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Sex Story: A college girl's first time at a glory hole becomes the best day in a regular's life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Rough   Oral Sex   Spitting   .

Tabitha was at the same time excited and terrified. In the year since moving out to her own apartment for college she'd become very promiscuous, but what she was about to do was on a whole different level. Going back to some guy's room in the middle of a frat party? Didn't even compare. The time she gave head to her roommate's boyfriend in her roommate's bed? Not even close. Nope, today she was going to a glory hole.

She certainly didn't need to. She was a beautiful girl, tall and athletic. She had long blonde hair and bronze skin, and while her breasts weren't large at 32-B they were very firm. To be honest she didn't even know why she was going. Maybe it was the anonymity. Maybe she was just getting bored. But when her friend had casually mentioned hearing about the hole between two video stalls in the local sex shop Tabitha couldn't get it off her mind.

"Hi there!" the friendly female cashier in the shop said as she walked in. "Can I help you with anything?"

Tabitha tried to remember the code word her friend had mentioned.

"Umm ... I'd like to watch a video? In stall 3?" The cashier laughed a little.

"First time here, huh? It's stall 2, but I know what you mean. Normally it's $20 per half hour but..." she eyed Tabitha up and down, noticing her designer jeans and frilly yellow vest, "I don't think anyone here will complain if I let you in there for free."

The cashier motioned for Tabitha to follow her to the back. Second thoughts were flashing through her mind as she walked through the aisles of sex toys and DVDs, but she walked on. They arrived at the stall and the cashier opened the door. It was a small basic wood panel room with a couple seats, a TV and a hole in the wall that separated the stall from the one next to it.

"Ok, so this is how it works. You can pick what video to watch on the screen, so you can amuse yourself until somebody goes in the other stall. Once you hear someone over there just stick your hand through. I think you'll be able to figure out the rest," she said with a wink.

"Thanks," Tabitha said weakly. This was very overwhelming for her, but as the cashier left closed the door behind her she started to feel a little more comfortable and confident. She flipped on the TV and some cheesy 80s porn came on. She sat back in the seat and waited for whatever would come next.

Sean's motivations for coming to the glory hole were much clearer. His wife had given up on having a sex life nearly two decades ago after having their only child. Prostitutes were expensive, and cheating was risky. A glory hole gave him exactly what he needed; cheap anonymous sex.

"Hey Sean," the cashier said with a little smile.

"Hey Theresa," he replied, not sure how to feel that he was enough of a regular at a sex shop that he knew the cashiers. "Anybody in the back?" he asked hopefully.

Theresa smiled and leaned in toward him. "Yes, and she's really, really pretty," she whispered as if telling him a secret.

"What's she doing here then?" Sean asked with a little laugh. He pulled out his credit card and slid it across the table. "I'll probably only be a half hour if somebody is already back there, but keep the tab open anyway."

She led him to the back and opened the door for him, giving him a wink as she walked back up front.

Tabitha's confidence evaporated immediately as she heard the door opening. Here it was, the moment she'd been waiting for. She froze, too nervous to stick her hand through the hole until she heard a light knock from the other side.

"Ok," she thought to herself, taking a deep breath and summoning all of her courage. Slowly and gingerly she slid her hand through the hole.

Sean smiled and slid his cock out of his jeans. It was already hard from the anticipation, but seeing the young, slim arm certainly didn't hurt. He moved next to the wall and put the cock into her hand.

Tabitha shuddered a little as it hit her hand. She hadn't known how all of this would make her feel when she made the decision to visit the glory hole, but it made her feel like a slut. Like a whole. She loved the feeling, but it bothered her a little how much she enjoyed it.

She lightly pulled the cock toward her until it and the mystery man's balls were both through the hole. While she stroked it with her hand she took a moment to examine it. The cock was impressive; not the largest she'd seen in her vast experiences but certainly upper tier. It was hard to tell but she guessed, correctly, that it belonged to a considerably older man.

She gathered up some saliva in her mouth and let it fall onto the cock, stroking it up and down firmly. She dipped her head down and began licking the balls, smiling to herself as she felt the man on the other side trembling a little. She then kissed and licked all the way up the shaft and too the head where she licked up the pre-cum and took the head into her mouth.

Sean grabbed onto the seats on either side of him, moaning in pleasure. Sometimes he tried to sneak a peak of the girl on the other side before the festivities began, but this time he'd forgotten to. At this point he didn't care though; she could be the most hideous human being on earth but she was good at the one thing he needed her to do.

Tabitha started moving her head up and down on the cock, taking most of it in and the sliding it out, going a little further every time. She wasn't sure why but she unbuttoned her vest, taking it off and throwing it to the side. Her head dipped lower and lower on the cock until it was scraping the back of her throat, causing thick saliva to coat the cock. Finally her mouth was pressed up against the wall, his entire cock filling her mouth. She made a gargling noise to massage the head in the back of her throat.

Sean felt like he was about to explode. The girl on the other side was amazing. A complete whore, but amazing. Then suddenly he felt the nameless mouth on the other side pull away and not return for a couple seconds. He was a little confused at first, but then heard a somewhat familiar zipping sound.

"This isn't what I planned at all..." Tabitha thought to herself. She told herself it was only going to be head. Head wasn't anything special; she'd given it to half the guys she knew. She was more selective about who she actually had sex with though. And now she was pulling off her jeans and panties to fuck some guy through a glory hole? But even as she told herself she wouldn't do it she knew she would. She knew she had to. She loved the feeling.

The cock was still sitting where she'd left it, still dripping with saliva. She bent down and gave it a little kiss before turning around and backing toward it. She reached back with her hand and gently guided it toward her pussy, wincing a little as she felt the head enter her body. She fought past the feelings, though, and backed up until the entire thing was in her.

"Unbelievable," Sean thought. He'd probably been at the glory hole 50 times in the last few years, but this was only the third time he'd gotten sex instead of just head. She was tight, but in an odd way that let you know she used to be much tighter. "What a whore," he thought to himself, laughing a little, the promiscuity of the girl in the other stall turning him on a bit.

Now it was Tabitha's turn to grasp onto the chair and moan. She'd always been a little loud in bed, but this time was different. This time she was screaming in pleasure. Each time she plunged the anonymous cock into her body another wave of electricity shot through her body.

Sean couldn't take it anymore. The physical sensation was more than enough, but thinking about how much of a whore the girl was and hearing her screams pushed him over the edge. He wanted to last longer; to make this go on forever. He couldn't though, and with a loud moan he shot a load deep inside of her, breathing heavily.

Tabitha felt her third orgasm just as she felt the head swell in her body. She stopped moving and let him shoot the entire thing inside of her. Once he was done she carefully slid him out of her and sat on the bench, her body shaking. She pulled her knees up into her body and tried to catch her breath and calm her nerves as a couple drops of an unknown man's cum dribbled out of her pussy.

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