Sis' Orgasm

by ResidentPerv

Copyright© 2010 by ResidentPerv

Erotica Sex Story: The finale of a long evening of sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   .

Becca lay on the bed panting and gasping for air. Her smooth, dark-tanned skin glistened with a thin film of perspiration, the same perspiration that matted her long honey-blonde hair to her forehead and neck. Her large, firm breasts heaved with each ragged breath, the red, swollen nipples straining for the ceiling. The thick golden patch of fur between her thighs was matted with sticky cum, and her puffy, well-fucked slit oozed a thick river of pearly jism that pooled in the crack of her ass.

The insides of her long, firm thighs, sticky with cum, quivered as she lay spreadeagled on the mattress, slowly coming down from her last series of explosive orgasms. Her most recent lover, the eleventh or twelfth of the night, was staggering past me on his way out the door, his long, thick cock glistening with a mixture of her cuntsauce and the sticky deposits of a dozen horny cocks, including mine. I had been number three.

As I stood in the doorway staring at what was undoubtedly one of the most erotic images I had ever seen, my sister's eyes flutterd open and she fixed her weary gaze on my rejuvenated cock and smiled weakly. Her full sexy lips were cracked and bruised from taking cock after cock down her willing throat, but I knew she would never be truly satisfied. As long as there were hard, cum-filled cocks to be had, Becca would be ready to take them on.

"Hey there, big brother," she croaked, "Ready for round two?" Becca always called me her big brother, but the truth was, I was less than a year older than her. Anyway, my cock was throbbing at her invitation and led the way to bed as if it could smell a hungry pussy waiting to be filled.

"You doin okay sis?" I asked as I crawled between her beautiful legs. Her only response was to sigh and moan softly, and nod her head gently as I nudged the slick lips of her pussy with my rampant cock. Sis may have been tired, but as soon as I started to slide my thick pole into her gooey snatch, I felt her pussy muscles tighten on me like a vise, and her smooth hips rose off the mattress, impaling her fully on my cock.

Sensing how tired she really was, I gently reached back and took hold of her legs, and eased them over my shoulders. In this position, I could really drive deep, and she could just lay back and enjoy the sensations as I did all the work. As I picked up the pace and fell into a hard, pounding rythym, the ocean of jizz in her quim began to slosh and squeak lewdly. My balls slapped wetly against her sticky ass as I drove into her tight hole again and again. Becca's eyes were shut tight and her head was thrown back against the pillows, her mouth slack with lust.

Becca began to pant and moan with each thrust as I fucked her mercilessly. My savage pounding was making her exquisite tits bounce up and down on her chest. Unable to resist, I bent my head and took one thick, bruised nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. Becca moaned at this new sensation, and when I closed my teeth over the hypersensitive nub and bit down, she slammed her pelvis against my groin and her mouth dropped open in a shrill scream of ecstasy. The strength and duration of her orgasm took us both by surprise, and a full minute later, as she continued to thrash her hips up and down against me, her eyes opened wide and locked on mine. An expression bordering on fear flickered in the deep blue of her eyes for a split second, and she screamed again and fell back on the bed shaking and quivering all over.

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