Summertime Sex Ed

by Athalia

Copyright© 2010 by Athalia

Erotica Sex Story: Virgins lose their cherries under the best possible circumstances.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Masturbation   .

My name's Emily. I'm a blonde, with what boys like to call a "tight body," when they're being kind, when what they really mean is that I'm thin as a rail, except for my legs, which are well-toned from the sports I play. My nose is too big, my tits are too small, and my ears stick out. I'm happy with who I am, mostly, but let's say the boys never knocked down my doors in high school.

I'm going to tell you about when I lost my virginity. I know a few girls who said it was the worst day of their lives. My cousin Carrie told me that her first fuck hurt like hell, and she didn't even really like the guy. (Of course, even her paper cuts "hurt like hell." She's such a whiner.) I know a lot more who said that it was just so-so, no waste of time but not what they'd expected. My first time was not what I expected, either. It was better. And that was because I had the perfect environment for losing my cherry, and I'm going to tell you about it.

You know how high school is. The girls I showered with were all more developed than I was. I heard them call me "No-boobs" behind my back, which wasn't quite true; I was almost an A-cup.

I think they were also intimidated by the fact that I'm into sports. I was too short for basketball, and track was boring, but I was good in gymnastics (where small tits are a help), and I got into tennis in my sophomore year and got to the point where none of the girls wanted to play with me any more. My coach said that if I really wanted to get good at it, I'd have to play with people who could really challenge me. Which meant that I'd have to play with the boys. So I sought out as many matches as I could with them, and eventually got to where I was beating them, too. That didn't help their egos much, and as a result, I felt even more left out. The only one who accepted me on my own terms, and who could out-score me more often than not, was a guy named Jerry. He was not only a good tennis player, but he was an honor student and, frankly, I felt that he was way out of my league. I mean, I make good grades, too, but not like his. But I was happy that he was able to play me a couple of times a week.

Jerry was a good-looking guy, in a sort of Joe Average way, skinny and muscular with dark curly hair. A lot of hair. His arms and legs were covered with it, and he'd obviously been shaving for a while. He was painfully shy when he was off the tennis court, and he'd stammer a little when he got excited. The "popular" kids didn't pay much attention to him, so he found his friends mostly in the chess club and with the National Honor Society types, where they respected his intelligence if not his personality. He'd just transferred in from another school that fall, so it was his first year here even though he was a senior. I think that's why he was so shy. Jerry practically grew up playing tennis. In his old town, his family had been members of a country club so he was swimming and playing tennis every day during the summer, and his body showed it. He didn't have body-builder muscles, but you could tell by the way he moved that he was fitter than a lot of of the jocks in the school. I developed a bit of a crush on him, to tell the truth, but he didn't seem to respond in kind, so we just played tennis together.

We'd both turned eighteen last spring, which was our senior year. When senior prom came around, I found out that he'd asked Louise, who was the valedictorian. That figured. I ended up going with a nerd named Frank, only because I was one of the few ones left who were still dateless when he asked me. The prom itself went OK, but at the post-prom party, Frank disappeared into the host's study, where he found a computer and logged into Ever Quest and I never saw him at all after that.

My prom dress was one of those frilly strapless things, designed to push up what little titties I had and give them some sort of cleavage. I felt a little embarrassed, but I also felt sexy for the first time in my life. Since Frank was nowhere to be seen, I found myself talking to Jerry. It turned out that Louise had had too much to drink, gotten throwing-up sick, and called her parents to be taken home. And I thought she was so smart! Oh, well. But Jerry and I got to talking, and then got to kissing. He was so sweet. When he kissed my neck, I started getting really excited. Then he moved down to the top of my breasts, and one part of me was screaming for more while the other part of me was ready to die of embarrassment. When he started pulling the front of the dress down to get to my nipple, the "ready to die" part took over. It was just too public for me, and besides, I thought I heard some girl say "Hey! Look at Jerry and No-boobs!" So I said, "No, Jerry." And he said, "OK. I am a gentleman, really. I just got carried away." And we went back to face-sucking for a while. And that's as far as it went that night.

It was a little awkward when we resumed our tennis matches, but he didn't talk about it. After graduation, we agreed to keep playing throughout the summer, so we could stay in training and have a chance at making our college teams. The school was closed for a few weeks between regular school and summer school, but the doors stayed open so students could use the gym and tennis courts. Hardly anybody did. In fact, when we used the tennis court the Sunday after graduation, we were the only ones there. The fact that both the temperature and the humidity were in the nineties probably had something to do with that.

We'd just finished a couple of sets and headed off to the shower area. We really needed it. We were sweating like pigs, and my shirt was drenched so much that my bra-less tits were showing through. But when I got to the girl's shower room, the door was locked, with a sign posted on it "Closed for repairs." I groaned. The plumbing had been wonky all spring, with the hot water disappearing instantly, and going from warm to ice-cold was no fun. The school had obviously decided to take the time between sessions to get it fixed.

"I can't go home like this!" I wailed.

"Why don't we both use the boy's shower?" Jerry asked.

"I bet you'd like that ... to see me nekkid."

"I can't say I wouldn't. But hey, I'll be a perfect gentleman. And anyway, there's nobody else here."

That reminded me of the party, when he was as good as his word. Besides, I confess I wanted to see him naked, too. I'd often wondered if the rest of his body was as hairy as his arms and legs. Well, I thought, here's my chance.

"Look, we're the only ones here," he said. "We can be in and out in five minutes."

"Well, OK. But no touching, right?"

"I promise. But I warn you, I'll look."

So we went into the locker area and stripped. Off came our tennis shoes and socks, and down came our shorts. He took off his shirt, and I mine. His chest was even hairier than I'd imagined. He smiled as I exposed my titties and nipples to him.

"What are you staring at?" I asked.

"Your boobs. I've wanted to see you that way ever since the party. They're the most beautiful things I've ever seen."

"You obviously haven't seen very many."

"You forget. I have sisters. I've seen their boobs lots of times, in and out of bras."

"And you like mine better?"

"They're perfect. I don't like big breasts on girls. They look gross." With that, he took off his undershorts, and it was my turn to stare. Not only was there a jungle of hair at his crotch, but his dick was as long as a banana and already at half mast.

"Hey, you're getting hard! I thought you were going to be a gentleman!"

"I will be," he said. "This is just biology. I see a pretty girl, I get hard. It doesn't mean we have to do something about it."

"Well, you've shown me yours. I'll show you mine." And I dropped my panties, allowing him to see my naked pubes. (I hardly had any hair down there, another thing the girls teased me about.) His dick rose even more. We stood there for a long minute, naked before each other, like Adam and Eve. At that moment, I started having a wild thought. What if he made a pass at me? Would I refuse? Did I even want to refuse? I glanced down; my nips were poking out of my titties like gumdrops. My pussy started to itch. Was it the sweat, or was it desire? If I scratched it, how would he react?

It was just then that we heard a shower being turned on.

"Shit!" I said, reaching for my shorts. "There's somebody else here!"

"Wait here," Jerry said. "Let me see who it is." He walked into the corridor to the shower room, his dick bouncing as he went, and came back after a few seconds. "Come here! You've got to see this!"

"With me naked?"

"Come on!" And he reached for my hand, pulled me down the corridor. I looked into the shower room, and I couldn't believe my eyes! There were Mr. Dohenny, the maintenance man, and Miss Roberts, the school nurse. They were under the same shower head, naked as jaybirds, soaping each other down.

I didn't know Mr. Dohenny that well, but Miss Roberts was always a favorite of the students. It seemed that she knew every kid by name. She would give the sex ed lecture every year, and she had a way talking about it without talking down to us, if you know what I mean. Even though she was in her mid-thirties, she was just like an older sister, not a parent or a teacher, to us. We all trusted her completely.

It wasn't like the two adults were great specimens of humanity. They were both on the plump side. Miss Roberts had saggy boobs and a real fat ass. Her crotch hair was abundant, and as red as her head hair. Mr. Dohenny had a beer gut, and his cock was flaccid and not nearly as big as Jerry's. But none of that mattered. They looked just beautiful as they stood there, with the water streaming over them. When they hugged each other, I found myself wanting that same kind of contact, and put my arm around Jerry. His hand found my waist and drew me closer.

I don't know how many minutes went by, but suddenly I noticed that Miss Roberts was looking at us. She smiled, and crooked a finger to beckon us closer. "Pat," she said. "We have company."

Mr. Dohenny turned around. "Come on in, kids," he said. "Get yourselves clean."

Busted! Well, we could either run out, toss on our clothes, and run like hell for home, or we could do what he said. And it seemed that they were like Adam and Eve, too, unashamed in their nakedness. I felt no threat there, only friendliness. I looked up quickly at Jerry. He looked like a deer in the headlights. "Let's go in," I said. "I've really got to take that shower." He looked down on me in consternation. So I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into the shower. Somehow I felt safer, knowing that these two adults wouldn't let Jerry get out of hand.

We each turned on separate shower nozzles and showered, as the older couple chatted with us. Mr. Dohenny apologized for the closure of the other shower. He'd been wrestling with the problem all day, trying to track down an obstruction in the pipes. Hot, sweaty work. He'd taken a break to visit with Miss Roberts, who was there that day doing an inventory of medical supplies. A little harmless flirting, like they always did, but this time one thing led to another and here they were.

As we chatted, I noticed that neither of the two showed any shame at all about their nudity, or make any attempt to conceal their bodies. And I started to relax, trying to be as un-self conscious as they were. And I even went farther ... I found myself smiling at Mr. Dohenny as I washed my snatch, looking for a reaction. What intrigued me was that Jerry's erection never went away, but Mr. Dohenny's dick didn't get hard. I had to find out why, so I took Miss Roberts aside and whispered into her ear. "Excuse us, boys," she said to the two men. "We've got a little girl talk to do." We moved to the far end of the showers.

"Why isn't Mr. Dohenny's whattayacallit ... penis ... getting hard like Jerry's?" I asked her point-blank in the locker room. "Is he gay or something?"

"Lord, no. He's not hard right now because we've just finished fucking, dear."

"You did? Really? Where? Here, in the shower?"

"In the nurse's office. We have a bed there, you know. The only place in the school where there is one, in fact."

"You mean, you just ... fucked him..."

"That's right, dear. Would you and your young man like to do that?"

"No! I mean, we just went in to get showers..."

"Well, from his hard-on, I think he wants to fuck. And the way you've been looking at him, and from how you stand when you're in front of him, I think you want to fuck, too. Hey, I can read body language."

"But I'm not even on birth control..."

"I have a drawer full of condoms in the nurse's office. I've been giving them out to students for years. Have you used them before?"

"No," I said. Hell, I had never even seen one before, except in pictures.

"Then I'll be happy to show you two how to use them."

Well, there it was. All of a sudden, I realized what I wanted to do. I'd finally found a nice young boy who loved me for who I am, I'd seen him lusting for me, and here was this woman, a sexually experienced woman (and a registered nurse to boot!), explaining that everything was all right, that I could do it, and that she would help me through the process.

"OK, Miss Roberts. Let me ask Jerry."

"He'll say yes. And for God's sake, when were all naked together, it's Judy and Pat, not Miss Roberts and Mr. Dohenny." She gave my hand a squeeze, and we returned to the men.

I pulled Jerry aside. "Listen, you won't believe this. These guys have been fucking in the nurse's office. Just now! And Judy ... Miss Roberts ... wants to know if we want to fuck, too!"

"Fuck them?"

"No, you idiot! Fuck each other!"

"Oh my God! Do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Want to fuck? Each other? I mean, me?"

"Yes. Right now!"

"But ... I don't have any rubbers! What if you get pregnant?"

"They have some. They'll show us how to use them. C'mon. Let's do it."

I reached down and grabbed his dick to encourage him, and squeezed it. The twitch I felt there told me that he had no objections. Jeez, I thought. In just a few minutes, I'm going to have that thing inside me. The thought made me even hornier, and I hugged him, holding him tight, feeling his hairy chest on my nips. His hard dick ground into my belly; I could feel its cap nesting in my navel.

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