Plains of Texas - Prelude

by Frank Speaks

Copyright© 2010 by Frank Speaks

Incest Sex Story: This story showed up in my mind. It has a sad ending and, while it fits the Plains of Texas storyline, it shows the black side of the new world. Watch the codes!

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Ma/mt   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Post Apocalypse   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Cousins   Uncle   Aunt   BDSM   Rough   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Violent   .

My name is Elanor and this is the story of my adult trek. I started late because of the group that all wanted to go together. We lived on a ranch north and east of Fortwo. I had a brother, Herman, and a sister, Clarissa. Clarissa had a boy she liked and who waited until she was sixteen before we all left on our trek together. At the time, Herman was nineteen, I was eighteen as was Benji, Clarissa's guy and Clarissa was sixteen.

Our parents started us as did most Tex parents. Mom fondled Herman beginning early and, by the time he was six, she was sucking his cock as I was. I also sucked my dad's cock and licked my mother's cunt. It was more fun to suck dad or mom because they would cum. Dad would frequently fuck mom and then have me come in and clean them up. Sometimes he would fuck her ass and I would lick his cum from her ass hole. Herman had to do that also but he never developed a taste for men's cum. Sometime around my fourth or fifth birthday, my dad and mom started to penetrate my holes readying my body for fucking. Herman liked to suck me and I sucked him. We would do that almost every day. Mom taught me how to push my finger in a male's ass to help them cum sooner and more powerfully. Dad could take three fingers in his ass but he would push his cock down my throat when he would cum. I didn't like that because his cum would go straight down my throat and I wouldn't get to taste it. They had Herman start fucking me when I was six which was normal I found when I talked with other girls at parties. Dad was bigger than most men and he didn't penetrate me with his cock in either hole until I was eight. From then on, he and Herman fucked me regularly. When I was twelve, I was allowed to participate in parties.

The parties were fun. We would get together at a farm and all the families and their children who were twelve or older would strip and fuck. The little children would clean up if we didn't do it first.

I remember my third party. It was better than the first two because there were more people there and I had a little more experience. Five families joined together at our farm for the two day affair. Most of the families had more boys than girls which guaranteed that the females eligible for the party had plenty of cock. Dad, Herman and I started off the festivities. Dad lay on his back and I straddled him taking his big cock into my cunt. Mom held it straight and aimed it for us. Herman came behind me and pushed his cock into my ass with mom's help. She then moved up and gave dad her cunt to lick and I licked her ass. I didn't know it until I started that she had had dad earlier in her ass and I got to suck his cum from her ass. It was wonderful being able to suck mom's cream pie and get fucked in both holes. I came and came and came.

After Herman came, he pulled out of my ass. He then pulled mom away and gave me his cock to suck. He quickly got hard and moved over to mom and began to fuck her. I was bending over dad with his cock still fucking away at my cunt when someone mounted behind me and pushed his cock balls deep in my ass. I loved it!

When my dad came in my cunt, Clarissa came over to suck the cum from my holes while I sucked dad's cock clean. Clarissa was moved out of the way and I felt another cock surge into my cunt. I finished sucking dad's cock and I was pulled over on the guy fucking my cunt. I was leaned forward and another cock was pushed into my ass. A cunt was put in front of me and I sucked another cream pie, this time from a cunt. The cunt was pulled away and a man's hairy ass was in my face. I spread his cheeks and started licking his ass hole and found cum in it. Most men did not like to be fucked but a few enjoyed it enough to engage in a round of male butt fucking. This guy had and I was sucking the cum from his ass. When I pulled back, he rolled over and I sucked his cock clean and back to hardness. He was hard and the guys in my cunt and ass came filling my holes with fresh hot cum. They moved off and I straddled the guy I was sucking to find that it was my Uncle Roy. I didn't know he liked his butt to be fucked! I mounted and started fucking his cock with my cunt forcing it deep on each down stroke. Moments later, I felt something push into my ass. Looking back, I saw my mother! She had a wooden dildo strapped to her pelvis and I was getting butt fucked by a ten inch piece of wood. I had to hold still for it as my rectum had to stay straight or I would be in pain. In the meantime, Uncle Roy was ramming his hard cock as far into my cunt as it would go. My twelve year old body was being packed! Finally, Uncle Roy and I came hard and Roy pulled out of my cunt and out from underneath my body. I fell forward with my mother's strap-on still embedded in my ass. I felt her rise up off me but the dildo remained in my ass. I quickly realized that she had unstrapped it and left it there. I just lay on the floor of the barn and shivered as I came down from the sexual high.

I started to get up and Herman came up behind me and jerked the dildo out of my ass and shoved his cock into the freshly vacated hole. He fucked me for a long time before shooting his cum into my ass. I lay forward again. I was starting to get up again and was on hands and knees when the dogs were released. They knew me and headed right for me. Finding me in position, Cal mounted me and stabbed my nether region with his doggy cock. He was the biggest of our pack. He found his target and slammed into my cunt and began to fuck me rapidly like only a dog can. He was rutting and, with a pop, successfully lodged his knot in my cunt. I howled as I usually did when knotted but accepted the inevitable of being dog fucked in front of everyone until he was satisfied and his knot subsided. I had learned over the past two years since I had been allowed to dog fuck that it was their pleasure. I was just along for the ride though I sure enjoyed that ride. I also knew that my dad and Herman both loved watching the dogs do me.

Before Cal finished, I saw my mom in front of me and Buster was fucking her the same way as Cal was doing me. I grinned at her. She saw me looking at her and looked over to my left. I looked over that way and saw Aunt Linda also knotted by Jimmy Boy. All three of our dogs were fucking us hard and we were their knotted bitches. I loved the speed and furious pounding from the dogs. Cal came in my cunt and I could feel it shoot in me since it was hotter. After five minutes, he was able to pull out only hurting me because he still had a strong knot. When he popped out, I gave out a howl. Two of Uncle Roy's sons came over and shut me up by pushing a cock into my mouth and plugged my leaking cunt by slamming a cock into my cunt. They slammed me together forcing one down my throat and the other balls deep in my cunt. Then, I felt a hand on my ass. 'Hold still, Ellie, I'm going to finger your ass."

I grunted as I felt him start with two fingers in my butt. He quickly added another. When he pushed the fourth into my ass hole, I whined with the pain and excitement. Shortly thereafter, I felt more of his hand go in my ass as he had folded his thumb over and was now fisting my ass. I was screaming but no one could hear me with the cock buried in my mouth and down my throat. I started coming to the cocks in my cunt and mouth and the hand doing marvelous, painful things in my ass. Bert, the cousin fucking my mouth, came and I swallowed his load. He then pulled out and now my grunts, moans, and soft screams could be heard. Herman, my dad and my mom came over to watch. Herman said to my dad, "She won't have any trouble with a double fuck any more."

I couldn't stop the orgasms from coming one after another. I became just a rag doll seemingly as Tran fucked my cunt with his cock and fisted my ass. Finally, I felt him cum in my cunt and begin to soften. He slowed down his hand in my ass letting me gradually come back from that place of pain and ecstasy which was where my mind had wandered.

I know I was double penetrated many times including a double butt fuck. After that, it was all just a haze. I was just a willing fuck toy for the rest of the night. I woke up around noon the next morning in my bed naked with dried cum all over my body. I rose and realized how sore I was as I slowly walked to the shower room and let the water pour out onto my tired body and wash away the cum and stickiness. I had to wash my hair twice to get it clean. I sprayed a little water up my cunt and ass but both holes were too sore to allow much of that.

I went into the kitchen still nude and winced as I sat down. My mom looked over at me and said, "Did you get enough cock in your ass last night, Ellie?"

"Yes, Mom, I replied. "I hurt everywhere."

"That's understandable. You took a lot of cock last night every way they could do you. Would you like something to eat?"

"Yes, please. I'm hungry and thirsty, too..."

"I'll fix you some lunch. There's juiced wine over there if you want it or you can get some water. You have to learn to pace yourself at parties or you get overloaded. What are you going to do tonight for the final night?"

"Ooh! I don't think I can take it!"

"You mean you would be a bad hostess and disgrace your family?"

"No, Mom, but I wouldn't be my best."

"I know. That's why you must learn to pace yourself even as you let go. It does get easier as you get older. The guys have new girls reaching active age and you are more used to the sex."

"I hope so, Mom. I did enjoy it though. I just would rather take it easy tonight though dad, Herman, and others will probably want to do me."

"Correct, and you will enjoy it, anyway. They will do me and you can eat me out. Of course, then your mouth will be tired."

"Don't I get to suck cum, Mother?" Clarissa asked.

"Yes, we will let you suck some cum, Clar," my mom said.

That night, my dad fucked me in both holes and Herman fucked my mom the same. Clarissa ate us both out. Then I was gang banged some more along with the other women of age. I enjoyed it. I went to bed tired but I had cum about four million times.

That was my sex life and that of my brother, sister and her guy, Benji. It was typical of our group.

One bright spring day, we set out on our trek. For some stupid reason, we headed northeast. We had been warned that, for the last three years, trekkers had not returned from going in that direction. It didn't matter.

All four of us had ponies. We had a small tent and camping equipment loaded on a pack horse. Clarissa and I both wore pants because it was more practical than a skirt. Clarissa and I had talked it over and were not wearing or carrying any underclothes. We both planned on fucking our guys and others a lot and undies would just get in the way.

We traveled for a few weeks stopping when we wanted. The land was deserted which we had heard. We would stop at lakes and swim and fuck. Sometimes, we would stay a couple of nights. When we did that, the guys made sure we were both double penetrated. One night, I would go first and, on the second night, Clarissa would go first. After that, it would be a fuck for all.

We came to a ruin that was called, "Fort Smith." This was as far as anyone had been and returned. We explored the ruins of the city but found nothing interesting. We had been in Fortwo and Dallas a number of times and found nothing here we had not seen there. It was still strange that there were no people. Usually, there were small farm communities along the trails.

We continued onward in an east-northeasterly direction. Somewhere ahead was a really big river that other trekkers had found when going due east. We wanted to find it going northeast. Then, one day we came out of a forest and saw it. It was a big, wide river and the biggest that any of us had ever seen. We decided to ride north along its banks a ways and did for two days.

We could see the wrecks of some big boats in the river. Herman said that we had gone far enough and it was time to turn back. We camped for the night there close to the river. We had not set a guard having not seen any people and not being armed except for hunting. That night, they came.

Herman and I were sleeping together peacefully when I heard a scream. Before we could do anything, hands reached into our tent and pulled us out. Herman started to fight and was clubbed to the ground. I saw Clarissa with a man mounted on her fucking her wildly. Benji was on his stomach and another man was violently fucking his ass. The next thing I knew, I was pulled out further and a man mounted me forcing his cock into my cunt. He was banging into me hard, not giving me a chance to cooperate even if I had wanted to. After he came, there were many more. Clarissa and I were finally left alone after, I believe, everyone had a turn.

I was woken up that morning by a scream. I looked in the direction of the scream and saw Herman with his hands bound above his head standing on tiptoe close to a tree. He was bleeding from a wound on one leg. I didn't have time to see much more as my rape started up again. I took cock after cock in my cunt. When my cunt became too loose and sloppy from cum, I was rolled over and forced to my knees. I was then butt fucked hard again and again.

I could also see some of what was happening. I now understood the continued screaming that I heard. Herman was being whipped all over his body. Long streaks of overlapping red were all over his body. Two men were whipping him laughing as he screamed in pain. He was bleeding in a number of places and, as I watched, he started to bleed in more from the lashes of the whip.

I heard a huffing and looked to my left. Clarissa was being raped again. I heard a high pitched scream and looked to my right. Benji had been strung up like Herman except his legs were pegged to the ground spread. Someone had taken a tree limb and shoved it in his ass! I could see blood going down the branch. Something inside him must have been torn. He sobbed in pain. Herman continued to scream though more softly as he was out of breath. The men continued to whip him. He was swaying back and forth from their blows. It also looked like he was having trouble breathing.

The huffing to my left stopped. Clarissa was not being fucked any more and just lay on the ground moaning in pain. I was still being butt fucked and he was getting close to coming. He came hard into my numbed ass hole and pulled out. Another immediately took his place rocking my hips with his action. I was on my hands and knees and heard some pounding and looked over at its source Four post had been placed and Clarissa had been pulled over to them. Her wrists and ankles were tied and then lifted up the post closest to leave her suspended waist high. She started screaming as her weight was taken by her arms and legs. She couldn't scream long as her breathing was hampered by her placement with her arms higher than her head and spread and stretched out. Her legs couldn't flex much as they were also tied higher than the trunk of her body. From my angle, I could see cum dripping from her cunt and probably from her ass. She lay there shallowly gasping for breath Then more men came up behind her and started to fuck one hole or the other as she moaned.

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