Disgruntled Employee

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: For those of you who don't like to read about black male/white female sex, I'd suggest that you pass on this story of a black man out for revenge against his white employer, taking his anger out by going after the boss' wife and 13-year-old daughter.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .

Special thanks to Jex57 for all of her excellent work in editing this piece of horse manure.

Part One

Larry was on a mission. He was incensed. An hour ago he had been given his walking papers. Although he knew what the real basis for his firing was, he would never be able to provide any evidence to show it. The explanation given was that his job had been eliminated and, although he could not prove it, he just knew that was not the real reason. In fact, he was sure that they would just change his job title from Vice President in charge of Outside Access to something altogether different and simply replace him with someone else who would be assigned the same duties.

Yet, Larry knew what the real reason was and it was not because he was black, as many would have supposed he'd claim. No, Jay Fishburn did not care about color; but he did care very strongly about his wife and daughter.

This past Saturday Larry had guessed that he would not be long on the job, although he didn't think that his removal would be so soon. It was on that night, during a party at his boss' house that Jay's 13-year-old daughter started coming on to him. Larry managed to avoid any incident, but he knew immediately that he was in trouble when he saw Jay looking over at him every time that young Sara was near him.

He knew that his fate was sealed, especially after the fact that this happened only six months after his boss' wife, Zelda, had also come on to him, and Jay had obviously taken notice of that episode too.

During Saturday's party, Jay had somehow managed to arrange that his wife was rarely around the black employee, for which Larry was appreciative. He certainly did not need his boss worried about him with his wife.

But then young Sara showed up.

What now infuriated Larry the most was that all his life he had avoided any entanglements with white woman. He had been especially careful because, in addition to his color, for most of his life a reputation followed him around, about the size of his cock, which was huge. Larry was more than mindful of what kind of a reaction that double-whammy could cause in the mind of a jealous husband or boyfriend, and because he was more the ambitious type than the confrontational, he steered clear of white or attached women.

That was why this 'lay-off' was so unfair. In fact, because Zelda had come on to him that first time, he did not even want to go his boss Jay's house this past Saturday. However, he only came in contact twice with the 'blonde bomber' and although she sneaked some hard looks at him, he managed to avoid any pitfalls with his boss' wife that night.

Unfortunately, young Sara was a different story. She was around him most of the night and her eyes often flashed right into his crotch. Larry was sure that Jay couldn't see where his daughter's eyes were straying, but that didn't matter. It was who his daughter was looking at that bothered the boss.

Although Larry hadn't done anything to encourage the 13-year-old girl, he felt that it was clear to everyone in the room that the kid had some kind of a crush on him. On more than one occasion he had to be rescued by Jay or Zelda after the youngster had somehow maneuvered herself close to him, even to the point of her body abutting his, looking up warmly into his face. Each time, she was shooed away by her father or mother; sent out to assist in the kitchen or elsewhere.

By the time that the party had broken up and he was heading home, Larry was fearful that Jay would react in a negative way. Although he had not encouraged the little girl, nevertheless he did have a reputation as a hot stud with the biggest prick in the firm, and seeing his daughter ogling the black man had to enrage Jay; especially knowing that his wife also took a liking to him.

Thus, although Larry was not surprised that he was dismissed, he was certainly furious!

It was a little before 10 a.m. when he parked his car outside of Jay's house. It was less than an hour after his uncalled for firing. That he reacted so swiftly with such a retaliatory plan probably indicated that somewhere in the depths of his thinking he probably always wanted to nail Zelda, but had suppressed those thoughts because of the dangers involved. However, now that he was fired, simply because Jay was angry with both his wife and his daughter for their behavior around him, Larry felt justified in what he wanted to do.

He tried to calm his nerves. He may as well make the reason for his firing legitimate, he told himself. He stepped out of the car, walked up to the house, and rang the bell.

Almost immediately, Zelda opened the door. She was dressed in tight shorts and a halter, which displayed a few inches of midriff. At first, she looked at the tall black man with a confused look on her face and then as recognition came to her, she smiled at him.

"Hey, Zelda," he started, rightfully assuming that she recognized him. "I, er ... Is Jay here?" he asked, knowing the answer already. Jay had left word with a subordinate to terminate Larry and then he conveniently left on a trip to a branch office.

"Er, no, Larry, he's not," she responded. "I think he said he was going to Bayville today."

Larry was gambling that Jay hadn't told his wife that he was going to discharge the black man. He was right.

"AWWW shit -- excuse the language," he said. "I guess he'll be back, er, what? Six? Seven?"

"Yeah, after seven, I guess. Wanna come in for a sec? Can I get you something to drink?"

He saw a curious look of interest on her face.

"Yeah okay, maybe I will," he said, as she opened the door wider. He followed her inside after closing the door behind him.

As she led the way, he watched her tight ass shift from side to side. His eyes quickly ran over the white woman's body, from her ass, up her back, then back down to her ass and down the long white legs. He felt himself starting to become aroused at the thought of touching her.

"What'll you have? Coffee ... soda? Something stronger?"

"Soda'll be fine," he answered.

He waited in the living room as she retreated to the kitchen. She quickly returned and handed him a can of coke.

"Thanks," he said, as he brought the can to his mouth. He allowed his eyes to first go to her chest and then move up and look into her eyes. He saw that same interest that he'd detected moments before.

"I'm sorry you didn't know that Jay wasn't here," she said, and then she added, "Is there something I can do for you?"

Their eyes were on each other's. Larry wasn't 100% positive, but it didn't matter at this point. If she wasn't really willing, then he was prepared to force her. He was determined that this blonde beauty was going to get his black cock in her pussy, even if she didn't want it.

He kept his eyes on hers and then slowly responded, "I think you already know the answer to that, Zelda," he grinned, disarmingly.

Zelda's heart was pounding in her chest. She'd never been unfaithful to Jay, nor had she ever had a black man. Now, she knew, she was about to do both. It almost happened a half year ago. It was then that her husband was talking at the dinner table about this black guy in the office that supposedly had the biggest cock in the world. At about the same time, Zelda had been hearing from her friends and reading articles that size does indeed matter. These things, coupled with her own dissatisfaction with Jay, had started her fantasizing. Then when Larry came to their house for that original party, Zelda had all she could do from propositioning him. Her husband had seen Zelda's interaction with his black employee and they had a few family fights afterward, in front of the kids.

She took a deep breath. "What is the answer, Larry?" she whispered. "Tell me."

Larry moved his eyes from hers and slowly moved them down to the openness at the top of the halter. He could see that she was breathing heavily. Then he took two steps forward and was only inches from her. He was looking down into her face and at her trembling lips.

Zelda's mouth was arid. She was swallowing and wetting her lips with her tongue.

"The answer is black cock, Zelda!" he said softly, watching the reaction on her face. Her eyes closed as if to clear her head, and then they opened again. She looked pleadingly at him. Her eyes were asking him to make all the moves. She didn't want to be a willing participant, yet she knew what he said was 100% correct.

"Yes," she hissed. She was frozen on the spot, awaiting his reaction.

Larry moved his body against hers, his crotch pushing his hardened cock into her, yet keeping his hands at his sides as he continued looking down into her face. Her lips were parted and he could see that she was breathing heavily. Her lips were trembling slightly.

"Big black cock -- Zelda wants big black cock, hah?" he asked, as her head began nodding almost imperceptibly, but rapidly. "In her white cunt, hah? Isn't that what you want Zelda -- Tell me!"

She looked at him pleadingly. He had to see that she wanted him. It was as if he wanted her to beg; she did not want to say anything. She would have loved it if he just took her right upstairs and fucked her.

"Tell me what you want, Zelda!"

She couldn't do it. It sounded so lewd, so dirty. She shook her head slightly as if to refuse. Slowly Larry moved his hand up between their bodies. She was frightened as she felt the movement. Then he was cupping her at the crotch of her shorts, holding her pussy in his hot hand.

"And what's in here, Zelda? What does this beautiful white cunt want in it?" He was whispering at her trembling mouth; his lips were less than an inch from hers, not quite touching.

She knew what it wanted. What it wanted was poking against her and she could already feel its bigness. She was strangely excited.

"Your cock..." she hissed. "Your big cock."

"My big black cock! -- Tell me baby," he said, as his fingers began gently squeezing and releasing her pussy.

"Yes ... Yes, Lar ... I ... I want your big ... bl-black cock in me."

Her mouth opened to engulf his as he mashed against hers and thrust his tongue into her eager mouth.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned into his mouth as she pushed her crotch excitedly against his hand.

Larry pulled his hand away and moved it around. He then grasped the cheek of her tight ass, pulling her harder into him. His other hand moved up to the bottom of her halter, slipped inside and moved up, cupping her firm breast over her bra.

Zelda's legs were shaking. Her hands moved up over his ears and she pulled his mouth harder into hers. She was entering the lust zone, unable to control her pent-up passions.

Larry was dry fucking this hot looking woman as his tongue probed and his hands hungrily sought to touch the white body he denied for himself all of these years. His cock was raging within his pants. He then moved both of his hands over her body to her shoulders. He pushed at her and pulled his mouth off hers. Then he took a step back and looked at her quivering lips and her frantic eyes.

"Come on, Zelda; right here. Take your things off. Show me that lily white body that wants this black cock," he urged. His hand had pulled open his zipper and he now held his cock from outside of his jeans.

Zelda was beyond sanity as she quickly released the tie of her halter and took it quickly off her shoulders. Larry was watching her every move as he too hurriedly undressed. When she removed her bra and set her big white boobs free, his cock seeped pre-cum.

Like two school kids they quickly removed their final pieces of clothing. She pushed her shorts and panties down off her long legs; at the same time he was stepping out from his pants and shorts.

Finally, they stood naked, facing each other. Zelda was panting heavily and her heart was pounding fiercely in her chest. Her eyes were riveted on his cock. She had never imagined that one could be so big. She was both frightened and excited that it was going to go inside of her. It had to be at least ten inches long from the top of his stomach and at least twice the circumference of Jay's. She was somewhat afraid of it being inside of her, but she desperately wanted it.

"Lie on the floor," he whispered, hotly. "Show me where you want me to put this."

She only hesitated momentarily before first sitting down gently on the rug and then lying back, facing him.

"Show me Zelda -- and tell me what you want."

She looked up at him. The married woman felt so ashamed and humiliated. She was nothing but a wanton slut, but at this moment she didn't care what anyone thought. She wanted..."Cock," she whispered. "I want ... My white cunt wants your big black cock. It's ... It's beautiful, Larry."

Her legs were parted and his eyes moved from her tits down to her hairy bush. Then he lowered himself to the floor, kneeling between her parted thighs. He held his cock in his hand.

"Is this what you want?" he whispered.

She lowered her eyes and watched his hand on his cock. She gulped and nodded.

"Zelda wants it bad?"

"Yeah, I do Lar ... Come on, put it in."

"In a minute Zell ... but you have to show me how much you love it, okay?"

Suddenly, he moved back outside of her legs and she watched, feeling frightened and yet excited as he hurried upward. Almost immediately, he was kneeling next to her face, and as she turned her head, his cock was right there. 'Oh god -- I couldn't... ' she thought. She hadn't done this with anyone but Jay since her college days.

"Show me how much you love black cock," he whispered.

She saw the pre-cum at the head of his massive cock. His balls were large and tight. Nervously, she reached out and grasped the pecker in her right hand, while at the same time her left hand moved to cup his balls. Her fingers squeezed gently down toward the bottom of the shaft, causing white juice to ooze out from the hole of the brown flesh.

Larry moaned softly and looked down at his boss' wife. Her eyes were looking up into his and she ran her tongue over her lips, getting them good and wet.

Then she moved her face, opened her mouth and allowed her tongue to lap over the head, to taste the oozing of the thickened fluid. Zelda's excitement level was tremendous. Jay had been neglecting her for so long, and even when they made love he never seemed to be able to fully satisfy her. She was missing something. She now knew what.

"Nnnnnggggg," Larry grunted.

Throwing caution to the wind, Zelda placed her lips on the head of Larry's huge cock, running her flicking tongue around the rim ... all the way around, making frequent passes over the brown cock-head. At the same time her hand was working the shaft, drawing out more of the pre-cum liquid. As it oozed out she pushed her tongue into it, grabbing the light coating of cream and then drawing away. Larry groaned as he saw the stuff stick and stretch from his knob to her withdrawing tongue.

It was as if Zelda was in love with this huge piece of pulsing brown meat. She suddenly moved back to that throbbing flesh, taking the full cock-head into her hot wet mouth, holding it there as Larry moaned. Eagerly now, she plunged her lips down onto the huge shaft, allowing his jumping flesh to move inside her mouth, slowly filling her with black cock. She felt him hold her tight, as she sucked, licked and masturbated his awesome cock with her lips, tongue, and hand.

As her hands worked his tight balls and shaft, she forced herself to relax; lowering her mouth still further on him, until the knob was all the way down at her throat. Gagging somewhat, she slowly withdrew, her lips clinging to his shaft as she slid back. Zelda had to fight the urge to gag as the cock pushed into her throat a second time. Soon, she was moving her mouth up and down the shaft in a slow rhythm; adjusting to the flesh as she had taught herself to do so expertly when she was in school.

"Nnnnngggg," Larry groaned, surprised that she was sooooo good. It was his turn to lose his mind as her mouth gently sucked and licked. He felt the head of his cock at the back of her throat. The thought of pushing deeper started the cum to begin to build up within his churning balls.

As her hands and mouth continued to work him over, his hands moved to the blonde mane and guided her, while at the same time his hips were moving forward and pulling back in a gentle motion.

"OOOOHHH Zell, OH, niiiiiiice..."

Larry could feel the build up of his pleasure within and knew that he was nearing the point of no return; if he didn't stop this he would soon be pouring his exploding juices into this bitch's throat. He didn't want that; he didn't want his cock shooting down her throat. Instead, he pulled it out of her mouth and as soon as it popped free, both he and Zelda froze. Both of them were breathing as if there was no air in the room; gasping wildly.

She stared up at him waiting for some sort of a signal. She loved this brown hunk of flesh and wanted to give it total pleasure; knowing that it was going to eventually plug her pussy to the maximum; like she had never been plugged before.

Hurriedly, he moved his body on top of hers. He was quickly reaching the level of explosion.

"Oh baby, I gotta fuck you. I've never..."

"Hurry, Larry, hurry!" she whined reaching out her arms to him. Her hands were running every which way over him as he began to position himself within her hot white thighs.

Zelda's legs wound around the muscled black body. "Black cock ... Gimme -- Hurry Lar, gimme it," she demanded.

It was more than obvious now that this beauty had been secretly fantasizing about just this moment. Her whole body was moving about in a wild anxious way, eagerly wanting to be sated with cock.

As he hurriedly positioned his prick-head to the lips of her pussy, he was becoming even more excited as this hot bitch was moving about so anxiously and grasping his back to urge him on. Somewhat afraid that he was going to hurt her, Larry was pleasantly surprised that when his cock-head moved with the lips of her pussy he felt that she was totally saturated with liquids that eased the way for penetration.

"Larry, Larry, oh, yeah, come on, hurry, ohhhhh nnnnggghhh yeah that ... that ... oh..."

She was hungrily pushing her hips up to meet his slow downward thrust, eager to have her throbbing pussy swallow this massive piece of brown flesh.

"Nnnnnngggghhh!" He groaned from ecstatic pleasure as his cock slowly pushed down into the depths of this hot throbbing cunt, while she frantically urged him on with her hands and body.

Zelda tried to spread her legs even more as the wonderful meat was pushing down into her and filling her insides, as she had never been filled before. She had never experienced anything so wonderful. She wanted to extract, from this man, the most pleasure that she had ever felt.

"Oh Larry, it's sooooooo gooood..."

And then his pubic hairs reached hers and they merged with grinding pressure. She was as full of cock as she would ever be in her life. At that moment he stayed with the downward pressure while she stayed focused on her own upward pressure and cock and cunt remained as if they were born to each other.

"Nnnnnnggggghhhh," he groaned again as he finally pulled back.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh," she cried as the tingling excitement in her pussy caused the involuntary utterance.

Jay had not been Zelda's first and she had had experience, but nothing had prepared her for the pleasure her cunt was beginning to feel from this massive throbbing black cock. She lowered herself and as soon as her butt touched the floor she pushed her hips back upward, her pussy in search of more of the thrilling flesh.

Larry wasn't to deny this hot bitch her needs. He pushed down into her depths again and she twisted beneath him. Her hands moved in a sort of desperation over his back and up to his neck and the back of his head. Looking down into her face he couldn't believe the wanton look on his boss' wife's face. As he began fucking in and out of her cunt, he lowered his face and hungrily sought her quivering lips with his. Their mouths mashed together and hers opened wide when he plunged his cock to her depths and held again.

His tongue thrust deep in the hot female mouth and she sucked eagerly, frenetically, at him, while at the same time he began fucking her in earnest. Between her warm-up blowjob, through this wild coupling, he was quickly reaching his boiling-over point.

Zelda too wasn't coherent anymore. Cock! Cock! Oh what cock! She had never been so excited and she was muttering nonsense into this man's mouth while her body reacted automatically beneath his humping.

Larry was soon fucking with urgency and she too was just as anxious for pleasure; her hands now at his ass cheeks, digging and pulling him desperately into her fluttering pussy, as it began to implode, sucking that wonderful black cock, drawing him to the point where he began to throb within.

"I can't help it Zell, I'm ... OHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH!"

Pounding into her with a vengeance, Larry began shooting spurts of sperm into her clutching pussy, while she continued to work her body beneath him.

"Unhhnn oooooo aaaaahhhh, Lar, I love ... ahhh ... give ... oh yeah, baby, yeah..." She was muttering while at the same time she forced her pussy muscles to milk every drop of liquid into her. She was not thinking rationally. Her body just needed everything associated with the best fuck of her life ... Did she subconsciously imagine that this was a way to have future, maybe permanent, pleasures?

Larry forced the last drops from his embedded prick and finally collapsed gently on Zelda, who was sucking in air as if there were none available. They lay coupled as she gathered her breath, while his cock shrunk within her soaking wet pussy.

Finally, he pulled out of her. He rolled off of her body and lay alongside of her. She turned and then they were both lying on their sides facing each other, smiles of satisfaction spread across their faces. He moved forward and their mouths worked each other's face, licking cheeks, lips, and noses; then sucking on lips and tongues, pulling back to smile at one another over and over. Both of them were obviously totally pleased with themselves and their partners.

For the next couple of hours they became the quintessence of first time lovers, exploring each other's bodies and searching for and finding the spots and things that excited one another.

Part Two

As the day unfolded, it was evident that Zelda did not have any idea that Larry had been fired. Indeed, she secretly believed that he had only looked for an excuse to come to the house and that his real reason for coming was her. For his part, he didn't give the slightest hint that anything was amiss. The truth was that he wanted to make a day out of screwing the ass off of his boss' wife. What would happen after she found out that he was fired was unknown, so he wanted as much now as he could possibly get.

When she asked him to stay for dinner with the family, promising him to cook him something special, he readily agreed, not meaning to really stay. Obviously, he intended to not be there when Jay came home, but she need not know that.

It was about 2:30 p.m. when she said, "Let me up Lar. I have to get dressed. I have to pick up Sara and Paul at school."

His mind raced. He wasn't done yet. He thought that he would have to wait until another day to complete what he wanted to do to get even with Jay, but now an opportunity might have reared its head. He had to be careful here, but he just might be able to pull this off.

"If you want, I can pick 'em up while you go for the stuff you need for dinner," he said in a matter-of-factly tone.

"No, that's all right. You can stay here, I'll get them and take them to the store with me," she said, referring to the kids.

"That's silly. I can save you the trip. I'll just be hanging out here anyway. May as well do something to make myself useful."

She thought momentarily, and then said, "Makes sense. Do you know where Brandon School is?"

He smiled, "No, but I can follow directions."

"Yeah, okay," she said, and then proceeded to tell him how to get there and where the two kids would be waiting. "Do you think that you'll know them?"

"No problem. I mean, it be tough 'cause you all done look alike but it was only Saturday that I saw them," he grinned good-naturedly, and then assured her, "Don't worry, I'll recognize them."

Shortly thereafter, he was pulling into the school area with his BMW. From what Zelda said, young Paul would be out first and waiting at the B entrance, and Sara would be about 5 minutes later at the A entrance.

He headed straight for the A entrance and parked across the street. Some kids began walking past his car, apparently from either the B or C entrances, and then Larry saw the doors open at the A side and kids started to flow out down the stairs, either walking down the street toward their homes or into waiting automobiles.

He got out of his car and stood on the sidewalk in front of from where they were emerging. As he looked at the door, he saw 13-year-old Sara emerge. She was with a friend and she had a big smile on her face as she walked down the steps. Larry could see that her eyes were looking around for her mother's car and it wasn't until she was only about ten feet away from him that she finally recognized him. She stopped in her tracks. Her friend stopped with her, looking confused. Sara also had a puzzled look on her face as she moved again, this time stepping very slowly toward him.

"Hi," she said, and it sounded like a question.

"Hi," he smiled as easily as he could. "Your mother asked if I'd pick you up."

"Is ... Is everything all right?" she asked, a look of concern in her face.

"Oh ... sure ... yeah. It's just that I'd stopped by at your house -- I was invited to dinner -- and your mom was going to come here but I, er, volunteered." Again he flashed that warm easy smile.

Sara looked at him and smiled back. "Okay, I guess. Where's your car?"

"Over there," he pointed.

She nodded, and then said to her friend, "See you tomorrow?"

Her friend nodded, looking somewhat confused. Then Sara turned and followed Larry to his car. He couldn't believe how nervous he was. His whole body, from his temples through his chest, was pounding in nervous excitement. He opened the passenger side door and the young girl sat in. Larry closed the door, moved to the other side and sat down behind the wheel. As soon as he was seated, he turned and looked into her big blue eyes. Her face was extremely beautiful. Sara was a perfect looking moppet.

As their eyes met, Sara also felt a little strange. Here she was with the black man that her father and mother had argued over; the one who was supposed to be so 'big'.

"You have to pick up Paulie too, ya know," she told him.

He smiled cutely. "And what if we don't want to?" he asked teasingly.

Sara was feeling more than a twinge of excitement. Unlike her friends, who thought that black and white was taboo, she had actually fantasized ever since she had heard her parents arguing. There was something secretly exciting about 'dating a black man'.

Saturday at the house, she had tried to interest this black Adonis, to no avail. Now, being alone with him, Sara wasn't so sure of herself. She wasn't sure if she wanted to lead him on.

"He'd have to walk," she responded, grinning.

"So?" he asked.

"I don't know," she shrugged. She assumed that he was kidding but she wasn't sure.

And then he said, "Let's let him walk."

She stiffened and her eyes shot up to his. Her brother wasn't the problem. He'd walked home many times, that certainly was no crisis. But what would happen if she verbally agreed with Larry?

"Then what?" she whispered; her demeanor exposing her obvious nervousness.

"Don't you know?" he asked, challenging her.

A wave of heat seemed to suddenly overtake the young girl's whole body. Did she dare? Things like this didn't happen, she told herself. Sure, boys wanted to touch her and even do more than touch, but this was a grown man. Not only that, but he was a hunk and a half; someone that she had actually been fantasizing about for months now.

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