by Wyden Long

Copyright© 2010 by Wyden Long

Erotica Sex Story: When a woman finally realizes that her husband has made up his mind to leave, she may agree to anything.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

"Oh, Honey. Not tonight, please. I have a splitting headache and have to get up early in the morning for a meeting."

How many times had I heard that story? Way too many fucking times, I can tell you. It always pissed me off to be the one who was expected to yield, but this time it went way beyond pissed off. I felt a rage growing in my gut that was not going to be possible to contain before somebody was hurt--badly. I'm not a violent man, but enough is sometimes just too fucking much. This happened to be "sometime".

My only hope for preventing a much nastier situation was simply to call the whole damn thing off, right there, right now.

"Ok. If that's the way you want it, you've got it. That's the last fucking time I will ever ask you for anything. Take the house, take the kids, take the cars, the stocks, bonds, club memberships and any other fucking thing you want and let me go.

There must be at least one woman alive who is willing to recognize that her husband's needs are as important as at least some of the ten thousand things you have persuaded yourself you really must do. If there's no time left for me, then piss on me.

Men don't really "need" sex, anyway. It says so in all the lesbian books.

"Come on, Honey. I'm so tired and can't possibly do the things I have to do tomorrow. Can't you wait for the weekend?"

"The weekend? The fucking weekend? I've been waiting for that fucking weekend for ten years. I've had it. That was the last fucking straw. If you were going to start putting my needs ahead of number 10,000, you could have done it long ago. I'm serious. You can have all the shit you seem to value more than you value me, but you can't have me any longer without starting to value me. I'll sleep on the couch tonight and find a hotel tomorrow. Enjoy your rest."

I stomped out of the bedroom and headed for the family room.

The rigid prick that had so desperately needed something--anything--from my dear wife preceded me out the door.

Cindy was curled up in a ball, weeping. My badly bruised love for her almost took me back to apologize, but something held me back. A line had been crossed.

After many, many beers, I managed to take a piss by standing nearly on my head. I shucked my clothes and crashed onto the couch, pulling a light blanket over me. Cindy would raise hell in the morning about getting body oils on the upholstery, but it wasn't my problem any more.

Thanks to the beers, I dropped off fairly quickly, even though my rod was still painfully swollen.

Sometime during the night, I felt the blanket being lifted and the feeling of long hair on my thighs. Well! Maybe Cindy had come to her senses after all. At this point, I wasn't ready to forgive all for a single blowjob, but I also wasn't ready to give up any free blowjobs, so I just laid back and enjoyed. That headache must not have been as bad as she indicated. She was doing a hell of a job! On the few occasions that Cindy had allowed my dick beyond her lips, they didn't get very far. It was more like she closed her teeth on it and tried very hard to keep from touching anything with her lips and tongue until I would relent and tell her it was enough.

This time, she did it right! She sucked that sucker to the back of her throat immediately and started humming.

Heaven! This must be what heaven is like. Still only half awake, I felt my balls begin to tighten almost at once. Cindy better watch out! I wasn't in the mood to let her off easy. If she was truly trying to make it up to me, let her swallow my load. If she did that, I might actually consider staying. It would represent such a radical change of values for her.

As expected, a huge load of cum was soon blasting out of my balls and down her throat. Actually down her throat! She had never moved her mouth away and I could feel her throat swallowing against the head of my shaft. This woman must be truly repentant! Well, well.

After draining my balls so completely, she crawled up next to me on the couch and snuggled her sweet ass back against my recently drained prick. It felt so good and I was in such a good humor that it started to rise again immediately. Cindy may not have had her values straight, but she always had a hot ass.

Anytime she shoved it into my crotch, she knew she would get an immediate response.

I had always had to be the aggressor in our sexual relations, but I wanted to see how far she would takes this, so I kept my eyes closed as if I were asleep and waited to see what she would come up with.

What she came up with was one of the things I had yearned for and fantasized about so many times, but with no success. She reached between her thighs and pulled my pole as far through as it would reach, then began using it to smear her pussy juice around. She would rub her ass back against me to lodge my prick a few inches inside her seeping cunt, then pull off it so she could use it as a paintbrush to paint her clit.

Apparently, she was enjoying this as much as I was. If only she had done some of these things sooner! How much time had been wasted? How many nights had I lain awake with throbbing balls because the woman who claimed to love me simply didn't understand the degree of need a man has? What a pity.

At 36, I don't usually get my rocks off twice in one night.

Hell, I'm lucky to get them off twice a week, so it was with great pleasure and anticipation that I realized I was building up to another major eruption. Vesuvius was active again!

Cindy was quivering and moaning loud enough to wake the whole family, but I didn't care. In fact, she even sounded like a teenager. She must really be into it.

I don't know who had the strongest orgasm. Mine was the most earthshattering I could remember and Cindy's must have set several records for her. Her pussy spasmed so tightly around my pulsating cock that she kept me hard and pulsing much longer than normal for me.

When our blood pressures were back to normal, Cindy snuggled back against me again, leaving my prick deeply embedded in her sopping cunt, which was another sea change for her. She was always quick to run to the bathroom and clean herself after sex.

The idea of my cum in her cunt seemed to disgust her.

Tonight, it was as though she were trying to get pregnant.

She made no move to pull away and it felt great to me so I left my dick where it was and drifted into the most satisfying sleep I could remember having-ever!

I woke up wondering where I was and what was going on. I wasn't complaining, mind you, because somebody was riding my prong to oblivion as I slept. Then it slowly came back to me.

Cindy! Wow! She was almost like a different person. What a change had come over her! If I had only known I could reach her so well with a few well chosen words and a bunch of resolve, I would have done it years ago.

Even her pussy seemed tighter than I remembered it, but it could have grown shut from lack of use. I reached around to grab her big luscious tits and came awake in a hurry! Her tits weren't big and luscious. They were like apples--nice and round and hard as rocks. There was no way Cindy's tits had reverted to teen size from lack of use.


My 18-year old daughter giggled. "Am I doing it right,


"Julie?" I repeated dumbly. My hips kept fucking, but my mind was screaming, "STOP!".

"Yes, Daddy. Is this better?"

"Better than what, dear?"

"Better than doing without? I heard you and Mom. I've heard you a lot of times when she is telling you she doesn't want to have sex and you have to go in the bathroom and jackoff after she goes to sleep."

"You can hear us?"

"Sure, the walls are thin and I listen because I care about you."

"Huh. And how do you know about... ?"

"About you jacking off?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Well, you don't close the bathroom door all the way because you leave the light off. I come to the door and listen, but I can't see you since it's so dark."

"Why do you want to listen to me, uh... ?"


"Uh, yeah."

"I love you, Daddy. I always have, and I've known for a long time that Mom doesn't treat you right. It breaks my heart for you to have to endure without a normal sex life."

During this surreal conversation with my daughter, we had continued gently fucking as if it were the most natural thing in the world. It certainly felt natural--at least it felt like what

I wanted natural to be. Only my mind was on a different frequency. Somebody said you're not supposed to fuck your daughter.

"When you came in the bed last night, I thought you were your mother."

"That's what I wanted you to think. Did you like it when I swallowed your cum?"

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