The Cuckold Tale

by Kyng Kooba

Copyright© 2010 by Kyng Kooba

Erotica Sex Story: After much encouragement a once reluctant wife finally agrees to her first black fucking.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Interracial   .

Before I start I have to say it's good to know there are so many other couples out there living the Cuckold lifestyle. The stories on this board are a constant inspiration to us all and I am delighted to be able to finally add my own. My wife Sandra and I are from West Sussex in Britain. We are twenty nine and thirty one respectively and own a converted, English farmhouse in a pleasant country setting. Our marriage has lasted a total of six, happy years thus far and we have a two year old daughter together called Zoey. Needless to say, I love my wife very much indeed. As well as being a very attractive woman with a super figure she is a popular and active member of our little village community. We are lucky enough to have a select, little social circle, plenty of friends and a life that is very comfortable. There is nothing I enjoy more than having lovely Sandra on my arm and spending time with my family. With all this in mind I'm pleased to announce that my wife now joins the ranks of hot wives who have slept with other men. Her 'Bull' Jamal, a true African native of Liberia I might add, has been bedding her regularly for the last six months. It's been a long road I can tell you. I hope you will enjoy our tale.

The interracial cuckold scene had interested me greatly for years. I had been reading for some time how it had been growing in Britain though remained a little way behind our friends in the States. Our own secret life had been building slowly for some time but really gained momentum in December and January of last year. My fantasies were becoming more vivid yet up until Jamal, Sandra had never been unfaithful to me and was quite simply a devoted wife and mother. I'd known from the start that sleeping with another man would not at first appeal to her sensibilities and that I would have to work hard to persuade her. Although we had talked about it in bed and enjoyed the resulting sexual thrills she never pictured herself undertaking anything real. It's fair to say that once content with my fantasy, I would never have dreamed we would find ourselves in the situation we now are. For my part these recent times have brought out all kind of emotions; jealousy, fear, joy, anger and even at times: resentment. All in the knowledge that I have encouraged my once loyal wife to go out on dates with a black man whom I know gives her a far better seeing too than I ever could.

Sandra was twenty nine in August and the envy of many of my friends. Standing a little over 5,7 she is a stylish brunette with obvious taste. Her features are distinct, classic and crisp with penetrating brown eyes, flawless white skin and dark hair that usually falls just below her slender shoulders. Leggy and with big tits, Sandra always enjoys being well manicured and presented with frequent visits to the salon in town and the local health spa were she catches up frequently with some of her friends. You might have guessed already that I am the type of husband who always enjoyed having other men look at his wife. Be she in a bathing costume or cocktail dress Sandra always catches the eye. Even before we began our lifestyle I always knew she had the body it took to be a slut wife. A desirable figure is always first on the list. Not that she was an extrovert or exhibitionist, more quietly confident as they say. I know I should be grateful that she is now so willing to please me. Sometimes a husband just knows.

As is often the case, it began low-key. Whenever we went out together I would encourage her to dress provocatively. I loved seeing Sandra in a short skirt and high heels or showing off her 32dd cleavage. In the beginning she was often unwilling to go quite as far as I would have liked, especially if we were with friends and she would find my requests embarrassing or uncomfortable. Having her magnificent tits on display at the dinner table was more my cup-of-tea than hers as I would enjoy having other men take note. The wedding band on her finger was a serious tie for her. Sandra's family were all proud and well-to-do. She had been brought up with good Christian beliefs and although not as strong willed as her parents she always insisted that we take Zoey to Church every Sunday. I provided well too I might add. The black cock is harder than ever for established white, cultured ladies.

One of the first times I got her to dress as I would like was at a work associated Christmas party in the city. I returned home one day with a revealing dress I wanted her to wear that night. Having given a frank 'No' for years she somehow agreed when she realised how much it meant to me. Perhaps she reasoned that most guests at the party were due to be clients and strangers who she would not meet again. Maybe she felt a certain thrill too out of acting a different role. I'll always remember that night as it was such a novel experience. Especially seeing my self-conscious wife moving heavily without her bra and showing off her gorgeous, waxed legs. Pulling nervously at the hem as she attracted attention from a variety of men. Sandra didn't enjoy it. The distasteful looks from other women and the three twenty-something men who tried to chat her up when I was away from her side said it all. How they must have looked and taken her for a whore. She insisted we leave early but by then I had taken my fill.

My fantasy stretched further and I won't lie to the fact that after that night I dreamt of watching another man fucking Sandra while I watched. I thought about it at work, at home, on holiday. My perverted mind drawing pictures on paper pads and using the family photos I had of her on my desk to design all sorts of twisted scenarios in my head. I imagined it would make me jealous and even powerless. A feeling I knew I would relish. Still, I knew I had to be sensible. The risk of losing her too great, though I thought, somewhat painstakingly about bringing a well endowed stud into our bedroom for real, determined that it should not be someone we both knew. Yes, I know what your thinking. I was playing a dangerous game but I really wanted to make her happy too. Telling myself that it was all for her. I waited until our anniversary to ask her and as an added incentive I bought her the most wonderful gifts I could. She was thrilled, at first. Across the dinner table the look of love on my wife's face mirrored in my own. Though when I put my adulterous question to her I saw those dark eyes drop. Her heart sink. For a moment I thought I had lost her. Then, wiping a tear from her eye she said she would. For me.

One night soon afterwards I was on an internet chat-room that was designed for cuckolds and black men seeking white women. I'd read letters and stories. Now I knew my wife would go to bed with another man for me the notion was to find a suitable male as quickly as possible. Somehow I knew I'd have no problem finding a horny stud to take Sandra's married pussy. Cuckold type relationships were real and out there and as I chatted with several other husbands I felt my need grow. One husband was very helpful indeed and offered to introduce me to a regular black 'Alpha' male who he said was a regular on the site. His nametag was RealAfricanMan4U. The same said it all and after some brief pleasantries he told me his real name was Jamal. A true black 'Bull', born in Liberia he had been living for the last two years in Britain. My imagination was immediately alive and everything about his rough demeanour appealed to me, typified by his poor but understandable English. The social gap between himself and Sandra was unmistakable and like me Jamal saw a rare opportunity. He bragged early that he had experience, including a single, white woman in London he'd been fucking for several months. When he asked me what my interest was I didn't lie. I was looking for a black Bull to fuck my wife. It was the reason I was there. Maybe I hadn't realised it fully until then but he had. We chatted some more. Travelling for him wasn't an issue, especially if he got to meet a woman who was 'worth it'. He asked if my wife had been 'blacked' before and that I send him some photos.

Luckily I had some of our previous years holiday in Spain on the computer. Sandra had worn a orange bikini top that was slightly too small for her and the photos revealed her figure to a tee. I had kept the pictures for myself though this was the first time anyone other than ourselves had seen them. Excitedly I uploaded a few to my email included several from a recent civil engagement in town and clicked 'send'. Jamal liked what he saw and immediately asked for more. Adding that Sandra was far more attractive than his own wife back home in Liberia. His final admission was forthright and gave me palpitations. His email simply read.

'Enjoyed pix very much. Would love to fuck your lady wife for you'. The words hung with me. I even posted an introduction on a Cuckold forum. Detailing how I was in the process of introducing my wife of six years to a potential bull. The response was terrific. People from all over offered support.

Of course my mailbox had messages from other black, British men who, aware of new white pussy wanted more information with a view to meeting Sandra themselves. Several said that they already saw several couples and were looking for new sluts to fuck. I sent the bikini picture of my wife out several times. It felt good to be sharing her already and to know these studs would be getting hard over her. Of course I still hadn't told Sandra of my progress or of the number of people who now wanted to know how far she would go on their first 'meet'. After a fortnight I told her about Jamal. I'd heard from him several times by then were on each occasion his excitement at potentially fucking a 'proper' white English lady was obvious. Another photo he sent was evidence that he had a good figure. Muscular which I knew Sandra was certainly attracted too with dusky, hardened looks. In turn I sent him more pictures of Sandra. It turned me on. Somehow I was sharing my family with a stranger and it made me so very excited.

Jamal added that he had printed out the bikini picture I had sent and had it stood next to his computer. His comments always drove me on. That he had over nine inches of hard African cock and could satisfy my English wife in ways I never could. On another he said how lucky and undeserving I was to have such a great wife and mother and how much he would enjoy fucking her in front of me. It seemed he understood everything. To be honest I wondered what she would have thought of much of it and to make breaking the news easier I took her out for dinner. The idea I would see her with another man for the first time becoming a true reality. Still, she seemed unsure as I told her everything in detail. Even of his own wife, the four kids he hadn't seen for two years and his current relationship with the woman in London. She looked as if she hadn't expected me to find her a black man. A 'Bull' and when I said the term out loud I saw concern all over her face. Just what was I getting us into.

Sandra looked stunning that night. Looking back I expect she dressed that way to please me, though in the future I was confident it was her duty now only to impress Jamal. I remember it well as we held hands across the table. By the end of the evening she had agreed as long as we kept it secret and discreet. By now there was no going back. I had read many couples arranged a social drink with a new Bull first. A period were the three people could get to know each other. Somehow that didn't seem to be the best course of action here though having Sandra and Jamal sleep together on their first date was more than I dared hope. I called our new bull that very night and offered him the chance to meet; perhaps bed Sandra that weekend. Giving him the good news in the kitchen as my wife changed upstairs. His voice was full on the phone and accented. Hearing him excited me and almost speechless I asked if he could take her out beforehand. He agreed, promising to have her back 'early' and we arranged a time when he could pick her up.

I took the day off work. My mind was wandering anyway and I was in no doubt of the marital significance of what was about to happen. The moral issue was perhaps the most difficult for Sandra. She had never cheated and now here I was asking her too. Could she really have sex with a man she didn't know? Was I asking too much of her? Deciding it best to leave Sandra to her own thoughts and preparations I declined the offer to accompany her and Zoey to the park first thing. Instead I walked around at home, looking out of the windows, excited and in a near frenzy for interracial gratification. It was all I could concentrate on. My pacing took me frequently to the bedroom, pristine and elegant. Family photo's on the dresser, keepsakes and mementoes of our marriage everywhere. A constant reminder to me of what I had agreed to. Finally the grand double bed where Jamal would soon be rutting my lovely wife with aplomb.

Saturday evening arrived and I was beside myself with anticipation. Everything had to go smoothly and I had a very vivid picture by then of introducing my wife and her new boyfriend for the first time. In the afternoon I picked up a brand new, silky, red cocktail dress that I had ordered and some clear high heels. The girl in the shop asked me if I was planning a surprise for my partner. If she only knew. The anticipation I felt was mixed with a sense of daring. I knew full well the risk I was taking. Not only sending my wife out with a total stranger but upping the chances that someone might see them together. Someone we knew; a friend or family member. The dress had caught my eye, suitably expensive and classy yet revealing as well. After putting Zoey to bed Sandra unpacked the box and held the thin dress against herself in the bedroom mirror. I could see her having second thoughts. They had lasted all week. She didn't want another man and was worried for our family and our own long term relationship.

'Adam?' she said 'do you really want me to do this?' I remained silent and to her credit Sandra already knew. She turned back to the mirror and began to change.

The doorbell rang at 7.30 sharp, echoing through the hall. It was dark outside by then and straightening my tie I turned the key. I was confronted on the step by the man in the pictures; tall, broad shouldered with high cheek bones, a square shin and a row of neat white teeth. He wore a dark blue jacket and trousers with polished black shoes. Having certainly made the effort Jamal put out a large hand which I shook then advanced past me into the hall. His smile remained constant as he looked around and I could detect a similar eagerness in his body language.

'Mmm ... nice house' he said, his accent surprisingly thick and his tone loud and confident. 'You have good job yes?'. He folded his arms and nodded to himself. 'Your lady upstairs?'

'Just getting ready' I smiled trying to conceal the erection I was already maintaining in my pants. Jamal had dark skin which showed traces of manual work outside in the unforgiving African sun. His hand, which had felt rough and hard soon to be between my wife's legs. I knew this was an enormous commitment for her, asking her to swallow her pride for an evenings fun.

Leaving Jamal waiting I went up to find her sitting at the dresser, her back to me, wearing the dress and the shoes. The room was rich with expensive perfume and I was pleased to see she was wearing her favourite diamond earring and necklace set. The black bull downstairs would definitely enjoy fucking her wearing that.

'He's here' I said and as I spoke she stood and took her black velvet coat from the wardrobe. Sandra's body looked magnificent in the dress. As good as I had ever seen her it hung perfectly on her shoulders and revealed the lovely shape of her legs beneath. Her crisp face, ruby lips and dark, sparkling eyes had a different taint that night. She was too good for this and my erection began to grow again. Sweat on my palms. The outfit looked perfect against her lush, white skin. Dressed for black cock.

'I'm ready she smiled.

From behind I could not see the look on my wife's face as she descended the stairs to greet her 'date' for the first time. However, Jamal's lips spread into a huge grin as he followed the beautiful, white woman downstairs with his eyes. There was a glint in his gaze and an obvious twitch in his pants. How alien the whole situation must have felt to my dear wife. Sandra put out her hand which he took, full in the knowledge that she would likely be spending the night with this man later.

'I'm Jamal' he said touching his chest, his voice composed but pausing mid sentence to find his words. He liked her. Maybe he saw full well how the elegant western lady wasn't yet the slut he had expected and that excited him.

'Pleased to meet you Jamal. My name's Sandra. I'm Adam's wife' she replied in a confident tone I had not expected. 'Adam's told me so much about you'. Sandra was playing her usual hostess role. I was so excited but I took a back step, enjoying the sight of them together. The bulls gaze ran down her figure, lingering on her chest.

'Very ... beautiful' he added nodding happily with his pronunciation. 'An English queen'.

'Why thank you'. Sandra smiled politely but her evening only just about to begin.

The two of them chatted politely for several minutes.

'Maybe the two of you should get going?' I said at last, my voice dry. Jamal raised a hand and grinned, running his tongue around his big lips. His manners of before over with. Right then I realised that he was here to do things his way. He stared down at her tits.

'Such a beautiful body' he continued, 'before we go out I want you ... go take off'. He motioned with his hands and I knew at once he wanted her to dispense with her bra. Smiling I explained this discreetly to my wife who blushed. She stood statuesque on the bull's demand, his actions making my cock throb.

'Alright Jamal'. Sandra turned and began up the stairs. She wasn't used to being spoken too like that. Maybe she realised that this man was going to treat her far differently than any man had before. We both watched her go. My wife's ass moving neatly in the hot, tight dress. Jamal stood hands in his jacket pockets. Throwing me a look that suggested he was impressed with her effort.

So far everything had been better than I'd dare hope.

'I need money'. I had expected that and had some on hand. Jamal slipped the notes into his wallet and nodded.

'Take her wherever she wants' I said.

'I fuck her later?'.

'If you play your cards right'. Minutes later my wife returned and I could see a glazed, uncomfortable look in her face. Her breasts moving explicitly, rolling inside the silky, thin, gold dress. Her dark eyes averted both of us as she reached for her coat, handbag clasped tightly to her side. Shame in her face as we hungrily examined her.

'Better' grinned Jamal, nodding and fully enjoying my wife's tits, the shape of her round, flat nipples pushing through the silk. I opened the door. The bull standing back like a gentleman and letting Sandra through first. It was a cold night. 'I have her back real soon' he said unable to contain how much he was looking forward to it. Hurrying to the window I watched as the two of them went up the path. Jamal opening his car door for her then walking around the other side to get in himself. As he drove off I felt an excitement I'd never had before.

All evening I paced around the house. Seemingly looking at the clock every five minutes.

My wife was with a black man.

My wife was on a date.

My wife was going to get blacked tonight.

How it dragged. I wanted to know what was happening. Where they where and what was said. I poured myself a drink to calm my nerves, made my daughter Zoey a super and checked on her. When she asked what was going on I almost told her. The desire to be truthful coupled with the hope that Jamal would soon be very much a part of our family life. It left me gasping in essence of what we were doing.

What had I encouraged my special wife to do? When two hours had passed I knew they would be well into the date. Where had he taken her? Was she enjoying it? I expected she would have him take her quite a distance, perhaps were she wouldn't be recognised. Another hour ticked by. I went to the Cuckold forum, adding a post that my wife was on her first date. Congratulations where among the replies as well as questions as to what Sandra was wearing. Where were they I asked myself? 11:30 already. I nearly spilt my drink when I finally heard the car swing into the drive and voices on the path. It was time and my heart pounded like no tomorrow. As quickly as I could I switched off the lights in the lounge and went through to the hall. Sandra and Jamal were on the other side of the glass, my wife struggling with the key. To my surprise I heard laughter and the door opened with a sudden cold gust. They both looked as if she had expected me to be there; waiting. Contrary to the polite yet stern way Sandra had left there was now a smile upon her face, her eyes slightly glazed after one too many glasses of white wine.

A calmer glint let me know right away that contrary to her feelings beforehand she had actually enjoyed her evening. Knowing how my wife likes to be treated I could only assume Jamal had been a total gentleman. That was about to change.

'Hello Adam' she said, slipping off the coat, noticeably more merry than drunk though undoubtedly relaxed by the alcohol in her body. Noticing my gaze Jamal slipped a heavy arm around her waist and moved her towards him.

'How was your date?' I asked. 'Your new boyfriend take care of you?' Sandra turned and looked up at Jamal. There was a confidence in his face too.

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