Abby. Her First Time With James

by Texrep

Copyright© 2010 by Texrep

Romantic Sex Story: Abby and James get together at last

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

This vignette is part of a story called 'Abby' that I am posting on finestories. Their guidelines do not allow graphic sex, so an expurgated chapter has been posted there. This is part of the original chapter for the adults amongst us.

Abby, her first time with James

Abby, for the second time in recent months wondered why she could not remember the weekend in complete detail. She felt that the emotions and passions her two nights with James had stirred would have given her enough memories to write a book, yet just as she had after the Ball, only small vignettes came to her mind as she lay in bed that Sunday evening. She hadn't really known what to expect. Yes, she had encouraged James, possibly giving him the impression that she was knowledgeable in these matters, but when it came down to it, she could only let James take the lead and follow him. The overriding memory was of tenderness. James was considerate and gentle. She contemplated her wakening on Saturday. She had slept very well for the few hours that were available to her, and awoke still tingling throughout her body. She stretched like a cat even the soft cotton sheets were sensual against her skin and re-sensitised her flesh, a reminder of the excitement of last night. She was naked. Looking across the bed her gaze took in the still slumbering James, his hair tousled with a slight growth of beard on his cheeks. During the night the bedclothes had slipped so an arm, most of his chest, and a leg were exposed. His lips fluttered gently with his breathing, and occasionally a soft snore eased gently in his sleep. He was also nude. Abby snuggled closer, and pulled the bedclothes over him to share his warmth, although her body seemed to be superheated anyway. She had never been loved so tenderly and gently before. Previous encounters had been swift with little care shown to her as if her participation was merely that of a body to be used. James had never seemed in a hurry, and explored her body with his hands, fingers and tongue, slowly, softly guiding her with love. Abby had gradually been brought to a high plateau, where her whole body seemed alive under his hands, every plane of her flesh, supersensitive to his touch. When he had slipped slowly down using his mouth and tongue, exploring parts of her that she would never have thought could be erogenous her control was finely balanced. There was no conscious thought except that of the waves of emotion rolling smoothly through her, an emotion that she could just control until the moment that his tongue had slipped between her legs. Her primeval instincts took over, hips had arched upwards and her head thrashed from side to side as multiple spasms of absolute delight tore through her body.

Even as she recovered her breathing he had kept her close to this summit. Abby had been impatient. She wanted, needed his body inside hers, yet he delayed, until in desperation she took hold of him and begged for him to enter her. The words tumbled from her mouth. Words she had heard from others in the office, words which then had been ones of frustration, anger, and bitterness. Suddenly she was using them, in the only context where they had real meaning, urging him to possess her. He filled her body gently, slowly exploring her depths, allowing her to accommodate him, until they were joined completely, there he stopped, allowing them both for a moment to taste to the full, her body grasping his, and for Abby the fullness and hardness of him in her body. His first movements seemed involuntary but Abby gradually realised that he was controlling their coupling. Varying his movements from fast to slow, changing his angle, withdrawing almost completely, then plunging back into her deeply. Abby was being penetrated from many angles with every nerve ending inside her being excited at some time or another. His strong hands gripped her and turned them both over until Abby found herself on top of him, this position imbedded his penetration even deeper drawing from Abby a gasp, then another angle and a pressure on her cervix brought an urgent need to climax. Her hips responded to this new stimulation by rolling back and forth, exacting the maximum amount of sensation from his hardness, buried deep within her. James gripped her hips and slowed her down, controlling her body, and synchronising their movements. Abby had no idea when he turned her over again all she knew was the indescribable urge to climax could not be stopped. Suddenly she was there. Abby didn't know if it was the one or several, each crest seeming to rise on the back of the previous, even when she thought there were no more, a little movement from James and another mini orgasm would wash over her from out of nowhere. The interval between was getting longer, although the sensations teetered on the brink with even the lightest touch likely to send another wave thundering through her. Her breathing calmed a little, and her body relaxed just slightly until she felt him tensing. He held his breath, then groaned slightly, the groan grew in decibels, and suddenly he raised himself on his arms, and pressing his loins closer to Abby, cried her name and climaxed himself. The sensation of his throbbing erection inside her filling her with his seed was too much, and she joined James in one more peak before collaps

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