Revenge Against the Ex

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2010 by DG Hear

Sex Story: It was my ex daughter in law, she hurt my son. Now it was her turn. Many different catagories.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Interracial   Anal Sex   Voyeurism   .

To the readers:

This story is not a typical DG Hear romance story. If you don't like revenge, interracial or gangbang stories you may want to pass on this one. Every now and then I have to tell it like it is. A big thank you to WanderingScot for editing this story for me.

I looked out my motel window when I heard voices. I saw a black man and a white woman talking. Normally it wouldn't have bothered me but this time it was different. It was my ex daughter-in law.

This story begins about twelve years ago when my son moved to Michigan. He and a friend of his got job interviews at an auto plant. They both got the job and rented an apartment and moved in together. Eventually his friend got married and my son lived by himself.

He was always on the quiet side around us. We couldn't believe it when his friends always said what fun he was. I guess he kept it from us. In high school he dated a lot of girls but never really stayed with anyone very long. He hardly ever talked about them. I guess that is why we, my wife Catherine and I were surprised when he called us and said he was going to bring a girl home for us to meet.

She was beautiful. She was twenty-two and seemed very friendly. We could see what our son Mark saw in her. We learned her dad was Mexican and her mom Slavic. They met in the Mexican restaurant that she worked in. They had been dating for a few months. We never had a clue.

We were so happy for the two of them. They seemed so happy together. It was about three months later when our son called and said they were getting married. We asked him if she became pregnant and he said no, they were just in love.

We went to Michigan for their wedding shower and met her family. They were such wonderful people and treated us like we knew them for years. We couldn't have felt more welcome.

Our whole family went up for the wedding and all our relatives who lived in Michigan attended the wedding. Everyone said what a wonderful couple they made. If there was any negative point that we saw in her it would be that she was so pretty that she could be high maintenance.

Life for all of us went on fine. We would visit them a couple of times a year and they would come and see us. It did bother us that they were both materialistic. They had to buy a house and each leased a new car. Had to have everything new. I guess it was just the generation.

About a year and a half after they were married Sarah became pregnant. We were happy for them, but her parents were ecstatic. This would be their first grandchild. We already had three others by my daughters. When it was time for the delivery of the baby Mark called us and we went up the next morning. They had a beautiful baby girl and named her Maria. Everyone was so happy for them. We stayed in town for a few days to help in any way we could.

We wondered what kind of dad our son would be and he turned out to be great. Sarah breast fed the baby or left breast milk for her when she went to work. We bought her the pump. Our son had no problems feeding, changing or being up with the baby. We were so proud of him.

Life went on normal for all of us with the regular visits until Maria was around four years old. We received a call from Mark and he said he was taking a couple of days off work and coming home. He told us that Sarah was pregnant again and she told him it probably wasn't his.

We were devastated. Every parent loves their kids if they are ten, twenty or thirty. They are still your kids and you want to do what you can to help them. When Mark came home, he told us what happened.

"I got home from work and Sarah kept walking around looking very nervous. I asked her what the problem was and she told me she just took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I told her that it was fine and we would deal with it. That's when she told she was pretty sure it wasn't mine.

"I got pissed and asked her what the hell she was saying? She told me she was having an affair with a man at work. She had the gall to tell me that she felt they were soul mates. I had to get the hell out of the house before I beat her to death. I told her I was leaving for a couple of days and would deal with it when I got back. My mind was a mess."

Mark's best friend at his wedding was going through a divorce and the two of them went out, probably to get drunk. He didn't come home that night but when he came it the next morning we asked him what his immediate plans were.

He told us he was going to ask her to move out. He wasn't sure what else he was going to do in the short term. Her mother babysat for them while they both worked. He did call her from our house and told her he wanted her out of the house within the month.

We talked to him the following week. He still was quiet on what his plans were. We were surprised to hear that the man she was having an affair with was nine years younger than her and was of Mexican descent.

Like most kids Mark didn't listen to us. She did move out of the house and into an apartment. Our son still gave her a hundred dollars a week for support of Maria. Sarah's mom was devastated when she received the news. Hector, her dad stopped talking to her. They all loved Mark and couldn't believe Sarah could be so stupid. We believed that they thought Mark contributed to the divorce in some way but never pushed the issue.

Mark did tell us he decided not to apply for a divorce till after the birth of the baby. Sarah and the baby would both be covered under Mark's insurance which would cost a pretty penny. He was afraid that if the child was his that he might get stuck with the bills.

Mark and Sarah only talked when it concerned Maria. Christine, Sarah's mother usually was the go between. Mark said she cried many times about the breakdown of their marriage. She actually hoped that maybe they could work it out and get back together.

We heard that Ray, the possible father of the child quit his job at the restaurant and went back to Mexico for awhile till things cooled down. It was probably a good move.

When it was time for the child's birth we asked Mark if he went to the hospital since for Maria he helped in the delivery room and was the proud dad.

He told us that he went to work. Sarah's Mom was the only one there during the delivery. Mark said he went after work to see the baby. When he saw the baby boy was definitely darker he looked at Christine with tears in his eyes and told the nurse not to list him as the father of the child and left the hospital without even talking to Sarah.

The following day he went to see a lawyer and started divorce proceedings. We had heard that Ray was back in town but Mark never said whether or not he had seen him.

Mark had to give Sarah half their net worth and a hundred twenty-five dollars a week in support for Maria. They had joint custody of Maria. Mark just didn't want to fight it. He said he was just going to make sure his daughter was well taken care of. He had to take out another loan to pay her portion. He did get the house and most everything in it.

Over the last couple of years he visited with us and always had Maria with him. She loved my wife, her grandmother. I believe it is because my wife is a very caring person. She did everything with Maria. They would go shopping, play games, ride bikes and anything else you could think of.

Maria often cried when she had to go home. My wife told her she would see her again soon. In fact my son bought her a cell phone and she calls my wife every week.

I haven't talked with Sarah since we heard about her cheating. If she calls to talk to Mark or Maria when they are at our house, I just hand them the phone. I can't forgive her for what she did to my son and his marriage. Our whole family dislikes her now.

As I mentioned our son hardly ever tells us anything. Even when we ask we're lucky to get an answer. He's a very private person and I guess holds it all in.

One day Maria called us and told us that her mom and Ray got married. They named the baby boy, Ray Jr. Maria calls her half- brother little Ray. She calls her stepfather Ray, never dad.

Mark seems to just go along, never tells us much. He says his life is work, taking care of Maria and when she's with her Mom, he goes to the bar with friends. He never mentions any women except as friends.

I believe he was still in love with Sarah and probably would have considered taking her back if the baby was his. His ex in-laws still love him. In fact his ex father in law and one of Sarah's uncles are on the same bowling team as Mark. It really is an odd situation. They wanted to keep in touch with us but it is just too much for us. We cannot accept the fact that their daughter ruined so many lives. We do send a Christmas card each year but that's about it.

I've seen Sarah through our Son's window when she drops off Maria every once in awhile when we are there. I can't get myself to even say hi to her. One day when we went to visit Mark and Maria, there was a little boy there. Maria told us it was her brother Ray, he was three at the time.

Christine who usually watches him had an emergency to attend to and Mark offered to take him for a few hours until his mother got off work. Mark said he didn't hold any ill will towards the kid, it wasn't his fault his mom was a slut. We all went to an Italian restaurant. Mark ordered little Ray spaghetti. The little guy was on the chubby side but cute.

Mark said he has him over to play with his sister once in a while. He seemed to listen to Mark. The only problem is he kept calling Mark 'Dad'. He would hear Maria say it so he just repeated it.

"Ray, I'm not your Dad, you call me Mark, ok?" Mark must have repeated that sentence five times while we were in the restaurant.

Life went on but in the back of my mind I had always wished Sarah wouldn't have gotten off so easy for what she did to my Son. We told Mark that we didn't think her new marriage would last if she thought they were soul mates and he was nine years younger. It wouldn't be long before he would be looking for younger pastures.

I make small deliveries for a company and they asked me if I was going to Michigan soon. I told them I could go anytime. I could always stop and see my son and granddaughter. I also had other family there.

I went the following Saturday and made the delivery. I stopped by my son's place and took him out to lunch. He told me he had to work that afternoon; they were working seven days a week and he needed all the work he could get.

Times have been tough and he was cut back to thirty-five hours a week and was falling behind on his bills. I knew this because his mom was sending him money - well actually she was paying a couple of his bills directly. We wanted to make sure they got paid.

His bitch of an ex wouldn't settle for less money while he was falling behind on his other payments. In fact she asked him for more money but the court didn't grant her any extra when they saw what he was already paying for. He bought Maria almost all her clothes and carried the insurance on her.

Sarah put her in dance classes and had the bills sent to Mark. I almost called him a wimp until he told me that he would do anything for his daughter. She was his life. That I could understand having had three kids of my own. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my kids at any age.

When I arrived at his house he told me that Maria was spending the night at her grandmother's house. She was watching little Ray also. I guess Sarah was going out with friends and her husband was taking a trip to go see his sister in Indiana. He would be gone for the weekend.

Mark said I could spend the night at his house but he had to go to work. I just told him I would catch a cheap motel up the road a bit and spend the night there. I hugged my son and wished him the best. I told him that if he ever wanted someone to talk to, I'd be there for him.

I drove about forty miles and found a motel near a shopping center. I figured I could take in a movie and maybe even stroll through the mall. I went to the desk and checked in. With a name like Johnson there were many of us. I decide to pay with cash.

When I was in my room cleaning up I heard a man and woman talking just outside my window. As I mentioned earlier I saw a black man and a white woman. Normally it wouldn't have bothered me but this time it was different. It was my ex daughter-in law.

What the hell was going on? We were a good fifty miles from where she lived. I remember my son say that her husband Ray was gone for the weekend and she was going out with friends. Was this black guy the friend? I truly had my doubts that anyone in her family knew about this date, especially her dad who really didn't like black people. I guess before Mark met her that a black guy kept trying to get her to go out with him and her dad put a stop to it.

I heard her say, "Let me get out of my work clothes and you can take me to the Olive Garden like you promised." He smiled and they headed into the room next to me.

I was sure it was her. She had on a shirt with the emblem of the restaurant she worked at, along with a pair of tight fitting shorts. They were really too tight for a married woman her age, but she still had quite the body and wasn't afraid to show it.

They came out about fifteen minutes later and got in his car and headed off. My mind started to wander. I think I saw to many spy shows. I wasn't a secret agent but I was foolish enough to act like one. I figured I had about two hours to set up a plan.

Finally maybe I could get just a little revenge on my ex daughter in law who ruined my son's life.

I headed across the street to an electronics store. I asked the salesman if they carried any kind of surveillance equipment. He smiled and took me to a part of the store that was loaded with everything for any kind of surveillance.

I explained to him that I want a tiny camera that could be hidden easily and I needed it to work with a remote control recorder. He smiled again and told me that the surveillance equipment sold like hot cakes.

It cost me three hundred dollars. I would have to explain the bill to my wife when the bill came. She always yelled at me for getting more electronic equipment.

The salesman told me he hoped I caught the culprit I was looking for. I had mentioned that someone was stealing things from my office and that I only needed something that would work within a hundred feet away but needed to work through closed doors and walls.

He told me this little gem was perfect for the job. If it was mounted high enough up it could scan the whole room.

I thanked him and went back over to the motel. I went to the front desk and asked for an extra key card. I told them my wife might be coming by that night and I wanted a key for her. I had my key card in my hand. He asked me for what room and I told him twenty instead of my room which was eighteen.

He handed me the card and told me to have a nice evening. I smiled and went to room twenty. It was scary being in someone else's room. I looked around and I saw Sarah's overnight bag. The man had his suitcase opened up. I had picked up some cleaning gloves so I wouldn't leave finger prints.

I tried to act like I've seen them do on TV on spy shows. Damn I was nervous. What if they came back early? I would be up a creek without a paddle. Hell, I didn't really know why I was here.

I found the perfect place for the camera. It fit neatly in the smoke detector but only gave a great view of the bed. That was fine with me. If there was any action, it would probably take place there.

I went back in my room and turned on the recorder and played around with it a little making sure I knew how to use it. I guess I had become obsessed with my new toy and couldn't wait for Sarah and her friend to get back.

I heard the car pull up and turned the lights off in my room. I heard them laughing and the black guy who she called Joe helped her out of the car. He put his hand on her ass as they walked to the room.

I flipped on my recorder but they were slightly out of range. Finally Joe asked her to sit next to him on the bed. He was doing a lot of sweet talking as I watched him put his hand on her leg. She smiled but didn't stop him. He pushed his hand further up her skirt and I could see her spreading her legs for him.

I wish I wouldn't have but I was getting a hard on watching the seduction of my ex daughter in law. Joe hit pay dirt. He pulled her panties aside and began to finger her. He leaned over and kissed her and began pumping his finger faster in her.

She was breathing hard when he quickly took his fingers out of her and put them to her lips. "Suck your juices baby," he said.

She began sucking his big black fingers. He was smiling and he stood up. "Take off you blouse and skirt while I make us a drink," I heard him say.

She stood up and for a short time was out of the pictures. When she sat back down all she had on was a flimsy red lace bra and matching panties. Damn, she still looked good. She had a somewhat dark complexion but had an all over tan on top of it.

Joe handed her the drink and began rubbing her tits while she was drinking it. He excused himself for a minute. He said he had an important phone call to make. I couldn't see him but he must have been standing near the smoke detector because I could hear him.

"She's just about ready. I already gave her the ecstasy and she's drinking it now. Twenty minutes will be fine. I'll have her primed and ready."

Holy shit! He was inviting company. I had to wonder if Sarah knew or even cared. She had finished her drink when Joe unfastened her bra and laid her back on the bed and began to suck on her tits.

"Am I the first black man you've been with, Baby?" he asked Sarah.

"No, I've been with a few over the years," she replied.

"You know you're going to get fucked big time tonight. You'll have all the black cock you can handle," said Joe.

"Are you that good?" laughed Sarah. "I can take whatever you can dish out."

I don't think she had any idea she might be getting gangbanged.

Joe smiled at her and slipped off her panties. "Let me eat this pussy before it becomes filled with cum."

He didn't get any argument out of Sarah as he removed her panties and started eating her pussy. Sarah kept asking for more. She must have been feeling the start of the drugs.

"Fuck me you black bastard," she said.

"You suck my cock first you Mexican slut." She leaned forward and took his wet cock in her mouth and gave it a hell of a blowjob.

"That's enough Babe, I want to come in that juicy pussy." He pushed himself into her and was fucking the hell out of her pussy. She had both legs in the air.

There was a knock on the door. I heard Joe say, "It's open, come on in," as he continued to fuck Sarah.

"Who are they? What are they doing here, Joe?" Sarah asked.

"You wanted the fuck of a lifetime and I'm getting it for you," Joe laughed as he came in her pussy.

"No, you can't be done, I haven't come yet," cried Sarah.

"Don't worry Sweetheart, that's why we're here to help you out," said one of the other black men.

Joe climbed of and his friend took over, pushing his cock into a very wet pussy. "Yes, fuck me, make me come," I heard Sarah say.

The other man took his cock out and went up to her head, turned it toward him and started to face fuck her. She didn't hesitate taking it in her mouth.

I had a hard-on to beat hell. I had to stop watching for a few minutes. I stepped outside my room and Joe was in front of his room smoking a cigarette.

"Sorry about the noise. Have a hot little Mexican chick in there that loves to fuck," said Joe.

I looked past him, the door was ajar. I saw his two friends doing a job on Sarah. She didn't seem to mind a bit.

"What's the price of admission?" I asked Joe.

"I think two cases of Budweiser should cover it," said Joe with a smile.

I handed him thirty dollars and said, "That should cover it."

His one friend had just come in her mouth. The other was shooting his load in her pussy. She was having an orgasm.

"Do you mind turning her over so I can take her doggie style. I'd like to play with her big brown ass." I didn't want her to see me. I couldn't take that chance but I wanted to fuck her in the worst way.

Joe told his friend to turn her over for me. As soon as he did I walked in, dropped my pants and took my very hard cock and jammed it into her overly wet pussy. I held on to her big brown butt cheeks. I even spanked them a few times.

It the mean time Joe told his friend to go buy the beer and came in and had Sarah suck on his cock. He looked over at me and grinned.

I kept plowing her pussy from behind. She was on her knees so I had great access and even though she had already taken a pussy full of cum I got friction because of the position. I was about ready to shoot my load in my ex daughter in law. Right when it was time to shoot, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pushed just the head of my cock into her ass and let go with my biggest load of all time.

Joe began laughing and told me he wanted some of that big ass. I pulled out and quickly pulled up my pants and stepped outside. Joe pulled out of her mouth and pushed his hard cock into her ass.

When I stepped outside another car pulled up and some more guys got out. The other fellow who went after the beer came back and handed me one. I started a conversation with him to see how this might have all got started in the first place.

Luckily their room was the end one and we were able to stand around the side of the building. Seeing a half dozen black guys in front of a door could be intimidating.

The door was closed but I heard Sarah tell Joe that she needed to use the rest room. He had let her up and told her to clean up some while she was in there. He had invited more company.

I could just imagine what happened when she sat on the toilet. All that cum and piss coming out of her. To me it would have been quite gross. I have to admit that I have read a lot of stories and have seen porno movies with gang bangs and such. Just never thought I would be part of one, especially with an ex daughter in law.

She spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom. I heard Joe tell her to hurry up. She had friends waiting on her. We heard her shut off the shower but was still a few minutes coming out of the bathroom. It was hard to believe that she took the time to put on some eye make-up and lipstick.

Jerry, the man that handed me a beer told me that most all the guys that were there frequented the Mexican restaurant that Sarah worked at. She was always a flirt and a tease. She would literally let the men touch her ass and slide their hands up her legs.

Many of them had asked her out but she always said that she was married and her husband wouldn't approve. They all have said that some day they would fuck her and she always just laughed.

Joe was in the restaurant supply business. He was a salesman and sold restaurant supplies to many of the area restaurants. According to Jerry, Joe had been working on Sarah for about three months. Each month he stopped he offered to take her out for dinner.

"She has let him feel her up behind the restaurant. Each month he got a little further. Jerome who is in the room now is his brother. He and Jerome said that if he ever got her to a motel he would give the rest of us a call. We could do what we want to her for fifty bucks a piece.

"He told us that he would slip her some drugs to make her more agreeable and be able to last most of the night. He called Jerome and I this afternoon and told us it was on. He said he was taking her out to dinner and then to this motel. He gave us the room number.

"We asked him if we could get hold of a few of the other guys that she had been teasing and he said it wasn't a problem. As long as they paid their fee and obeyed the rules."

"What are the rules?" I asked.

"They weren't allowed to hurt her. You know, slap her around or leave bruises. They could get head, fuck her as many times as they wanted but when he says it's over, they would have to stop. He said he wanted her available for the next time."

"Are you saying she will do it again?"

"Most of the ones Joe sets up always come back for more. Well, I better get back in there. I'm ready for a good fuck."

I took another beer and went to my room. As far as the rest of the guys knew, I just left. The recorder had been recording everything while I was out. That meant that I would see myself fucking Sarah and coming in her ass.

I watched as this guy Jerome was laying naked on his back, his cock standing straight up. I heard Sarah's voice but couldn't see her yet.

"Joe can I have another drink. If I going to do your friends, I going to need some stimulus," I heard Sarah say.

"Slide down on my brothers pole while I make you a margarita," replied Joe.

Sarah came into the picture. She was totally naked with a head band holding her hair back. She climbed up on the bed and lowered herself on Jerome's cock. Someone handed her a drink. I don't know if it was spiked or not. I don't think it would have made any difference. She was a slut in every sense of the word.

I was getting tired and believe it or not getting bored with watching her fuck one or two guys at a time. I let the recorder run but turned down the volume and went to sleep.

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