Gold Plated Lighter

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2010 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: The husband in a no smoking family found an expensive lighter under a bed. He took action, found the owner and what had happened in that bed.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

Many thanks to Dennis for editing this story.

I used to be one of the best players in the elite division hockey team what was the pride of our Scandinavian town. As a hockey star, I got numbers of invitations to all kind of events and I accepted to act as a model in a fashion show. To my great pleasure a very handsome blonde girl and I were to be a bride and groom in the "Grande Finale" of the show.

The beautiful girl, Anna Landgren and I, David Ericsson had a good time at the party after the show. In fact, so good that I found her in my bed the next morning and after that we continued sharing that bed every night. It was a pleasant time for Anna and me because we were invited to a lot of great events and parties. Anna really liked that those days.

There was a problem when we wanted to get married because I owned a nice house, a fair amount of money shares for several successful companies and an expensive car while Anna owned only her clothes and a lot of shoes. After several quarrels, I got Anna to accept and sign an agreement, which stated that, everything we owned before the wedding would remain the private property of the owner. Anna agreed at last because that the main reason for our big wedding was a lifetime of true love and not a profitable divorce.

We had a good marriage, until several weeks ago when Anna began to have strange excuses for avoiding sex during some Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings at first I didn't care but then I asked her if something was wrong and she denied anything.

It was one of those days I was in a bad mood because everything went wrong at the day before and Anna once again had denied me sex. Even the weather was bad, cold, windy and rainy and that increased my bad mood.

Back at my job after a boring tasteless lunch with a nagging coworker, I found out that I had forgotten some important notes I needed for my job at that very moment. Only one thing to do, go home and get it.

At home I got a strange feeling that something was wrong in the kitchen and it took me some time to find out what.

I noted that my wife Anna had obviously been at home and brought in the mail from the mailbox and laid it on the work bench where she used to lay it when she was back home from her work about three o'clock.

The mail was still a little wet from the rain, so she must have been at home slightly before me. Because our relation wasn't on top that day and she never used to come home during her working time, I got curious, was she denying my attempts for sex the previous evening because of she was fucking somebody else during her lunch break. A look in our bedroom showed everything was exactly as I had left it at the morning. But a quick look in the spare bedroom gave me a great surprise, because there were a gold plated lighter on the brown carpet slight under the bed.

Neither Anna nor I are smokers, and it was clear that a smoker had been in that room probably not more than a half hour before me. Now I was really suspicious and decided to find out what Anna was in to so I laid back the lighter where it was found.

Nobody had smoked in the house and if Anna's visitor had been a woman, she had kept her lighter in a handbag and hardly had any reason to take it out. Therefore everything indicated that the lighter belonged to a man and had fallen out from his pocked when he did something at spare room bed. Not difficult to suspect what.

Back home from our works, the evening went on just as usual but none of us mentioned about being at home during the day. When Anna was hooked to a TV soap opera she used to watch, I went to the spare room and found that the lighter was gone from the floor but not laid anywhere I could see it. Not in the spare room, not in the kitchen.

Later in the evening I pretended to have some important work to before going to the bed, so Anna went to bed before me and was sleeping when I came to the bedroom. I undressed, but instead of going directly to the bed, I sneaked out to the kitchen and then to the hall where Anna's handbag was at its usual place. A quick look in it showed that the lighter now was in her handbag.

No doubt Anna was involved in something with somebody and it was my intention to find out what. My suspicion grew further when checking her handbag again the next evening and the lighter was gone.

There had been a folder in the junk mail, a couple of weeks ago, from a locksmith and alarm store about their alarms. What did catch my interest was a small alarm detector with a camera the size of a smoke detector. It was equipped with a prepaid cell phone card and could send alarm messages and pictures to a cell phone.

The next day I bought that unit together with two smoke detectors almost same size. Everything was battery operated so the installation would be "a piece of cake" on Saturday when Anna had some errand to run for her parents and the kids were out playing.

The test showed that it worked better than expected and when Anna was back she had no objections when I simply told her that we had talked about smoke detectors at my job and it had been obvious that we needed a few more for an acceptable protection.

I set the alarm to active Monday through Friday from the time I left home to the time Anna would be back home just before the kids returned from school. Everything worked fine the first Monday and Tuesday. Then the shit hit the fan on Wednesday and the alarm went off a few minutes after noon. The small pictures in my cell-phone showed Anna and a man kissing in our hallway.

The worst possible thing was obviously going on in my house and the only possible way for me to take care of this situation was an immediately action.

If Anna and that man were fucking in the spare room, they hopefully were still in action when I got home and rushed in on them with a camera to collect evidence about my dear wife's secret pleasures. Of course, they could even be doing complete innocent matters but their kiss indicated for something far from that.

Speeding I succeed in getting home in almost ten minutes and left my car at the street so it could not be seen from the spare room window. I sneaked in the house as silently as possible and could neither hear anything from the kitchen nor the living room. The spare room door was closed but coming closer I could hear some muffled sounds from there.

My camera was switched to automatic action taking nine pictures with every push on the button. I took a deep breath, held the camera in a fast grip, opened the door and went into the room.

I was prepared to see the worst and that was exactly what I could see. Anna, who still had her blue top on was lying on her back with spread legs. Between Anna's spread legs was a man's white ass pumping up and down. He was wearing a bright yellow shirt, so they looked like the Ukrainian flag.

My entrance took them by surprise and I took a second serial nine pictures before I put the camera in my pocket. Thereafter I took the few steps to the bed and gave the still surprised man a couple of very hard hits in his face. Obviously I had got him rather groggy because he didn't any attempts of resist when I dragged him off my screaming wife.

Taking him to the door and throwing out him from the house went without any real problems, maybe because I gave him a few further blows on the way.

Back in the spare room my now loudly crying wife had put on her small black-laced panties and held up her trousers.

I told her, "Sexy dressed for lover boy. Get out and take away that damn garbage I threw out. Get out from here and take it away from my property."

My sobbing wife tried to tell me the standard crap talk of such matters, "I'm sorry and can't explain how it could happen because I didn't do it intentionally. I promise you that it was both the first and the last time I'm doing such stupid thing. Please forgive me."

I took up her lover's trousers from the floor, put my hand in the right side pocket, took up the gold plated lighter, held it up before her and said, "Don't lie to me bitch, because I know for sure that today it was the same procedure what has happen every week in this room."

When Anna saw the lighter, she understood that I had seen it for a week ago and drawn the right conclusion about why it was under the bed. Now she screamed, "Oh My God!"

Anna's lover boy was a co-worker of her by name Richard Gyllendahl. I had had met him and his very beautiful wife at a dinner hosted by one of Anna's bosses. A look at his driving license found in his wallet told me it was correct. It even showed that he was eight years younger than Anna.

After that I told Anna go out to Richard with his clothes. She did and a few minutes later they left in her car. I rang my job and said I would stay at home for the remaining time that day and some hours the next day.

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