Even More Perversity of Incest

by werewolf

Copyright┬ę 2010 by werewolf

Incest Sex Story: this is really the continuation of "Perversity of incest" which i urge you to read first. i've had dozens of requests to finish it, so here it is.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   .


Katie looked at herself in the full length mirror and smiled, she looked good and she knew it in a black silk blouse and a black leather skirt, not a mini, but short enough to show off her long legs and long enough to hide the tops of her black hold up stockings.

Lounging in the doorway behind her I gave a wolf whistle and growled sexily making her shudder,

"Beautiful Princess" I smiled, "Just beautiful, you'll knock 'em dead"

"Just as long as you don't knock 'em dead Dave"

"Moi?" I laughed, "I'm not a soldier any more Princess, I'm a respectable business man"

"Ha" she scoffed, "You lot will always be soldiers, look at all the guys working for us Dave, how many of them aren't ex military?"

"Er none"

"And how many of you can sit in a pub with your back to the door?"

"All right, all right" I laughed, "Point taken, but you got to admit Princess, they're bloody good lads"

"They're great lads" she laughed and squealed as I put a hand under the back of her skirt onto the soft contours of her curvy little bottom,

"Stop it, we'll be late"

My hand slipped round to her groin and she moaned as I stroked the front of her filmy little g-string,

"David, don't darling, I'm wet enough now"

"See?" I laughed and kissed her neck softly, "You're just as horny as I am"

"Being around you gets me like that" she murmered, "Come on let's get this meeting over with, I want a nice long love in when we get back"

"You got it" I laughed and kissed her again as we walked out to my car.

We'd only been back a week after a three month holiday in France that had done both of us the world of good, we were fit and tanned and we'd thrown ourselves into work eagerly, Who Dares Security was going extremely well and we were starting to make some serious money at last, the meeting we were going to had been called by a member of the government charged with checking the security of the many Ministry of Defence depots around the country in light of the increased terrorist threat. Since my old C.O. had saved our bacon my naming the company on a list of preferred suppliers, we'd landed several smaller but still very good contracts, this was the big one though and if we landed it, we'd be made for life!

They were all there, the members of parliament, the senior army officers and the stenographers to take notes, we sat down and the chairman of the security committee thanked us for coming,

"I understand you're an ex member of The Regiment" he began,

"Yes sir" I replied, "As are most of my guards, hence the name"

"Yes I see, well let me get straight to the point, now unusually money isn't an issue, training and the use of firearms are issues"

"Firearms sir?"

"Firearms" he confirmed with a grim smile, "We are moving this thing up a notch or two, we have one hundred and fifty five M.O.D. sites dotted around the country, we require guards on site twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year, we expect you to pick the men and hand them over to us for a weapon training refresher course, we must insist on only ex forces personnel is that a problem?"

"No sir, I don't think so, but I guess we'd be looking at round about a thousand men, it'll take time"

"Of course, of course" he smiled, "Rome wasn't built in a day what?"

"I estimate six months sir before we're up and running"

"Well we'd like you ready in three months and to that end we've decided to second to you a senior officer who can iron out any wrinkles you may encounter with the military, ask the Colonel to join us please"

Colonel Fairweather, my old C.O. walked into the room with a nod to me and Katie and we spent the next two hours going through everything from personnel through firearms to training.

"Wow" I said as we drove out of the camp, "We've made it Princess, we're all going to be rich"

"A thousand men?" she said doubtfully, "Where the hell can we get a thousand men from?"

"Well I must know two hundred ex squaddies looking for work, not all of them from the Regiment I'll admit, but many of them went for selection and either failed through injury or just didn't quite make the grade, we'll do it kid, trust me"

She grinned at me, "I do trust you, you wally"

Her mobile rang then and she spent the rest of the journey talking to Claire who'd had to leave us in France to return to her job, we hadn't seen her since and both of us missed her.

She was still rabbiting on as we pulled into the yard we used as a base so I left her to it and went in to find John and Sandy sitting at their desks going over the staff rosters.

"Well?" they said it in unison like a bloody double act, but I just strolled over to my desk and pulled out a pack of cigarettes from the drawer,

"Anyone want one?" I asked and proceeded to light up,

"You break his arms mate and I'll break his legs" John said and Sandy nodded,

"Then can I shoot him?"

"Oh dear" I said grandly and put my feet up on the desk, "You know it's very unseemly to have three millionaires brawling in a dingy little office don't you?"

"Fucking ace mate" John yelled and Sandy let out a whoop of joy as he punched my arm good naturedly, I belted him back and the three of us hugged each other as we danced around the office like school kids.

Katie walked in then and giggled at our antics,

"I take it you're all pleased then" and got severely kissed by two hairy yobs.

She made us all a coffee then while we went over the problems of recruiting and training a thousand men.

"Three months?"

"We'll do it John" I said sounding more confident than I felt until Sandy pointed out that the government had decided to merge a few regiments together and that always meant a significant number of squaddies who would leave as soon as they were able.

"True" I agreed, "Although I'd prefer ex-Regiment guys, but as long as they're fit and not over forty, we'll take 'em, oh and there's one more thing, they have to be up to scratch with fire arms"

"What?" they looked incredulous, "Nobody carries guns in Britain!"

"Not even the old bill" Sandy pointed out,

Author's note.

For those who don't know this, only one police force in Great Britain carry guns routinely and that's the Police Service of Northern Ireland, which used to be known as the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

Old bill is a slang term for the Police.

"Yeah well the terrorist threat is being taken very seriously mate, all our guys have got to be armed, that's why we've got to move our base onto the camp, we've got to have uniforms as well so we need someone to design them for us"

"I can do that" volunteered Katie, "I'll get Claire to help me"

"In the meantime gents" I laughed, "Me and my lovely sister have got a house to view, so we'll leave you to it"

We hadn't, we were still in the cottage, where although I'd been compromised twice, we were reluctant to leave, Katie felt the same way about it as me, she loved that little place as much as me.

Parking the car outside on the road we walked in and I took her in my arms,

"Can we do it Dave?" she asked referring to the huge recruitment drive we faced for men,

"Who Dares Wins, kid" I laughed as I reached under her skirt, "We'll do it all right, but there are more important things on my mind at the moment"

She squealed as I eased her g-string down and off and pushed her back against the work top,

"Help, help me" she whispered, "I'm about to be raped"

Dropping to my knees, I kissed her upper thighs before moving up and using my tongue to part the lips of her sweet little sex,

"Mmm" I sighed, "Nectar" and I sucked eagerly at her plentiful juices as she sat back and wrapped her legs around my neck,

"Oh God" she moaned as I licked and slurped at her core, "Bed David, take me to bed, I want you inside me"

I stood up and stripped naked in record time, Katie shrugged off her skirt and blouse and wrapped her arms around me,

"Carry me" she breathed into my mouth,

I grinned remembering how I'd done it before and cupped her buttocks, she sighed with pleasure as she felt my prick nudging at her wetness and then when I picked her up and deposited her down on it, she squealed,

It slid right in and I began walking with her impaled on it, only her arms and my prick supporting her, she orgasmed after five steps on the stairs and orgasmed again as we reached the top, she lost control of her bladder as I walked along the landing and into the bedroom,

"Ready?" I laughed as I stood with my back to the bed,

"Fuck yes"

Slowly I fell back with her still clinging to me, her squeals became a scream as I landed on the bed and my prick rammed her savagely, she came yet again bouncing up and down on me and crying with pleasure,

"Ow you bastard" she hissed, "That hurt"

Struggling to my feet, I stood still again with her mouth locked onto mine,

"You're gonna kill me with your prick you bastard"

But this time as I fell, I came and gripped her hips while I jetted spurt after spurt into her writhing body.

"The bed's wet" she laughed after we'd got our breath back,

"So's the carpet"

"You made me wet myself"

"Dirty, dirty girl" I murmered and allowed myself to drift off to sleep.

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