In Her Underwear

by Micahe7l

Copyright© 2010 by Micahe7l

Incest Sex Story: A brother sick of his sister entering his room uninvited makes a deal with her that worked more in his favor than he ever thought possible.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Katie: A sister to Travis, 22 years, old 5'6" maybe 5'7" weighs about 125 lbs. brown hair with blonde highlights. Green or hazel eyes depending on the lighting small breast average frame and excellent butt very tight and sexy. 22 year old virgin with a shaved little pussy

Travis: a brother to Katie, 25 years old. 6'2", 230lbs., brow hair slightly thinning, gray eyes, strong upper body, and average lower body also big frame 81/2" long hard penis completely smooth.

In Her Underwear

My sister(Katie) would often times come in to my room without knocking and it tends to get on my(Travis) nerves. Now granted sometimes when she does it I am asleep, at work, out with friends or doing something that makes it not matter However when I am in the room it tends to get a bit irritating. I don't make a too big deal about it but it is weird that she can come into my room uninvited but she seems to throw a fit if I walk past her room. Every so often before Katie leaves for work in the morning I am awake and as usual in my room. Typically I'm asleep at that time but on the rare occasions I'm awake she will walk in my room wearing a pair of panties and if I'm lucky a bra but mo often than not she wears a towel.

If seeing my sister in a towel wasn't bad enough one time she came into my room not knowing I was awake and began to dress she came in wearing a towel and NOTHING else. She dropped the towel so she was completely nude and began to get dressed. When she came in I was lying on my side and facing a wall. Katie should've checked to make sure I was asleep before she proceeded to change. She dropped the towel and as I turned to tell her to put in the dirty clothes hamper I saw that she was naked. To tell you the truth I was beyond surprised. I'd had fantasies like this but this was more than a fantasy. This was reality. My sister was in my room completely naked. When she had dropped the towel she was facing away from me and she was in front of me and to the left side of me. She has an ass better than a Greek Goddess. It was like it was sculpted out of granite and was probably just as hard. She turned around and didn't realize I was looking right at her. That's when I saw it. What I had been fantasizing for years and there it was. Her young tight virgin pussy was right there on display. She was completely shaved and that was a major tune on to me. About that point she realized I was awake and grabbed the towel on the floor to cover her self. I must've looked so stupid with the look that was no doubt on my face. She realized than that I had already seen everything so she must've figured there was no reason to cover herself. She just took the towel and tossed it aside she started asking me questions like when I woke up and other minimally invasive stuff. The she got super personal and asked if I had a boner. I surprisingly didn't. She looked at my face and realized they were locked on her tiny tits. She turned super red but didn't even attempt to redirect my eyes. She looked down expecting to see a tent but when she didn't she got quite angry. Before I knew what was happening she had reached into my sleep pants and pulled out my dick and began jerking me off. Normally I'd stop something like this but it felt too good so I let it continue.

About two seconds later I was as had as the afore mentioned granite. My sister was till jerking me off and I felt that familiar feeling in my stomach. I told her I was close and as opposed to stopping like I was sure she'd do She picked up the pace and watched in amazement as I shot multiple loads of cum and huge loads at that.

The types of panties that my sister would wear in to my room were not limited to one or two types. She'd wear thongs, g-strings, boy shorts, full cut and just about any other type of panty you could think of. She also wears a plethora of fabrics including: cotton, silk, polyester, leather and several others.

One day she came into my room and had done it. She was wearing a white bra containing her small breast (34 or 36a). She was also wearing boy short red panties and it drove me crazy. She looked so hot to me. I knew at that exact moment that I had to fuck her. I took out my dick and began to jerk off with still in the room and Not only did I not care if she saw it. I hoped she saw my little show. She turned toward me and was instantly entranced. She walked toward me in a trance like state. She moved my hand off, y dick and that made me happy I thought I was going to get another glorious hand job from my sister. I was wrong. She dropped to her knees between my legs and took my entire 8 inches in to her mouth and throat. I hadn't known at that time but she had definitely given a blow job or two in the past. She was able to get me into her throat without even the slightest bit of a gag. Seeing my dick disappear into her mouth with seeing her head bob up and down was too much and right then and there I came. I came so hard in fact that I blacked out. I woke up at some point and looked at my cell phone clock. I was shocked to see I had been asleep for almost three hours. I proceeded to make the small trek up the stairs to my sister's room. I knocked on the closed door and she said, "Come in."

I opened the door and as she did she threw her covers back and said something to me along the lines of, "Good morning sleepy head." I'm not exactly sure of what she said cause when she threw back the covers she was naked.

I sat down next to her or at least was about too when she stopped me. She draw an imaginary line with her hand and said, "Anyone who wishes to proceed beyond this point must be naked." I decided that since she was naked I might as well get naked to. I stripped off my clothes and hoped into bed with my sister. As awkward as that seems I didn't feel that uncomfortable. I was relaxing in bed with my sister and both of us were naked.

I started to tell my sister that I had made a deal with myself. For every time she came in to my room either without knocking, in her underwear or less she'd have to have sex with me. She said, "Before we start fucking you have to do something for me." I looked at her no doubt very quizzically at which point she made the point that she had made me cum but I hadn't returned the favor. I crawled down between her legs and put my expert tongue to work. I began by licking the small space between her pussy lips and her thighs and worked inward towards her slit. Once I reached her middle I ran my tongue up to just below her clit. I didn't want to make her cum so quickly. I worked my way down to the crease between her right pussy lip and right thigh. From that point on I worked my way back inward and then outward again avoiding her clit. That I thought I had put her through enough tension building and that was confirmed when I brought my head up just above her slit and she pushed my head right down on her puffed super aroused pussy lips and forced me to eat her. I know I wasn't going to get away from her sit this time because of the way she wrapped her legs around y head but I did want to torture her that much more so I took my time working to her clit but when I did She exploded with do much force that she lost control of her legs. She was opening and closing them with so much force it was like I wasn't even between them. Had she slammed them together much harder I probably would have been a crushed puddle of goo. As she came down she too blacked out.

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