Sweet Lorraine

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2010 by Thesandman

Sex Story: Memories of an encounter nearly thirty years ago now

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   True Story   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Exhibitionism   .

It was the dumbest, and best thing I had ever done, all rolled up into one.

I was thirty at the time, an up and coming office manager, over a small group of employees. Two young men just barely out of high school who mostly ran errands and did all the heavy lifting. There were also three other women in the office, two young girls, one married, one single and very flirtatious. There was also another woman, closer to my age who basically acted without title as the office supervisor whenever I wasn't around. Liz kept me, and the one single female in line with the mere look of an eye. She's the kind you want to look out for, the one who is after your job. Because of that, I certainly didn't want to tempt fate, tempted as I was to flirt back with Christy, though even then I still did so on occasion, but only when the coast was clear.

Good reason for that, I was married at the time. Not happily mind you, my own marriage currently having a rough go. But the last thing I needed was a little temptation, an office romance, and wham-bam thank you mam ... Liz would have my job.

There was one other currently open position I hadn't as yet been lucky enough to fill. It was only part-time, shitty pay, and even shittier hours, which is perhaps why it hadn't been filled as yet. I'd been granted this part-time position for someone to come in almost at the end of the day for the rest of us, and do that day's filing and paperwork. Much of which would take place in a small cramped, sometimes hot-sticky storage room for a couple of hours each day. Everyone I had interviewed once they'd seen what was required, where they'd have to work, and then working for an odd time to begin with, 3:00 - 6:30 each night wasn't much to anyone's liking. So far, Liz and I, and sometimes Kathy and Christy had been putting in the extra over time just in an attempt to stay up with all the damn paperwork.

I really needed that part-time person. And then Lorraine came in.

She was perhaps in her mid fifties, reasonably attractive for her age though she certainly wore less fashionable clothing than most everyone else did. A sign of her own age and the times perhaps, but I got the impression (rightly so) that she'd been out of the work-force for some time. Turned out as we talked and as she offered more than I was entitled to ask, that she was married to a rather well to do attorney, who in fact was expected to be made into a Judge soon. So it wasn't as though she needed the money. She obviously didn't. But what she offered and told me was, she was bored to death just sitting at home basically doing nothing. All her kids were grown up, married with families of their own. And she was going nuts. Thus, when she saw the ad for this position, especially because of the hours, it just fit her bill perfectly. That put her home still before her husband ever got home in the evening, and gave her something to do that would help keep her sane. Plus having other employees to talk to perhaps. (I didn't tell her that for much of the time, she'd be all alone in the "dungeon" room as we jokingly called it.)

Needless to say, I hired her. And damn glad that I did too. She was an efficient, attention to details kind of a woman, which was just what we needed to ensure that all the filing was correct and easily retrievable again whenever it was needed. And after that first day, she was pleased to learn she could wear casual (as long as it was neat looking) clothing, which meant jeans and tees. Second day to work, she'd obviously gone out and purchased a few things as she looked a hell of a lot better dressed this way than she had when she'd come in for the interview in her "Granny print dress" as I'd called it.

Lorraine was tall for a woman, almost six feet, taller than I was by a couple of inches. Obviously she had her own imperfections, (don't we all) though she still looked pretty good in a pair of jeans, even if I do say so myself. She also had fairly large breasts, though she was still careful about wearing blouses that would tend to display them more than she was willing to allow them to be. Once again, understandable perhaps for a woman that was simply they're to work, and certainly not out to impress or get involved with anyone. And I certainly wasn't looking at her in that regard either.

Lorraine was Lorraine. An employee. Part-time even, but she was friendly and nice to be around. Even Liz liked her.

Once or twice a month we had to go through selected accounts, re-pull the files and combine figures for a monthly report. It was time consuming, monotonous work, and up until now anyway, I'd hated it. Spending a few hours of unpaid overtime myself having to go through everything. But Lorraine very often stayed with me, helping to re-file everything away again afterwards, cutting down on the time and effort for us both. Something I really came to appreciate, as I came to appreciate Lorraine more and more with each passing day.

She might have worked for me, I might have been her boss, but we became pretty good friends during those long boring hours when we worked together, and I got to know more and more about her, and her personal life. Not intimate life mind you, we didn't get into that. And as such, I didn't tell her about my own personal woes either. Neither one of us did until three or four months later. And then one day she came in a little late, looking upset, and obviously appeared to have been crying. She apologized for her lateness (which was like maybe ten minutes) and first time she ever had been, and went straight to work. The only thing I did notice was her lack of smile, and her silence as she absorbed herself into her mundane tasks.

Very often Lorraine would be the last one to leave, thus locking up and closing up our small office. But on this particular night, I was working a little late myself. Mainly because my future ex-wife and I were in the middle of one of those long drawn out fights that lasted a week and were mostly spent in stares and silence. I really wasn't looking forward to going home to that, so I decided to work a bit later, and catch up on some of my own paperwork. Lorraine seemed surprised when I did. Coming out long after everyone else was gone, the two of us nearly finished for the day. One thing I immediately noticed, she was still upset.

"You ok?" I asked. Once again she seemed surprised that I asked, trying to pass it off as nothing. But I pressed anyway, knowing damn good and well that it wasn't.

"Not here," she told me almost whispering, though there wasn't anyone else but the two of us even there. "Someplace else ... just not in the office where you're my ... my boss," she said uneasily.

"Ok? Go for coffee or something?"

"No, no place someone might overhear, see us. As a matter of fact, I shouldn't even be..."

I could tell she was already changing her mind about whatever it was. I wasn't about to let her do that. "I know! The park! It's just down the street from here, we'll go there," I told her.

It was a strange silly park, a strange place to have one really. I am sure that when whoever designed it and put it in, thought that there'd be plenty of use for it with neighborhood kids and all. And then they built a retirement home right next door to it instead of the houses and condos they were thinking would be built there instead. Didn't see too many senior citizens going over to the park to swing or slip down the slides. There was rarely anyone ever there. I had often spent my lunch there reading a book, eating my lunch in total peace and quiet. It was the perfect spot to sit and talk.

We had parked our cars side by side, though Lorraine got out of hers and got into mine instead. Even then we sat in silence for several long moments while I waited for her to gather up whatever courage that she had in being able to share with me, whatever it was that was currently bothering her. Finally she took a deep breath and let it out.

I was surprised at what she said, certainly not expecting the words that suddenly came tumbling out of her mouth after that.

"You have any idea how long it's been since my husband's fucked me?" She asked.

My dear sweet, prim and proper Lorraine. You could have knocked me over with a feather at that moment.

It was almost comical. The moment she had spoken the words she was apologizing to me for that, looking embarrassed, ashamed, and surprised with herself that she'd actually done that. She even reached for the door, preparing to get out when I just managed to grab her hand, holding here there.

"Lorraine, you're with friends here," I said. "And nothing you can say will offend, shock or surprise me." Though coming from her anyway, it had. "I want you to feel like you can say anything to me, anything at all ... and it won't go anywhere else but right here."

At least she let go of the door handle sitting back in her seat again, though she wouldn't look at me, her face flushed, still embarrassed perhaps. "So tell me ... what's going on?"

"I don't know that I can. I shouldn't have said what I said to you in the first place. It's my problem anyway, not yours."

"Lorraine? Come on ... spill it." I decided to use the semi-shocking language she'd used right back at her, at least that would put us on equal ground here. I felt like that maybe I needed to do that, so I said: "Why doesn't your husband want to fuck you?" I asked.

I actually got a smile out of her having said that. And she relaxed just a little. "That's so weird," she then said finally looking at me.

"Weird?" I asked a bit confused and bewildered myself now.

"Yeah weird, because I don't think I've heard or said the word ... fuck three times in my entire life now, seriously. And now I've said it, and heard it twice tonight. Well ... twice now," she laughed, so that is three times. But the weird part is this Brian, I like hearing the word, saying it all of a sudden. Reading it mostly though I suppose. Which I've been doing a lot of lately, reading you know ... dirty stories at home on the Internet. And they've, well ... you know worked me up some, even at my age."

"Your age? Who says you can't be worked up ... horny at your age?"

"Apparently ... my husband. For almost two years now, we've hardly done anything, anything at all. At least he doesn't do anything to meet my needs anymore. Even going so far as to tell me a few months ago, "aren't you past all that now? Didn't you go through menopause already?"

Now I was shocked. "He ... he actually said that?"

"Oh yeah, he did. He honestly thinks that women my age don't even want, or desire ... or "need" as he put it ... to orgasm any more. And yet ... he still expects me to at least give him a handjob, or blowjob, whenever he wants one." She chuckled again, still blushing. "But it's obvious he doesn't care about fucking," she giggled again. "At least ... not with me."

"You don't think he's having an affair do you?"

Once again she laughed. "Oh god no! Especially with him being in the position he's in and all right now. Goodness no! I'm positive of that. It's just that, well..." she stammered obviously a bit flushed at this line of thought. "He's just not interested in me, especially seeing me naked. All he wants, or occasionally asks ... is for some 'stress relief'; according to the way he sees it. It's not even really sex anymore. Just an expected chore for the wife to do. And old used up unattractive wife," she added starting to tear up again.

Now I had heard Sweet Lorraine say fuck, hand-job, and blowjob all in one evening. Would wonders never cease? Though the biggest wonder was in fact ... I was starting to get a little aroused by all of this.

"To begin with Lorraine, you're not old for one. And for another, it's my own personal belief that you're only as old as you let yourself feel. But frankly, if he's not willing to do anything for you, why on earth would you want to do anything for him?"

It was like calling the kettle black on my end, but I didn't go there with her, not yet anyway.

She sighed. "Maybe it's just me. He's going to be a powerful influential man here before too long, and all he has is an old hag for a wife."

Now I sighed. "Lorraine, I'm telling you, you're not old, and you're not an old hag either. I think you're a very attractive looking woman, and maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but I think you look pretty damn good in those jeans you've been wearing!"

And that's when she kissed me.

It wasn't a jump your bones I want to fuck your brains out kind of a kiss. It was almost chaste in fact, but it was still a kiss.

"Thank you," she said sweetly.

"For what?"

"For making me feel sort of sexy in a way, though I guess ... it would be more like being a horny old lady."

"Nothing wrong with being a horny lady," I responded back, leaving out the word old. "No more than my being and feeling like a naughty boy, sitting here with you, allowing thoughts I shouldn't be having running around inside my head," I laughed.


"Yeah, let's just say that I'd probably embarrass myself if I were to get out of the car right now," I freely admitted. Lorraine looked down at my crotch then, her eyes wide with surprise perhaps, drawing my own there as well. It was rather obvious. I was honestly aroused.

"You're ... you're hard? Really?"

"I am," I laughed feeling a bit embarrassed, but enjoying the admission, her eyes looking, the throb I felt, and the press of my prick against my jeans. Yeah ... I was horny, but I also knew we were now treading on dangerous ground here. I glanced at my watch. "Well ... I really should get going before I'm missed," I said lamely.

"Yeah, me too," Lorraine agreed reaching for the door handle again. But before she opened it, she leaned over giving me another chaste kiss on the cheek. "Thank you Brian for listening to me. You might be my boss at work, but I would also like to consider you as a friend."

"Ditto that," I told her. "And Lorraine? Anytime you want to chat about anything ... as a friend, I hope you will feel comfortable in doing that."

She grinned from ear to ear. "Thank you Brian, I will. It's nice having someone to actually talk to about such things ... even sort of naughty things," she said once again looking down at my crotch. "And just so you know?" She laughed opening her door stepping out. "I'm a bit hard myself," she grinned and actually touched her breasts where her nipples would be. "Goodnight," she finished and then jumped into her car, pulling out of the lot as I sat for a moment still a bit stunned at the dialog we'd just shared not to mention the totally unexpected action of her rubbing her nipples, even if it was only for a mere second. But that was enough to cause my dick to lurch once again.

Yeah there was no denying the fact I was horny as hell too. And I certainly didn't have any expectations of going home and relieving that. I took one careful look around the park, which was still very deserted. I took my cock out and proceeded to give myself a nice stroke, allowing myself to entertain fantasies about Lorraine that I knew damn good and well weren't going anywhere.

The following day Lorraine stopped by my office briefly before heading directly off towards the dungeon. She slid what appeared to be a thank you card across my desk, smiling and then walking off. With everyone outside busy at their assigned tasks, I sat back reading the small note she had written.

"Just wanted to thank you again for last night. Lending me an ear, and a shoulder to cry on. It helped ... a lot. I even did something I haven't done in more months' than I can even count now. So thank you for that too," she'd added, and then signed it HOL.

I chuckled seeing that. But I had noticed something else too when she came in. She was again wearing a nice pair of jeans, but she had also worn a rather form fitting red and white stripped tee shirt that actually showed off a bit of cleavage. Not much ... but more than she had up until now anyway. I didn't have a 'thank you' card, but I pulled out a note pad and answered her back.

"HL," I began, once again leaving out the O for Old. "Like I said, anytime. And I don't mind telling you it's nice to know you actually 'did' something," I emphasized putting a line beneath that word. Kind of exciting knowing that. And BTW, just so you know ... I did too." I then signed my note back to her, NB.

I waited until I actually had something to take back to her for filing, and then took the file folder along with her note having paper clipped that with her name on it back to the file room handing it to her. She smiled seeing it. I winked and then turned heading back to my office again. It was perhaps thirty or forty minutes, just a short time before everyone was to call it a day when she came back into my office again. This time she had written me another note, slipping that to me on what was now an empty manila file folder. Without so much as a word, she turned and went back to the dungeon.

I know it sounds silly, but I was feeling a bit like some kid passing dirty notes to his girlfriend in high school or something. But it was again arousing, exciting. And certainly far more exciting than anything I'd been enjoying lately anyway. I opened the note reading it carefully in such a way that no one would notice me doing so if they were to suddenly pop in. No one did.

"I like you calling me HL, makes me feel good, and again ... even wanted in a way. I'm sort of ... buzzy right now because of it. And I also wanted to ask, did you? Really? Where? Right there in the park?" This time she signed it HL.

I waited until everyone had gone for the day, locking up, and then heading down the hall to the file room. Lorraine was of course still busy, sitting there in her small little steno chair, leaning over one of the open drawers putting things away when I came in. She looked up. I was grinning, and then she did. "How's it going HL?" I teased. Once again making her laugh, though answering her question moments later. "And yes ... I did. Right there in the park, I took it out and well ... you know, only seconds after you left."

She was blushing again, but not from embarrassment, that was an entirely different look. She was flushed, excited ... or at least getting there anyway. And I was also further treated to a bit of a look down her blouse too as it had opened just a bit. I could see the gentle swell of her magnificent breasts just before they disappeared down into the confines of the lacy white bra she was wearing. Once again I felt my cock lurch and knew if I didn't beat-feet out of there, I'd be standing there with an erection.

"Wow," she sighed. "Yeah, me too," she then giggled. "Well, the moment I got home anyway. It felt good too, haven't done that in months. Just haven't felt like it."

"I know what you mean," I told her. "Sort of in the same situation myself," which is when I finally told her a little about what I was going through too.

"Have you got a minute? Or do you need to get home right away?" She asked.

"No hurry," I responded.

"The park?" She asked, obviously feeling like this was perhaps neutral, safe ground or something ... certainly away from the office place. And as long as she felt that way, and still wanted to chat, continue on with this rather erotic discussion, I had all the time in the world for her.

"I'll lock up, meet you there," I told her as soon as you're finished here."

"Give me fifteen more minutes, and then I'll do that." She informed me. I went back to my office, finished up a few things I still had to do, made a phone call indicating I'd be just a little late, which was fine with my wife at the time, and then waited for Lorraine to leave. She did so, smiling and looking at me, and then left the building. I closed up and followed her only a minute behind, pulling up next to her in the park in the very same place we had the last time. Once again thankfully, there was no one but the two of us there again.

She got out of her car into mine. There was again a brief moment of awkward silence, and then she looked at me. "Ever since you told me you did that, I've been thinking about it," she mused, laughing nervously again. "It's funny Brian. I mean ... it's not like I haven't seen a hard cock, obviously I have ... my husbands. But with him, like I said ... it seems more like a chore, than a pleasure, especially for me. And I also don't mind telling you ... I haven't seen another man's cock in more years than I can even count. So ... I was wondering..." she paused looking at me, and then down at my crotch once again.

"Could she actually be asking me what I think she's going to?" I asked myself, "Or was I just imagining things?"

"Could I see yours?" She then asked, "Unless of course you'd rather not," she back peddled nervously now. "Oh my god, I can't believe I just asked you that!" She stammered once again. "I really am a horrible HL aren't I?"

Now I laughed, though speaking. "If you'd really like to Lorraine, I don't see a problem with doing that. Though just so you know, it's not like I have this whopper of a dick or anything, I don't. I'm just Joe average in size to be honest about it ... no big deal as they say."

Her eyes were as big around as saucers though when she looked into my eyes again. "I don't care about that," she informed me. "It would just be nice seeing another man's cock for a change."

I took another quick look around the park, which we both did. We were still obviously alone, though I was still very nervous. As was she. But I now unbuckled my belt, unzipping, pulling my jeans down just enough to expose myself. My hard cock springing up stiff and straight right through the opening of my boxers. I could hear her swallow hard from where she was sitting, her eyes glued to the admittedly proud, hard cock I was sporting.

"Push them down some," she now added her voice husky sounding. "I want to see your balls too," she told me. I pushed my pants and boxers down around my knees, though no further than that, in the event of an emergency here. She could see me now though, entirely as my cock actually throbbing, bobbing around a bit all by itself.

"How's that?" I asked sounding a bit lusty myself ... feeling it too.

"Oh my ... that IS hard, nice and hard!" She said swallowing again. "A lot harder than I've seen!" she now added to that.

"Thank you," I said not knowing what else to say, and now sitting there with the somewhat cool night air further caressing my cock making it throb just a bit ... and then actually drool. I was leaking precum like a sieve here.

"You're ... dribbling," she expressed giggling again. "So is that what naughty boys do when they're aroused?" She teased.

"No different than what horny ladies do I imagine," not knowing if she did, but admittedly wondering, so I asked. "So ... do you get ... you know, wet too?"

Now she was blushing furiously. "More than you know," she informed me. "Especially last night, and then today. I even had to go into the ladies room and use a napkin, you know ... not for that, but ... but for, well getting juicy yes."

This conversation was making me even hornier, especially sitting there with my dick sticking out. Though I was now starting to also feel a bit foolish because it was. Wiggling in my seat, lifting up, preparing to pull my pants up again.

"No, don't ... not yet, please!" she coaxed. Now looking at me with a question in her eyes. "You'll still have to do something about that yes?" she asked.

I laughed, "Eventually ... yes. I certainly can't go home this way," I told her, hinting that I would no doubt be sitting here stroking off again after she left.

"Then do it now, so I can watch you ... see it, please?"

"Really? You're serious? You want to watch me ... watch me, jerk off?"

"Oh yes! God yes! Will you?" She asked.

I started doing so, nervously ... apprehensively, suddenly getting a little cock shy. Oddly enough, I was going in the other direction as opposed to the one I should be going in. "Sorry ... this might take a while, I'm ah..."

"Would this help?" Suddenly Lorraine reached down grabbing the hem of the blouse she was wearing, lifting it up. As she did that, she likewise managed to free her breasts from her bra as well. The two items now up near her chin, though I wasn't looking there at the moment. I was staring at her magnificent tits with my mouth hanging open!

I was pleasantly surprised in more ways than one. The fact she'd even done that was the main one, but the second one being, is that for as large as they honestly were, as heavy as they honestly were, they didn't really droop much. They were full, rested heavily against her chest yes, but they were round and well formed, sticking out in a very erotic teardrop shape that had taken my breath away! Not only that however ... she also had two of the biggest, thickest, hardest nipples I had ever seen before on anyone ... ever! Like twin little gumdrops sitting on each, protruding a good inch or so off her breasts, large dark tan areolas, looking like small pancakes capping each tit. I was enthralled, and my cock was once again rigidly hard.

"That helps ... a lot!" I finally managed, staring at them both now, stroking my meat almost fiercely as I sat there looking at her. Lorraine, looking at me, as she began fingering and thumbing those nipples for me pleasurably, sighing as she did so. "Fuck!" I moaned aloud, to which she giggled again.

"I am coming to love hearing that word," she stated.

"And I will soon be coming, thinking it ... and saying it again," I shot back. "Fuck this is horny!"

"It sure as fuck is!" Lorraine quipped giggling again. We could both easily hear the slippery sounds my hand was now making as it traveled up and down the length of my cock. Squishy sounds as I purposely milked myself now, letting her hear just how aroused and horny I was. Just how good it felt to be sitting there masturbating, staring at her tits, especially as she now began pulling and pinching those incredible nipples of hers.

The problem was ... I was getting really close, and I didn't have anything. I even silently chastised myself for that, especially having gone to McDonalds earlier in the day for a burger, tossing away my unused napkins instead of saving them like I should have.

"I'm going to need something ... and soon," I informed her still trying to think.

"Why? I want to watch it ... see it squirt," she said hotly. "Don't hide it ... let me see you toss off," she then added making the whole experience sound even more erotic more decadent than it already was. But I wasn't too keen on squirting all over the car either, not that I really cared, but I was a little worried about any tell-tell evidence I might leave behind.

But that was when Lorraine offered up a solution that would remedy the problem and desire for both of us.

"Squirt on my tits," she told me, now leaning forward a lot closer, cupping them together ... offering them to me as the perfect target in which to make my deposit. "I'd love feeling and seeing that," she then said, which pretty much triggered the orgasm I was trying to hold off from having seconds after that.

"Oh fuck Lorraine! I'm gonna cum ... hard!" I added feeling the sensation, the sudden gut wrenching tightness in my balls. The almost mind numbing pleasure as I felt the semen running up the length of my shaft, and then suddenly exploding from the tip in one massive ejaculation one right after the other, splashing and hitting her squarely between those big beautiful tits of hers!

"Yes! Yes!" She cried out excitedly, looking down at herself and me, watching my spunk literally drenching her boobs, covering them each almost entirely. Thick droplets of cream now clinging to each one of her nipples, adhering to it for a moment before oozing, and then sliding off. Hanging like ice-sickles in a way, erotic and obscene all rolled up into one. I sat back, drained, complete as she continued to examine her own breasts, now toying and fingering the pools of cum covering her tits, catching some of it before it could further slither away down her belly and drip onto her jeans.

"Wow ... that was hot. You always come like that?" She then asked me.

"Not always ... no. Only when I am really, really horny ... like I am now," I told her seeing her smile upon hearing that.

"So ... seeing these old tits of mine helped then?"

"Lorraine? For one thing, and I'm saying this for the last time. You're not old, your tits certainly aren't either. They're prettier than most women's tits I have seen for one thing. You've got amazing nipples, your boobs hang firm and full. So trust me when I tell you this ... you've got tits that any woman would be jealous of having!"

"Thank you," she said again, though pulling both her bra and shirt down again, putting the "girls" away as she called them, only seconds before we both saw and felt the twin lights of another car pulling into the parking area. I scrambled madly, tucking my dick away, zipping and buckling up. But the car had only turned in, in order to turn around again leaving as quickly as he'd come into the lot. It had been enough to scare the two of us into leaving however. Lorraine hurriedly exciting my car, though pausing for a moment beside her open door before sliding in once we realized the car wasn't parking nearby. The fact her tits were still covered in my recent spending was hot as hell thinking about it. It must have been for her too as she now cupped them again through her clothing, no doubt feeling the sticky, creamy moisture beneath.

"You know what I'll be doing the moment I get home," she laughed still nervously, but obviously still very much aroused too.

I leaned over in my seat looking through the passenger window. "I'd love hearing about it ... tomorrow," I told her.

"Maybe," she grinned, and then slid behind her seat, closing the door backing out seconds after that. I waited before starting my own car, and then left as well, turning in the opposite direction for home. It was the first time in recent memory that I was already looking forward to going into work again.

Once again she stopped briefly by my office before heading down the hall towards the file room. Nothing out of the ordinary there either. She'd always done that since starting here, just her way of letting me know when she'd arrived. Anyone else outside in the office area seeing her doing that wouldn't have thought anything of it. But she again slipped me another note before heading off, smiling at me wickedly. The one thing that was out of the ordinary again ... was the fact she was wearing another new blouse. This one a button up, but far more in style, and more importantly, I noticed she'd been wearing it with one more button undone that she probably should have. Not enough to raise eyebrows or anything. But enough to raise a cock should she lean over some. I was now hoping that she would.

I already had a hard-on, in anticipation of her even showing up. I had to wait a few minutes before reading her note however as Christy came in to my office in order to discuss something with me. Liz of course sitting outside looking over towards us. I was careful to ensure the door remained open, and that I remained behind my desk. Satisfied perhaps that we were indeed discussing business, Liz went back to her own without a second look our way. I was anxious to read my note however, and soon dismissed Christy, though she'd made one feeble attempt at flirting with me. Now was not the time, nor would it ever be again as far as I was concerned.

This time I got up and closed my door before going back to my desk and reading her note. That was usually the sign I had a phone call, or needed to be left alone for a bit. Everyone understood that, and especially as I didn't usually leave it closed for too long. I excitedly opened my note and then began reading, slightly disappointed when I did. I was hoping for more than this. A lot more.

"I was going to use an old toy I happened to have, but the batteries were dead. Can you believe that?" HL

"Damn!" I thought now sitting there, too soon to open the door again, so I chose instead to write her a note of my own in response to her somewhat short disappointing missive.

"Well HL, I would be happy any time to take you and get you a new toy, and a year's worth of batteries if that's what it would take, just to hear you describe how it is, or was ... that you enjoy pleasuring yourself. I again, would so love hearing and knowing about that. A very ... very NB."

I walked down the hall heading into the file room. Sure enough she was again leaning over one of the drawers. And sure enough, I could easily see her bra clad breasts ... both of them, though she soon sat up, looking all prim and proper again. I handed her my quickly scribbled note.

"Don't leave," she said, and then quickly unfolded it reading what I had to say. I was a little surprised at that, but continued to stand there. "Hand me my purse over there," she then said pointing at the coat rack sitting behind the door where her purse was. I turned grabbing it, handing it to her. She unzipped it, reached in, and withdrew an envelope ... this one obviously containing a couple of pages at least. "This might be more what you were hoping for," she told me. "I just wanted to be sure first before giving it to you. I got ... pretty explicit if you know what I mean."

I was getting hard standing there just thinking about it, once again wishing she would lean over and give me another quick glance at her breasts again. As though reading my mind perhaps, she actually did so, then looking up towards me, though remaining forward. She damn well knew where my eyes were.

"I liked the feel of your cum on my tits," she whispered quietly. "And I even enjoyed walking around last night at home, and even during dinner, knowing I had your now dried cum clinging to them still."

"Holy fuck!" I moaned softly, trying to whisper it back. "You keep this up ... I'm going to have to go visit the men's room!"

She grinned upon hearing that. "I'd enjoy that ... but you'd have to save it for me somehow. Bring it to me afterwards," she added wickedly.

"You really want me to do that?" I asked getting more and more aroused by the moment now.

"Hell yes! I loved feeling and seeing it last night. I'd love feeling it again, only now ... soon! Find a cup or something, and then bring it to me."

I knew then exactly where I would find just what I was looking for. "It might be a while, I want to read your note before I start doing that," I told her. She just winked, nodded her head and went back to her work. I folded her envelope and slid it into my back pocket, and then headed for the break-room.

I opened the cupboard, pulled out a clear plastic cup and then headed off towards the bathroom though a little nervous and worried about what I would do with it afterwards. I took another cup however this one, one of those heavier hot coffee cups, placing the clear one inside that one. Now satisfied with my devious trick, I slipped inside one of the stalls, pulled down my jeans and began reading her two page typewritten note.

"Well my naughty, horny boy. Though I like calling you NB, and you calling me HL. I certainly was after getting home, feeling your cum still clinging to my tits, and then purposely leaving it there while I served dinner, if you get my meaning. I wanted the arousal to build up even more than it already was, so waited until after he had gone to bed for the night. That's when I pulled out my toy that I had secreted away earlier, only to discover the batteries were dead, and that I didn't know where to find any more for it. But then I improvised, and I thought while doing it ... that you'd find it as naughty erotic as I was, looking for something else to use. I found it in the refrigerator. A nice long thick, cucumber! Yes, I really did Brian, especially since it was and looked to be just about your size. Not long, but nice and thick, just like you. I then went outside onto our deck, out in the open air overlooking the back yard. I had only my robe on, nothing else. And as I sat there with it wide open, I could still feel you're now dried cum clinging to my tits, wishing it was brand new fresh creamy cum again. That's when I began teasing myself with the cucumber, running it up and down my juicy wet split. Did I tell you how juicy I truly do get Brian? I was seriously dripping. I could even felt my own juices running down the inside of my legs as I walked outside to the deck before sitting down. Needless to say, it didn't take much before I had slipped most of that naughty green cucumber deep inside my pussy. Actually Brian, I don't normally care for this word, but under the circumstances, it goes much better with fuck. It's dirtier sounding. And at the moment, while writing this, even after I finished getting myself off, I am horny again. Aroused again, and feeling dirty again. So let me amend what I just told you Brian ... naughty boy. I fucked my cunt with that big, hard ... green wicked looking cucumber until I squirted all over the deck. Didn't know that did you? Yeah ... I do. I squirt too, though it's been quite a while since I've actually done that. Obviously I need to be really aroused too before I can do that. But I was Brian, I was so fucking horny ... so remembering the way your cock felt and looked as it squirted all over my tits. I wanted to suck your cock Brian, suck out the rest of the remaining juice from the tip of it. Does that shock you to hear that? I thought about it, thought about what it would taste like, feel like. Not saying I would ever actually do that Brian, just so you know. But I did think about it, fantasize about it, and then got myself off again after that. Only this time just using my fingers, pinching my clit, playing with my stiff hard nipples again. I came hard the second time too Brian, even harder perhaps, once again squirting and soaking the deck outside. I didn't even bother or worry about cleaning it up either. Thought you might enjoy knowing that. HL. A very, very HL at the moment too."

I came in my cup. A nice load too. And then walked out of the bathroom heading back down the hall towards my office, but not before stopping by the file room. Lorraine looked up, I grinned handing her my "coffee" cup. She looked inside, smiled ... and then slipped past me heading towards the ladies room without so much as a word to me.

I wandered back to my office and sat there day dreaming for the next solid hour.

Unfortunately I did have prior commitments that I needed to attend to right after work, so I couldn't stay. Not that she had asked me to do so, or expected me to either. But I did wait until everyone else had left before locking up, wandering back to the file room, letting her know that.

"So everyone's gone then?" She asked a bit worriedly.

"Yes, they have," I assured her.

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