was feeling Elly up.

The truth was: I didn't feel any jealousy at all. It was just as though I'd found another lover to share with two of my favorite people. I smiled at them all, and the tension gradually dissipated. Sara sealed the deal when she said coyly, "Emily, why don't you show Elly what you showed me the first time we were in the hot tub?"

I sure knew what she was talking about! So I guided Elly over the edge, so that the jet was just over her pussy. She gasped at the sudden sensation. Then I put a finger on each of her hairy pussy lips and gently opened her slit to expose her inner labia. I felt her suddenly tensing, then leaning forward to increase the pressure. I then slowly opened and closed her slit, letting her savor the difference in pressure. Her fingers moved down to replace mine. My freed hands slid up her body to her breasts, lifting them, teasing her pink nipples. He moaned with pleasure. Sara and Paul watched us avidly, desire written all over their faces. Finally, when I thought Elly was ready for it, I moved one hand back down and pulled her clitoral hood up just a wee bit. "OOH!" she cried. Then she came, a hard little orgasm that startled her. Then she began to laugh.

"Oh, Emily, I see what Paul and Sara saw in you! That was marvelous! Wherever did you learn that?"

"I grew up in a house with a hot tub. You learn these things," I said simply.

"I bet you do. Emily, I'd like to get to know you better. May I sleep with you tonight?"

"I thought Paul would like to have a crack at you..." and then realized what I'd said.

She laughed. "No, I'm the one with the crack! But he and I already got it on. As soon as we got home from the airport, he jumped my bones. Boy, what a welcome home!"

"I did it for therapeutic reason," Paul said. "The best cure for jet lag is a good shagging. Or so they say."

"So the only girl that Paul hasn't fucked yet today is his own wife!" I said. "Well, don't you think we ought to let them have their chance?"

Elly hugged me and said, "I think we should. Why don't we take the guest bedroom?"

"Well, there's still a little bit of a wet spot from a few hours ago."

"We'll change the sheets." And then she gave me a full-on kiss, tongue to tongue, and pressed her breasts against mine.

I turned to Sara and Paul and asked, "Do you guys mind?"

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