Pledge Initiation

by Professor James

Copyright© 2010 by Professor James

BDSM Sex Story: Three sorority pledges find their initiation to be something no one expected.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   School   .

Michael carried his tray into the student union and looked around for a place to sit. Thursday night it wasn't particularly crowded but off in the right corner he noticed a table with five distinctively attractive females and immediately decided his dinner view would be much improved if he settled where he could watch them. He spotted an empty table against the wall where he could sit and still keep his eyes on the attractive quintet without appearing obvious.

As he walked past the table of girls he overheard one say, "OK, tomorrow will be the final part of your initiation. After tomorrow night you will be full sisters."

He smiled to himself as he realized that the three girls she was addressing must be pledges of one of the sororities on campus. Michael himself was a student at another school some twenty miles away, but the rites of entry into the Greek organizations were universal. He wondered just what form of hazing the two sisters had in mind for the three new members.

He moved on past them and sat at a table about five feet away. The three pledges had their backs towards him, but he had a good view of the two members. As he started to eat his supper he studied the five girls. The one who had spoken and the other facing him gave the appearance of being slightly older. Well, maybe not really older, but more settled to the campus life. They were probably seniors or at least juniors, as was Michael himself. The three pledges had an air about them that seemed to shout "Freshman!". Upon examining them a little closer he upped that to sophomore, but it was still obvious they were not the same level as the two members.

All five girls were extremely good looking: slim, firm bodies with decidedly sexy builds. Again, not surprising. A lot of the sororities considered looks as well as personality in choosing new members. He'd even heard one on his campus that was supposed to have a line on the floor just inside their doorway. When a prospective pledge entered the house she had to stand on the line. If her tits didn't stick out past a certain mark on the wall, she was not even considered. Michael didn't really believe that, but the girls from that house did seem to all be pretty well endowed.

Smiling to himself he studied the women. While the two members were definitely attractive, the pledges intrigued him the most - especially one. There were two blondes and one girl with dark red hair. He had only gotten a glance at their faces as he moved to his table and sitting as he was behind them, he couldn't see their eyes. Still he had the impression that all three were definitely on the very pretty side. From what he could see of their figures all three looked nicely shaped. He wasn't sure exactly what it was about the red head, but he found himself particularly attracted to her.

As he ate and watched the girls, he realized he could easily overhear the conversation even though they weren't speaking particularly loudly. Something about the shape of the walls and ceiling here, he guessed. Anyway, the sister who had first been speaking was starting to give the pledges instructions.

"Tomorrow you are to report to the house promptly at six. Wear a blouse that buttons in the front and a short skirt. No underwear." At this he could see a slight stiffening of the three sets of shoulders and he smiled to himself. He had heard enough to know that most initiations involved embarrassing the pledges, usually combined with some physical hazing. The sister went on, "After inspection you will go to the mall and wait on the benches next to the bookstore. Three members from our brother fraternity will come up to you and you will follow all of their instructions exactly."

"Mistress Karen, how will we know them?" one of the pledges asked.

"They will be wearing jeans and black tee shirts. Besides, you don't need to know them - they will recognize you. After all you will be the only three girls sitting there with the top three buttons of your shirts open and your bare asses on the bench seats." Michael could see the back of the neck of the girl who had asked turn a bright red. The sister went on, "They will tell you where to go and what to do. You are to obey them exactly and do what they tell you. They will return you to the house by Saturday morning. When you are returned to the house, your pledging will be over and Saturday night you will be formally admitted to the sorority." She seemed to relax her attitude a little and added, "In less than two days it will all be over and you'll be full members. We all went through this, remember, and we all survived. And remember, you can call a halt at any time. All you have to do is say, 'I quit. I quit. I quit.' Repeat that three times and it's all over for you."

The three seemed to relax slightly although all three knew they would never quit this close and one finally asked, "Mistress, can you tell us anything about what to expect?"

The two older sisters glanced at each other and smiled. The second suddenly said, "We don't want to spoil the surprises, but none of you really need to sit down for the next few days, do you?"

She gave a slight laugh and the second girl added, "None of you are virgins and all of you are on the pill, so you should be all right."

Michael - and probably the three pledges - couldn't tell if the two were teasing or not.

"All right. Anna, Liz, Sandy. Any more questions, Pledges?" No one spoke. "OK, we'll see you at the house tomorrow at six. Be on time."

With that the three pledges stood and left the table. As they walked away Michael got a better look at them and decided that if anything he had underestimated them. All three were definitely hot. He watched three firm bottoms sway as the girls left the room and couldn't help but imagine those resting "bare assed" on the benches.

His attention returned to the two sisters giggling slightly. "All on the pill," one of them said, barely able to stifle a laugh.

"And they'll be expecting to be spanked even harder than at pledge meetings," the other replied, just holding her own mirth in check. Then she went on, "They should be on the benches by six thirty. I'll tell the guys to wait until seven or a little after before going to them. I can imagine that after a half hour of sitting there half undressed they will be really on edge."

"Yeah, that sounds good. The guys know what to do to keep them that way, I'll bet."

The first girl stood and the second immediately joined her. As they started to leave, Michael heard her say, "They sure do. By the time they get those three back to the house Saturday morning, I'll bet we have three of the most embarrassed pledges in our history. Not to mention what happens out front before they get to come back inside."

The second girl laughed. "Great! And of course they'll have to tell all of us about everything in great detail." She laughed again and added, "Sometimes we really can be mean bitches, can't we?" Still laughing, they left the Union.

They left and Michael remained at his table finishing his dinner. As he ate he kept remembering the sway of those sexy bottoms as the three pledges walked out. Too bad he wasn't in the "brother fraternity." Not that he was in any frat at all. Michael lived with two other men in a house at the edge of the small town where his school was located. All three of them were juniors and had roomed together for almost two years now. Yeah, too bad the three of them weren't the brothers who were going to initiate these three hot pledges.

Suddenly a thought struck him and he froze for a second with his fork half way to his mouth. Then he shook his head and laughed to himself. No, a nice day dream, but ... Still, the more he thought about it, the more possible it seemed. The girls had no idea what the frat men looked like. He did know how the men would be dressed. Could Michael and his two house mates pull it off? Then the thought came that if he did, they might be in real trouble. Legal trouble. But as he considered this a little more he decided that if they were sure to make everything voluntary, there should be no legal problem. He would just have to be really careful how he phrased things.

Again he shook his head and laughed slightly to himself. But the idea wouldn't leave. And the more he considered it, the more possible it seemed. The girls would undoubtedly hate him when they found out, but if he kept them from knowing where they were, they were very unlikely to ever see him again. And what a fantastic stunt it would be if he could pull it off!

By the time he had finished his meal he had almost talked himself into it. He pulled out his cell and called his house. "Tom, are you and Dick going to be home tonight? OK. What about any plans for tomorrow night." He listened for a few seconds, then "Good. Look, I've got an idea for a stunt you guys won't believe. I'll be back in about a half hour and will tell you all about it then. No, no details yet. Let's just say it involves three really hot foxes." A quick laugh. Yeah, I thought you'd be interested. All right, I'll see you in about thirty minutes." Putting away the phone he left the Union, smiling to himself and again considering the possibilities.

Forty minutes later Michael and the other two were sitting in their living room. "You really think we can pull this off?" Dick asked. He brushed his blonde hair back away from his forehead as he leaned forwards. Dick was nearly six foot two and well muscled, but not to the extent that he possessed the "dumb jock" image. Actually he was a serious business student with a high GPA and an easy going personality that let him get along well with both friends and strangers.

"I don't see why not," Michael replied. I don't think any of them really noticed me - especially the three pledges. I was sitting behind them and only the two regular members were facing me and they weren't paying any attention."

"Not paying attention? What's the matter, losing your touch, are you?" Tom kidded him. While all three men were fairly good looking, Michael had a face and a build which often brought second glances from women. Then his warm and friendly personality usually held their attention. Michael, at five foot eleven was slightly shorter than Dick, but two inches taller than Tom and both of the other men were slightly envious of his good looks, but certainly not enough to interfere with their friendship.

Michael ignored the remark and went on. "Look, the three of them are expecting college guys in jeans and black tee shirts. If we act like we belong there, they are not going to question us."

"OK, but we have to be careful and not say anything threatening or untrue," Tom added. I don't mind faking them out, but I don't want to end up doing anything illegal."

"No, definitely not. If we forced them to do anything it could be very serious, but, look, guys, these girls are pledging a sorority. They will be on edge, probably expecting much worse than anything that will happen with either us or the real frat guys. I expect they will be happy to follow most any suggestions we make."

"How come you seem to know so much about sorority pledging anyway?" Dick asked.

Michael looked over at him. "I have a sister three years older than me, remember? She pledged a sorority four years ago. She told me all the things they made her do and everything they put her through. Believe me, it was pretty rough. She thinks it might have been a little worse than average, but not that different from a lot of others."

"Just what sort of stuff?" Dick asked.

Michael hesitated a second. "OK, I'll tell you a few things, but it ends here." The other two nodded. "They forced a lot of humiliation as well as some pretty rough physical hazing. They had pledge meetings every Saturday for eight weeks. The pledges spent Saturday mornings in the sorority house and they had to spend it dressed only in bras and panties. That is, when they were lucky. Each week the sisters would examine their bodies and make comments about what they needed to change. 'Lose weight. Tone those muscles. Get rid of that flabby gut.' That sort of thing. Once they made the girls strip completely and lie down on the floor and then brought in some frat guys who used markers to circle areas that 'needed improvement.' She said the marker wouldn't wash off and it was over a week before the marks disappeared. And there was also the physical side. They received demerits, of course, and each week were paddled to remove them. From what I've heard girls are much harder on other girls than men would ever be. I think they were bruised and sore most of the eight weeks. And the final initiation - Hell Night - was even harder."

The other two followed Michael's words closely. They had, of course, heard stories about pledging, so it wasn't a complete surprise.

After a minute, Michael added, "Her sorority didn't actually make them have sex or anything, but she has told me about some that make the pledges suck off guys in front of the rest of the sorority or even some where the girls are made to fuck a half dozen men, one after another."

The three talked on for a while. Finally, they agreed that they could probably get away with it. "Just remember that everything they do must be voluntary. They have to consent with no threats. OK?" Everyone nodded and they went on planning in more detail, listing things they might need to get and discussing ideas.

Saturday just before six the three pledges arrived at the sorority house. Following the standard procedure they knocked at the door and when it was answered said, "Please, Mistress, admit these lowly pledges to your honorable house."

They were allowed inside and told to go to the big common room. When they entered they saw that most of the members were present. The pledge mistress - Karen, one of the two who were with them in the Union the day before - indicated for them to stand side by side in a line facing the members. "Well, pledges, tonight will be your final test. If you survive, tomorrow you will be admitted as full members. Now we just need to see that you followed instructions. Inspection position!"

The three immediately stood straight, their feet spread about a foot and their hands behind their heads. Karen approached the line of girls carrying one of the sorority punishment paddles in her hand. This was a long wood paddle, typical of frats and sororities, but with a whole series of holes drilled through it. Each girl had felt the sting of this instrument a number of times over the past few weeks. They looked straight ahead as Karen stepped in front of the first girl. She looked the red headed girl up and down. "Pledge Sandy, your skirt could be a little shorter, but I guess it will do." Actually Sandy's skirt, like those of the other two, just barely came to mid thigh. "Are you wearing any underwear?"

"No, Mistress."

"Let's see." Karen touched the open neck of the girl's blouse, opening it slightly more so that the sides of her breasts were exposed. "Perhaps one more button, pledge." At this she unfastened one additional button, leaving even more of the girl's skin visible. "Lift your skirt. Higher, please, pledge."

Sandy turned a slightly darker shade of pink, but raised her skirt above her waist, showing she was, indeed, completely bare beneath. "Very well, you may lower it now."

Tapping her own hand with the paddle, Karen moved on the next girl in line and the whole show was repeated with only minor variations. When she had finished with the third woman, Karen moved slightly away again. "Very well, pledges. You may stand easy. It is now six fifteen. You are to be in place by the bookstore no later than six thirty five, so you had better get going. We'll see you in the morning pledges - assuming you can still function. Now get going."

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress," the three intoned together. Then they quickly turned and started towards the door. Once outside they wasted no time in heading towards their destination. They knew better than to be late.

Inside the girls were laughing. "Karen," one of them said, "you must have scared them silly. I'll bet they would have wet their pants if they had been wearing any."

Laughing, Karen replied, "Probably no more scared than we were when we went through this. By tomorrow when they realize that nothing really bad will have happened, they will be too relieved to be even mad. I remember we were."

The three pledges hurried to make it to the appointed spot on time, arriving just at six thirty five. Glancing nervously around to make sure no one was looking directly at them, they sat down, managing to flip up their skirts so their bare buttocks went directly onto the wooden slats of the bench seat. For five minutes they sat in near silence, squirming a little and looking apprehensively at everyone coming anywhere near them.

Finally Anna said, "What do you supposed is going to happen to us tonight."

"Well," Sandy said a little sarcastically, "from what Karen said I expect we're going to have our asses really spanked and probably get fucked."

Liz, the most outgoing of the three, turned and looked at Sandy. "Oh, then maybe tonight will be fun after all."

All three gave a nervous laugh. Liz acted like she was a pretty wild woman, but they all knew it was mostly just an act. In fact, they knew quite a bit about each other. Part of the pledging had involved standing in front of the sisters and other pledges - usually standing in the inspection position and wearing only panties - and answering detailed questions about their sex lives. None were virgins although their experience was actually quite limited. Liz had slept with the most men: five. Anna the fewest: two. Each had experienced both sides of oral sex and been forced to describe her encounters in great detail. All masturbated several times a week and had had to be very explicit in describing their activities. Anna and Liz had both tried anal sex. Sandy hadn't yet, but was interested. And while both she and Liz had had sex while tied up, Liz was the only one who had had sex while others were in the room, although none had ever been involved in any group sex. Despite the embarrassment of giving all the details, the seemingly endless intimate questions had actually served to bring the three closer as they realized that their own experiences were not that different.

The three were not sure if there would really be any actual sex involved tonight. So far the only time men had been involved in their pledging had been one Saturday. All three had been made to strip completely and assume the inspection position - hands behind head, legs spread, chests out. Cloth bags were placed over their heads and then a group of men had been brought in. The men made many comments about their bodies, some rather crude and some just embarrassing. They had been felt up a little, but that was all. After the men left, the bags were removed. They were never given any idea of who the men were or if the men knew who they were.

However, for several weeks now the sisters had been teasing them about this final initiation, implying that it would be much more than anything they had already experienced. None of the three knew if they had been serious or if all the talk was just designed to get them even more on edge. If so, it had succeeded ... But then none of the three would be surprised if they really were used sexually all night. One of the sisters had even hinted that they might be treated as sex slaves tonight - tied up, spanked or strapped or even whipped a little, and used all night. The three didn't really think this likely, but weren't sure enough to rule it out.

After they had been sitting there for about ten minutes, they saw three men in jeans and black tee shirts approaching. Sandy spotted them first and nudged the other two. "Looks like here they come,."

All three looked at the approaching men. "Well, well. Looks like this might not be so bad after all," Liz commented. "All three of them look pretty good. I'll probably let them do most things to me."

Sandy thought Liz was probably "whistling past the graveyard," but she had to agree that she would probably be happy to go out with any one of them. Maybe even more than "go out." "Put out" popped into her mind and she had to suppress a nervous laugh. Then the thought struck her that she might have to do just that.

The men walked directly up to the three and stopped, looking them over closely. Aware of how little they wore, all three of the girls squirmed slightly and each unconsciously tugged her skirt down. After examining the girls for several long seconds, one of the men finally said, "I believe you three foxes are Anna, Liz and Sandy and I also believe you want to come with us and do what ever we tell you. Right?"

The three women glanced at each other and then looked back at the men, nodding their heads. "What was that?" the man asked. We couldn't hear you.

Liz glanced at the others again and then spoke for all of them. "Yes, we want to come with you and do what you tell us."

"That's better," he said., "Let's get you straight. You are..."

"Liz," she replied.

He turned and looked at Sandy. She started to speak and had to stop and clear her throat. "Sandy."

He turned to the last girl as she replied to the unasked question, "Anna"

"Good. This is Tom," he said, pointing to the shortest of the three. He pointed to the tallest and said, "Dick. And I am..."

Before he could finish Liz blurted out, "Harry?"

Michael suppressed a smile and forced a slight scowl to his face. "No, pledge. I am Michael, but you three may call all of us Sir. And that glib remark will cost you."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out three sheets of paper. "First just a little formality. You know how universities are about this stuff now." He handed one to each girl and they saw that it stated that they wanted to go with the men and do as instructed, that they were not being forced in any way. "Just to keep everyone happy," Michael said and handed each girl a pen. All three signed and handed the papers and pens back to him.

"Now one more thing. Are you three dressed as you were told to be?" All three girls turned slightly red and nodded. "Then show us. Hold the shirts open enough so we can see."

With great hesitation and a lot of looking around, each girl raised her hands to the unbuttoned top of her shirt. The three men were standing in a semicircle in front of them, effectively blocking the view of any one else who might glance that way. Still it felt to the women that everyone in the mall was looking at them. Finally each girl pulled back the shirt front just enough that the men got a glance of her bare nipples.

When Michael nodded his approval, the three girls once more lowered their hands, although their faces were still quite red.

"Now what about the other part?" Michael asked. "You need to convince us that you are dressed correctly in that region also."

"We can't raise our skirts in here," Anna protested. "Someone would see."

"Not following instructions already, pledge? That will cost you also. But I'll admit you may have a point." He looked down at her breast, just covered by the unbuttoned blouse. "In fact as you just showed me, you two very nice points." Anna's face flushed a bright crimson. "I'll give you an alternative. Instead of showing us, you can let us confirm that you followed instructions by a tactile check. Each of you can stand up and come to one of us who will check you out before we leave. Don't worry, in a tight bunch like this, no one will see."

No one moved for a second and then Liz suddenly stood and moved over to Dick. He moved beside her and let the other two men block any view from behind as he quickly slid a hand up under her skirt and across her bare ass. Liz sucked in her breath and Dick let a big smile cross his face. "She passes," he said.

Sandy moved now and Michael repeated the procedure, giving her bottom a couple of quick squeezes as he did so. "OK, now you, Anna." Reluctantly Anna moved over to Tom who did a quick feel of her ass. Then all six began walking through the mall and out to the parking lot.

The men led them over to a parked minivan. Dick climbed into the middle seat, pulling Liz down next to him. Tom and Anna moved to the back and Michael opened the right side passenger door and held it as Sandy climbed up into the seat, exposing most of her leg as she did so. Then he closed the door and went around to the driver's seat.

He started the car, but before they drove off he said, "One more thing. We don't want you to know where you are going, so..." He pulled three black silk scarves folded so as to be used for blindfolds. The girls didn't really like this development but didn't say anything as they were blindfolded. The car then started to move and soon they pulled onto a more major road.

Once Sandy reached forward to tug her skirt down again, but this time Michael saw her and reached over to hold her wrist. "No, you have pretty legs. I like to look." With this he reached the edge of her skirt and pulled up upwards, baring her legs almost up to her naked pussy. "Much better. Leave it there."

After about a half hour they pulled into a gravel drive and came to a stop. With the blindfolds still left in place, each of the men helped one of the women from the car, up some steps, and in through a door. Once Liz started to ask something, but was told, "no questions yet."

Once inside the girls were led down a flight of stairs and through another door. When they stopped Michael said, "All right, pledges, you can take off the blindfolds."

The three pulled the black cloth from their eyes and looked around. They were in some kind of rec room, but, although large, it looked more like one from a house of half a century earlier rather than a frat house. Sandy finally got up the nerve to ask, "Sir, is this the frat house?"

"Michael gave a significant look to the other two men and then carefully said, "No. This is just some place for your initiation,. Would you rather go to the house and have another two dozen horny frat men help out? We've agreed to initiate you with just the three of us. If you object, say so and we can probably rearrange it so more can participate."

The girls quickly glanced at each other. "No, Sir," Sandy answered in a low voice."

"Then you agree to do just as the three of us tell you?"

All three girls nodded and answered, "Yes, Sir."

"Very well. And you remember you can stop everything by saying, 'I quit' three times." Again each girl nodded,. Michael went on, "We're not going to get you drunk or give you any drugs or anything like that. I won't promise that you'll like everything, but, hey, this is supposed to be an initiation. You can start by putting your hands behind you. Wrists to elbows."

The girls looked a little uncertain but complied. Then the three men moved behind them and quickly wrapped their lower arms with soft rope. As the men tied their arms, the girls tried half heartedly to squirm away but were held firmly. "Remember, you are to do exactly as we say," Michael reminded them.

When all three were secured they were placed in a line, side by side. One man moved directly in front of each girl, facing her,. "You all appear to be very good looking women," Michael began, "but sorority sisters must have bodies as close to perfect as possible. We just need to check that out."

With that comment he lifted his hand to Sandy's face and began to let his fingers slide over her cheeks, around her ears, and then along her neck line and across under her chin. Sandy trembled at his touch, apprehensive as to what might come next. Then his hands lightly slid down over her shoulders and along her upper arms and then back up, but made no attempt to move under her shirt. The other two men began the same actions with the other two girls.

Sandy, and the other girls, had expected that there would probably be something like this. However, they had no idea how far it would go. Were they going to be stripped? Were they expected to actually have sex with these guys? All three had these kind of thoughts running through their heads, but at the same time they were also relieved that only these three men would be involved. And, actually, these three were really pretty good looking. If they were going to be molested Sandy couldn't think of a better set of molesters.

Sandy heard Liz suddenly suck in her breath. She didn't know what had happened but just then Michael slid his hands back over her shoulders, part way down her back and then around to let his hands just lightly slide over the outsides of both of her breasts. His fingers began to make circles around the two firm mounds, pressing gently at their sides through her thin shirt. Although no one had touched her nipples, Sandy could feel them harden even more. She suddenly realized that despite all her apprehension, and, yes, a little fear, she was actually getting aroused by having some strange guy play with her tits even through her shirt.

Michael continued his explorations until finally the small circles were just barely surrounding her nipples and areolas. Then he began to slide his fingers back and forth over her nipples themselves. This resulted in them becoming even longer and harder. Sandy gave out a small moan, unable to help herself refrain from responding to this intense stimulation. Biting her lip, she glanced over at the other two women and saw that they were being subject to the same treatment and were also breathing faster.

Although her shirt was unbuttoned down to the middle of her breasts, Michael had made no move to reach inside or to open it further. Instead he continued to stroke her through the thin cloth and somehow this seemed even more arousing than if her had stripped her bare. She gasped as he caught a nipple between his thumb and finger and gave it a little pinch before rolling it back and forth. "Yes, well formed tits. Firm and responsive nipples. Definitely sorority girl quality. I expect they will taste as good as they feel." Sandy jerked her head up at Michael's comments but he just smiled and continued to play with her tits through her shirt.

Sandy was becoming very wet even though she was still scared about what was going to happen. She felt sure that her arousal could be smelled, if not by the men then by the other women. Women, after all, seemed to have a more sensitive nose, especially for sexual odors. Then she became aware that she herself was detecting a warm scent of musk from one or both of the other women. Oh, God, they were all getting turned on by these three men they had never met before. Were they just going to be aroused and then embarrassed? Or were they actually going to be fucked? She couldn't guess and realized she wasn't even sure which she would pick if she had the choice.

The men continued to check out the women's bodies above their waists, never touching bare skin, but stimulating every square centimeter between waist and neck through their shirts. All three women - and, for that matter, the three men also - were breathing rapidly. Sandy felt the heat rising to her face and was sure it wasn't all from embarrassment. Then Michael moved behind her never stopping his wandering hands. But once behind her he suddenly clasped both of her breasts firmly in his hands. "Definitely world class tits," he murmured almost to himself. His thumbs and fingers trapped the two hard nipples and as he pulled Sandy towards himself, she suddenly felt what she was sure was his cock pressing against her ass. But only for a second. He moved back from her and again let his hands begin to move around, shifting himself back in front of the girl once more.

After a good twenty minutes of this intimate touching, Michael finally pulled himself away and announced, "Well, guys, I think this one has the boobs for a sorority. What about your two?"

"No question about this one," Dick answered. "A really nice rack."

"And Anna has one of the firmest pair of tits I have ever examined," Tom added.

Sandy suddenly realized that the crude descriptions were having the opposite effect that she would have expected. She wasn't feeling offended at the men talking about her like a nice piece of meat. No, instead she found that the talk was exciting her even more.

"Then I think we should check out their qualifications in other areas," Michael said,.

"Oh, oh," Sandy thought. Now he'll be feeling my pussy. But Michael surprised her by continuing, "We do need to see if they can kiss as sexy as a sister should be able to. You pledges want to convince us, so you'd probably better put some effort into this." The other two men agreed with a few noisy comments. Then each moved up and pulled the girl against him and covered her mouth with his own.

Michael's lips were firm and warm against hers and Sandy found herself wanting to kiss back, not just to impress her initiators. After a few seconds of firm pressure Michael's tongue touched her lips and seemingly of their own volution her lips opened to welcome it into her mouth where her own tongue began to get into the action. The kiss went on for a long time until finally Michael pulled away.

He started to speak, but had to clear his throat and slow his breathing. "Sandy does seem to know how to kiss. But to be sure I think each of us should evaluate each pledge."

"Definitely!' "By all means." The other two men were also a little short of breath, but in a few seconds Sandy found Tom in front of her, bending to place his lips on her own. As the kiss began Sandy kissed back as best she could. It was definitely a good kiss, but somehow it didn't seem quite as overwhelming as Michael's had been. Still it was a long, hot, steamy kiss and Sandy felt she had probably passed Tom's scrutiny also. Then Dick shifted to her and his kiss was just as good, but still not as hot as Michael's had been. She wouldn't mind kissing him some more.

"These three can kiss as well as any sister I've known," Dick commented.

"I agree," Tom added.

"I think so, too," Michael said. "But I think I do want to check out a couple of things a little better. I'll give Sandy, here, another test. Just to confirm things." It looked like she was going to get that second kiss after all. Sandy felt her pulse pick up a little as Michael once more pulled her to him. This time she met his lips with her mouth open and their tongues immediately began to tangle. When at last they broke the kiss and pulled back slightly, their breath still mingling, Michael had to try twice to speak before he sounded normal.

"Yes, all are definitely good with their mouths at kissing. But there are other things a sister should be able to do with her mouth. On your knees, pledges."

"Well, we thought this might happen," Sandy thought to herself. Then she realized she wanted it to happen. And she wasn't alone, she was sure. Liz was already kneeling before Michael had finished speaking and Anna was only a second or so behind her. Michael steadied her as she knelt and quietly asked, "Have you ever given a blow job with you hands tied, pledge?"

Sandy didn't trust herself to speak and just shook her head. Still quietly he responded, "Just relax and enjoy it then."

Wasn't that the expression? "If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it." But this didn't really seem like rape. In fact, Sandy was finding herself eagerly anticipating what was coming.

She just heard Michael quietly say, "And remember a real sexy sorority sister will always swallow."

Sandy managed a smile. Actually she liked the taste and had generally swallowed. At least for the two men she had given head to before.

Michael moved closer and she suddenly leaned forwards and pressed her mouth and nose against his jeans, inhaling deeply as she did so. Michael stroked her dark red hair and then reached for his belt. In just seconds the jeans fell to the floor and he quickly pulled down his briefs to follow them.

Sandy stared at his cock from only a couple of inches. It wasn't huge. She guessed about six inches or a little more. But it was rock hard. The circumcised head, like a purple helmet, flared out from the shaft. For several seconds she just looked at his tool. She leaned forwards slightly and inhaled deeply of his scent and then placed a quick kiss on the end. Then with no hesitation, she opened her mouth and her tongue moved out to lick the shaft like an ice cream cone. She circled the ridge behind the head and licked over the surface. This continued for at least two minutes, licking with both feathery and firm touches, her tongue exploring, teasing. Then she opened her mouth wide and took him inside, clamping her lips just behind the head, and then slowly sliding down the shaft. Her tongue swirled around and around and her lips covered all of the surface as the rod moved deeply inside her open mouth. Her mouth pulled back but her lips held firm against the receding shaft while her tongue flicked against the small opening at the top.

Michael closed his eyes and gave himself over to the incredible sensation. He didn't know, but he had the feeling that this girl wasn't really experienced at this, but she did seem to know just how to do it. If she really didn't have any more experience than he thought, she was a real natural at it.

For several minutes she continued her incredible stimulation until at last he could hold back no more and proceeded to spurt into her sucking mouth. She doubled her sucking and did swallow almost all he gave her.

When Sandy had first touched his cock with her tongue she was surprised by the intense wave of desire that suddenly flooded through her. She had enjoyed oral sex before, but this was something different. As she touched the hard, hot flesh she felt a nearly overwhelming urge to plunge down as fast and deeply as possible. Maybe it was all the stimulation of having her upper body played with so intensely or maybe it was having her hands bound behind her or perhaps it was just the whole unreal situation she was experiencing. What ever it was, she felt herself wanting this more that she would have ever imagined. As she started to work his hot shaft, the desire, if anything, intensified. This drove her to really work at what she was doing and when Michael finally came in her mouth, the first taste of his sperm seemed to trigger a mini orgasm within her. She sucked hard, drinking down his juices, as she felt the hard contractions of her own sex. When at last she rocked back on her heels and looked up at him she realized she was still aroused and definitely horny. The way she felt right now, she would welcome rape.

Sandy looked around at the others. Liz was still kneeling, come dripping from one corner of her mouth, and a wide smile on her face. Anna seemed to be having to work at it a little harder and while she still looked aroused, Sandy didn't think she was as turned on as was Sandy herself.

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