Working a Sweat

by FugueFactory

Copyright© 2010 by FugueFactory

True Sex Story: A short memoir of a recent encounter. A cock-teasing lover leads me into a frenetic session, and I goad her into depravity with filthy language.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   True Story   Rough   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

Everything mentioned here happened as described. I tried to remember the details the best I could.

I heard knocking at the door. Glancing at my watch, I felt growing anticipation. 2:20PM. I knew who it would be.

I swung open the door to see my paramour dressed in yoga pants and tank top. Actually it was the pants I bought her last week from Lululemon, mostly because of how impressive her tight little rear looked in them. They also had the added benefit of having a gusset, so they were built to going commando.

After letting her in, I gave her a friendly embrace.

"How was your workout?" She looked freshly showered, with her dark hair pulled into a tight ponytail. Her face, lightly freckled across high cheekbones showed no signs of foundation. An attractive face like this could get away without makeup.

"It was great! Legs day today, so I'm a little wobbly still."

"Hmm. I must feel the effects of your session. Squats and deadlifts I hope?" I raised my eyebrows, as my hands slipped down to her posterior. She giggled as I gave it a light squeeze. It was really firm.

"Of course, you pervert. Speaking of perverts, there were these three guys there. They kept staring at me." Her face became a little sultry and her voice lowered slightly.

I slipped both hands into the rear of her tights and squeezed lightly. "Uh huh, I think they were looking at this."

She pressed her body closer into my growing firmness. "What is a girl supposed to do to not be harassed?"

"I bet you got turned on." I slid one of my hands lower, between the cleft of her buttocks and dipped the middle finger between her lips. It was slimy.

"No, you're making it wet by touching me." She retorted. She didn't sound very convincing though.

"You little slut." I grabbed harder and upwards, making it easier to access her nether holes. I dipped into her lips with the fingertips of both hands, and gently teased them. "You're always teasing guys in the gym."

She looked up at me with puppy dog eyes, and with a little girl voice she asked, "Does that mean you'll punish me?"

This was enough to ignite my lust. I spun her around and smacked her rear. Grabbing the back of her tank top with one hand, I pushed her into the wall as I yanked her tights over the curve of her buttocks. I smacked the bare skin of her ass, hard enough to sting by the sound of her gasp. Getting down on my knees behind her, I buried my face in her hairless pussy. I could smell her arousal plainly as I gave those fleshy lips my full oral attention.

After a few moments, I got up and fished my hard cock out of my shorts. With one hand pressing her back into the wall, she arched her back and pointed her ass at me. Rubbing my fat cock head up and down her slime-coated lips, I snarled, "I think you wanted all three of them to fuck you at the same time, didn't you?"

She mewed affirmatively, and I took this as my cue to start pushing into her wet heat. I could see the fatness of cock slowly splitting her lips, and the head was met by heat like an internal furnace. Once I was halfway in, I slapped her ass and started goading her.

"I'm going to bury my fat cock in your slutty little wet pussy."

She was starting to breathe a little heavily, as I grabbed her hips and pulled her roughly towards me, impaling her on the hardness of my cock in one go.

"You're as wet as a whore for cock, aren't you?" I started to saw in and out.

"Oh yes, that's good." She was saying it quietly, almost under her breath.

After settling into a slow fucking rhythm, I suddenly grabbed her ponytail and yanked her smooth shiny hair back while keeping her back down with my other hand, forcing her to arch her back. Along with the renewed pounding and me biting at the side and front of her neck, she started to grunt gutturally and say little "oh"s as waves of pleasure hit her. I could smell her skin, the smell of a girl who had just taken a shower, but mixed with subtle smell of new sweat breaking out, still fresh and not yet oxidized into staleness.

Letting go of her hair, I put my arm around her neck and started to choke her lightly as I feverishly pumped her pussy. I could feel the muscles of her neck pressed against my arm, and see the blood in her neck pulsing under the white skin stretched taut over muscle and throat.

I could feel myself getting close to orgasm so I had to be careful. Pressing harder on her neck, her breathing became more ragged and animalistic. The junction of our loins was a wet slimy mess and I could hear the slurping sounds synchronized to my thrusting. My hip bones slammed into the firm roundness of her buttocks with each impact, and there were rivulets of sweat running down her lower back where her tank top exposed her midriff. On the small of her back, the small colorless hairs were matted in humidity and further down I could see red splotches on her ass where I had been smacking her occasionally.

To try to delay my eruption, I started to think of things to say. For some reason this mental exercise distracted me from the impending pressure in my sperm sack.

"You little bitch whore in heat. I'm pounding your pussy and it's loving it. Your slutty pussy can't get enough of my fat cock."

With my choke hold forcing her head back and back arched, her ass was stuck out, offered lewdly to my punishing thrusts.

"You love it when a man fucks you silly don't you. Look at how slutty you look with your ass out for fucking. I bet you want a bunch of guys to take turns fucking your wet slutty holes and plaster your face with their cum."

This had the desired effect of cooling off my loins and making her more vocal. Combined with the choking, she started to sound like someone was strangling her. But what came out of her mouth was anything but protest.

"Yes I love to be fucked hard. I want lots of hard fat cocks in me ... in my ass and pussy at the same time ... and my mouth ... oh ... I'm going to come soon..."

This was my cue. I reluctantly pulled out of her wet hole, relinquished the choke hold and holding her by her pony tail to control her head, pushed her shoulders down so she was kneeling facing away from me still. I leaned over and whispered menacingly in her ear.

"I'm not going to let you come, sluts like you need to be punished long and hard before you are allowed to come."

Delaying her orgasm meant I could prolong treating her like this, as she craved to come from being abused.

With her facing away still, I stood over her back and brought my cock beside her face from behind. I rubbed the veiny shaft on her cheek. I could see the tiny blond down hairs on her cheek, matted down by a mixture of her juice and my precum.

"See how wet your pussy is for cock. This is what you're good for. To make cocks hard so they can fuck you."

Using my hand on her ponytail, I forced her to turn her head so the cock slime trailed across her cheeks, nose and eyes. She was still breathing heavily from the recent pounding.

"I am going to paint your face with my cum like a little cock whore porn star. You would like that wouldn't you."

"Oh fuck yeah, cover me in cum."

One of her hands snaked between her thighs and she started to frig herself. I slapped her face with my cock.

"No touching yourself," I said, in a stern voice.

I resumed rubbing my slimy cock over the smooth clear skin of her face. Or more like I used her face to rub my cock, by holding her by her pony tail and using it to move her head around my stiff seeping phallus. I wiped it with the sweat on her brow and upper lip, mixing in the oozing precum from the tip occasionally. Some of her hairs had escaped from her pony tail and were plastered to her face with wetness.

"Look at what your wet cunt did to my cock. I'm rubbing your wet pussy all over your slutty face."

I moved so I was in front of her, while still gripping her ponytail, and pulled up my cock, exposing my scrotum. I pulled her head towards me and she took my nuts gently in her mouth, giving each of them loving attention with her tongue and noisily popping them in and out of her mouth.

Pulling back, I aimed my cock head at her mouth, and she licked another bead of precum off the tip as if it was the whipped cream topping on a sundae. Abruptly, I pulled her head onto my cock. She couldn't fit all of me comfortably. With her small jaw and my girth, she couldn't fit half of me comfortably, but she tried valiantly anyways. When I heard gagging noises, I pulled her head off, giving her some reprieve from my fleshy throat intruder, but only enough for her to catch her breath before pulling her head by her ponytail again. Sometimes I would present my nuts again, and wipe her face with the wet shaft after reluctantly pulling my scrotum from the suction of her lips, before impaling her mouth on my cock.

After her face became red from the exertion and repeated partial suffocation, I finally let go of her head.

She sat there, kneeling on the floor, her face flushed and chest heaving, panting for air. Her face was all wet, and there was a sheen of drool running down her chin and her neck, with some trails running down her chest between her modest breasts. The whites of her eyes were crossed by hairline red veins, and she looked at me with a look of eager anticipation.

I stepped back and kneeled on the floor. My cock jutted horizontally just a few inches off the ground, scrotum hanging behind it. It pointed at her like a beastial gun, a fleshy cannon full of blood and leaking lubricant, ready to wreak havoc on her orifices.

"Come and take me in your mouth like a skanky whore."

She got on her elbows and leaned forward, lowering her chin to the ground.

"Stay on your knees with your ass in the air. Arch your back."

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