The Unofficial Cheerleaders

by Jethro Shiloh

Copyright┬ę 2010 by Jethro Shiloh

Erotica Sex Story: Two nymphomaniac twin girls had desires to be cheerleaders. Their dream goal was to have sex with every member of the Football Team. They didn't make the team because of their reputation. To further their scheme they went to out of town games. The Team Mother, who was the Team's Chaperone, the two coaches and the Bus driver are drawn into their scheme. This is their story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Orgy   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   .


All characters are entirely fictitious, none under the age of 15.
This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit, or reposted elsewhere without the written permission of the author.

Two girls who were twin sisters, Connie and Ronnie, wanted to be Cheerleaders. They were Juniors in High School. However, since they claimed they had fucked every member of the football team the school didn't think they should represent the School. Most of the kids thought they were just bragging with no truth to the story. After all, how would anyone get away with fucking 25 boys on the football team? Of course, they would never tell when or where they did it.

The truth is always better than the rumors. The football team had gone to an out of town football game. The girls conned the boys into letting them ride the bus home. The fact that they were wearing tight T-shirts that amplified their big breasts may have helped. They promised them sex if they could get them on the bus.

The boys sneaked them on before most of the team and coaches got to the bus. They hid them in the back. Once the bus was rolling and they knew it was too late for them to get another ride the boys let the girls sit up. The goal of the two girls was to fuck as many of the team as they could get away with before the bus reached the school. Aside from the T-shirts, that didn't leave much to the imagination of horny high school boys, short skirts that hung about half way down their thighs and no panties attracted much attention.

One girl lay on the back seat and the other lay on the next to back seat. They took off their T-shirts to show their ample breasts and pulled up their skirts. The boys lined up and began fucking them one by one. The girls were moaning from the pounding of cocks in their pussies. When one boy finished he moved to the second girl and the next boy in line shoved his cock in the first girl. The assembly line worked good since each boy got to fuck both girls.

One of the mothers of a team member heard the commotion in the back so went back to see what was going on. When she saw the boys fucking the girls she stopped in her tracks and her mouth fell wide open. They were fucking her own twin daughters. Yet she couldn't take her eyes off the scene, two cocks pumping in and out of two sopping wet pussies and their breasts bouncing to and fro.

Her eyes were locked to the scene, the aroma of sex got to her and she began fingering herself. Her son, brother of the twins and one of the team members saw her actions and went over to her, pulled her hand away and shoved two fingers in his mom's pussy. She was startled by her son doing this but she was so hot she did not stop him.

Then he laid his mother on one of the seats and began fucking her. She was shocked her son was on top of her but when she felt his big 7-inch cock filling her pussy she relented. She loved it and began fucking him as hard as she could. The guys just stared unbelieving that Bob was fucking his own mother while her twin daughters were fucking the boys. It made the boys all that much hotter. Bob continued to pound his mom until she climaxed just as he shot a big load into his very own mom's pussy. It excited him so much that she shot a second load into her.

Now mom ended up in the rotation of being fucked by 25 boys. She made no effort to stop it and enjoyed every cock she could get in her pussy. Bob didn't stop there. He went back and fucked both of his sisters. They were at first shocked to find their brother on top of them but they liked the feel of his big cock so gave him an extra special ride of his life. You're shocked? You should have seen mom's face when I shoved my cock into her. Both girls said WHAT? You fucked mom? Yep, made her climax too. Wow is all they could say. He kissed both of them and said we should have done this before now but hope we can do this more often. They agreed and said anytime because now we don't have to worry about mom but we'll only have to worry about dad. Bob said if he knew you girls like he knows you now they would have dad in bed before the week is over and mom won't be able to object. Plus he will be able to fuck mom some more as well.

The two coaches heard the commotion in the back so went back to see what was going on. The first thing they saw was bare ass boys fucking. Then they saw it was the twins. Then more shocking they saw the twins mother, who was suppose to be a chaperone, fucking the boys as well. The head coach asked the twins how they got on here and did their mother know about this?

They said the boys sneaked them on and we didn't know mom was the chaperone so she knew nothing about it. We just love fucking and wanted to fuck as many of the team as we could stand. We can't do this at school or home so this was our one opportunity. The girls begged the coaches not to tell on them. If my dad finds out we'll be grounded for life and he might divorce our mom.

Then they turned to the mom and asked how could she do this. She said, first I had no idea my twin girls were on here until I heard the commotion. I came back here and saw them fucking like rabbits. As for me, when I was in high school I had always dreamed of fucking every member of the football and base ball teams but I never got the opportunity.

However, I did fuck the captain of the team, a couple of teachers and the Principal and made the Honor Roll and Validictorian. She said this was her dream and her twins have unwittingly helped her to achieve her dream. The twins and Bob all gasped hearing this story from their supposedly prim and proper mother. Now they know where their horny genes came from.

The two coaches had to think about all this. They went back to the front to discuss what to do. They said, this is big, with 25 boys, two girls and a mother it would be the scandal of the year and our school could lose accreditation, not to mention the support of the sports booster parents. Even worse the entire team would be expelled and we would lose our jobs. Perhaps we should make every effort to just keep this among ourselves.

Finally they returned to the rear where the boys were still fucking both girls and their mom. When those three boys finished the coach said hold on a minute. He spoke to the girls and their mother.

We decided it would hurt too many people, not just us, not just our losing our jobs, but would impact the whole school, the booster club, state financing and the entire team would be expelled. So if they would fuck them they would be just as guilty as the team, twins and Mom and wouldn't be able to turn anyone in. We must make sure this does not get around the school. Boys you can't brag about this, it will ruin everyone. Since some of the Seniors already had scholarships for college and knew they could lose them they readily agreed.

The twin's mom said, Wait ... what about the bus driver? Will he tell? He heard that and yelled back, not if I get a turn. The driver found a safe place to pull the bus off the road where no one would be around and went to the back and began fucking both girls. Then he started cumming in one girl then quickly pulled out and shoved his cock in the other girl and finished cumming. Connie said, don't forget to fuck mother and he said, why not and he shoved his cock in her already saturated pussy.

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