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Romantic Sex Story: Her husband leaves; she has only an on-line friend to turn to but he's there for her and sees her through it.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .


The e-mail message was terse but expressed a huge range of emotions to him. It read simply:

"He left me!"

The pain of the note from Jane, or Janie as he'd called her in all of their correspondence was palpable, it screamed from the computer screen at him. It had been a long while, since they'd corresponded and it was rather a surprise for him to see in his inbox that there as a message from Jane Warner. He smiled when he saw it and was smiling still up until he read the message.

He sent a note back to her immediately, as though there had been no hiatus at all in their writing to each other.

He'd come into contact with Janie, when she wrote reacting positively to one of his stories posted on He answered her note and they struck up a conversation. It turned out, in the process, that she was feeling a bit frustrated with her relationship with her husband and was seeking, what she called 'an online master.' He wasn't sure that he was all that good for such a position but was certainly willing to try. And it had been fun: Calling her at work and ordering her to pull her skirt up to her waist, while she worked and at times, pull her panties down to her knees or play with herself a bit at her desk.

Soon enough his instincts prompted him to 'order' Janie to turn her seething sexuality toward her husband and make overtures and declarations to him about her hidden subservient self, openly.

It apparently worked extremely well and a new basis for the relationship was established. After that, he knew, he was really no longer necessary. The 'online master' gig was finished for them and they lapsed into a friendship but one that naturally seemed to be less and less important to her busy life.

Now some kind of crisis was at hand and he responded:

"Why? When did he leave? Where is her going? Talk to me, Janie."

The note from her came back immediately:

"Oh, Matt, I'm not sure of all of it. He talked about 'room', 'space', settling issues and the like. He said that he was going on an assignment that would have him gone for 6 months and didn't know but didn't think he'd be back in any event. I asked him if there was another woman involved but he didn't answer that one. I suspect that there was, however. Oh, Matt, what am I going to do?"

His next note to her read:

"First of all, you're going to call me. My number is ###." Then he said to her simply, falling rather quickly into a kind of former master-slave/sub kind of dialogue:

"Call me, do it, Janie."

She did. It was hardly fifteen minutes and the phone rang. The voice on the phone was that of a young woman. But he'd been aware of the fact that Janie was a good 20 years younger than he.

"Matt?" the teary voice said into the phone.

"Hi, honey," he said. "How are you doin', sweetie?" he then asked.

"I'm terrible, Matt, just terrible!" she replied.

"I know," he said, "But look, we'll get through this and see it straightened out; I promise you that."

"Do you hear me?" he asked then.

"Yes, sir, Matt, I hear you," she responded, falling into her old method of calling him 'sir'. That part felt good to him but he pushed it away quickly, in his concern for her.

She started to cry again. He let her cry for a few minutes and then spoke to her again:

"Have you made any decisions about what you're going to do?" he asked.

Her crying slowed down then and she said:

"Yes, I'm going away. Just to get away somewhere, where it's new and different, somewhere to think for just a bit."

"Sounds like a good plan, sweet puss," he said.

Then he pressed her, knowing full well that if there were any plans and they weren't completely thought out, they might turn out to be futile plans after all:

"When are you going? Where are you going?"

"I've gotten a leave from work," she said, "They're being very nice about it. So, I have a week or so. And I don't know where I'll go..." then she lapsed into the weeping again.

When her crying slowed down this time, she said to him:

"I have no where to go! I have no where to go where anyone would want me! Ohhhhhh, Matt!"

He broke into her weeping and said to her:

"Janie, listen to me; are you listening?"

"Yes, sir," she said, "I am."

"Good," he responded. "Get you things packed; go to the airport. There will be a ticket waiting for you to Kansas City. I'll meet you at the airport. Is that clear, honey?" he said.

"Yes, sir, clear!" she answered, and then said: "Oh, Matt, can I really come and see you?"

"Of course, Janie," he answered. "The ticket will be for a flight this afternoon. Call me, when you get to the airport and get the ticket."

"I will, I promise," she said. "Matt, Matt, this makes me feel so much better. You're sure this is going to be alright?"

"I am positive," he said, "We'll work this out one way or the other. You just come here."

He did get her phone call early in the afternoon.

"Matt," she said, composed now, "I'm at the airport and I have the ticket. This is so wonderful, Matt, so wonderful! I'm not sure that I can adequately thank you."

"Just get on the plane, Janie, and don't worry about thanks at this point," was his directive before she hung up.

Of course he realized that she knew vaguely what he looked like; she'd seen a photo of him once. But he'd never seen one of her. He simply decided to have a sign with 'Ms. Jane Warner' on it, and he'd described the blue blazer and grey slacks that he'd be wearing, as well as his white beard and hair.

He was a bit nervous about it, not knowing what she looked like, as he stood waiting for her group to de-plane. He had his sign and held it out to the crowd, when an auburn haired young woman in a summer dress smiled at him from the group and nodded. He quickly disposed of the sign and turned to meet Janie. He had the immediate thought that she was lovely, and wondered what the husband must have been thinking about in going off.

He stood and waited for her to come to him, and realized that she was unsure of herself. As she approached, he held out his arms to her and with a great sigh, she went into his arms, sobbing against the front of his coat.

"Oh, Matt," she sighed, "Is this really you?"

"In the flesh," he said, "Welcome to the mid west, sweetheart."

"This is so good," she said, still into his coat, "It's way beyond good. I didn't know what to do at all, just didn't know."

"We'll work that part of this out," he said, "But first let's get your luggage and we're out of here."

Matt lived about a half hour away but first wanted to take her for dinner, since it was already pressing six o'clock. They had a pleasant dinner, and she kept her composure. They were in a secluded kind of table in a lovely Italian place.

She went through the situation again with him, telling him what she knew about it. But it had apparently caught her by surprise. Her husband's six month job, which took him away, had been a total surprise to her. There was a great deal that was left unknown.

"I did find this on the computer that he uses," she said, handing Matt a piece of paper.

It was an e-mail message that simply said: "I can't wait to be with you." It was signed: Sylvia.

"I see," Matt said, guiding Janie out of the restaurant, knowing that showing him the e-mail note would cause her to lose her control. He was right.

They sat in the car, while he let her cry for a while, leaning against his shoulder. She finally stopped and said to him:

"I'm being useless here, all I've done, since I contacted you by e-mail is cry."

"You've had a trauma," he said.

"But you're being so nice, Matt; this ... all this is just so considerate!"

"We're friends," he said. "The first thing is to simply let you settle down and handle the shock of this situation. The change of scene was maybe a good way for you to do that."

"Yes," she said, "Thank you for that; but you always did know what to do and what to have me do, did't you?"

"Well," he said, "I thought that we had you on the right track for you, that's for sure.

"So did I," she said ruefully, then with a snort she reached down and removed the ankle bracelet that she had from her husband. She said nothing; she just put it into her purse.

"We'll go home now," he said.

"Oh, I'm putting you out!" she cried.

"Not at all," he said. "I just want to get you settled and let you get some needed rest. You've had a shock today and will need it."

"Thank you, sir," she said, leaning over and kissing his hand.

She reacted positively to his rather large house. "This is lovely," she said.

"It's big," was his reply, "But I like a big house, and cats."

"Yes," she agreed, "I"m a cat person too." She scratched the head of a little tabby that was rubbing against her ankles as she spoke.

He took her upstairs and showed her to one of the guest rooms and showed her the guest room bathroom, which was between two of the bedrooms.

"You'll be comfortable here," he said. "Get yourself settled, and I'll bring you a glass of sherry. It'll settle you down for bed. You need, first of all, a good night's sleep."

"Yes, sir," she said and put her arms around his neck. "This is so nice, Matt; I can't, can't say that enough. This is so nice of you."

He kissed the top of her head and said: "I'll bring you the sherry."

When he did, he said to her:

"Call me during the night, if you need anything. I'm just down the hall. I need to do a few things but will be ready to turn in, in about a half hour myself."

He gave her a 'goodnight' kiss on the cheek and left her to settle herself in.

He did his pre-bedtime work and then went about closing the downstairs up, and locking doors, putting off lights etc.

He snapped off the hall light and opened the bedroom door and stopped dead in his tracks. There she was. She was kneeling at the foot of the bed, totally naked. Her hands were clasped behind her head, like a prisoner. Her back was bent just a little causing her large breasts to stick out, with nipples that were hard and excited.

"I'm ready for you, Master," she said simply.

His reaction caused him to be silent at first. She was at that point in the life of a woman, when perfection, physical perfection is at hand, near at hand. She had shed the callow thinness of the young girl and had not yet moved into the overripe, yet glorious maturity that a woman possesses into the fifties and later. From any given person's point of view, each of these stages in the development of a woman was prone to perfection but Janie was right there at that time and place, and Matt was halted and rendered speechless.

"Master?" she said.

"Oh, Janie," was his answer, "You don't have to do this for me, love; you just don't!"

"Yes, yes," she said with a sob, "You see for some reason he didn't want me and I need to know, need to find out if it's something about me. I need this, Matt, Master, I need this."

"Of course you do," Matt said, going to the bed, where he sat down and ran a hand over her breasts, and then down her back and over the slope of her ass cheeks.

"Then rest your upper body on the bed, love and listen to me carefully!" were his next words.

He moved out to the edge of the bed a bit, where he had better access to her, as she knelt there in the position that he had chosen for her. Her upper body was on the bed, splaying her ass out a bit more and a bit higher for him, and his inspection. She was nervous about it but felt a need for this.

"Janie, Janie," he began, in a soft voice almost cooing at her, "You are physical perfection itself! You are the essence of the full woman, not skinny, thin hipped, or bud breasted. You have a generous, lovely, round ass that almost pouts at a person who's looking at it. You have large, sloping tits with dark and expressive nipples. The strength of your thighs, hiding your pubic beauty are enough to write biblical epigrams about for the 'Son of Songs'. That's the way that you are."

Her voice was soft and almost very far away, as she said:

"Then why doesn't he want me? After the way that I offered myself, my physical self, my allegiance? After the way I offered, asked even to be his sex slave? Why?"

"I don't think that it's an understatement to say that your husband is acting out of confusion. It's not unusual for a person, let's say a man, to not know the glory of the woman who loves him, until he wanders and finds others women who don't possess or at least impress upon him the same kind of glories that his wife already had."

He hesitated a few moments, stroking her ass cheeks idly and admiring the view completely.

"I really believe, sweet puss," he finally went on, "That he's going to run into that comparison with whomever he's with like running into a blank wall, and he'll be calling and, unless I have no sense of human interaction at all, begging to be forgiven and to be taken back."

There was silence then broken only by her sobbing into the bed.

He went on:

"That's what I believe and so, you don't need to do this, beautiful woman, gorgeous woman, perfect woman, you just don't!" he ended saying this by planting a kiss on her ass just above the crack of her ass.

"I do, Matt," she said, "I know that I do; this is kind of a way for me to have courage, to have some confidence again. You're the only person that I can trust now. This is important."

She lifted her head and looked at him with a grin on her face:

"And besides, now you get to have a photo of me with only my pink panties on!"

He laughed:

"Janie, my Janie, you are giving for this time, what I believe will be this limited time, the greatest gift possible to this old man!"

"Master, you're not old!" she objected. "Sorry to contradict you, sir."

"That's not a problem, Janie," and now he was grinning at her full out. "Tomorrow morning I'll spank you for that."

Janie made an 'eep' sound and put her face down into the covers again.

"Well, come with me, sweet puss," he said taking her hand in his, "It's shower time. Just keep in mind in what we do, after the shower that I am in my 60's."

"You are wonderful!' she said to him, kissing him now.

"Look who's calling me wonderful!" he said with a laugh, "Ms. Tits and Ass of the World!"

"What a lovely name!" she said, and then walked off to the bathroom, saying as she went:

"This walk is for you, Master."

It was exaggerated, her hips swung, her ass cheeks jiggled. He got the full treatment from her.

"My god, Janie," he said, "You are perfection itself."

She grinned at him and gave him an air kiss, as she went into the bathroom.

They took time in the shower washing each other. When they were finished and were dried off, she waited for him to give her directions.

"Go into the bedroom again, and assume the same position. On your knees at the foot of the bed with your upper body resting on the bed itself," he said to her.

"Yes, sir," she said and went, smiling as she went.

His eyes were as full of her naked loveliness as the room was dominated by her naked presence.

"Well, Matt," he said audibly to himself, "Live a little, kid!"

He entered the bedroom smiling only to find her there in the position that he'd ordered and ready for him.

"Look, just look at the ass on you," Matt said with a heavy sigh.

She just looked up from the bed and smiled at him, giving him another air kiss.

He settled on the floor behind her magnificent ass and began with a simple quick kiss on each of her ass cheeks. He continued to kiss her ass, moving his hands up and around, covering the area from the back of her thighs up and over the ass cheeks to the waist above her ass crack. His hands moved constantly but he continued to place kisses on her ass, as he went.

Then he got a special frenzied noise from her, as he put his hands on her ass and separated the cheeks, so that he could begin to kiss the inner walls of her ass crack.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Matt!" she sighed, as he progressed in his kissing of her inner ass cheek walls.

"My, sweet Janie likes that?" he asked.

"Your sweet Janie is yours to do whatever you want with!" she said fervently.

"Never thought this day would come," he mused, going back to the ass kissing.

He stuck his tongue out then. She fairly wailed at him:

"What? What are you going to ... what are you doing now?"

He laughed. "You are so much fun to play with, Janie. I'm going to kiss your ass hole!"

"Eeeeeeeeeeek!" she squealed into the bed spread, as he kept his promise and placed a kiss directly onto her ass hole.

He grabbed her ass then and moved it a bit so that it was a bit higher in front of him.

"What now?" she said almost in a voice of distress.

"Just accessing your pussy!" he said to her.

"Awwwwww, Matt!" she crooned, as his tongue now moved on and was lapping at her pussy lips from behind.

He continued to lick at her pussy lips, inserting his tongue into her pussy from behind.

She rasped at him: "Matt, Matt, sir, Master, do something for yourself. Please!"

"Darlin'," he began. "When I do, the game is over for me; I'm not young enough to have the stamina to get erection after erection!"

"Oh," she squealed, "This is wonderful!"

"Does he?" he asked.

"No," she said, "He hasn't."

"Then this is one of the conditions for taking him back!" Matt said, "He must satisfy you this way."

"Oh, Matt, do you really think that it will ... he will?" she said.

"I don't doubt it; Janie, who can stand a comparison with what I'm seeing and playing with, and licking right now? He''ll call."

"Oh, I don't give a damn," she said, "Right now all that's important is what you're doing to me."

"Well," he said then, "Let's keep on doing it."

He was entering his tongue farther and farther into her pussy and reached up and grabbed hold of one of her nipples with his searching fingers.

Her response was galvanic! She squealed into the bed spread.

"You make such nice noises, Janie!" he said to her.

"You make me make such nice noises, Matt, Master," she sighed and continued her wailing into the bed spread.

His tongue reached out far enough then to contact her clit. Janie exploded right then and there. She had an orgasm that had her quivering, and shaking, and sweating, and moaning and groaning and yelling.

When it ended she said earnestly:

"Master Matt, I am yours to command! I will do anything for you."

"Then I want to look into your eyes, your face, when I make love to you," he said, and hauled her up onto the bed, settling on top of her.

He made slow love to her then, interspersing it with kisses and words of love and encouragement.

She whispered to him, as he loved her, "Matt, you are wonderful! Doing this, helping me! Wonderful!"

He managed a laugh and said: "But Janie, when or how often does a codger like me get to love a babe, a real and true babe like you? This is one of life's greatest gifts! And I will see you through this and back with that errant husband of yours, when he begins to appreciate you properly."

"Oh, Matt," she said, softly, "It's so lovely to hear you say that."

Then she held him as he had his own orgasm and, in time, rolled over onto his back and lay there.

Her response then was: "Master, let me clean you."

She moved over and took his, now flaccid, prick in her mouth and cleaned it thoroughly.

"If I were 20 years younger," he said, "I'd be ready to go again."

"I don't want you 20 years younger," she said kissing his stomach. "I want you bearded, with white hair and a whitish gray beard, and wise and compassionate. I want you just as you are, Master, sweet Master, my Matt."

Then she added with a yawn: "Oh, I'm tired and that all was lovely, lovely. Hold me tonight."

"Of course, Janie," he said and gathered her to himself on the bed.

In the morning he slept a bit later than she. She giggled, when first awake, she noticed that he was sleeping with a raging hard on. She slipped into place and took the head of it into her mouth. It took him a few minutes to realize what was happening.

"Oh my god!" he said. "I've always wanted, wondered how that would feel! That's wonderful."

"Good to have your slave in bed with you!" she said grinning and going back to the blow job, moving her head slowly up and down on his prick, pulling the skin along with her mouth with each movement, jerking him off with her mouth.

"Very good," he replied.

She lifted her head and said to him:

"Matt, Master, I love you for doing this for me."

Then she lowered her head and continued her work. She crept her lips along the surface of his cock, inching her way toward the muscles of his stomach with her lips. She finally reached her goal and was able to kiss his stomach muscles with her lips, the cock being buried in her mouth and the entrance of her throat.

"Look, Ma, no hands," she said, grinning, having taken her head off of the cock to mug for him.

"Suck my cock!" he said in a waspish voice.

"Oh, yes, sir," she said quickly, "He gets so testy, when his blow job is interrupted."

He was grinning at her, as she blew him an air kiss and captured his prick once again in her mouth. Now she brought him to a climax. He stiffened on the bed, thrusting his hips into the air and toward her face and her working mouth. He reached down and grabbed her by the hair and pushed his prick into her mouth, causing her to momentarily gag. She settled into it again and took his load into her mouth and down her throat.

When his spasms were all done, he lay there with his eyes focused on her. She lay with her head on his stomach and was licking at his cock and smiling up at him.

"I swear, Janie," he said, "You are the totally perfect woman!"

"You talk so nicely to me," she said softly, much affected by what he'd said.

"I only speak the truth to you," was his answer, and she began to weep again.

He pulled her up to him, snuggling her into his side with her head on his chest, kissing her forehead.

"This will come out right," he said.

"You promise?" she said softly.

"I promise," he said, "I really don't believe that he's going to pass up a woman like you for anyone else. I don't know what his confusion is but being away from you will bring back his perspective. You'll see. Meanwhile, coffee or tea?"

"Oh, coffee," she said, "But I should be serving you."

"I know where everything is," he said, "You come along and remain naked and inspire me for the day."

"Yes, sir,"she said happily, getting out of bed and padding along with him, as he went to the kitchen.

He wore green silk pj bottoms and kept his eyes focused on the beauty of her ass as they went along.

"My, Janie, quite an ass," he quipped.

She swung her hips from side to side, grinning back at him over her shoulder, as she went.

They made plans for the day, while they had coffee. He told her that, since she was new to the mid west, he wanted to take her for a memorable ride down into the flint hills of Kansas.

Then he smiled at her and said:

"There is one little item that I promised that needs taking care of."

She was mystified at first but then blushed and let out an 'eeep'.

"That's right," he said, smiling. "Take a kitchen chair into the living room and put it in the middle of the living room."

"You're going to spank me?" she asked.

"Exactly," he said.

"Oh dear!" she said then.

"Afraid?" he asked next.

"Afraid that you won't!" she said matching his smile.

She arranged the chair and he sat down patting his lap for her to come to him. She did as she was told and draped herself over his lap. Once she was arranged, he sat for a moment just looking down at her upturned ass and sighed.

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