Twisted Dreams
Chapter 2

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - A married woman experiencing severe headaches which tablets won't shift seeks alternative therapy in the form of hypnosis and then begins having dreams of making love to a young female; which is extremely unusual for her because women never normally entered her head sexually; unaware of the young female who hypnotised her is trying to plant the seeds of her twisted fantasy in the married woman's mind.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   mt/mt   NonConsensual   Hypnosis   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Furry   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Exhibitionism  

... The first of many nights

When Janice got home she was asked by Bob how her appointment had gone and try as hard as she could she could not recall anything other than the basic questions; she did however remember that it was going to be a long slow process and for some reason she felt the need to go shower although she could not remember why.

In the shower she casually washed her skin with the exfoliating sponge and suddenly she had the strangest experience; she could not recall where she had seen it but she was looking at a woman who was near naked but the woman was stroking her cunt through pale pink lacy panties and instantly Janice's hand went to her own cunt and she began to gently part her own cunt lips.

Janice only ran her hands across her cunt a couple of times and she had to bite her lip to stifle the passion to groan as her cunt suddenly erupted in electric shocks, her legs turned to jelly and had it not been for the tiled walls of the cubicle she would easily have fallen over and probably cracked her head wide open. Now leaning against the cool tiles she looked amazed as her cunt actually twitched and her cunt juices flowed like piss.

She obviously made some noise because suddenly there was a knocking of the bathroom door and her husband's voice could be heard asking if she was alright. With a very shaky voice Janice convinced her husband she was fine and quickly finished her shower; as she was drying herself she suddenly had the desire to shave her hairy cunt and quickly searched the cabinet for a throw away wet razor. Then sitting on the side of the bath she quickly applied lashings of her husband's shaving foam and once more experienced a minor orgasm as she massaged the foam into her jet black hairs; ten minutes later she was bald between the legs and could not believe how sensitive shaving her cunt had made the lips.

Just trailing one of her finger nails across the now bald pubic bone made her cunt hot and sticky; in the mirror she caught a glimpse of her large nipples and could not believe how rock hard they were; she really needed to ease these twitching sensations between her legs before facing her husband in the bedroom; so seated on the toilet she spread her legs and suddenly found herself imagining this strange woman was now bent between her legs licking her cunt whilst sliding a finger firmly into her tight anal ring. She could not believe how easy she made herself cum and wondered if this was normal; she had never masturbated before today and now it seemed she just could not stop.

Forcing herself to dress in her nightgown she exited the bathroom and seeing their bedroom in total darkness she called out to her husband; "Bob; My head is pounding so I am simply going to slip into bed and try to sleep it off!"

From somewhere downstairs she heard her husband answer and she was glad she could slip into an empty bedroom and hoped to be asleep before her husband came up to bed. As she lay there in the darkness she tried to analyse what was happening to her. Not only had she now started daydreaming about other women but she had started masturbating at the age of 45; something she would never have dared to do whilst living at home with her parents; even worse she was now feeling like a slut or more accurately like she thought a slut would feel what with the strange feeling between her legs caused by her very first shaved cunt.

No matter how she tried to relax and fall asleep she just could not because every time she closed her eyes; her mind was invaded with this hot sweaty feeling emanating from her cunt which whenever her hand sought it out she found to be soaking wet. Even worse in her mind she keeps seeing this tall blonde woman naked except for the damn pink panties and always the woman is stroking her excited cunt and frequently slips those wet fingers between her own lips and seems to suck them clean. Janice's tits ached and she is became unusually aware of the weight of the sheets on the bed pressing down on those tits almost as if they were deliberately massaging her already inflamed nipples.

Fearing she was totally losing her mind she quickly got out of bed and sat on her stool by her dressing table; as she looked at herself in the mirror she saw the same blonde woman come up behind her and begin squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. The feeling was so real that several times she looked behind her to confirm the woman was actually there of course she was alone in the room.

Again looking in the mirror the apparition behind her smiled and seemed to lean over her somewhat and eased apart her legs; then the weirdest thing happened Janice felt the hot breath of the woman on her naked thigh and felt it trace a path up to her cunt; Not that she actually knew what it felt like because she had never been with another woman but she imagined having a woman eating cunt would feel like this; she knew what having her cunt eaten out by Bob felt like but this felt ten times better and soon had her groaning her way through another orgasm.

Now she was convinced she was either being personally haunted or she was losing it completely; and yet the feelings were not bad feelings but so powerfully good and invigorating too. Compelling herself to go back to bed she laid on her hands trying to prevent them seeking out her cunt; hoping that in this way she could drift off to sleep; this proved far too difficult. Her mind was so active that her cunt actually began to throb without being touched as her mind now had this mystery woman fucking her cunt with an obscenely oversized rubber cock.

An hour later Janice finally fell asleep from sheer exhaustion; only to be disturbed twenty minutes later as her husband slid into bed beside her. Before she could react he had his hand between her legs and suddenly sat upright in bed demanding to know why she had shaved her cunt; fearful of his rage she instantly suggested it was as a surprise for her beloved husband.

Bob turned to her and throwing back the sheets he stared down at her spread legs and newly shaved cunt and declared she looked like a slut; Instantly she heard Bob literally call her a slut she felt a rush of adrenalin; she begged Bob to kiss her and thinking he had over done his comments he leaned forward to peck his wife on the lips when she suddenly grabbed him around the neck and pulled her husband on to the kiss trying to force her tongue into his mouth as she did so. It was then that Bob's hand landed in the wet patch of the sheets caused by Janice's overactive cunt and once more he demanded to know what it was.

A blushing Janice passed it off as for some reason she was just so excited waiting her husband's arrival into their bed and hoped he was going to do her and do her good. Janice's mind was screaming at her to use the words she had heard earlier at the therapist's and wanted so much to yell at her husband to fuck her horny over excited cunt and spunk her damned good and make her fucking pregnant. But she knew Bob did not appreciate language like that especially from a woman; and besides she knew bob had stated times many times that he did not want kids just yet because he could not really afford to raise them as he would have liked.

Bob was staggered by the change in his usually sedate wife; not that he was complaining for he had started to feel she was losing interest in sex and he had begun to think he would have to start finding his pleasures elsewhere. Even so he thought she was going a little over the top and wondered if in fact she was remaining faithful in their marriage.

Neither of them wanted to face those questions and yet Bob really wanted to find out what was happening and he even suggested that when she went to the next appointment with the therapist he would go with her. For some reason this did not faze Janice; even though she half feared her secrets may be discussed and brought out into the open.

Nervous of the changes in his normally placid wife; Bob turned over and tried to stay away from her hot body. Janice for her part found her cunt was active again and wanted the contact her husband was trying to avoid; so she literally followed him as he moved to his side of the bed. For the first time in her married life Janice casually slid her arm over her husband's side and sought out his semi hard cock. Never before has she started the act of sex between them and yet tonight she feared her husband was planning to simply go to sleep.

Slowly she sneaked her hand around his cock and began to gently stroke it; Bob first thought he was dreaming until his own hand moved down and contacted his wife's busy fingers. Now with his interest peeked; he turned to his wife and suddenly her face changed; he was looking at a stunning blonde gripping his cock; he almost yelled out but just as he began too the imaged changed back to his wife; No having taken any alcohol a shocked Bob wondered what was happening to him.

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