Thanksgiving With My Lover

by Myra Simmons

Copyright© 2010 by Myra Simmons

Sex Story: I spend my Thanksgiving Holiday with Tyrone and his family. The results are rocky but lead to the most intense love-making between us and a total bonding. Lots of sex but the story concentrates on my emotional responses to events.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

My heart was light and I was filled with excitement! I was finally leaving the plane that had taken me from my home to Austin and my lover! As I walked down the plane's aisle, fresh cum from my favorite cab driver still oozing from my pussy, my excitement at finally seeing Tyrone again had me jumping out of my skin!

It had been a couple of weeks since we'd been together and, even though I'd had plenty of sex from others, my heart and my body craved to be mated to him; to be one with him. When I thought of other men, I felt sexual pleasure and an emotional link. When I thought of Tyrone, I felt my total bonding to him and his to me.

On one of our weekends together he introduced me to the dom/sub world with me being his submissive. Even though that is not my scene, I couldn't believe how aroused and stimulated it made me feel. In many ways, I found myself willingly surrendering to him, giving him full power and control over me. What made it so special and so easy was that he was giving himself to me at the same time. We were equals and partners but, at the same time, he was my master and I was his willing slave as I was his master and he was my willing slave.

Does that sound confusing? I know it is for me and for most to whom I try to describe it but that is how it is between us; we each belong fully to the other. We also each fully accept the other and share in all our experiences, especially our sexual ones. I couldn't wait to be in Tyrone's arms, kissing and hugging him and letting him know I'd let Jimmy fuck me in his cab just before he dropped me off at the terminal!

Finally, I was out the plane and walking quickly down the connector to the terminal. With each step, my excitement grew and I could feel my face flushing as a result. My anticipation at finally seeing Tyrone made me feel like I was going to burst! I couldn't wait to feel him again; to be wrapped in his arms, to feel his lips on mine!

I approached the door as quickly as I could in the crowd exiting the plane. Finally, through the door and into the terminal! There he is! How beautiful he looks! How dark his complexion, how bright his teeth as he smiles at seeing me! How broad and square his shoulders and firm his body! Unable to control myself, I rushed up to him, squealing in complete delight, throwing my arms open as I got close and launching myself into his!

A huge spark ran through me as my body made contact with his. I was no longer empty and alone; I was now complete, connected to the missing half of my body, heart and soul.

I hugged him to me tightly, even as he enveloped me with his arms and lifted me off my feet. I pulled my head back from his and turned so my lips touched his. Right there, in the middle of the terminal, I kissed my ebony lover passionately, pulling myself tightly against him, trying to fuse my blonde, white skinned body to his splendid and perfect black skinned body. My lips soon parted, inviting him to slide his tongue into me. He quickly accepted my offer and our tongues wrapped together and danced intimately in my mouth. I couldn't help but moan in complete pleasure at our juncture even as I molded my body to his. The world disappeared around me and he filled all my senses and all my needs!

An instant and a lifetime later, Tyrone pulled back and his lips left mine. The outside world came crashing back, including several people walking by, disapproval of our activities written on their faces. I didn't care; I was with the best man in the world! I stared deeply into his glittering brown eyes as he slowly let me slide down his body until my feet returned to the floor. I never stopped smiling up at him and never took my eyes from his. I was lost in them and didn't ever want to find my way out!

Tyrone laughed at me, leaning forward to kiss me quickly on my forehead. Moving to my side, he slid his right arm around me as he stooped down and grabbed my carryon bag with his left hand. I slid my left arm around him and pressed my face against his arm. Together, we walked away from the gate and down the corridor towards the baggage claim area.

As we walked and talked, I brought my left hand up to the collar of my blouse and gently ran my fingers under it, pulling it away from my neck. Tyrone looked down at me when I did it and then his face broke into a big, mischievous smile when he saw my slave collar revealed underneath. The soft felt pressed firmly and lovingly against my throat, the diamond studs in the soft leather outer surface glittered in the sunlight streaming over us from the terminal windows.

"Take me master, I am yours until you send me home!" I declared to him, my lust for him written on my face and my anticipation evident in my hard, jutting nipples, quick breath and rising flush.

"Myra, you are amazing and special!" He laughed. "Yes, you will be my slave this weekend and you will service my needs and those of some of my friends. And then you will be my special guest as well as my mate and lover when my family comes in for Thanksgiving."

His words shot through me like a hot, stiff, pulsing cock! He was going to share me with his friends! That was always special and so exciting! I couldn't wait to be naked and used as a sex slave by them! His last statement also made me feel warm and safe but also a little scared. I'd never met his parents and I wasn't sure how they would feel about their son being involved with a white woman. I know his mother wanted him to find a "nice black girl" to marry.

We got to the baggage claim area just as the turnstile began running. While we watched the bags slide out of the chute, we kept our hands clasped and I couldn't help but press myself against Tyrone's perfect body. My eyes kept sliding down to his crotch so I could catch sight of the bulge his already hardening cock was making. Oh how I wanted to pull it out of his pants and slide it into my mouth and throat right there, in front of everybody! My need for him was overpowering my sensibilities, making me want to devour him no matter what everybody thought or how they reacted!

But, I did behave myself, glancing at him as much as I could while watching the bags go by. I did keep my hand firmly clasped in his and my side pressed tightly to him. Finally, my bag dropped out of the chute and, when it came around to us, Tyrone bent over and grabbed it. Setting it on the floor, he pulled up the handle and slid the strap of my carry-on over it, setting the bag on top of it. Pressed together, we then walked towards the terminal exit and the parking lot where he'd left his car. I couldn't wait to be alone with him!

By the time we got to his car, I my heart was pounding and my breathing was rapid and shallow as my sexual excitement and anticipation grew overpowering. I was going to be his sex slave for the next week but, now, he was going to be my feast! Even if he told me no, I was going to disobey him and take his body into mine!

Being, as usual, the perfect gentleman, he went to the front passenger door and opened it for me. Once I'd slid in, he closed the door and walked around, dropping my bags in the back, and then to the driver's side. By the time he slid in beside me, I had my skirt hiked up to my waist and my sodden powder blue satin panties were lying on the floor. Tyrone turned toward me as soon as he was in his seat and his eyes immediately dropped to my exposed groin and pussy. Even as a startled expression began to cross his face, I lunged at him, wrapped my arms around him and kissed him with all the passion bursting inside me!

As I continued the kiss, thrusting my tongue into the depths of his mouth, I reached down to his crotch and began to unfasten his zipper, struggling with it in my passion. With a final yank, it finally went all the way down and I quickly reached in past his underwear and wrapped my hand around his hard, throbbing black cock.

As I drew it out from his clothes, I broke my lips from his and lunged down his body, my tongue sliding out, my jaws opening rapidly until my head crashed into his groin and his stiff prick plunged deeply into my mouth and throat. Joy shot through me as I felt him lunge past my gag point and his shaft fill me! Instinctively, I wrapped my tongue around the bottom of his shaft, caressing it lovingly. As I felt his hand rest gently on my head and his fingers begin to run through my blonde strands, my joy evolved into contentment. I was where I belonged, doing what I was born to do; becoming my lover's vessel, the cradle for his sex, the repository for his sperm.

I laid there for a short time, savoring his touch and his penetration. My lust for him kept me from remaining like that forever; I wanted to pleasure him and feel his cum filling my belly! Slowly, gently, I began to slide my lips up and down the lower half of his shaft. My need for him grew with each plunge of his shaft back into my oral depths. Soon, I was sliding up his shaft until the ridge under his cockhead was pressed against the inside of my lips and then slamming my face back into his groin. My continuous moans were muffled by his hard mass in my throat but I continued to release them, unable to remain quiet.

I could feel his growing excitement through the pulsing of his hard cock in my mouth and the tightening grip of his fingers in my hair. His pressure was increasing, pushing my head down to his lap repeatedly. My excitement grew, knowing I was soon going to get that which I so deeply craved; his cum pumping into me! As I felt his cock begin to swell even more, his pre-cum becoming a steady stream, his length increasing, his pace slowing and becoming more purposeful, my body responded by convulsing in a powerful orgasm!

As my body's release took control, I concentrated on holding him in my mouth and not closing on him. I let him use my face for his growing pleasure, surrendering control to him while my pleasure took me. Soon, a new orgasm ripped through me as I felt his drawn up balls being pressed against my chin, his pubic hair tickling my nose and his cum spurting up the tube against my tongue! I gurgled and gasped as his sperm shot out of his head and splattered against my throat, coursing down to my stomach.

I was lost in my heavenly place for an eternity! I could feel every pulse of his heartbeat; feel every swell of his tube against my tongue and the heat of his seed touching my craven flesh. The slow feel of it sliding down into me until it was impossible for it to escape me made my emotions explode over and over until my world was overpowered by a blazing light of absolute pleasure! I'd passed through the gates of heaven and experienced total fulfillment and bliss! My lover was fused to me, using me, taking me, loving me, protecting me, and becoming a part of me! My body was fulfilling its purpose, pleasuring him and containing him!

My emotional overload slowly passed. I stayed still, my face pressed into the warmth of my lover's body, his softening cock safe between my lips, the last vestiges of his orgasm oozing from him and into me. Peace, contentment and happiness filled me. With a shudder, I slowly pulled my face out of his groin and let his sweet cock slide out from between my lips. I paused when my lips hit his ridge, savoring the feel of his spongy head against my tongue. Carefully, so as not to hurt him, I gently let his cockhead slip out from between my lips, pressing them together to make sure none of his gift to me was lost.

I raised my head, moving my gaze up his body. My heart filled with warmth and love as my gaze travelled over his neck and then his strong jaw. My visual journey continued up to his fleshy lips and strong, broad nose. It ended when my blue eyes locked on to his glittering brown beauties. I felt myself being sucked into him through that visual lock, falling into his eyes. I could feel him sliding into me through mine as well. My heart swelled with joy and love as we became fused together again. Feeling the touch of my collar against my throat, I surrendered my body, heart and soul to Tyrone, my lover, my best friend, my gentle master.

Weak from my orgasms, I collapsed against Tyrone's chest, my face pressing against him. I felt him bring his arms around me gently, his fingers running lightly up and down my back. I let my body relax totally, completing my surrender to him.

"Mmmmm, Tyrone, I love having your gift in me. Thank you, master, for loving me, using me and guiding me this weekend. I love giving myself up to you!"

I heard him chuckle lightly and then sigh, his fingers never ceasing their caresses. Gradually, his one hand moved lower until he was running his finger tips over the exposed flesh of my hip and ass. His touch felt so wonderful I sighed, smiled and wriggled closer into him. As his caresses continued, I couldn't help the twisting and thrusting of my hips; an action that seemed to be an automatic response to him.

Tyrone shifted slightly and I suddenly felt the light touch of his lips on my head through my hair. He sat up fully and put his hands on my shoulders, pushing me lightly away from him. My eyes again moved up to meet his and, again, I felt myself being drawn into him.

"Strip, Myra. Take off your dress and bra so you ride home with me fully exposed. I know how much you love doing that each time we meet." He ordered me gently.

Happily, I reached behind me and unzipped my dress and unfastened my bra. Grabbing the hem, already bunched up above my waist, I yanked them all up over my head, tossing both over the seat and into the back of his minivan. Smiling brightly, I turned to him, running my hands under my firm breasts and a finger over each hard nipple, offering them to him. He was right, I always loved getting naked in the parking lot for him and riding through town beside him, fully exposed. When someone would see my nakedness and react, it always sent shivers of pleasure through me and, on occasion, make me cum.

Looking at me, Tyrone laughed gently and then started the car. Carefully, he backed out of the parking spot and started out of the lot. As he paid the fee, I sat there with one hand on the seat between us, the other hanging out of the open passenger window, my legs slightly parted. I could see the attendant glance over at me and then his eyes come back rapidly when he realized I was naked. His eyes got large as he stared at me. Staring at him, smiling, I brought my hand up from the seat and stroked my breast and pinched my nipple as if offering it to him. If Tyrone had told me to give myself to him, I would have done so gladly! Instead, Tyrone regained the attendant's attention, finished the transaction and drove out of the lot. As the car turned onto the street, I felt the window beside me rising, imprisoning me within the vehicle. Showing my acceptance, I stretched the seatbelt out enough for me to slide over against Tyrone so I could lean on his shoulder.

I stayed there against him as we drove, my right hand finding my breast and caressing it. As my arousal grew, I began to stroke and pinch my nipple. Soon, I was squirming against him and moaning. It wasn't until we were home that Tyrone told me about the audience I had in the SUV next to us and how much they enjoyed watching me play with myself. All I knew was that I was with my lover, naked in public and totally aroused and in need of sexual release. Even after the sex I'd already had, I still craved more.

Once at Tyrone's home, he parked the car and exited it, came around and opened my door. I took his proffered hand and slipped out of the van. With my small white hand in his large black hand, I walked, naked, with him up to his home. Once there, he spun me around and pressed my back against the hard wood of his front door. I eagerly spread my legs as he put his hand on my belly and began sliding it down over my groin. I leaned my head back against the door and smiled at him as his fingers slid along my slit until his two middle fingers slipped into my sloppy pussy.

"Jimmy?" He asked.

"Yes!" I responded breathlessly as he sawed his fingers in and out of me. "Right in front of the airport entrance. I was still tingling from him in me when I got on the plane."

With that, I lost myself in another orgasm, my body quivering against the solid door, impaled on his powerful fingers. As my spasms dissipated, Tyrone suddenly lifted me up and then dropped me back down. I screamed in pleasurable shock as he penetrated me fully, his full nine inches buried inside me. I came hard as he held me firmly. My spasms continued as he began to fuck me hard and fast, my legs shaking and quivering with our motions until I finally wrapped them up around his waist. His face was full of determination, passion and lust. My gaze was locked on him through all my orgasms until I felt the heavenly sensation of his release into my womb! My master had finally filled my pussy with his seed, mixing it with Jimmy's, taking advantage of my well lubricated, very willing sexual channel.

Tyrone leaned against me and I went limp. Trapped between his beautiful body and the front door, impaled on his sweet cock, my life was complete. But, as expected, he shifted his weight and slid his spent cock out of me, holding my ass cheeks firmly in his hands. I moaned at losing him but knew that I'd soon be filled with his throbbing, pulsing, hard cock again. My feet finally made contact with the step and Tyrone stepped back. Reaching around me, he unlocked the front door and pushed it open. Putting his arm around my naked form, he guided my freshly fucked body into his home. "What a wonderful way to welcome me," I thought, "How can I not love this perfect man!"

Once inside, Tyrone closed and locked the door. Turning to me, he put his left arm behind my back and, stooping down, swept his right arm under my knees, lifting me off my feet. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rested my head on his shoulder, feeling safe and content as he carried me up the stairs to his bedroom.

Tyrone approached his king sized bed and, gently, laid me on it. The covers were pulled down so I flicked my legs up and slid my feet under them. Tyrone stripped naked and soon joined me. Leaning over me, he took me in his powerful arms and brought his lips to mine. Gently, caressingly, he kissed me, holding me firmly against him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and again, surrendered to him.

His kiss lingered; my passion for him grew. Soon, my arms were clutching him, pulling him more tightly to me. I arched my back and pressed myself against him, my need to have him penetrate me again growing. Suddenly, Tyrone's arms tightened around me and he turned us so that I was on top of him. With a triumphant squeal, I spread my legs around his already stiffening cock and pushed down, a moan of joy escaping me as I captured his manhood in my cunt.

Without even realizing it, my hips began to rock, sliding him in and out of my pussy. My lips slipped from his when our bodies merged, my height being less than his. I pressed my lips against his neck, kissing him repeatedly as I rode my prized possession, my favorite toy. Oh how wonderful it felt as he grew and swelled inside me! I thrust down onto him and held him fully inside me, twisting my hips to move him around within me. I couldn't help the lusty moan that escaped my lips.

Slowly, Tyrone brought his arms up around my body and locked his ankles around mine. I gasped as I suddenly realized what he was about to do but had barely reacted when he moved. Suddenly, I was on my back, looking up into his glittering brown eyes, his cock fully lodged in my womb. As I began to draw my legs up around his waist, he grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs up over his shoulders. He then slid his hands down my arms to my hips, grabbed both of them and pulled me up onto his thighs. With a powerful thrust, he slammed his cock even more deeply into me, stretching my already opened cervix even more. I gasped, threw my head back, arched my back to him instinctively and felt myself falling into the well of another massive orgasm!

I felt the repetitive pounding against the back of my legs and my ass. I heard the slapping sounds of our bodies colliding over and over. I heard squeals and moans filling the air, suddenly realizing they were my own. I was lost in a world of absolute pleasure and total surrender. My body was being used, taken, penetrated totally by my master! My lover was using me for his pleasure, moving to fill me once more with his sweet and precious gift! And, he was filling me with the most exquisite pleasure imaginable! I was his; he was mine; we were one!

Through my orgasmic haze, I felt his motions change. I gasped in anticipation, lunging up against him, pressing my heels against his back for leverage. I screamed in pleasure as I felt his cum begin to pump into me! The feel of it shooting up his tube as my pussy clasped him tightly was stupendous! The heat of his passionate gift radiated through me. My body fell fully into his as his was poured into mine! I felt my ass and my legs slip into his body and become one with his. My white flesh blending with his black skin then disappearing under it. I became him, absorbed into him and he into me! Finally, I surrendered my awareness to him and, as my mind became his, darkness encompassed me in my surrender to him. "Master, accept your slave into you!" I screamed out in my mind as I slid into oblivion.

Sensation began to return. I was on my side, my body limp and supine, like a relaxed cat. I felt boneless. A weight pressed against my back, generating a wonderful sense of warmth. The same sensations also encompassed my left breast, making my nipple crinkle and harden. I opened my eyes and saw the grayish light in the room. I was in my own body and I was whole and separate. My last memory was of being fully absorbed into Tyrone's body, as if he'd consumed me. But I was here, whole, intact. The hand covering my breast was big, dark brown, long fingered, firm and beautiful. I was in my lover's bed and he was spooned behind me. I felt pleasure flow through me, followed by surrender and relaxation.

I began to feel another sensation as well. A hard tube was pressed in the crack of my ass, lodged firmly between my cheeks. I realized what it was and the picture of that beautiful black cock between my white ass cheeks made me gasp in excitement. I began to realize that it was hard, or, at least, partially hard. When I shifted slightly and felt it slide along my slicked crack, I knew Tyrone was aroused even in his sleep, his pre-cum dripping out of him. I shifted again, arching my back and turning my ass so that his head slid down over my anal opening. The touch sent an electric shock of pleasure through me! My ache to be penetrated began to grow, rapidly becoming unbearable and undeniable.

Gently, so as not to wake my master and lover from his needed sleep, I let my hand slip down over my hip, my fingertips trailing down the flesh of my ass cheek. When I touched his cock, I wrapped my fingers gently around it. Moving slowly, I bent it so that it was pointed out from his body and at mine, the spongy head pressing against my anal opening. The pre-cum oozing from him soon had my ass soaked in his perfect lubricant.

My ache to be taken was unbearable! I needed his penetration of my body; I needed him to take me, control me, use me, pleasure me! Holding him firmly, I began to push back against him. My sphincter resisted momentarily but my lust for Tyrone quickly overpowered its urge to lock tight. I forced it to relax, sighing as I began to feel the soft head begin to press into me. I rocked my hips lightly, rotating on the fleshy head just barely inside me. With a firm, steady push, I began to slide the head fully into me, sighing when the ridge slipped inside my sphincter. I paused there momentarily and then slowly slid down onto the full shaft until my ass cheeks were pressed against Tyrone's groin and his ball sack was pressed against the back of my thighs. I couldn't help but wriggle my ass, moving my captured prize around inside me.

I let out an aroused moan and then squirmed tightly up against Tyrone's body. I began to gently rock my hips, sliding his now fully stiff shaft in and out of my ass. My movements only let him out about an inch before I sucked him back into my body. As the pre-cum began to flow faster from him, I felt my inner walls becoming fully lubricated. Happily, I continued to rock my hips, pleasuring my ass on his cock, using it to satisfy my sexual needs while he slept. He felt so good lodged inside my anal passage that I was quite content to keep it up for days.

I set up a steady rocking motion on him, loving the feel of his cock slipping up and down my passage and the heat of his pre-cum drooling into me. Suddenly, the hand covering my breast gripped me much more firmly! A sudden movement and my face was buried in a pillow and a heavy weight had me pinned on my stomach! I felt something coming close to my ear.

"Trying to use me for your pleasure while I sleep, slave?" He hissed into my ear, his lips touching.

"Yes, Master," I replied tremulously, "please forgive me. The touch of your cock on my ass made it impossible for me not to crave you."

I felt the sudden increase of weight on my ass as he thrust forward, lodging his cock deeply up into my ass. I could feel the bottom of my ass cheeks bunching up in front of his groin. The hand on my breast was withdrawn and, suddenly, I had both his hands pressing flatly on my back, over my shoulder blades. I felt him shift and his inner thighs pressed against my outer thighs. I was pinned and trapped, helpless under my master's weight, fully in his control, impaled on his erect cock. I was scared but also highly aroused. My anticipation of what he was going to do to me growing stronger by the second.

I felt him ease back, his shaft sliding out of my ass until the ridge lodged against the inside of my sphincter ring. I clamped down, refusing to let him escape me! I needed him inside me! I heard him chuckle at the feel of my desperate attempt to capture him. With a grunt, he thrust himself back into me, fast and hard, his groin slamming into my ass cheeks, making them bunch and jiggle. Without pausing, he did it again, slamming that hot poker deeply into me, making me gasp and moan at the sensations he was creating in me.

"Oh God, Tyrone! Master! Fuck me! Please, take me, use me!" I moaned loudly.

"Give yourself up to me, slave!" He growled as he ground his cock into my ass, rotating his hips hard and fast.

Shocks of absolute pleasure shooting through me, I surrendered to him and to them!

"I am your slave, you are my master; my body belongs to you, not to me. My soul is yours, master. Use me, please, as you desire!" I cried out to him, helplessly bound to him in every way.

I felt his one hand slide up my back and under my hair. Two fingers slid under my collar and yanked on it, choking me slightly. I lifted my head to take the pressure off and then no longer cared as he began to slam his cock in and out of my ass hard and fast! My body convulsed in orgasm after orgasm with each of his thrusts into my surrendered body! I was so lost in the waves of pleasure shooting through me I didn't even know if I was breathing and I didn't care!

I felt an explosion deep in my ass! Heat and wetness filled me, radiating out from its initial point, exploding in my body, filling me with complete release! As Tyrone gave up his cum to my clutching ass, I gave my soul to him! Again, I felt myself melting into him, his body folding over mine, encompassing me, absorbing me. With a gasp of total joy, I gave up my existence to him and darkness, again, encompassed me!

I woke up slowly and unwillingly. Bright light was attempting to invade my eyes though my lids. My ass was tingling and wet, the feeling of a warm river running over my left ass cheek and leg feeling strange but pleasurable. There was a vast absence in me that created a great feeling of loss. I realized that I no longer had Tyrone's cock in my ass. In fact, he wasn't even in his bed with me. Wondering where he was, I finally surrendered, opening my eyes to let the radiant light of the sun penetrate me and reveal to me my surroundings.

Blinking fast, I waited for my eyes to adjust to the brightness. I rolled over onto my stomach to keep my leaking fluids from smearing on the bed. I slithered off the bed and onto the floor, finally pushing myself up onto my feet. I stood there, shaky and weak, waiting for my sense of balance to return. What pierced my senses most, however, was the feel of that hot river now running from between my ass cheeks and down the back of both my legs. I saw a note taped to the wall I was facing and walked over to it and began reading.

"Come downstairs to the kitchen when you are awake. Do not wash. Do not dress. Descend being the cum slut you are and present yourself to your master."

I obeyed my orders. Gingerly, I walked out of the bedroom, down the hall and down the steps, holding onto the railing tightly. Reaching the bottom, I paused, took a deep breath and squared my shoulders. Head held high, shoulders back, breasts jutting forward, ass cheeks clenched tightly, I headed toward the kitchen.

Reaching the doorway, I saw him at the counter, his back to me. He was fully dressed, looking quite handsome in his casual shirt and slacks. The sight of him made my heart flutter and begin to beat more rapidly, caused my breathing to become quicker and shallow, my nipples to become rigid, my pussy to tingle and my skin to flush as the heat of passion began to spread through my body from my pussy.

"Master, your slut presents herself to you as ordered, naked and soiled. I love the feel of your love in me and running out of my open ass. Please be happy with me and fuck me, master, I am so much in need of you inside me!" I declared, my statement turning into a plea as my sexual lust and need overwhelmed me again.

He turned toward me, looking at me over his shoulder.

"On your knees slave, and crawl to me like the insatiable bitch you are."

I dropped to my hands and knees and began a slow, sensual crawl across the tile floor to him. When I finally got to him, I rubbed my cheek against the side of his leg, my shoulder caressing his calf. I couldn't help but purr like a happy cat at the physical contact. I turned my face up, moving my eyes up his body, my love and adoration of him growing as I took in more and more of him. A part of me couldn't believe how easily I fell into the role of his slave and how satisfying and pleasurable the role was becoming.

When my gaze reached his crotch, I gasped at the site of his exposed cock and balls. His balls were large, obviously filled with freshly created cum. His cock was standing tall and rigid, jumping with each beat of his heart. He wanted me! He wanted to fuck me again! He wanted to penetrate his eager slave already! My heart soared!

I held still as he turned toward me, keeping my cheek and shoulder in contact with him. I stared up into his eyes in anticipation as he looked down at me, a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

"Your breakfast is almost ready for you, slave. Lift your face up to my balls and rub them on your face. When you have touched them everywhere, take them into your mouth and suck them gently and lick them in that way you do so well."

Gleefully, I complied with his order! I rose up, my eyes fixed firmly on his dangling sack. I pressed my face against it, feeling such an exquisite jolt of pleasure as they splayed out across my face. This is what my face was for, to be used to touch and pleasure his sex! I moved my head around, sliding them against my skin, letting the sensation of the touch of his flesh, the pulse of his arousal, the heat of his passion flow into me and through me. I lifted my head so they slid over my lips and chin and down to my throat. Then to the side so they touched my neck, first on the right, then the left. I drew back and pressed them again against my nose and eyes, shifting so they rubbed against my forehead. Oh how heavenly they felt, their heat and weight against my scalp!

My first order fulfilled, I moved my face so that his ball sack slid over my nose and cheeks. When it touched my lips, I opened my mouth as wide as I could, eagerly using my tongue to lick his sack and draw it in between my lips. I gurgled and moaned as I worked his sack and balls into my mouth. As my lips closed over his sack and touched the base of his cock, I sighed, savoring the fullness I felt. The center of my world was stuffed in my mouth, bulging out my cheeks, making me feel perfect and beautiful. The expression on Tyrone's face and the glimmer in his eyes let me know how beautiful I looked to him, kneeling there before him, my face pressed against his crotch, his cock bobbing on my face as I began massaging his sack with my tongue.

My body was responding to my humiliation and completion. My nipples became painfully hard, jutting out from my breasts, pulling my skin tightly, trying to spring free from me and shoot across the room. My pussy lips swelled to full distention as my blazing passion forced the flow of blood into my sexual areas. With each touch of his cock on my nose, I inhaled deeply through my nose, worshipping his scent, and my body quivered, causing my cunt fluids to spurt out of me and run down my inner thighs.

I stared up at him, my eyes locked on his as I made oral love to his balls. I brought my hands up around him and laid my palms flat on his ass cheeks to balance myself. I spread my legs slightly to let my fluids run freely down my legs and onto the floor from my knees. When he reached down and ran his fingers through my hair and scratched me behind my ear, I shuddered in pleasure and joy at his gesture of acceptance and reward.

I watched as he brought his hand up from my ear and wrapped it around his rigid cock. He was already leaking a huge volume of pre-cum which was running down his shaft and onto my face as well as dripping from the tip onto my forehead and scalp. With the touch of each drop, I could feel my sexual passion grow in intensity, my body craving and demanding his penetration of me, his total domination of me.

Mesmerized by the site, I locked my eyes on his hand as he began to slide it up and down his shaft. I was fascinated by the way it bounced and bobbed in his hand, cooing as more and more of his pre-cum dripped from his tip and onto my head. Soon, his fluids were running down the sides of my nose and over my temples. My hair began to get damp from absorbing it. My breasts swelled even more, becoming extremely painful. My vaginal lips burned in the intensity of their stimulation. I loved the humiliation he was heaping on me and wanted more!

His motions were steady but slowly growing faster. I was anxious for him to be close to his orgasm so he would shove his spurting cock into my mouth. I could see he was getting close but still he didn't empty my mouth. Instead, he told me to keep sucking his balls. Suddenly, his head went back and he grunted. A huge stream of white cum jetted out of his cockhead! I saw it go over me and then felt the weight of it hit my hair! No sooner did his first spurt splatter on my head then his second jetted out and joined it. Suddenly, he pulled his balls out of my mouth and, as I began to form a protest, he jerked his cock down and his third spurt splattered onto my upturned face! I shut my eyes instinctively as part of the stream coated my closed eyelids. Then I felt his cockhead sliding against the side of my nose and between my still parted lips. I wrapped them around his ridge just in time to catch the last dribbles of his discharge in my mouth.

As his orgasmic flow slowed, I held him gently between my lips, knowing how sensitive his head was when he'd just cum. Now I was a sexual mess top and bottom, my ass leaking his cum, my hair and face coated and my own cum running out of my pussy. I was a dirty sloppy slut and I felt fully erotic, very aroused and extremely beautiful. My master's cum made me beautiful!

When I felt his fingers in my hair behind my ear, I opened my uncoated eye. I let him see my lust and love for him on my face as well as my gratitude for letting me wear his cum. As he drew my face upward, I stroked my cheek against his shrinking cock and gave the side of the shaft a quick kiss. Tyrone drew me up onto my feet as I continued to stare up at him expectantly.

"Now you look like a truly sluttish whore, slave. You will not clean yourself but you will wear cum on your face and in your hair until I allow you to clean up. My friends will be here soon and you will present yourself to them in your current state and beg them to cum in your mouth. Their cum will be your breakfast."

"Yes, master, I will feed on your friends and swallow their cum. I will be your soiled whore because I love being your slut, coated with your cum. It makes me feel and look beautiful!" I replied.

"I am hungry now, master. May I have something to put into my belly before your friends arrive?" I begged.

I stood there watching as he took his finished breakfast from the counter, sitting down as he put the plate and coffee cup on the table. He turned towards me.

"On your knees, then, slut and crawl under the table. You can feed on my cock until they arrive."

Eagerly, I dropped back onto my hands and knees and scurried under the table, settling between his spread legs. Gleefully, I slid my lips around his still limp cock. I knew he's soon be hard and drooling into me, filling my belly with his pre-cum and, finally his cum. Like an aroused whore, I sucked diligently on him, savoring the feel and flavor of his fluids oozing down my open throat.

Contentedly, I suckled on his semi-hard cock as he ate. I slurped his shaft with my tongue, caressed it with my lips and held it lovingly in my mouth. As he finished his meal, Tyrone settled back and concentrated on my sexual efforts which resulted in his cock rapidly becoming hard again. Eagerly, I began to slide my lips up and down his shaft, anxious to fill my belly with him. In a short time, he surrendered his sperm to my craven body. Triumphantly, knowing I was his slutty whore and slave, I swallowed him down, trapping him in me forever!

The last of his cum still on my tongue, Tyrone began to get up, pulling his spent cock out of my mouth. As he slipped his cock into his pants, hiding it from me, I realized that there was a brief buzzing sound. Someone was ringing the doorbell.

"Answer the door, slave. Your clients are here for you to pleasure them. Do not wipe the cum from your lips," he yelled as I was reaching my hand to my lips, "let them see what a dirty slut you are!"

I dropped my hand, smiled at him as I stared into his eyes and then sauntered out of the kitchen towards the front door. I could still feel the mixture of his cum running out of my ass as I walked and rolled my hips seductively as I enjoyed the feel of it in and on me. I knew he would be watching my ass and his desire to take me again would be stirring.

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