Over the Back Fence

by LuvsItWet

Copyright© 2010 by LuvsItWet

Erotica Sex Story: The things that go on in a quiet neighborhood might surprise you. I know it did me when I overheard the kids next door playing house. What follows is more than just make believe.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Ma/mt   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Incest   MaleDom   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   .

Blackmail as a tool of dominance just fell in my lap. I didn't go looking for it, it found me.

Let me explain.

I was in my back yard last summer, minding my own business. Actually, I was photographing some cultured tea roses that my late wife had planted and that I have kept in her memory. It was a beautiful day for just enjoying life.

Things took a strange turn when I heard voices from the other side of the high privacy fence that separates our back yard from the family behind us. I was nearly up against the fence and the kids from next door couldn't have been more than three or four feet from me. That corner of their yard has a large planting of hibiscus bushes and the little vermin had apparently found a natural formed fort or created a play house under the cover of the thick shrubbery.

I didn't pay too much attention until I heard an argument raise the playful chatter to a low roar.

"No. I won't" I heard the eleven year old girl, Abbey, say. "I'll suck it though. Like last time."

That got me really curious.

There are three kids in the family. A fourteen year old boy, Sean. The eleven year old girl, Abigail, and a seven year old younger sister, Diedre or Deed as everyone calls her.

I assumed that Abbey was fending off some attempt by her older brother to do naughty, naughty things. Correctly, as it turned out. She was OK with some things but drew a line with others. I later was privy to several of her trade-off arguments.

I couldn't see through the fence because the previous owners back there had also put their own fence right up against mine, making a double layer of cyprus boards with the support structure sandwiched between them.

The marvels of modern technology saved the day, though. My inexpensive little digital camera with the tiny TV screen in the back allowed me to sneak a peek over the fence with not much chance of being detected. A little zoom and I was looking at a live act of adolescent incest. Up close and personal.

Abbey, in just shorts and a tee shirt, on her knees in front of her naked older brother. She was fully engaged in doing what she had successfully negotiated. The way he was turned partially away from me prevented me from seeing exactly what was happening but it didn't take much imagination. Not with the way her head was bobbing at his waist, or the the way his head was rolling around on his shoulders. These two were obviously experienced and really into what they were doing.

With little chance of being detected, I snapped seventy-three reasonably high resolution images of the two or three minutes it took for young Sean to get what he had bargained for. So many pictures that it nearly made a movie when viewed at a fast rate. The last few frames are of the little girl pulling back as her brother shot his spunk past her face and over her shoulder. Her expression is priceless.

Other than the first outburst from the girl, nothing else was said that I could overhear. Just minutes after the climax, they left their little boudoir. When they were safely gone, I shot several more pictures over the fence of the little play area. The kids had been pretty busy back there. A small wooden box for a table, a couple of old lawn chairs, and a small covered trash can that I later found contained a couple of blankets and a large pillow.

After obsessing over the photo series for several days, I realized I probably had happened on a chance to see a lot more if there was some way to know when the budding sex fiends were in action. I quickly fell in love with the little girl. Abbey had just started to fill out. Still a child but on the verge of womanhood. Long blond hair and pale skin complimented her coltish looks. She would soon be a stunning young lady. I certainly wanted to see her in all her glory if it was at all possible.

It didn't take much to come up with a motion detector from an old security light hooked up to a buzzer in my home office to alert me to anyone in that area of the neighbors yard. Two days later, I was again up at the fence with camera in hand.

I was disappointed to find only Sean. Spread out, butt naked on an old blanket, with a tattered magazine in one hand and his hard-on in the other. Jerking off. The kid had a pretty respectable cock for being only fourteen. Probably seven inches or more and fairly thick with a loose foreskin. I took a few pictures, but my primary interest was in sweet little Abbey so I didn't wait long after he shot his load into a wad of tissues before quietly slipping away to the house.

About ten minutes later, the buzzer sounded again and I went to check out the play house a second time that day hoping my little heart throb may have joined her brother again.

I was really shocked when in my tiny TV screen, who but the mother of the house, Carol, appeared. She was kneeling on the dirt, sideways to me, with her shorts and panties down around her lower thighs. One hand holding a wad of tissue over her face and furiously stroking between her legs with the other.

At the time, I didn't fully realize what was going on but I shot over thirty pictures of her before she crumpled to the ground and flopped over on her back. Fearful of being seen, I retreated.

This event turned an accidental discovery of youthful experimentation into a much more interesting case of neighborhood family scandal. I scratched my head for several days before I decided how to make the best of the situation. I decided Carol was the key. If I could get her involved, even unwillingly, I could maybe get more than a few pictures of her daughter to drool over.

For the next month, I reacted to the buzzer like a Pavlovian dog. I invested in a new camera with video and sound and a lot more memory. I did some carpentry work on the fence so I could shoot through a small concealed viewing port.

I went across the fence one day when I was sure the family was gone and planted a tiny microphone on the fence near where Abbey or Sean usually put their pillow. In that visit, I found one of the small covered containers was the kid's trash can and contained candy wrappers and boy-cum laden tissues. Lots of cum laden tissues. That was what Carol had apparently been holding to her face that first time. Her son's fresh cum smell.

I finally got to see Abbey naked one day when she agreed to let her older brother rub his erection in her naked little slit if he promised not to try to put it in her again. From the gist of the conversation, I gathered that they had unsuccessfully attempted penetration in an earlier session and Abbey refused all further cajoling by Sean. She remained a virgin but grew to be quite adept with her hands and mouth. I suspected she was even the instigator much of the time.

By mid August, I had over six hours of edited video of the neighbor kids in action. I made a second DVD, editing in the seven or eight times that I was able to catch Carol in some way. Either by herself after the kids left the hide-away or peeking at them through the bushes during their sex play. Once she even reached orgasm just as Sean blew his wad with Abbey rubbing him on her newly budded little titties.

I had also done some quiet investigating into Carol's marital status. During my wife's illness, death, and the grief period that followed, I had heard something about a divorce but was so wrapped up in my own problems that I hadn't paid much attention. Now I found out that Ray, the husband and father, had been caught with his fingers in the cookie jar (supposedly a secretary where he worked) and Carol had taken him for everything. Including full custody of the kids. No unsupervised visits even, which seemed odd but that's the story I got from one of the area gossips.

Just after school started in early September, I invited Carol to the house on the pretext of discussing a possible problem with the survey of our common property line. I didn't waste much time though, after we were settled in the family room. I pressed 'play' on the remote and the preselected still of her pre-teen daughter with a stiff cock in her mouth jumped to life on the 52" TV screen. I had made up a shorter version of the DVD with just the highlights, chosen for shock value.

I was watching Carol carefully and let the scene run until she grasped what she was seeing. As the blood drained from her face, I paused the action just as the full screen of Abbey holding Sean's squirting cock in her hand and Carol plainly visible through the bushes, watching.

"Would you like to tell me about it?" I asked quietly.

Carol sobbed loudly and put both hands over her face for a moment. "Please Mr. Randall..." She said. Then she seemed to brace herself and started to rise to her feet.

"Sit down!" I directed firmly. She sagged back into the couch and covered her face again.

I didn't give her time to gather her wits. "Take off your shoes. Now!"

She looked at me as though she was going to faint. "Now!" I repeated.

Carol was crying now. But she did as she was told.

"Carol, I have several hours of what you just saw less than a minute of. I've known for months that your two kids have been fucking in the bushes behind my house. You have, too. I've watched you with your son's semen saturated tissues. I've seen you smell them and taste them. I've seen you rub them on your tits and shove them up your cunt. I've watched you get off on his cum several times. I have it all on film."

"Oh, God. No!" She wailed.

"Yes, Carol. I do. The first question is: How much more have you been doing with him? Or them? And the next question is: What do I do with everything I know?"

Before she could respond, I tested her again. I needed to know how submissive she could be.

"Carol, take your shoes out to the foyer and put them on the floor next to the front door. Any time you're in my house, you are to be barefoot. Understand?"

"Why?" She whispered.

"Just do it. Now! I'm getting tired of repeating myself." I said.

Carol rose with her shoes in hand and started toward the front of my house.

"While you're out there, take your panties off and hang them on the inside door knob. You may put them back on when you leave."

She jerked to a halt but didn't look back. I saw her shoulders slump and she left the room. We fully understood each other at that moment. I played the fiddle, she danced the jig.

When Carol returned barefoot, I didn't ask about her panties. I knew she had complied. Her only other option would have been to leave. If she did that, she faced unknown consequences she feared much more than she feared me.

"What are you going to do to me?" She asked quietly after she had sat back down.

I let her question hang in the air for nearly a minute. "Nothing." I finally said.

"You're an attractive woman. Don't get me wrong. I would love to fuck you but not this way. Not now. Maybe someday we'll get down and dirty, but a lot has to happen before then. No, Carol. I won't do anything to you. I'll do a lot "with" you, though. Deep down, you're a very kinky cunt and I'm going to help you do some of the things you don't have the guts to do by yourself." I liked the shock effect of the coarse four letter words. I wanted Carol to get used to talking nasty as well as thinking and acting nasty.

I wasn't just complimenting her to soften her up. Carol is a very attractive woman. Mid-thirties, just over five feet tall and very petite, maybe a hundred pounds. Light complected like her daughter, with short dishwater blond hair. The mothering of three children doesn't show on her at all. Under other circumstances, I would be interested in an intimate relationship with her. I had other prey, however.

"Tell me about the kids. How did you find out? How long have you known about what they are doing? Is little Deed involved. What attracts you to your son? Would you like to take it further if you could?" I overloaded the poor woman with questions she probably was afraid to ask herself.

Carol was stunned, maybe close to collapse. I thought it was time to back off a bit and let her digest all I had put on her so far.

"Give me your keys." I said.

She dug into her purse without a question and pulled out a small ring. I stood and traded her the remote for her keys, telling her I would be back in about an hour and for her to watch the rest of the video and wait for me.

I couldn't resist smelling her panties on the way out. Nice.

I stopped at her place first to confirm which keys would give me access to their house then made a quick trip to the local hardware store for duplicates. On the way home, I stopped at her house again and made a quick look around in the bedrooms for places to hide some surveillance electronics. I thought it might be a good idea to have some back-up in case Carol tried anything unexpected.

Thoughtfully, I snagged a pair of little girl panties out of the hamper in the kids bathroom for later. Just something to keep my interest.

When I got back to the house, I was pleased to note Carol's panties still on the door knob and her shoes on the floor.

The video was running and Carol was so entranced she didn't even hear me come in. One hand held the remote and the other was up under her skirt. I stopped just inside the door to watch for a minute, just long enough to see her pause the video twice and furiously work her pussy each time.

She jumped and dropped the remote on the couch when I cleared my throat.

"OK, Carol. Here's the deal. You tell me everything. I mean everything. If I think you're holding out on me in any way, everything I have goes to Ray. I'll bet he would love to get something like this on you and I'll give it to him in a heart beat."

I paused a moment for effect.


The woman was beaten and knew it. She had no more fight left. The wracking sobs were nearly as painful for me as they were for her but I didn't relent.

"Get your sorry ass over here!" I said as I sat down.

"On your knees." I commanded, pointing to the floor in front of myÊchair. "Now!"

She fell like a rock.

"Pull your skirt up to your waist." I said. "I want to see some bare ass while you spill your guts." She did. "Spread your knees." She did. I had a great view over her back of her heart shaped butt. Not as cute as her daughter's but damn close to it.

"Lay your head down right here." I directed as I patted my zipper. "Give me your hands."

"Now, start at the beginning and don't leave anything out." I turned her face gently to the side and stroked her hair.

The story I heard over the next two hours was nothing like I expected. I had been titillated, aroused, fascinated even, with what I had learned about the family over my back fence before. What Carol had to tell me was shocking.

"I don't know where to start." Carol said quietly.

I could only see the side of her face but I could tell she was having trouble gathering her thoughts. I needed her to admit her peripheral involvement with her children's sex play to drag her deeper into my plan.

"Why don't you tell me when you first saw Sean in a sexual way?" I thought the key to her cooperation was through some admission of her attraction to her adolescent son.

"He was sucking my husband's cock." She whispered.

It was all I could do to hide my reaction. This was not going where I thought it would. I petted her hair to soothe her. That statement had to be difficult for her.

"And... ?" I said. Leaving the pregnant pause for her to fill.

It was like a floodgate opened. She couldn't tell her story fast enough. I had some sense of what a priest must feel like taking confessions.

About three years earlier, around the time my wife was going terminal, Carol had come home unexpectedly. She had the girls with her, out shopping, and Ray had been home with Sean.

She stopped back at the house to let one of the girls use the bathroom on their way from one store to another and stumbled on Ray and Sean in the family's little home office. Gay porn was showing on the computer and her then eleven year old son was on his knees, sucking off her husband.

In shock, she quietly retreated, unnoticed. She got the girls back to the car and went about the rest of the day. Her secret knowledge eating away at her. Later, she realized she wasn't as outraged as a mother should be. The revulsion was mixed with a strange excitement at what she had seen.

Carol was deeply dissatisfied with Ray and had been for a long time. He had always been a barely adequate husband and a near disaster in the bedroom. His sexual performance had only barely been sufficient to sire their three offspring. She had suspected that he was bi-sexual if not outright gay. Her discovery gave her a possible exit from the marriage.

Over the next several weeks, she watched and waited. She was able to retrieve a lot of Ray's internet history. Even some photos he had taken of the boy. She found that her husband was grooming Sean carefully any time he could. Even at night, when he thought Carol was asleep, he was slipping into Sean's room for time alone with him. She was able to save several pieces of Sean's underwear with Ray's semen stains. Heavy stuff if she needed it in court.

When she thought she had enough evidence, she went to a trusted friend. A lawyer.

Ray caved without a fight.

The cover story, to save face, was the company secretary. The divorce was uncontested and Carol got all the assets. Ray got all the liabilities. Alimony, child support, and forfeiture of all rights to the children was the last straw.

Carol told me that she didn't even know where Ray was, or even if he was still alive. She just didn't care. She was glad he was out of her life.

"But what about the thing with Abbey?" I asked. "How did that get started? When?"

"I'll get to that. There's more." She said quietly. Never looking up at me.

After Ray had quickly and quietly left, Carol had some serious problems with Sean. He started acting out. Big time. Temper tantrums at home. Fights at school. His grades dropped. She caught him slipping out of the house at nights more than once. He had just turned thirteen and was going through puberty, which just made matters worse.

Carol remembered that Ray had started showing Sean porn on the internet, and fearing for his safety if he continued going out alone, she bought him a computer. She helped him set it up in his room and gave him full access to anything out there in cyber space. The only caution was not to tell anyone his name or where they lived.

Carol secretly checked her son's on-line habits frequently. In addition to all the things a seventh grader would ferret out, like MySpace, FaceBook, uTube, etc, Sean quickly started visiting the porn sites Ray had shown him. Some gay, but mostly the routine, explicit hetero picture galleries that fill the web.

It seemed to work. Instead of tantrums, Sean would lock himself in his room. Because he had access to things most thirteen year old boys don't, he became very popular with his peers. No more fights. No more slipping out of the house at night.

Carol discovered Sean's budding sexuality intrigued her. She bored a tiny peep hole in the wall between her closet and his room so she could watch him masturbate. The idea of seducing him became an obsession with her but the associated feelings of guilt kept her from acting.

Over the next year and a half, Sean was very active in his room. Mostly solitary masturbation, but twice she had observed a circle jerk with several of Sean's junior high school friends. Once she caught Sean and a boy she'd never seen before sucking each other off. She later found that the kid was a MySpace buddy from a nearby town. Carol had neither encouraged or discouraged her son's involvements.

The previous winter, in a room-by-room painting project, Carol had had to double the kids up for a couple weeks. While the girls' room was being painted, she took Deed in with her and put Abbey in with Sean. Secretly, she had hoped something would develop between the two older siblings and she wasn't disappointed. A few days into the new sleeping arrangement, she discovered Sean showing his little sister some of the stuff he had found on-line.

Little Abbey had just turned eleven and was starting to show some signs of a budding sexual curiosity as well as the early growth in the places young girls grow at puberty. Carol had the "mother-daughter" talk with her about the birds and the bees. Not surprisingly, somewhat after the girl already knew most of it anyway. Carol thought she was obliged to at least act like it was important.

By the end of the first week, Carol found a smudge of blood and several semen stains in one of the beds. When she questioned Abbey, the girl got flustered and told some story about hurting herself. Carol went into a refresher lesson about how babies are made. As far as she could tell, that ended the attempts at penetration but other forms of sex play had continued.

That brought us up to the time I had accidentally discovered the goings-on in the little secret play area over my back fence.

Except for Carol's distinctly un-motherly interest in her son's spent semen. That part of our saga intrigued me and I intended to delve into it with her soon.

Carol was still kneeling quietly between my legs with her skirt hiked up around her waist showing her cute little naked ass. During the time she had told me all about her recent family history, she had sometime spread her knees on the soft carpet and one of her hands had drifted un-noticed down between her legs. Her head was turned and the side of her face rested comfortably on my lap, over my pubic area.

I wasn't turned on by what my pretty little neighbor had related, because my mind was going a mile a minute. All this had to be handled just right. With any luck at all, I could get some premium pre-teen pussy. And maybe more, much more. With a mother and three kids, the possibilities were endless.

"OK, Carol." I said. "Everything is going to be just fine. You've done the right thing."

"What about the other girl? Deed?" I asked. "Is she involved in any way."

"No. Not that I know about at least. Not yet anyway." She left that hanging like there might be future possibilities even with her seven year old.

I soothed her. She had been crying at times, nearly uncontrollable sobbing that I had waited patiently to end. It was hard for her to dredge up the stuff she had told me. When I had started with her, I had intended to bully her into doing my bidding. Now I thought it was entirely possible she could become a willing accomplice.

"What about Sean's cum?" I asked. "Why do you wallow in it like you do? I've seen you even push it up into you at times. Why?"

"His, uh ... a ... I, I don't ... baby." She was mumbling.

"Tell me. What is it?" I pushed some more. I felt that it was an important part of her story.

Carol pulled herself up straight but still looked down at my lap.

Then she stepped off the cliff.

"I wanted to have another baby." She whispered. "I want a baby so bad it hurts sometimes. I didn't even care if it was my own son's child in me."

I lay awake most of that night, mulling over what I had learned about the neighbors over the back fence. I was old enough, and had been around enough, to know that there should be nothing in human nature to surprise me. But I had been surprised. The almost confessional revelations by Carol had not only been unexpected, they opened up a whole new world of future possibilities.

I decided that the best approach would be to consider Carol and her children as potential victims and take advantage of the situation. I would start with her and work down. I needed her to be an active, guilty party from the start.

I think she was surprised, maybe even disappointed that I didn't try to fuck her that first day. I could have, in retrospect. She was ripe. I didn't, primarily because I wanted her daughter. Maybe daughters. Plural. I would toy with her but I had other interests.

I summoned her the next day to test my influence. She was at my front door in less than ten minutes. She got flustered in the foyer but, after some hesitation, removed her shoes and panties as I had instructed. I noticed the panties were much flimsier than the ones from the day before.

I was dressed and didn't do anything to change that. In my family room, I sat and indicated for her to kneel between my legs. She did. I pulled her head down onto my lap so her cheek rested on my pubic area. We sat like that for over and hour while I outlined my plan for her and her family. I didn't go into detail but she got the general idea that I would become an important feature in their lives. More than an "uncle" but less than a "daddy".

Before I dismissed her that afternoon, I gave her instructions to get full frontal nude photos of each of the children. I didn't care how she did it, they could even be asleep, I just wanted her overt complicity. If she brought me incriminating material, she was screwed way beyond what I could have done to her by bending her over and taking her sexually. I would have her mind as well as her body.

I gave her a small digital camera and three days to get the pictures.

She called me the second day to ask when we could meet again. I put her off a day because of other commitments, and asked her to bring Sean with her the following day. I could tell even over the phone that she wasn't pleased. She hadn't expected something like that. She didn't want her son directly involved so soon. I wanted her off balance. I hung up without explaining.

The following day, when I answered the door, she was there. With her son. She looked like she had been crying. He just looked like any other dumb teen aged kid.

I didn't make it easy for Carol. She was a mess. I was thrilled.

We stood in the foyer for what must have seemed forever to the poor woman. I finally guided Sean into the family room but looked over my shoulder at Carol, the glance was enough. She hesitated long enough behind us to strip her undies and kick her shoes.

I sat in my usual chair, letting Carol swing in the wind. She had no idea where this was all going.

I opened my knees and waited. This was the big test. I told Sean if he wanted a soda, they were in the refrigerator in the kitchen and while he was there to get me a beer.

As Sean left the room, I simply pointed to the floor in front of me. Carol crumpled into place. She was crying already.

"Did you get the pictures?" I asked.

She nodded. "The camera's in my purse."

Sean chose that moment to return with the drinks in hand. He looked startled when he saw his mother on her knees between mine but I didn't slow down. Waving him over to get my beer, I told him to hand me Carol's purse from the couch.

I sort of dismissed him, ignored him really, for the few minutes it took to review the pictures Carol had taken for me. He couldn't see, of course, and I didn't offer. Carol knew what was there and I wasn't surprised. Several pictures of the girls in the bathroom and a few of Sean, obviously asleep with the covers pulled back. Being a teenager, he was erect in a couple of them.

"Nice job, Carol." I said.

She whimpered. She still didn't know what I had in mind.

"You stay right there." I said to her as I stood and turned toward the door to the back yard. "I want to talk to Sean in private."

He followed me out onto the patio. We left his mother kneeling on the floor in front of my chair.

"Sit down." I commanded once we were outside. Sean was as compliant as his mother and he didn't even know the score yet. He was going to get the first couple of bars. Damn soon.

We were sitting across from each other at the small picnic table at the edge of the flagstone deck. I wanted something between us for the next phase in case he went crazy.

"You like fucking your sister?" I asked quietly.

Dead silence for several seconds, followed by a choking sound.

Before he could even get past the shock, I hit him again.

"I have video of you and Abbey in your little play house. Naked. Doing all kinds of terrible things. You sick little pervert. How could you do something so horrible?"

If he only knew what I was planning he would have doubled up in laughter. He didn't have a clue. It looked like he was going to either puke or pass out.

"I've already told your mother. She's devastated. I'm trying to help her through this."

By this time, the kid was whipped. His head was down on his crossed arms and his body started racking in sobs.

"You stay right there, you little shit. Don't move a muscle."

I went back inside and, straddling Carol, sat back down in my chair. I pulled her head down into my lap.

"Let him sleep with you tonight but just cuddle him and tell him you understand and will try to forgive him. I'm his worst nightmare right now. I want you to become his best friend and safe haven."

I stroked the side of her face. I was hard as a rock and considered using her mouth but resisted.

"Take him home, he's had a bad day."

I pushed Carol gently away. "Make sure he sees you take your panties off the door knob on the way out. Don't explain, just put them on and leave."

I led Carol out the back door to her devastated son. He was exactly where I left him. She went to him and held him close. Under different circumstances, it would have been a tender scene. Knowing what I had planned for them, it was strangely erotic.

"Sean." I got the boy's attention as he stood. "Be back here at nine tomorrow morning. I have some things for you to do." He didn't look up at me but I gave his mother the signal to take him away. She did.

I figured that with mom totally dominated and son scared to death, the battle was nearly over. The little girls would be easy if I could get Carol and Sean under control. The next couple of days would tell the tale and I hadn't done anything illegal. So far.

When Sean showed up promptly on time the next morning, he didn't know what to expect. He mowed the lawn. He swept the garage. I wasn't real sure how to handle him but his easy submission to anything I told him to do gave me a hint of the route to take. We didn't talk about what had happened the day before.

About noon, I fed him lunch. Typical teen aged boy stuff. Then we had a shower together. I thought it was time to test him a bit. He didn't flinch when I told him to strip and I did the same. I didn't do anything with him, just showered naked. When we were through with the shower, i gave him one of my wife's old robes that just about fit him and took him into the living room.

I sat in my usual chair and with a simple gesture, put him on his knees between mine where he had already seen his mother.

Then we talked. I showed him a few minutes of the videos I had taken of him and Abbey at play just to make sure he knew I wasn't bluffing. I gave him a simple choice. Do what I wanted or I would rat him out to his school, his friends, his family, the world if necessary.

Sex with little boys isn't really my bag but the power was exciting. I didn't at first intend to do that but as I got more into taking control of him that morning, I quickly changed the plan.

He was so meek, I felt the rush. I was just going to show him the videos I had of him with his sister and threaten to call in the police. Or the school. Or his friends. When I realized how malleable he was it was easy.

"We can be friends if you want to be. Or we can be enemies. It's your choice." I told him. He only whimpered a bit but didn't pull back when I put my hand on his shoulder and guided him in close to my crotch. He lay his head down in my lap without being prompted. I stroked his hair.

"You miss your dad, don't you" I quietly stated. I thought I knew where his soft spot might be.

"I know what you used to do with him" I said. He flinched but then relaxed. "You miss that too, don't you Sean?" I asked quietly. He didn't speak but after a long pause, nodded his head.

Knowing what I was going to do next had me already nearly erect. Just a tug of my robe brought my warm flesh to the side of Sean's face. He knew but didn't look up or pull away.

"Now" was all I said. The boy sobbed as he turned to my hardening cock.

Tears trickled down his cheeks the whole time he sucked me off that first time. They were more tears of gratitude than remorse though, because after that first day with me he was a compliant, complacent partner in anything I did with him. I did a lot.

I comforted him for a long time afterwards while he gently suckled my softening member. He quieted and seemed to nearly go to sleep there on his knees between mine. I explained to him that we would continue the relationship just this way for as long as I wanted. I told him to stay away from his sisters in any sexual way or he would pay a terrible price. I didn't tell him my plans for them.

I also told him that I intended to start a relationship with his mother, possibly to the point of marrying her. He didn't seem surprised.

Sean was not going to give me any problems.

I took Carol to dinner that night. It was like any first date. Dinner in a nice restaurant, a walk in the park, a kiss at the door.

Over the next several days, I summoned young Sean to service me on two more occasions. That first time, I had instructed him on the proper etiquette for his visits. Similar to what I insisted on for his mother but for the boy I demanded total nudity while in my house. The longer I played games with him, the more erotic I found him. I even toyed with the idea of totally feminizing him but had other plans so settled for simply dominating him.

The second time, Carol, his mother, answered the phone when I called for him. I asked her if she had any lubricant in the house, like KY or petroleum jelly. She said she had KY. I told her to give it to Sean to bring to me. She knew immediately what I had planned for her son. I could hear her breath catch as she hung up the phone.

I was brutal the first time I fucked Sean. It was something that had been growing on me. The more I mistreated the boy, the more I liked it. I took him like a little fairy. On his belly, butt in the air. I hurt him even with his mother's KY lubricating the way. As I reached my peak, I bit down on his shoulder so hard the marks lasted weeks. He screamed into a pillow as I pounded my cock into him, filling his bowels with my seed. I comforted him after and noticed he had ejaculated onto the sheet in his agony.

I called Carol while Sean slept after the painful rape, and told her to take him to her bed again that night. She was to tend his wounds, both on his shoulder and in his anus. If he erected, she was to masturbate him to completion but neither suck nor fuck him. She did as instructed and they had their first sexual intimacy that night.

I slipped in and took several pictures of Carol and Sean sleeping together that night. I pulled the covers down and found him completely naked and Carol in only a tiny pair of pink panties. She had spooned up to him in her sleep and held his spent package in her hand. I noticed a wad of wet tissues on the night stand. Apparently little Sean was a repeater after cumming on my sheets earlier.

One day the next week, with the kids in school, Carol helped me install cameras in her bedroom and in her daughters' room. She needed to be fully aware of everything I did from there on so she would be just as implicated as I would be in all we did together. I was pretty sure Carol was well on her way but every chance I had to drag her deeper, I took. She even suggested some of the camera hiding locations so we could get the best possible coverage.

I told Carol to start encouraging the girls to sleep nude. And for her to do the same as an example. Family nudity was going to be a big part of their lives for a very long time if I had my way about it.

I proposed to Carol the afternoon we installed the hidden video cameras. We were laying naked on Abbey's unmade bed where I had just fucked her for the first time. She was in her period and we made a bloody mess of the girl's sheets.

We set the wedding date for Christmas vacation, two months away, so the kids could go on a short honeymoon with us. My new fiance left all the planning details for me. She was so excited about having a man in her life again, she would have agreed to almost anything.

With Carol and Sean well under my control, I turned my attention to the girls. Naturally, Abby being oldest would get the most and earliest attention. I carefully explained my vague plans to Carol a week or so after our engagement. I expected some resistance when I mentioned my thoughts of eventually impregnating Abby. And possibly Diedre sometime in the future. She just looked down at her hands.

"What about me?" She asked.

"I want you pregnant when we get married."

She looked at me with a sudden mix of disbelief and utter giddiness. Like a child on Christmas morning opening a gift that is exactly what they want. Any misgivings about my plans for her daughters, instantly forgotten.

Carol jumped into my lap and began to cry a river of tears down the side of my neck. She almost didn't hear the rest of what I had to say.

"Take Sean to your bed again tonight."

She pulled back in shock. He eyes still full of tears and her mouth open and wet.

"Keep him out of school the rest of the week. You will be at your peak in the next few days and I want you to stay full of his cum. Fuck your son as many times as the little shit can get it up."

"You can't mean... !?" Carol was dumfounded.

"I do mean." I said. "I want you pregnant with Sean's baby as soon as possible."

It took a while for the idea to soak in to Carol's confused mind. "Why Sean? Why not you?"

"Simple." I replied. "It binds us all together in what we are doing. If you or Sean ever decide to cause me a moments grief, I just ask for paternity tests on the child and let you two answer the embarrassing questions that will be asked. When I start fucking Abby, I want there to be absolutely no chance of cold feet on anyone's part."

"Anyway, it shouldn't matter to you. Didn't you tell me you wanted a baby bad enough to get pregnant with your own son's sperm?"

Carol couldn't deny my logic. She took a deep breath and let it out. With her arms around my neck, she said: "OK, I'll do it."

"See, baby." I said, trying to lighten the moment. "Didn't I promise to start making some of your dreams come true?"

We sat quietly for awhile, both deep in thought. I broke the silence with another bit of news for Carol.

"I'm taking Abbey out to dinner tonight. Have her ready by six. I'll pick her up."

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