Jenna and Juan

by jenna shoes

Copyright© 2010 by jenna shoes

Sex Story: This is a fantasy that I have discussed with an online friend Juan. He wants to defile me and turn me into his slut. He wants to make me experience his large dark endowment in front of my husband. so I wrote this little scenario for his pleasure and yours

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Interracial   White Female   Hispanic Male   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Size   .

My husband and I are in Vegas. He went to play poker while I was shopping.

We were to meet at our room at 730PM to gout for dinner and dancing. I am ready in my room as he comes in but to my surprise he is accompanied by 3 latin men. They are dressed well but seem a bit rough. My husband Tom introduces only one of them "This is Juan and his friends. I became friend with them while playing. We are going to have some drinks with them. I hope you don't mind"

"But honey we have reservations."

I am wearing my favorite party dress. It is green and black and made of silk. The high belt showcases my large breasts and makes my legs longer. The bottom of the dress stops about 2-3 inches above my knees. Since I am wearing my new knee high boots with 4" high heels, It pushes my butt higher and makes my legs look even longer. A bit of a naughty look but this is Vegas!

You smile at me as you look up and down my body. "Very nice to meet you Jenna"

You and your friends pull out some bottles and start pouring out glasses. Your two friends leave the room and close the door behind them.

"Well Tom, tell her, please Jenna sit in this armchair, relax"

"Tell me what honey?" "I'm sorry but I made a mistake. I bet more than I should have. More than we have."

"what? what is wrong with you? How much" "Well Juan has agreed to a payment plan. He knows we cannot pay the amount I lost. There is no way. We would lose the house, cars, everything and work for years to repay him"

"are you crazy? how could you do such a thing?"

"I had a few drinks and got carried away. Juan is offering an exchange and that is the only way we can save ourselves"

I become nervous and look at you smiling sitting there and back at Jim "what kind of exchange?"

"He saw you earlier and likes your style, He wants to have you, have sex with you. You can refuse but if you do him and his friends will find us. They will all rape you and probably kill us both."

"Yes Jenna, I like you, your classiness, I like the way you dress and carry yourself. I know you two will never pay me what is owed to me so that debt is not really existing. I am not a rapist either so I would like you to try to be as positive and willing as possible. I assure you, I will take care of you at each of our meetings as you deserve to be taken care of. My friends would not be so gentle and would abuse you like animals. So let's get to know each other better. Please have a cocktail"

"Jim, I ... how? will you let him? what does he mean at each of our meetings?"

"I'm so sorry my love but it will be a total of 3 nights"

"Please Jenna sit back down next to me and have a drink. It will relax you".

I come next to you and sit down. My head is spinning. I cross my legs and see you are looking at my boots and the nylon stocking on my thigh. My dress is short. I take the drink and gulp it down fast. It is strong but I need it. I feel strangely calm all of a sudden. "Jim, how do you know I will be safe?" "The agreement is I have to stay in the room and watch" "what? that is sick" "There is no other way, I am sorry"

"Yes Jenna. Jim thought he was a big man and got carried away. Now I will take care of his wife like she needs to be taken care of and he will watch to learn his lesson"

"Jenna? are you calming down now? that is the drug I put in the drink. nothing crazy, just to calm you down"

You start kissing my neck as Jim sits across the room. "So Jim, is this how your wife dresses to please you? you like when she wears boots? Now, this is all mine."

I sit on the sofa as you kiss my neck, pass your hand through my hair.

"Yes Jim, you have a fine ass wife. I will show her how a real man needs to take care of her"

"You will like it Jenna won't you? You are a bit scared now but once I have shown you what I can do, you will not want to stop"

I sit there, legs crossed on the sofa not knowing what to say or do. Jim is watching as your hand goes up my thigh and lifts my dress further. You feel the top of my stocking. "Nice, a real lady, sophisticated and all. Dressing sexy for her husband. Now you are all sexy for your real man"

I am still as your hand goes further up my thigh. I am still as you move on to my breast. My head tilts back in a mixture of disgust and fear, and could it be pleasure as you rub my nipple. "These nice breasts are natural Jenna. That is nice"

"Jenna stand up and dance for me" You turn the radio next to the sofa on. The music is R&B. I look at Jim. "Please honey do as he says"

I stand up on my high heel boots and straighten my dress. I start gyrating and moving timidly to the music.

"There you go Jenna" you encourage me. "Dance and show what a sexy lady you are, come close to me" I move near you and face you. You grab my hand and pull me closer. Your knee is between my legs as I dance in front of you. "Turn around Jenna" I turn and keep dancing but stop as I feel your hands roaming on my behind. The material of my dress being silky, it sends immediate signals to my skin and I shudder "Please go on Jenna, dance ". I feel my dress being lifted and your hands are now on my skin. I shake a little as you play with my garters. My ass is pushed high and tight by the high heels of my boots. "Damn Jenna you are one fine woman. I will show you what you deserve. You dress sexy, now show me how sexy you are. show me the sexy woman hiding inside this usually uptight lady. Dance, touch yourself" I rub my hands over my breasts and over my ass as I dance.

I dance, gyrating slowly still with my back turned to you. I feel your hands now grabbing my hips and going up. Finally your rough, strong hands cup my breasts and massage them. I slow down as having my breasts fondled in that way turns me on. You can feel through the silky dress that I am wearing a bustier with garters. I was dressed very sexy for my husband but now you will get to enjoy it.

"Take off your dress Jenna but keep dancing"

I pull my dress over my head trying to keep my balance. I look at Jim who seems frozen. I throw my dress on a chair.

I am now feeling more than naked wearing a black lace bustier with garters and stocking and boots.

"Yes Jenna, very nice, stay close to me. Sit on my lap now" I sit down sideways on your knees with my legs on one side, my boots touching the ground. I cross my legs trying to hide my crotch ... You kiss my neck and then my ear. Your hand rubs my breast again.and you pull one out of the bustier. Your fingers rub the nipple and then your lips nibble the tip. I shudder in pleasure.but try to hide it.

"Turn around Jenna and face Jim. And get closer babe"

I obey and turn around. You keep me from crossing my legs. I feel very vulnerable with my legs spread apart sitting on your knees. You pull me closer to you and pull my other breast from the bustier. You roughly massage both nipples making me fear that I will not hide my pleasure. As you nibble on one nipple, you start rubbing my behind, playing with the garters.

"Mmmm Jenna, your breasts are round and firm and so perky. I know it turns you on when I play with them."

"answer me Jenna, does it turn you on even though you do not want to?"

"yes" I whisper

"Good, we are on the right track babe. sit facing me now,"

I hesitate then straddle your lap, one leg on each side. My breasts are exposed and so is now my pussy. You rub gently my breasts then slowly go down until

you reach my inner thigh. You look straight at my face as your hand reaches my mound. "Nice and natural like I love it Jenna"

You slide your hand inside my panties and rub the area of my clit sending waves of pleasure through my body. You spread your legs to get better access and from underneath me you slide finger inmy folds. You can feel I am a little wet.

You open your pants and let out your member. I gasp when I see how big it is. I look at Jim with terror in my eyes. "Take care of me babe" I hesitantly rub your cock and jerk it softly. "you can do better than that. I know you are an uptight snobby bitch but you must know how to take care of a man's cock don't you?" I look back at Jim but he is sitting there doing nothing.

"get on the ground and suck it babe!" I kneel down (something I do not do) and lick your growing member. I kiss the tip and lick the ring around the top. You laugh "is that it?" You grab my head by my hair and push it down on your cock. I am forced to open my mouth as wide as possible as one then two inches of your monster slide in my mouth. You move my head up and down and then add a third inch. It is impossibly large and I can barely fit that much in my mouth.

"Now you get the point, suck it good"

You let go of my head and I start moving by myself. I am hoping you will come quick and then leave me alone. I grab onto the cock and eagerly suck it with my soft lips. "That's it Jenna, you got it. Jim, I am going to turn your wife into the best cock sucker. Don't choke on it bitch though. Mmmm I think you like it"

You are now hard and your dark rod seems to be almost 9 inches long and incredibly wide. I have never seen one that big, let alone held it.

As I kneel on front sucking on that large dark cock, hoping you will

come and call it a day, you pull my head off. "come on the couch babe.

Kneel on all four and keep going" I obey and keep sucking you off.

At least that is not so demeaning. You reach and pull my panties down

and rub my mound. Then you push in a finger, then two. As I am blowing

you as well as I can you are getting me wet with your fingers. My ass

is aimed straight at Jim. He can see your fingers violating me. He can

hear the sound of my wetness being teased by your big fingers. I am

getting turned on and suck more of your cock in my mouth. "Jenna. It

is time. Stand up and look at Jim." I do as commanded hoping you will

spray my back. I stand there looking at Jim as you pull my panties

down. You spread my legs apart again with your knee. "sit down slow

Jenna". I lower myself standing on my high heels until I feel

something pushing on my pussy. I look down as you spread my lips and

push your massive prick in me. "please put on a condom". "nö that is

not Part of the deal Jenna". You pull me down slowly and impale me on

your thick cock. "oh my gaaawwwd. I can't. It is too big.Jim, he Is too

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