The Ladies Club -- Cum Play With Us

by Jehoram

Copyright© 2010 by Jehoram

Erotica Sex Story: A special kind of women's club invites an ex-GI to participate in a cum-shooting contest.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Interracial   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

It all started when I got this call from a woman I'd known in college. We'd been an "item" for a year and parted amicably ... the sex life was great, but our goals were different, and mine involved a stint of military service that took me out of the area for about six years. Maria wanted to settle down right away and start having kids, and I wanted to see a bit of the world first.

After I'd returned and made contact with a few old school chums, I got a call from her. We chatted for a while to catch up, and then she told me about a club she'd belonged to for a while. As she described an upcoming meeting, my cock started to harden.

It was a sort of ladies' sex club, she said, but the meetings didn't always involve actual sex. Instead, it was sex play, where men and women would entertain each other, but actual intercourse wasn't necessarily on the program. There would be plenty of nudity and foreplay and "games" and such, though. If I had a clean bill of health (and I did), she'd let me in on the action. Was I interested?

Well, after six years in the Air Force, this sounded like heaven to me. I couldn't wait to see what the "games" were. We agreed to meet at her house, and we'd drive over together to where the festivities were. As she said goodbye, she said one more thing: don't cum between now and then. That left me wondering, but before I could ask why, she hung up the phone.

The next weekend, I drove to her apartment. She hadn't changed much in six years. She was a dark-haired, deep-bosomed lady with fair skin and deep brown eyes -- think a shorter, slightly stouter Marina Sirtis and you'd be close. She greeted me with the sort of kiss and hug that told me that she remembered the many weekends we'd spent in bed pleasuring each other. I felt my penis swell. She felt it, too, and smiled.

"That's what I remember about you, Joe," she said. "You're going to have a lot of fun today." She asked me if I wanted to wash up at her place, but I'd already showered (as had she, it turned out) so we climbed into her Miata and drove about twelve miles to an old country club. On the way over, she filled me in on what she'd been doing. Gotten married, tried to have a kid, but found she was sterile. That killed the marriage, since her ex wanted to be the biological father of their kids. (The fact that he re-married within six months of the divorce, to his administrative assistant in his law firm, and had a kid seven months after that, led her to conclude that the marriage had been shaky even without the calamity of no kids, and that this had been a way for him to get out of it gracefully.) I asked her if she had any regrets. "At first, a few," she said. "But he's happy now, and we don't have any hard feelings. And once I was out of it, I appreciated my freedom. And when some girls from the gym saw I wasn't dating anybody, they asked me to join this club."

I remembered the country club, having shot a few rounds of golf there and used their tennis courts when I was in high school. The club was now closed, its fairways returning to a wilder state, but the clubhouse itself was still rented out for special occasions from time to time.

"Now remember," she said as we walked into the foyer. "No overt fucking this time. You can expect to be fondled a lot and, if your partners are willing, you can fondle them right back. But you do what they tell you to do, and nothing else. Got it? I promise you that you won't be disappointed."

I nodded.

"And one more thing: you haven't cum in the last couple of days, right?"


"I want to commend you for not picking up any nasty diseases since we last saw each other. How did you do it?"

"Well, the Air Force isn't exactly a hotbed of sexual activity, so I didn't have many opportunities. I've slept with a few women since we broke up, but I never trusted them to have protection so I always used a condom."

"Wow. I'm glad you trusted me to be on the Pill, even though it turned out I wouldn't have needed it for keeping un-pregnant." She gave me a quick hug and a peck on the cheek and pointed me to a door marked "Men Enter Here," and then headed for another door marked "Women Enter Here."

The room I entered was the men's dressing room and shower from the old country club. The lockers were still there, and another man was stripping off his clothes and laying them in an open locker. He was about my height, a little heavier than me, and thickly haired, with a thin cock about five inches long and balls that hung down like a bull's (yeah, we men notice these things). I gave him my name, and he said his name was Bret. As I took off my own clothes, he looked at my body approvingly. I'm one of those guys with a small but thick dick that's about three inches soft and six inches hard, and it was getting hard now. I hadn't been out of the service long enough to be out of shape, and still had some muscle definition.

To my surprise, he started fondling his own dick until it started to swell and harden. He looked at me and smiled. "First time here?"

I nodded.

"Well, the first thing you have to know is that when you walk out of this room, the ladies will be expecting you to have a hard-on. That's part of the fun. And I guess you've been told not to have any sex for a while, right?"

"That's what Maria told me."

"Maria? Short, black hair, big tits, bald snatch?"

"I guess so. I haven't seen her pussy in six years, and it wasn't shaved then."

"If Maria invited you, you're a lucky guy. She's a fox. Don't worry; I'm no rival for your affections. This isn't a swinger's club, you know. And I guess you should know that my own wife is here, too. About five foot nothing, a hundred pounds, short blonde hair, butterfly tattoo under her belly button. She probably won't be around me much, though, with studs like you to hang out with." As he finished, his erection was at full staff, and he walked out another door into the main clubroom. I heard shouts of hello.

Well, I thought, here we go. I stroked my own penis and got it most of the way up, but was having trouble wrapping my mind around this new concept of sex play. I'd just have to trust Maria. I opened the door and walked through.

I couldn't have been more surprised. There were about twenty people there, equally divided between men and women of every body shape and color, and every one of them was naked.

A statuesque woman with blonde curly hair on both her head and her pubes came up to me and hugged me. Her breasts, though not large, were firm, with large brown areolas and thick nipples that begged to be sucked. As she pressed the thatch of her crotch into mine, my cock came to full attention.

"I'm Denise," she said. I looked into the bluest eyes I had ever seen. "I'm the hostess tonight, and I get to decide the game, so let me tell you what's going on.

"When I was in college, I read about a cum-shooting contest, where men compete to see who can shoot the farthest. I've always wanted to see one, and now I have the chance to do it. I'll assign you to a woman here who will keep you aroused for maximum sperm production. She'll also be wanking you when the time comes, controlling your trajectory and such. The contest will be in ninety minutes. Until then, she'll tease you and keep you hard and almost cumming. But you don't cum until the contest. Understand?"

"I guess so. Who's the unfortunate lady? Do I get to pick one?"

"No, they pick you. They draw lots, and choose you as they themselves are chosen by lot. You're the last one to arrive, so we're all here. Shall we start?"

This last comment was not directed to me, but to the room. Amid a murmur of agreement, all the men lined up with their erections proudly jutting out before them, and all the women gathered around a tall, deep box filled with billiard balls. Each woman closed her eyes, thrust her hand into the box, and withdrew a ball. A small woman named Anne, whose description matched that of Bret's wife, drew ball number one. She went over to a tall thin fellow with a long thin cock. I didn't know his name, but found myself mentally referring to him as the Twink. An older woman with breasts that hung low (and slightly unevenly) showed ball number two. Her hair was ash blonde, and she had the little pooch on her belly that showed that she'd had a kid or two, but aside from that, her figure was voluptuous, and she had an air about her that told me that she was no stranger to sex and games. After coolly assessing the situation, she chose me. "You're new here, and I'm always looking for potential," she said with a smile.

The choosing continued, with Maria (whose pussy was indeed shaved bald, instead of the profuse mat I had known) taking a short burly fellow, and an Asian woman with dark brown nipples on firm small breasts taking Bret. A voluptuous Black woman with full, black-nippled breasts and orange-painted toenails was next; she took a gaunt, well-muscled man with a gray beard and a ring adorning his thick cock. After the remaining people had been paired, we went off to separate parts of the room. My consort, whose name was Helen, sat me on a couch and proceeded to suck on my cock.

She definitely knew what she was doing, running her tongue up and down its length and flicking the crown, teasing my balls with her fingers. As she blew me, she let her breasts hang down and sway, the tips of her nipples brushing my knees. Did Maria tell her that this was my favorite view of a woman's tits, and was guaranteed to drive me to distraction? Occasionally she would stop sucking me and, sliding up my supine body, brush her cunt hair across my cock.

"Tell me when you think you're about to cum, so I can stop," she said. "You've got to save your jism for the contest." Of course, I didn't want her to stop at all, but I also didn't want to disappoint her, so when I felt the familiar tightness that signals the "start of what can't be stopped" I lifted her hips upward to move her cunt from my cock.

"Let's rest for a bit, and let me see if you can dish it out as well as take it." She slid her body even farther up, dangling her breasts in my face and letting me lick those beautiful nipples of hers. I paid attention to one, then the other. I moved my hand to her pussy but found hers already there, so instead I used both hands to stroke her ass. Within minutes, I felt her shudder, and her breasts suddenly became sweaty and flushed. I sucked harder, drawing as much of her left breast into her mouth as I could, and felt the nipple tickle the back of my throat. That set her off for good. She cried out and fell against me as her arms lost strength.

At last her eyes opened, giving me a newly appreciative stare. "Well, that was worth the candle," she said. "I'm tempted to take you home with me, but I doubt my husband would understand."

With that, she again stroked my dick until I was almost at the point of cumming, but she knew exactly when to stop. As she was doing that, I rubbed my finger along her cunt, wet from her climax, and painted her nipples with her cum. "Could use a little flavor," I explained.

She laughed. "If you like the taste of that, why not take it from the source?" I took that as an invitation and, as she lay back on the couch with her legs spread wide, I ran my tongue along her labia, teasing them by going almost up to her clit, then back down again, plunging my tongue into her vagina, then repeating the process. "Hey," she whimpered. "I'm supposed to be teasing you!

"But don't stop! We've got five more minutes before the contest, and I need to cum again!" With that, I increased the tempo and started licking at her clit. Then I took it into my mouth and, flicking the tip with the tip of my tongue, sucked it like a cock. She shuddered violently and screamed, momentarily startling the rest of the people until they realized that it was passion, not pain, that provoked the outburst. I could feel a new spate of juice dribbling down my chin.

I looked up. A chuckle went around the room, and everybody was smiling at us. In particular, Maria winked at me and buried her left index finger into her pussy. Was that a promissory for later on? Then she went back to licking the cock of her burly partner, letting her tits drag on his chest as he kissed the inside of her thigh.

Denise broke the silence by clapping her hands together in summons.

"Well, let's start the festivities. I've always known that competition gets the testosterone flowing in the men, so I expect some good performances tonight. Clyde here will start drawing balls from the box again. Ladies, when your number is called, it will be your turn. You've got a minute to get your partner to cum, but I don't think that this will be a problem!" With that, she sat down on overstuffed chair, spread her legs, and leaned back so that her labia and tits were exposed as much as possible. Clyde, her own partner that night, was the only guy in the room with a soft cock, because Denise had just masturbated him to orgasm. ("Otherwise," she said later, "he could never have concentrated at all.") He now pulled a heavy sawhorse over to a place about five feet in front of her chair; this was a rail for the men to lean against.

Clyde drew a ball from the box and called out a number, and the Black woman came forward with her consort. She positioned him at the sawhorse, stood behind him, and grasped his erection. As the crowd cheered, she stroked his penis for what seemed like less than ten seconds before it erupted with a stream of cum that arced through the air and landed on Denise's left thigh. As the crowd clapped, Clyde uncapped a red Sharpie and put a mark on the uppermost border of the sperm.

"That's certainly setting the bar high!" Clyde said. "Something to shoot for, guys!" He then reached into the box, pulled out another ball, and read off its number.

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