by John Writer

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Erotica Sex Story: Ruth gets to experience a fantasy in real life. Though she stops living, she will achieve immortality and help. others understand humans.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Snuff   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism   Nudism   .

Ruth had been fascinated by encasement art from the time she was 12. Her class had taken a tour of a gallery featuring the work of the first encasement artist, some 190 before. There was one piece that made her feel very strange. It was a husband and wife making love, in what seemed to be midair. She had discovered later that this very strange feeling was sexual arousal, and it was perfectly wonderful. She wondered what it would be like sitting for one of these pieces knowing you were about to die. It made a chill run up her back. Then the strange feeling increased when she saw a girl about her own age wearing a very old-fashioned dress and playing with her dog. The little girl looked to be laughing as the puppy licked her face.

That had been years ago. She had spent quite a lot of time researching encasement art. She had visited several galleries and seen hundreds of pieces. Then one day she saw the ad, an encasement artist looking for models. Her heart skipped a beat, should she answer? True it had been one of her masturbation fantasies ever scene that field trip. That had only been fantasy. Would she have the courage to do it in real life? She decided to answer the ad, just to see what would happen. The reply came the next day, asking her to meet him and an address. The next week, dressed in a conservative outfit she knocked on the door of the old manor house. A young nude woman answered the door. Nudists were quite rare but not unheard of. She'd gone to school with a nudist brother and sister and saw one about twice a month outside of the two she went to school with. She was still friends with the sister. The young woman showed Ruth into an office where she was handed off to a nude secretary. Apparently the staff were required to work in the nude.

She was asked to take a seat in an outer office while the secretary called her boss. Then the secretary stood and walked over to the copy machine. Ruth saw the woman was pregnant. Then the artist entered and shook hands with her.

"Hello Ruth, I'm Josh" the artist said. "let's step into my office."

"Ruth, the project I'm working on right now is called Stages of Pregnancy. I'm hoping to enlist 18 pregnant models, each 2 weeks farther along than the one before. The sittings will all be done in the nude, do you have a problem with this?"

She was no nudist and in truth was ashamed of her skinny body. She had very small breasts and her crotch was covered in thick, dark hair. She hesitated then told him it would not be a problem.

"Well, would you please remove your clothes now?" Shyly Ruth complied. Once naked Josh rose up and began examining her naked body closely. "Very nice, here let me print up a contract for you to sign." He pushed a button on his desk. Promptly a voice answered. "Maria, would you please bring in a snuff contract?"

"Yes sir" came the reply. Moments later the naked pregnant woman came in with the paper work.

"It's a standard snuff contract, obliging you to die in a non-painful manner. Encasement is freighting, but not painful." Ruth read the contract through. It was fairly strait forward, signing obliged her to become encased after being impregnated by the artist (preferably) or some other man of her choosing. She knew how snuff contracts worked. Once signed there was no backing out unless there was a specific escape clause. This contract did not contain any such clause. The contract also required her to remain nude, this literally meant staying naked forever. The contract even stated should she fail to become pregnant the artist reserved the right to use her in another type of sitting. If she signed there would be no escape. Before she could changer her mind, she signed.

She began having sex with Josh several times a day, He was really quite good, despite being less than attractive. She was given a room with Maria, who would be leaving it in about two weeks. The two women hit it off right away. In two days they became lovers. Ruth had been having sex with both men and women for a long time, but she'd never had sex with a pregnant woman before. It was amazing. Ruth was surprised at the power of her sex drive now that she knew she was doomed. Too soon it was Maria's last night. "Are you scared?" Ruth asked her.

"Terrified. I don't know why. Death is the end, why should I be afraid of nothing?" Ruth didn't know. Her date with the polymer bath was still undefined, but at least 6 months away. She had not yet become pregnant.

Ruth didn't get to see her friend encased. Josh felt it would cause too much stress and make impregnation harder. She did take over Maria's job after she was gone. When she was off duty she liked to stroll the gallery, especially when she got to visit her friend. Then a month later she started getting sick in the morning. She loved seeing the changes in her body. Her upper chest and face became flushed, except around her eyes, she had a defiant glow. Her breasts swelled (something that greatly pleased her) and her areola became dark. Her nipples became large and prominent. It felt strange being in public naked. She was the only living naked person there most of the time.

It was finally time to do her sitting. She walked through the gallery one last time and looked at the other women already on display, two who she'd known before they were encased. One had been a lover, the other a friend who had delayed her own sitting by two weeks, allowing Ruth to be placed next to her lover. Each woman with a belly bigger and rounder then the one beside it. Then all to soon she stepped into the studio, her heart thumping madly in her chest.

"Hi Ruth." Josh said as she stepped into the studio. "I'm ready for you. Please step onto the platform and well start."

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