Sweet Victory

by Maria Rendes

Copyright© 2010 by Maria Rendes

Romantic Sex Story: Shy sister and gorgeous brother's friend finally get together.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   .

The icy cold wind blew fiercely across the houses. Frost was already starting to appear on the windows. She stood in the kitchen looking out as she lazily put away the dishes she'd spent most of the afternoon washing.

"Brrrrr, it's freezing" a voice said snapping her out of her thoughts. Gabriella turned around to see her brother wearing what looked liked his entire wardrobe. He looked comical and she couldn't help but burst out laughing and nearly dropping a glass in the process.

"Have you looked at yourself?" she asked trying to soften her laugh. Her brother Paolo had a great sense of humour.

"Have you looked at yourself?" he replied. How did his sister manage to stay alive with just a thin jumper? Shaking his head like an old woman just made her laugh more. Gabriella was very close with her brother and despite he being five years older than her; he tried to protect her without the typical over protectiveness. Luckily for him she was quiet and usually had her nose stuck in the books, but when least expected she did have a fiery temper.

"I'm going out tonight with the guys" he said taking a slice of bread and spreading butter on it. Paolo's schedule lately had been going out whereas hers had been mellow. Though they lived close to each other, he would sometimes stay with her.

Rolling her eyes she knew who he meant just the 'usual suspects'.

"What are you up to tonight little sis" he teased, pouring himself some juice and gulping it down in three seconds.

"Aaron is coming here to go over some notes-just the boring stuff. Hey how come lately you seem to be going out from my place instead of yours?" she asked narrowing her eyes on him.

He pondered for a while. "Guess I'm watching out for my favourite sis?" he asking with a cheeky grin.

"Yeah right-I'm your only sis" she said rolling her eyes. The door bell rang before he had a chance to say anything. Walking over and unlatched her door expecting Aaron. She was just a little startled to see her brother's handsome friend instead. He looked so good in his jeans and t-shirt. His features beautifully chiselled.

"Hi Diego-come in" she said with a polite smile, standing to one side.

"Hi sexy" he said with a wink. She took it to be sarcastic as she knew she wasn't his average girl. Diego and her brother had been good friend since they were twelve, however he wasn't close with Gabriella, she wasn't like the other girls he knew, and didn't care much to get better acquainted. Lately though he would catch himself looking at her, she was pretty, straight dark brown hair which reach her mid back, big soft brown eyes, sensual lips and a slender body with generous breasts but she was his best friend's sister and totally off limits. Sure she was polite but distant with him especially when he bought girls over to pick up Paulo.

"I'm in the kitchen" Paolo yelled washing up his glass and placing it on the counter.

"Ready?" Diego asked glancing up at the kitchen clock. He didn't often come into her flat, but he liked being inside as she hadn't decorated all girly and pink like some of the places other girls he knew had.

"See you soon sis" he said bending down to kiss her cheek and taking his jacket off the chair.

"Bye guys-have fun" she said walking behind them.

"We will" Diego said with a wink before closing the door behind them.

Rolling her eyes, she glanced down at her watch and wondered where her study partner was. Gabriella began flicking through the channels trying to find something entertaining to watch whilst waiting. Typical, whenever she was home nothing good was on the TV. Curling up on the couch, she picked up a novel she'd started a while back and started a while back. She was reading a very steamy love scene and it was starting to turn her on. Although never having the experience, she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like-now this book was giving her a very insightful look. The more she read, the more she felt like all those things were being done to her.

Suddenly aware that she was all alone, presented a very interesting situation for her. Slowly undressing herself, she lay back comfortably and began teasing her nipples, pulling and twisting them till she could feel her nether lips puffy and moist. She could feel her juices flowing freely out of her before reaching down to tease her clit; it was hard and very sensitive. Using her thumb's pad she kept working herself up to a maddening frenzy until her first orgasmic wave washed over her, hard. Moving her hand away a string of clear wetness clung to her fingers, this drove her over the edge making her jamb two fingers inside her vagina, as hard and as fast as she could, moaned in pain/pleasure. Now her juices were really flowing, she could feel them slide down her thighs. Reaching down she grasped her clit between her fingers and thumb again and began to roll it vigorously; she kept repeating this up until she was ready to climax again, but stopping herself to make the experience a delicious one.

Just concentrating only on her nipples made her want to climax even more, but she didn't want to rush such a pleasurable thing. Working herself up to a maddening frenzy she began to pump her fingers back inside but harder this time, until an orgasmic wave washed over her, hard. The orgasm itself was so intense that she moaned loudly as her insides clenched from the pain. Panting from the intensity of the experience, she tried to calm down a little before she got up to take a quick shower, making sure she didn't leave any evidence of her 'activity'.

Just as she picked up her phone to send a text, her door bell rang and this time she knew it had to be Aaron. Behind a pile of books he stood dressed all in black. His long blond hair hung around his face and thick rimmed glasses. He easily dwarfed her with his small frame and height.

"You're late" she said jokingly, taking the books from him and walking into her front room where she had a big table. They both sat opposite each other and started reading and working through the problems. Every so often she'd top up their caffeine intake, but it got to a point where her eye lids just couldn't remain open anymore.

Aaron rested his head on his arms, whilst Gabbi took the couch just clear her mind. She curled herself into a comfortable position before closing her heavy eyes. They both must've been more tired than they thought as each fell into a deep sleep.

Was it a dream or did the doorbell actually ring? Then she heard it again. No, it was real; waking her from her slumber on the couch. She could hear Aaron waking up too. He looked a little dazed, stretching his arms and yawning. As she padded off to answer the door, he was busily collecting his books and getting ready to leave.

"Diego!!" she squealed when she opened the door to find him waiting restlessly.

Before he could say anything, he heard a male voice call out to her. The voice sounded like it had just woken up.

"What's going on?" he demanded.

"Oh my God, we must've dosed off after all that studying" she said yawning.

"Gabbi?" Diego asked.

"Thanks for tonight" Aaron said hurrying past an angry Diego with the same pile of books he'd come with and left.

"What are you doing here so late?" she asked, closing the door to stop the breeze from coming in. she looked at her phone-it was past one in the morning.

"I just dropped your brother off and thought I'd come round and see how you're doing, but from the looks of it..." he didn't finish his sentence.

"I'm doing just fine" she yawned. She was starting to feel groggy after being woken up from a nap and walked into the kitchen to drink some water.

"Look if you're pissed off about me barging in on your midnight 'rendezvous', you'll thank me later" he said following her and leaning against her door frame. His voice had no sarcasm.

"Midnight what?" she asked laughing at the ludicrous suggestion, turning sideways and reaching for a glass causing her dress to ride even higher and expose her thighs.

"What the hell is that?!" Diego demanded pointing, when he noticed the distinct finger marks on her left thigh made only through what he thought was rough sex. He marched over and grabbed hold of her arm, turning her to face his angry and jealous expression. "Who've you been spreading your thighs for?" he accused.

She shrieked from the rough treatment. Before she could defend herself, he pushed his hand in-between her thighs, but as she rose her hand to strike in outrage he quickly caught it along with the other in a tight grasp above her head.

"Who?" he demanded. "Who?" he was now shaking her.

"Stop it!!" she cried, but it fell on deaf ears.

"Was it him? Did you let him feel you before taking you hard on the couch?" he was practically shouting. "What would Paolo say if he knew his little sister was entertaining men like this?"

"Who the hell do you think you are?" she couldn't believe her own ears. Her breathing had intensified, and she could hear heart thumping. Who was he to barge into her house in the middle of the night and make such accusations?

"Sometimes you act like a little girl. A right spoilt princess" he said unable to take his eyes off of her. She looked so innocent and angelic in her white dress.

"You have the audacity to come into my home and throw insults at me!" she almost cried out in disbelief freeing herself and moving towards the door.

"Come here" he demanded grabbing her wrist and pulling her towards her bedroom.

"No ... stop Diego", but her protests fell on deaf ears as she was dragged into her bedroom and made to stand in front of her full length mirror. She didn't dwarf him like some of the girls she saw him with, but he was still taller than her.

He released her hand and left her to stand in the middle of her room attempting to ease her breathing. Her mind was half angry, half panicking towards his strange behaviour. He came over and pulled her dress over her head with little effort.

"Take a good look at yourself" he commanded sternly. She slowly turned and looked over into the mirror but didn't see anything unusual, but he saw a young 21 year old girl with tousled hair, bra-less and her nipples standing out. She didn't notice his presence behind her until his hands ran down her arms and up her rip cage to rest just below her breasts. Their breathing started to become shallow.

He bent his head and began to kiss her neck sending shivers down her spine. Her skin felt soft yet hot. Diego had always been dangerously handsome with his jet black hair, tanned body and blue eyes which girls could easily fall into. Momentarily she closed her eyes lost to the sensations of his mouth on her skin. His hands crept under her top and slowly lifted it up and over her head to cup her firm mounds and tweak her protruding nipples pulling a moan from deep within her throat.

He slowly turned her around and kissed her, probing her mouth open with his warm lips and slid his tongue into her mouth to stroke hers. She began to kiss him back with the same passion as he drew her closer into his hard body and she could feel his impressive hardness pressed against her belly through his jeans.

He reluctantly moved away from her to switch off her light. She heard him undress quickly and before she realised her predicament he was leading her to her bed with feathery kisses eventually locking his lips around her right nipple and sucking. He traced a finger from her belly down to her mound. Rolling her thong off, her slipped his fingers between her partially parted thighs and teased her slick slit with a finger. Her lips were slightly puffy and her clit was starting to poke out from under its hood.

Using the pad of his thumb he began to rub and make small circles sending jolts of pleasure through the course of her body. She arched her back as he swapped nipples and his touches intensified, grabbing hold of her bed sheets to maintain some level of control. Gently rolling on top of her, he spread her thighs wide to nestle comfortably between them. She was responding to his every touch. Her eyes flew open as she felt a longer finger push into her. Reality hit her hard.

"Diego" she moaned, trying to pull away from him.

"Hmmm" he said lazily pushing his finger in and out of her slick heat. Her wet, spongy walls clung tightly around his invading digit and he could only imagine how they would feel around his thick cock.

"We can't do this" she whispered trying in vain to push his hand away, but it was futile.

"Why not" he asked, kissing back up to the hollow of her throat. "Because" she swallowed hard "because ... I've never done this before" she confessed shyly.

"You're joking" his eyes flew to hers. Her body had accepted his finger with ease and the way she was responding to his touches told him otherwise.

"No I'm not" she replied softly.

"Are you telling me you've never felt this in here" he asked arrogantly, wrapping her slender fingers around his pulsing shaft and pushing his finger harder into her to emphasise his point.

"No" she whispered. He felt hard yet soft. His cock kept twitching and pulsing in her hand radiating heat. She winced as he spread her thighs wider, that her inner thigh muscles began to ache. Biting her bottom lip as he worked his finger inside her pussy, whilst the thumb played with her clit. She desperately struggled in vain to close her legs.

She cried out as another finger joined the first one and thrust into her increasingly sore pussy stretching and opening her up. He gazed down on her writhing, arching body.

"Don't fight me-we both know how badly you want this" he said unevenly.

Taking his fingers out and sucking her juices off, her guided his throbbing cock to the throbbing entrance and teased the blunt head with her heat; pushing forward slightly to slip the head in, and then grabbing hold of her hips he thrust hard spearing her onto his thickness forcing her body to accept him. She moaned in pain as he forced himself inside of her. Her walls eventually gave in as he slid into her hilt, the spongy walls stretched around him and clamped tightly onto him. She couldn't believe what was happening. He relentlessly drove into her virgin cunt his hands gripped firmly on her slender hips as began to thrust into her with long, forceful strokes. Her body writhing on him as she fought the discomfort, with each stroke he groaned as he rode her hard with long deep strokes, forcing her pussy to yield to his demands.

"You're so tight" he groaned into her ear. His fingers found her pulsing pinching it gently. Her moans were turning into soft cries. Suddenly she felt herself explode-clenching and unclenching around him. Her reaction generated a frenzy in him as his hips pistoned back and forth with new rigor until he too exploded deep inside of her. Hot jets of cum spurted into her unprotected womb, until he softened.

His spent body collapsed on top of hers, mashing her tender breasts against his chest, "Good girl" he whispered against her ear. Aware of the dull pain now and of wetness soaking her thighs, she pushed at him with weak hands.

"Get off of me" Gabbi whimpered as the shock of what they'd done hit her hard. He chuckled, still panting and rolled off her. She slowly pulled her sheets over herself, glancing back to him. His eyes sparkled up to her, satisfaction written all over his handsome face. He ran a lazy hand down his belly to stroke his cock; it glistened with their combined juices. Her face flushed a deep shade of red.

"Ready to go again?" he smiled languorously. She bit her lip to lock the sound inside. She wouldn't shame herself further by letting him think he had given her some pleasure.

"I think you should go" she said abruptly. "It should never have happened", her bottom lip was quivering as she spoke the words.

"Yeah, but it did" he said with slow deliberation, lazily reaching out to stroke her hip.

"I don't think you're in the position to be making decisions-you practically raped me" she said flatly.

"Come on sweetheart you don't expect me to believe all that virgin crap-you didn't even cry when I pushed it in" he said with a smirk before getting up and collecting his clothes and heading to her bathroom.

She lay there listening to the water of her shower being turned on and twenty minutes later Diego walked back fully dressed. The entire time she'd lay in the bed, her thoughts had been all over the place: the way he touched her and the way she'd responded. She hadn't realised how attracted she'd been to him or him to her as a matter of fact.

"I need to head off" he said breaking her train of thoughts. Seeing no reaction he turned and left. Walking over to his car he couldn't believe what had happened. Guilt was the last thing on his mind-even if it was his best friend's sister. A virgin? Impossible he thought-not the way she whimpered and came. Just the thought made him want to go back and fuck her again, but he shook the notion out from his head. Gabbi all the while lay on her bed unmoving from the confine of her sheets. She was too exhausted to get up and shower. Her bed would also need changing-all she wanted to do was push tonight out of her mind, but the wetness which was starting to seep out made it difficult to the point of impossible. She didn't know how much time had lapsed until her eyelids grew heavy and she could finally sleep.

"Earth to Gabbi-did you hear what I said" her brother asked slightly irritated that he had to repeat everything twice.

"I'm sorry what did you say" she asked trying to concentrate on their conversation.

"I asked how your study session went on Saturday night. Diego said some guy left around one in the morning" he repeated looking at her. She seemed so distant-maybe it was all the studying she was doing lately.

"Fine. We did a lot. Aaron fell asleep at the table-I guess there was so much caffeine we could take" she replied trying not to sound nervous. Oh and by the way your best friend came after and I had sex with him-she screamed in her head.

"Well as long as that's all you were doing" he teased.

"What did you say" she said irritated. Then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath before exhaling slowly.

"Hey us everything alright-you just seem so distracted" he asked looking concerned at his little sis who never raised her voice to him.

"Forget it" she muttered. What did he know? His best friend had seduced her and disappeared, even though she'd done her best and avoided him as well. Before he could respond they heard Diego calling out to Paolo. Oh no she thought, not here, not now.

"Hey guys" Diego said when he saw her sitting next to her brother.

"I'll be ready in a mo" Paolo said getting up to leave the room. "Don't be shy Gabi it's only Diego" he said when he noticed she had remained silent.

"Hi" she said meekly barely able to look at him.

"Don't worry about her. She's been acting weird since her study session, I find myself repeating everything twice, so try and keep conversation minimal" Paolo said before exiting the room.

Gabriella closed her eyes and buried her head in shame. She didn't want to be near him and here he was. She flinched as she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up into his eyes. He opened his mouth to say something, but Paolo called to him and he had little choice but to leave the beauty where she was.

"I'm coming" Gabriella shouted as her door bell rang constantly. She hated it when people rand the door bell like that. Opening the door her eyes widened to find him standing there before her.

"What do you want" she asked hoping she didn't sound as frightened to him as she did to herself. Her pulse was racing and she could hear her heart pounding against her chest.

"I just wanted to see how you are after last time" he asked casually.

"I'm fine-why does everyone keep asking how I am" she asked in a frustrated groan.

"Why can't you just leave me alone" she cried desperately.

"No girl has ever whored herself to me like you did" he replied coldly, hearing her gasp as she registered his words.

"You bastard. You selfish, self-conceited bastard. Who are you to talk about whoring, when you've worked through half the girls on campus?" she threw back-his arrogance blew her away.

"Hey are you upset that after all this time you were a 'virgin', or that you gave it up to me" he asked softly.

He reached out to stroke her face. Standing in a little frilly slip and her hair pinned up untidily made her so irresistible. His fingers itched to undo the loose knot and explore her body.

Taking hold of her robe he pulled her towards him and smashed his lips upon hers. She melted in his arms, allowing him to guide her over to the couch. Suddenly she opened her eyes and started to pull away from him, but he easily grabbed her arms, dragged her over and yanked her down across his lap.

She struggled, but was not match for his strength. With ease he held her across his strong thighs and tugged at the hem until it pulled up and over her hips and thighs to expose her nakedness to his hungry eyes.

"Please don't do this" she struggled hard against his iron like grip. His fingers pushed between her thighs and felt wetness. She desperately grabbed his hand and tried to pull it free and push off.

Diego inwardly ground at the sexy sight. "Are you a virgin or a whore?" he growled.

"I was a virgin. I've only been with you" she cried out

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