Visiting Pleasure

by crotalusw

Copyright© 2010 by crotalusw

Erotica Sex Story: When a friend from my past decides to visit, I find myself very pleased with the result.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

I was excited. It had been so long since I'd seen Susan, but she was coming to town and we were planning on getting together.

We'd met almost twenty years ago on another continent. Back then, I had the chance to travel a lot and had spent quite a bit of time in South America and in Europe. I was able to get out and meet a lot of new people, expanding my horizons. From our first meeting, I was attracted to her. I didn't get the same vibe from her, but she was still friendly. We spent a bit of time together, talking and enjoying the ambience of Argentina.

To be fair, I'm not sure she was as enraptured by the ambience as I was. She was born and raised in Argentina so I suspect the ambience was old hat to her back then.

After many years, I joined Facebook to see what all the fuss was about. I had a number of friends and coworkers who were using the site and they seemed pretty pleased with it. After signing up, I recognized potential right away as it asked me my high school and university then found other students attending those same institutions at the same time. Immediately, I found a bunch of old friends with whom I'd not spoken in a long time. Old friendships were reignited and I had a terrific time catching up and getting to know these people after so long.

While playing on Facebook one night, I thought it would be fun to see if I could find any of my friends from my travels. I managed to find a few and got back in touch with them, chatting off and on for a while.

One day, I had a friend request from none other than Susan. She'd found me through another friend on Facebook. I was more than happy to accept that friend request and started perusing her profile.

She had grown up rather nicely. Just looking through her photos, I realized that she was even more beautiful now than she'd been those many years before. Even better was the fact that she'd moved to the United States and was living in the same city that my company had chosen for its corporate headquarters.

Occasionally, we would see each other online and would take advantage of that opportunity to chat, a feature I was very glad was present in the program. We quickly got caught up, sharing all the wonderful, and not-so-wonderful things that had happened since we last saw one another. She'd had some tough times, but seemed to be very pleased with the direction her life had taken. She'd made some decisions in her life that had made it so she was really enjoying life. I was so pleased that she was happy.

It didn't take long for us to realize that we were both very open to the facets of life and weren't judgmental. We found we could share most anything that we were thinking or feeling with one another, without fear of reprisal. It's not often you find a friend with whom you can really open up and be yourself, so we were both happy to have found one another again.

One of the things we shared was our sexuality. Granted, we weren't near each other, physically, but the emotional connection made it so we could share our likes and dislikes, our desires and hungers with one another. Susan craved sex regularly and since I was very interested in it, we began to explore that part of our minds. We shared our fantasies with one another, occasionally describing them during our chats and discussing how excited it made us to think about those things. Our fantasy sharing occasionally became cybersex, sharing those thoughts that crossed our minds as we sat at our computers.

I wrote stories for her, expanding on those fantasies we'd discussed. She sent me a text message after reading one of the stories that said the story made her so hot that her husband got very lucky.

That's right ... she was married. I couldn't help but think of what a lucky guy he was to have her there with him. He was able to see such beauty on a regular basis and was able to explore that beauty, intimately, quite often, while I could only dream about it. Thoughts of Susan did indeed invade my dreams, both waking and sleeping. She wasn't the only one, of course, but my mind would seem to stray back to her again and again.

After almost a year of chatting with her, she told me that her husband's company was going to send them overseas in a couple of months. She wasn't sure how she felt about that, having grown quite accustomed to the United States and all the country had to offer. We talked about it several times, discussing the positive and negative aspects of such a trip. Eventually, she grew to love the idea, excitement at the prospect growing weekly.

I was bummed. I knew she was married, but there was still hope that we would one day be able to actually explore some of those fantasies we'd shared. It sounded like perhaps she was interested in taking our fantasies into the real world as well, but we had to get the timing right. I hoped my company would send me back to the headquarters for training and that we'd be able to spend time together. Unfortunately, the economy turned sour and we weren't do any training in our company.

So I was left with my dreams.

One day, during one of our online chats, she suggested that she and some friends were considering coming out to Las Vegas for one last hurrah before she had to go overseas.

That sounded perfect to me! She was coming to my town!

She asked if I would want to see her if she came to Vegas. Of course my answer was yes! To my surprise, she even suggested that maybe we could revisit our fantasies in person. Once my heart calmed enough that I could think, I told her how much I enjoyed that idea!

And the day was finally upon me.

I could hardly work the day she was set to fly into town. I kept picturing how she would look when we finally saw one another. I kept thinking of how it would be to spend time with her, to hear her laugh, to see the sparkle in her eyes, to feel her dancing against me, to finally explore our fantasies in person.

She sent me a text message when their plane landed and my heart started to beat a little faster and my breath started to come in shallow gasps. I was truly excited. We sent messages back and forth until she and her friends got their rental car and were headed to the hotel. She told me she wanted to shower, but that she would meet me near the registration desk of the hotel at 4:30.

I checked my watch... 3 o'clock.

I knew the next hour and a half was going to drag so slowly.

I tried playing computer games, but they weren't enough. I tried reading, but it wasn't enough to get my attention. Work was a little slow, but I tried to find a few things to occupy my time. Chatting with coworkers used some time, but the day was still dragging.

Finally, at 3:45, I couldn't take it any more. I told the receptionist that I was out for the rest of the day ... and maybe the next. I left the office with a spring in my step and a grin on my face.

I walked into the hotel lobby at 4:15, figuring I could wait the last 15 minutes.

It's amazing how long it can take for 15 minutes to pass!

Every ding of the elevator grabbed my attention. Every person entering the door caught my eye.

After one particular ding of the elevator, I saw Susan walk out of an elevator and turn my direction.

Our eyes met.

My heart leapt.

Our smiles grew ten-fold and I found myself rushing towards her. I was pleased to note that she was rushing towards me just as fast. We caught each other in a bear hug. I lifted her off the ground and spun her in my arms, squeezing her tightly.

When I put her back down on the ground, she looked up into my eyes and I saw that sparkle radiating throughout hers. We seemed to look into each others' eyes for quite some time, then realized that we hadn't said anything, yet.

Chuckling, I said, "welcome to Vegas! It's so good to see you!"

She laughed. "It's so good to be here," she said. "I couldn't wait to see you and hug you!"

She grabbed my arm and turned me toward the elevator. "My friends aren't ready to go out, yet. Come up and meet them then we'll go to dinner later."

We rode the elevator up, arm in arm, not saying anything, but just soaking up the presence of the other.

When we got to her floor, she led me out and down the hallway to her door. She pulled out her key card and let us inside.

Her friends were lying on the bed, obviously tired from a day of travel. I suspected they were, like most people, just catching their second wind so they could have a night on the town in Vegas.

Susan introduced me to her friends. They all seemed quite nice and I could easily see why she'd picked them as friends. They had an open quality about them that seemed to attract good people.

We sat and chatted for about an hour, sharing stories about how we knew each other and things we enjoyed. It didn't take long, though, for their second wind to hit and they started to get a little anxious to get out and explore the sights. One by one, they headed into the bathroom to freshen up.

After the last one had come out, we went down to the lobby to hit the casino portion of the hotel. Their eyes were alight with excitement at all the lights and sounds of the casino. I know they'd seen them before, but it's still quite an amazing sight to behold.

We wandered the casino for a bit, stopping to gamble at particularly interesting machines.

"Who's hungry?" one of Susan's friends asked.

We all said we were so we found a restaurant in the casino that looked promising. The food was decent. It wasn't superb, but it was still fun to enjoy it with the group.

I had to fight the urge to wrap my arms around Susan so many times that evening. She looked so luscious and desirable, but I didn't want to make waves for her with her friends. I did manage to caress her hip lightly in passing a few times, or place my hand on the small of her back to help her through a door every now and again. While we ate, I played footsie with her under the table. Each time, she would look at me with an extra special twinkle in her eye that let me know that my touches were welcome. It was a night of pure excitement for me.

Knowing how much she liked to dance, I had looked into some of the night clubs in the area. There just so happened to be one on the roof of the hotel in which she was staying. It was the first one I'd ever been to in Vegas, so I was familiar with its music style and what a fun place it was.

When 10 o'clock rolled around, I suggested to the group that we head up to the club. They had all had a few drinks by then, getting them free while gambling at the machines, so they were excited for most anything. I led them over to the club entrance and we stood in the short line. That early in the night, the lines aren't too bad.

When we got to the front of the line, they gave Susan and her friends discounts for staying in the hotel and I got a local discount, so it seemed to be a good deal all around. We waited for our turn in the elevator and then started our ascent to the club.

I have an unreasonable fear of heights. As a civil engineer, I know what it takes to design structures and make sure they will withstand the necessary forces. I knew that they'd been designing elevators for decades and that they had the design down pat. However, it still made me nervous to ascend in an elevator on the outside of a building. Nevertheless, there I was doing just such a feat.

Normally, I would have been standing with my face to the elevator door so that I couldn't see how high we were getting. However, with the way we'd entered the elevator, I didn't have that luxury. I tried to think of other things so my mind wasn't caught up in the rapid change in height. Then, my mind was suddenly distracted. I felt a hand grab mine. I looked down and saw Susan smiling up at me, her hand holding mine tightly.

Her smile changed ever so slightly and I caught a hint a mischief in her eye. She moved my hand over and pressed the back of it against her hip. She slowly moved it backward toward her ass. Then she let go of my hand and turned it, pressing my palm against her ass. She kept her hand on the back of mine and moved my hand around.

Then it hit me ... I couldn't feel any panty lines.

I'm sure my eyes widened and her smile followed suit. She knew that I now knew just what she wasn't wearing under that dress and I could tell she liked that.

My grin broadened and I winked at her. When she mouthed the words, 'for you, ' my cock lurched within my pants.

Before I knew it, we were up at the top of the ride and the doors to the elevator opened. That had to be the absolute best way I'd ever been distracted riding up an outside elevator.

When the elevator doors opened, we were hit by loud music and the humid air that comes from multiple bodies in an enclosed space. It was electrifying.

I grabbed Susan's hand and led the way into the dark interior of the club. There wasn't much chance for talking, what with the loud music filling our ears, so we couldn't say much. I looked back a few times to catch the looks in their eyes and was pleased and how excited they looked.

We walked through the enclosed portion of the club to the doors leading to the mezzanine. Once we'd gone through those doors, we could talk a bit more and could feel fresh air wafting over us. It was kind of a relief after the stifling air inside.

I could feel Susan moving to the music as she followed me and so I took her straight out to the dance floor.

When I stopped walking and turned toward her, my body already starting to gyrate in time with the beat, Susan walked right up to me, pressing her breasts against my chest and leaned forward to press her mouth to my ear.

"This is perfect!" she called out. "I've been hoping we could dance!"

We spent the next few hours dancing. Occasionally, we would stop to get drinks at the outdoor bar, but most of the time was spent moving to the music.

Susan could really dance. I'd expected she could, but seeing her move her body was an experience in raw sensuality. More than once, I found myself gaping at her, mesmerized by her undulations.

After a while dancing together, I decided I couldn't withstand the desire. I looked at her friends, who seemed to have found temporary distractions nearby in the form of other dancing guys. Now was the perfect time. I moved forward and grabbed Susan by the hips, pressing mine up against hers. I held her against me, bumping and grinding to the music. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me back as much as I was giving her. I slid my hands around her, caressing her back, sliding my hands along her sides, and then down to her ass, cupping her cheeks and pulling her to me.

She moaned at that, pressing herself against me harder than the rhythm of the music required.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her friends starting to break apart from their dance partners and so I released Susan to move a little bit back. We all danced together for a bit, but I kept stealing caresses and grabs from Susan, enjoying how she felt.

At one point, she turned around and backed against me, grinding her ass against my crotch. I slid my hands down to her hips and pressed my growing erection against her, which seemed to spur her on. A quick glance at her friends assured me they weren't watching so I slid a hand around her waist, pressing my hand against her pussy and she started to tremble against me. It felt so good to finally touch her.

I slid my hand upward a bit and cupped her breast, giving her just enough squeeze so she knew it was purposeful, then I pulled my hands back to her hips and she turned around again.

Putting her arms around my neck again, she stood up on her toes to put her mouth to my ear again.

"I'm SO horny," she hissed at me. "I wish you could take me now!"

I pressed my throbbing cock against her and said, "Oh, me, too! You're turning me on so much!"

We danced a lot closer after that, touching and teasing even more than before. I continued to buy drinks for her friends, hoping that they would notice us less if they were even more drunk.

Not too long after that, her friends started to say they were getting tired. I was feeling horny as all get out and wanted to get Susan to myself, so I was more than ready to go. We all started walking back inside and went over to the elevator. On the ride down, the height didn't even cross my mind, my hand having found its way back to Susan's ass of its own accord.

Arriving back in the casino, we worked our way over towards the hotel. I stopped at a bar to get one more drink for the night for each of Susan's friends. They were already tipsy, but seemed to welcome the cold drink after the heat of the dance floor.

By the time we got into the elevator up to their rooms, I could tell that her friends weren't going to last too long. They were not only tired from traveling, but had drunk enough that they were ready to just go to sleep. They stumbled into the room and immediately crashed on the beds. Susan quickly worked to get them situated on the one bed, thinking that might free up the other for some fun. I could already feel my erection growing as I realized what she was doing.

"How asleep do you think they are?" I asked.

"Watch this," she said, reaching over to turn on the clock radio. She turned up the volume really loud and her friends didn't even respond.

I grinned, realizing just how much we could probably do without them responding at all.

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