Invasion of the Pod People

by sam177

Copyright┬ę 2010 by sam177

Science Fiction Sex Story: A teenage girl tells her story of an alien invasion.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   ft/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Mind Control   Science Fiction   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   .


It came as a shock to all of us when a space ship came into orbit and asked for help. We weren't alone in the universe any more. And the Perdon's, as the aliens called themselves, were peaceful, or so they said. Of course with the language barrier it took months for them to negotiate permission to land. Finally though everyone watched tensely as shuttles landed at prepared places in various countries so they could meet with our "esteemed" leaders.

Then came another shock. When the ships landed and the boarding ramps descended without incident everyone let out a sigh of relief. Then we all watched with nervous anticipation as designated representatives and their aids walked up the ramp and into the ship.

We were all disappointed to learn that we wouldn't be seeing them first hand but according to their message our atmosphere was poisonous to them. However, theirs was not poisonous to us. That's why they met on their ship.

A few hours later our representatives came back out wearing what they called, translation devices. They were a translucent green pod, about the size of a tennis ball, stuck on the base of their neck with tentacles wrapped around their necks. Two more extended up to the temple, with a small one going from it into their ears. A fifth tentacle went up and over their heads to stop in the middle of their forehead.

They said the pods were bioorganic translators that allowed talks to proceed much more rapidly, than the eighteen months it had taken to get permission to land. The new devices, which they insisted were completely harmless, would allow us to communicate with the Perdon's as if they were human.

Then they told us that the Perdon's requested our help. They were homeless, their planet having been destroyed by their sun going nova. Their star drive was also beginning to fail, as they didn't have the parts to repair it or the capability to make more. That's why they needed us. If we gave them a home, they would give us advanced technology. Of course it would take years to improve our education centers to learn how to make everything and upgrade our factories but it could be done. They said they didn't mind the wait, as they were growing weary of space travel.

Naturally the pods scared people. They did me. But our representatives said there was nothing to fear and took them off to show that no harm was done. Some doubted that though. The "Right Wing Gun Nuts" as the media called them said we should nuke the aliens before they all turned us into pod people. But most people didn't listen. They wanted the advanced technology the aliens promised, so they ignored their warnings. Perhaps if people listened we wouldn't be sitting here today but all that is in the past now.

As it is we didn't listen and gradually more and more people were seen wearing the alien translators. At first it was just key political and industry leaders, celebrities, and those working in and around the alien ships but gradually they moved out into the rest of the population as the aliens spread. Most stayed in their ships or around the cities that were springing up around them but more spread out into other area so they could help teach us.

It took a couple years before they reached our high school. The summer between my sophomore and junior years, they did some remodeling of my school so when I started my junior year the small gym had been converted over to a residence for some of the Perdon. Of course we never saw them but that didn't stop us wondering if they actually looked like jellyfish in the few pictures that were released.

Everyone was really excited about the Perdon living at our school. It meant we'd be learning more advanced things. It also meant that our town's industry would pick up even more than it already had. The adults were thrilled about that. Of course it also explained why our principal and some of the teachers as well as others in our community, like the mayor and police chief, all started wearing pods.

That first assembly our principal and some of the teachers talked to us about the pods and about the Perdon living at our school. They even let the Perdon speak through them, which I thought was kind of freaky.

They said that they were happy to be living with us and hoped we could learn from each other. Then they offered pods to us students. It turns out that some concepts aren't easily translatable so they offered students pods so they could learn faster. However because of a limited supply, at first only AP students would be eligible if they wanted them. Then they'd be made available to the rest as more pods became available.

That night my best friend, Emily, and I talked and wondered, again, what it would be like to wear them. Now we know but we couldn't really know just how right some of our theories were.

For the most part the school year proceeded okay. More and more students gradually began wearing pods. More of our teachers began wearing them too. Then our favorite teacher Miss Trap started wearing one. We were surprised not only because she'd told us she wasn't sure if she wanted to wear one but also because she hadn't been wearing one that morning.

We asked about it and she said she was offered one during her break and decided to give it a try. She also said she was a bit nervous putting it on but that she felt good wearing it, and was sure it was the right choice, as it would help with our lessons.

The thing is, Emily didn't notice the difference in Miss Trap but I did. Her eyes seemed to glaze over at times. They didn't light up when she was excited about something the way they normally do. Then she surprised us by saying that pods were going to be made available to our class soon.

Emily was excited and wanted to accept one if one was offered to her. I wasn't too sure about the idea.

After she got the class settled back down, Miss Trap started a lecture about some of the advancements the Perdon had made and how they would affect our lives. We already knew some of them. The first practical hover cars were being tested as were more efficient fuels and computer systems.

Then while class continued I thought about the changes in Miss Trap and in other students with pods. They were quieter and didn't get unruly. They also seemed more secretive, like they were their own clique or something. It also went beyond normal clique boundaries. Emily and I were both amazed to see groups that normally wouldn't mix together. Of course, the ones mixing were all pods.

The next few days I watched as students were called to the nurse's office. Some came out wearing pods. Others didn't. I also saw students and teachers with pods leading others without towards the nurse's office and when I saw them again they had pods.

Then came that Friday. That morning Emily and I, along with others, were called to the principal's office. Emily was so excited to be called. I tried to talk her out of it but she was too excited to listen. When she went into the nurse's office, that was the last time I saw her as her. When she came out a few minutes later, she was a pod person. She gave me a glassy eyed smile and a thumbs up as she was escorted over to the sleep room to finish adjusting to her pod. When I saw her later at lunch, she still seemed dazed and couldn't stop talking about how good her pod made her feel.

When I asked if it hurt and what if she could hear the Perdon she told me that it only hurt for a moment as the initial contact was made. She also said that it was weird hearing the Perdon communicate with her mind but it was exciting too and that it was helping her understand everything so much better. She also kept saying I should agree to have one.

That's right. I declined. When my name was called I nervously went in. For some reason being in her office scared me. Maybe it was the weird smell or how it was too warm or how I started to feel aroused. Maybe it was just knowing there was a pod there with my name on it. Whatever the reason I was scared and when asked if I'd like a pod I declined.

The nurse, who is a pod person, tried to convince me to accept one. She kept telling me how good the pod would make me feel and how I'd be helping not only the Perdon but humankind as well. She nearly convinced me but at the last moment I asked if I could think about it some more. She looked disappointed but agreed I could. I thanked her and got out of there as fast as my shaky legs would take me.

That day I went home alone. Emily and I normally walk together but as we were leaving she paused on the steps with her eyes glazed over. I called her name a couple times and waved my hand in front of her face before she said, "This unit understands" in a monotone voice that scared me.

Then she blinked and smiled at me. "Oh Katie! I'm going to meet the Perdon! Isn't that great!" Then she gave me a big hug and took off yelling, "I'll call you went I get home!" as she ran back inside.

Stunned and disappointed I headed home alone. I was so lost in thought, wondering about how Emily was feeling and how her meeting with the Perdon was going that my Mom had to call my name a couple of times before I realized she was home. I shouldn't have been since she tries to be home for me when I get home after school.

When I finally realized she was calling my name I turned saying, "Hi Mom" and then froze seeing a sight I never expected to see. Her skin was glowing and she had a pod wrapped around her neck and head. Totally shocked I screamed "Mom you've got a pod!"

Mom had been even more reluctant about them than Miss Trap. Like me she'd even turned receiving one down, so I never thought she'd agree to one.

She gave me an embarrassed look and touched it with her fingertips then shrugged. "Yeah, I got it at work. I didn't want to but it's required now, so ... what do you think?" She asked lifting her hair and turning this way and that to show it off.

I told her, "It looks kind of weird" Then asked, "Does it hurt?"

"Oh no! Well, there was a little pain at first but that faded quickly. Now if feels good. Really good. I can't believe I turned having one down before."

That last part and how she stared off into space and seemed to shiver with something other than cold made me feel really weird.

I asked her some more questions while we got dinner ready. Her answers were pretty much what Emily and everyone else has told me. That it was a little weird but felt good and that they were glad they did it.

Suddenly I had to know and blurted out, "Mom are you really you?"

She gave me a questioning look and laughed, "Of course I'm me Honey. Why would you think otherwise?"

I shrugged, "I don't know. Maybe its because you said you wouldn't be podded and now you and Emily have both got one?"

Mom seemed to pause for just a moment then gasped, "Emily got a pod! How wonderful for her! Have they offered you one yet?"

I nodded.

"Really? Why didn't you accept."

I stared down at my skettie and shrugged. "I was scared I guess."

Mom got up and came around to kneel next to me and give me a hug. "Oh Katie, I know it's scary but there's nothing to be afraid of. Would you like to touch it? I nodded and let Mom guide my fingers to her throat. I gently ran my fingertips over the translucent green flesh. It felt weird and slimy but not wet slimy. I mean it wasn't dripping goo slimy even though it felt like that. It also made my fingertips tingle.

I traced it around to the pod at the base of her skull. It felt squishy and Mom moaned when I gently pushed at it. Scared I pulled my fingers back asking if I'd hurt her. Mom shook her head saying, "No Sweetheart. It feels very good."

Nervously I reached out and started to rub it again. I'm not sure how long I rubbed it. I kind of got lost in the tingly feeling. I also liked making Mom feel good. Finally though Mom gasped, I came back to my senses and realized I was feeling aroused. Totally embarrassed I took my fingers away from the suction cup things at her temples and looked at her. She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily, her face flushed.

I blushed when she opened her eyes and smiled at me. "See Honey. Nothing to be afraid of."

I gave her a nervous smile back but I wasn't totally convinced.

Then Mom started to ask me what I wanted for dinner when she spaced out, like Emily did on the school steps. After a few moments she said, "This unit understands" in the same monotone voice Emily used then blinked back to herself.

She smiled and said, "Honey, the Perdon just sent me a message. They say they know you're scared but have nothing to fear and that they are looking forward to communicating with you."

I was a little spooked by that and kind of excited too. I asked how they knew about me and she smiled, "Emily and I have told them all about you silly. They also know about you from your teachers and principal."

Mom spaced out again, then said, "They tell me that Emily is having the time of her life and wishes you could share it with her."

Eager to know what was happening to Emily I asked what she was doing. Mom dreamily smiled. "Communicating, sharing, enjoying.' Then she said, "We look forward to joining with you" and I know that wasn't Mom talking.

It made me shiver and not all of it was from fear.

The rest of the night was somewhat normal. We fixed and ate dinner together and asked about our day. I asked more about how Mom felt with the pod and she said that when I'm offered one again that I should accept it.

I'm not sure how I felt about her saying that.

I asked if she'd met the Perdon yet and Mom gave me this dreamy smile, "Oh yes Honey. Yes I have."

I tried to ask what it was like but all she said was that they were friendly, had so much to teach us, and that meeting them was something I'd have to experience for myself.

Later that night I stayed up waiting to hear from Emily but I finally had to leave a message on her cell before going to sleep. That night I had a really weird dream. I heard a noise and went out to see my Mom walking down the stairs. I followed her and paused looking down at her, as she crossed the living room to the front door. She opened it and accepted a package from someone. I heard her say, "This slave understands and will obey." Then she other person left and Mom closed the door and headed back up. Not wanting to be caught spying I quickly and quietly headed back to my own room.

When I woke up the next morning I asked her if she'd gotten up that night but she denied it and told me it must have been a dream. I did look around for the box while Mom was out shopping but I couldn't find it. So I figured she was right.

While I looked for the box, I kept trying to call Emily but I didn't get any answer. Concerned I finally road my bike over. I was surprised when Emily's Mom answered the door in a very loose robe, displaying far more, flushed, sweaty, cleavage than I'd ever seen her expose before. I think what surprised me even more though was the greenish collar of a pod's tentacles around her neck.

Mrs. Jenkins had to call my name a couple times before I shook myself out of my shock and closed my mouth. Blushing I asked, "Is Emily okay? I've been calling but she hasn't called back" all in a rush.

Mrs. Jenkins smiled saying, "Of course she's okay Katie. She's just a bit worn out from meeting the Perdon but you can see her if you like."

I quickly thanked her and eased past her to run through their living room and up the stairs. Arriving at Emily's room, I knocked softly on the door before opening it and quietly calling out her name.

Emily sat up and seeing me, called my name and opened her arms. I ran to her and hugged her before I realized she was topless and had green tentacles curving under her breasts. I also didn't notice the slight arousing smell in the room either. I just hugged her and told her I was so glad to see her and that I'd been worried.

Emily hugged me back, saying how incredible meeting the Perdon were and how she'd learned so much and had so much more to learn. She also told me how the Perdon knew I was worried about her but that I shouldn't be and that I should accept a pod so we could both serve the Perdon.

When I realized she was topless I blushed and asked why. She just shrugged, "It feels good. Besides its not like you haven't seen my breasts before."

We'd seen each other in the showers at school and changing clothes, especially after shopping trips.

Before I could reply though, Emily leaned forward and hugged me again. "Oh Katie! Getting a pod and meeting the Perdon was so incredible!"

I couldn't help hugging her back and feeling happy for her, since she'd wanted to meet the aliens since they'd arrived.

Then it happened. I'm not sure how or why but one moment were hugging and the next we were kissing. I'm not even sure who kissed whom first! I didn't even realize it until I heard someone moan. Then I realized the moan came from me. Only then I had to figure out why I was moaning.

That was when I realized I was in a very wet open kiss with my best friend and that out tongues were in each others mouths. Then I realized that her hand was up under my top cupping my breast. When she gently squeezed I gasped and pulled away.

Emily sighed and opened her eyes. Smiling she said, "That was nice."

I blushed so hot my ears were burning but I had to agree it was nice, really nice. Part of me wanted to lean back in and continue. The rest of me was confused because not only had I just made out with my best friend but she'd gotten further than I'd allowed any of my dates to get.

Embarrassed, I said, "I should probably get going. You're Mom said you were tired."

Emily gave me a sad smile, then yawned before saying, "I am tired but that doesn't mean I can't make time for you." The way she looked at me and said it sent this feeling through me that pooled deep in my belly. It had me so tempted to give in but Emily did look tired and I didn't want to make her feel worse. So I shook my head gave her a kiss on the cheek and said I'd call her later. When I stopped to wave as I shut the door, she was licking her lips. I couldn't help remembering how her tongue had felt licking mine just moments earlier and I shuddered at the wave of lust that went through me. Emily gave me a knowing smile and waved back

As I walked down the hall I heard noises come from Emily's parents room and I couldn't help looking in the half open door. My jaw dropped as I saw Emily's Dad fucking her Mom doggie style. I really wanted to turn away but I couldn't. It was mesmerizing watching his hard cock thrusting into her and the way she'd gasp with each impact that made her buttocks ripple. I couldn't help wondering how it would feel if I were in her place. From the sounds she was making, she sure was enjoying it. It wasn't until she cried out and he roared as they climaxed before collapsing onto the bed, that I realized that I had one hand under my shirt caressing my breasts and the other down the front of my shorts. Embarrassed and ashamed I quickly hurried away before they saw me.

I was so busy looking back to be sure no one saw me that I didn't realize the living room was occupied. A woman was straddling a man bouncing up and down on his cock. I shivered as another wave of lust went through me to puddle between my legs. Seeing the greenish tentacles extending down the woman's back and around her body just made the scene even more strangely erotic.

I wanted to stay and watch but was still wary of getting caught. I also really wanted to get home and to take care of the rising need within me. So I crept down the stairs and went slowly past the back of the couch to the front door. Then I looked back and briefly saw two greenish tentacles curving under the woman's breasts before the man reached up to grab them. The woman covered his hands with her own and then threw her head back as she cried out. When I saw her face I couldn't help gasping. The woman riding the man was Emily's Mom! And that meant the woman upstairs with her Dad wasn't!

At my gasp, Mrs. Jenkins opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Hi Katie. Leaving already?"

I nodded numbly.

She smiled and continued to bounce up and down on the man like I wasn't there. "Thanks for coming over to check on Emily. You're a real good friend Katie."

I blushed and mumbled "Thanks."

Mrs. Jenkins moaned again then said, "I'll have Emily call you later. You have a safe trip home okay?"

I nodded and let myself out as she went back to concentrating on the man she was with. I hopped on my bike, raced home and up to my room. I didn't even bother to undress. I just flung myself onto my bed, stuck my hand down the front of my shorts and soaking wet panties and started rubbing my pussy.

I don't remember how many times I climaxed but it was a lot. I'd also ended up completely nude and trying other positions that I hadn't before. Mostly inspired by what I'd seen at Emily's I think.

It wasn't until much later that night, while in the bath, that I realized the tentacles on both of Emily's parents went all the way down their spines to disappear between their butt cheeks. I hadn't known they went down that far. When they were shown on TV they just went around the person's head and neck. But everyone I'd seen with one, until then, had been wearing dressed, so their clothes could have covered the tentacles.

Then I remembered that Katie had tentacles under her breasts too and realized she must have tentacles going down her back as well. I couldn't help wondering why she hadn't told me before. I also wondered how they felt. I was still wondering about that, and about the other things I'd seen at Emily's, when I remembered the woman Mr. Jenkins was fucking didn't have tentacles down her back. I was sure it meant something but I didn't know what.

Anyway I was having this really erotic dream involving pod people when I felt something brush the back of my neck. It was so unexpected that I screamed while jerking away from it and fell out of bed. The next thing I knew Mom was kneeling down next to me asking if I was okay.

I was pretty embarrassed for several reasons. 1) I was naked. 2) I was very much in need of a shower. 3) I was naked and very much in need of a shower. 4) I fell out of bed. 5) See reasons 1 through 3.

Mom made sure I was okay and helped me up. After making sure I was okay she said, "I understand you had a good visit with Emily."

I blushed hotly but nodded that I had.

Mom gave me a smile that said she knew everything and said, "That's good Dear. Now why don't you take a bath? I'll keep dinner ready for you."

I was so embarrassed that after Mom closed the door behind her I collapsed to my knees and buried my head under my pillow. I yanked the pillow off a few moments later and then looked around in the covers to be sure nothing was there. I sighed with relief, then groaned at Mom catching me naked like that. I was glad she hadn't caught me in the middle of it but I was still pretty embarrassed when I had my bath and during dinner. Mom didn't say anything about it but she did smile a few times. She did ask about Emily though, making me blush.

I told her Emily seemed okay but was kind of tired. Mom nodded knowingly and said, "She did have a long night."

I wanted to ask how she knew but then she asked about Emily's parents. I blushed more and looked at my plate saying, "They seemed okay."

"That's good. I've been thinking, maybe we should have them all over for dinner sometime. What do you think?"

I looked at her sideways and I just knew I'd seen Emily's parents having sex with others. I just knew it and I was kind of worried she knew what Emily and I had done too. Cautiously I said, "Sure Mom. They'd be great."

Mom smiled again then rose to start clearing the tables. I helped her and for a few minutes things seemed normal again. At least it seemed that way until she spaced out while loading the dishwasher. Suddenly straightened up saying, "This unit understands and will comply." Then she turned to me and in the same monotone voice said, "Katie Honey I need to take care of something. Would you mind finishing up?"

I shook my head. "No."

Mom gave me an empty smile. "Good girl. Could you start some popcorn in an hour? We'll have a movie night."

"Uh sure?"

Then she kissed my cheek and headed out. She came back just over an hour later looking a little disheveled but with a smile on her face. I asked if everything was okay and she smiled. "Of course it is Honey. Let me change and we can start the movie." She grabbed a handful of popcorn and then headed upstairs. As she left I couldn't help noticing the scent coming from her was very similar to what I'd smelled at the Jenkins. When I realized that I couldn't help blushing.

I blushed again when she came back a few minutes later in a sleep shirt and asked what movie we were going to watch. I picked up the popcorn and joined her on the couch. Together we picked out a movie and for a while, it was girl's night in. Still I couldn't help taking glances at her pod. She had her hair up in a ponytail, so it was easy to see. When she bent forward to pick up her drink I saw that it also had tentacles going down her spine.

I guess I was staring because Mom had to call my name a couple times before I responded. "Sorry?"

"Is there something wrong with my hair? You're staring at me."

"Sorry. I was just wondering how far down your pod goes.

Mom brightened. "Oh, Would you like to see?" and she turned away from me while pulling the neck of her sleep shirt back.

I looked down the back of her shirt and it looked like her pod went all the way down. She asked, "Can you see?" but before I could answer said, "Here let me take it off so you can see better." And she pulled her sleep shirt off! Then, as if my Mom being topless in the living room wasn't shocking enough, she stood up and pushed her panties down!

"There's you go," she said kicking her panties to the side. Then she put her hands behind her head, looked back over her shoulder and asked, "What do you think?"

"Uh ... you look great Mom." I replied kind of embarrassed. I hadn't actually seen her naked since I was little. Topless yes but not completely naked.

Anyway, Mom laughed, "Thanks Honey but I meant what do you think about my pod? I think it looks like of sexy myself."

I hadn't really thought about that but I it was weirdly erotic the way the pod's tentacles seems to fall down her back only to curl up and around her body. There were seven in all. One pair branched off at her shoulder blades, another pair curled around just under her ribs. The bottom pair rapped around her just above her hips, and what I thought was the last one went straight on down between her butt cheeks. I couldn't help wondering how far down it went but I didn't actually mean to voice my question, so I was pretty embarrassed when Mom answered, "One to just behind my anus, the other two at the tops of my inner thighs. Would you like to see?"

Blushing hotly I said, "Thanks but I'll pass."

Mom laughed again then turned. Like Mrs. Jenkins the upper tentacle came around her side to wrap around the underside of Mom's breasts as if they were cupping them. The middle two stopped on her tummy. The lower pair came down over her hips to follow her bikini line, stopping just in front of her pussy, framing the triangle of pubic hair Mom had there. I could also see other two at the top of her thighs.

"Well, what do you think?" Mom asked drawing my attention back up her body.

"You look great Mom." Like what else was I supposed to say? Besides she did look great in a weird pod person wrapped in tentacles kind of way.

Mom smiled, "Thanks Honey. They feel good too." then ran her hands sensuously down her body drawing my back to it. For a moment as Mom's hands moved over her breasts, I could have sworn some of the veins were green. But when I blinked they were pale blue again.

I blushed more as her hands continued all down to her pussy before moving to her thighs and back up her sides. The whole situation was totally bizarre but I couldn't help being curious. "What do you mean feel great?"

"Part of how the Perdon communicate is through movement and touch not just by sound and thought."

"Oh" I didn't know what else to say.

Then Mom surprised me by asking if I'd like to try one. "We can get you one." She offered.

"Um ... I don't know."

"Still scared?"

I blushed and looked down. "Sorry"

Mom sat down next to me and gave me a hug. "It's okay Sweetie. I was too at first but now I love my pod and I know you will too."

Then she kind of blanked out for a sec. Then she took my left hand saying, "Here, just feel one." And put my hand to her breast!

"Mom!" I cried surprised and tried to pull my hand away but I couldn't.

Mom said, "Shh, just feel."

At first all I could feel was the soft warm flesh of her breast and her pebbly nipple under my palm but then I started to feel a pleasant tingly sensation moving against the inside of my wrist. I looked down to see the tentacle that had been wrapped under her breast moving over my wrist.

I could have sworn it was longer than it looked but then Mom told me to close my eyes and feel. It felt really good. Kind of like it was licking but also stroking my wrist and fingers. It did feel kind of slimy but every where it touched it left a nice warm tingly feel, leaving my skin pleasantly sensitive.

I felt Mom lean closer to me. "Does it feel good, Katie?"

"Mm hmm" I replied as the tingling moved up my arm to my head.

"Can you imagine feeling that all over, Katie? How good it will feel? Touching your body, your mind."

I was breathing heavy, feeling too warm for my sleep shirt.

"Doesn't it feel good, Katie?" Mom asked and I moaned, "Yes."

I moaned again feeling Mom's fingers combing through my hair before moving to fall over my left shoulder. Then I moaned again as she started massaging the back of my neck. I moaned again, tilting my head down to give her more access. It felt so good!

As Mom continued to massage my neck and I let myself melt against her. Then I felt something brush repeatedly against my lips. I instinctively opened them and began to suck on it. On its own my right hand moved up to cup her other breast.

I know, I know. How could I calmly just suck on my Mom's nipples like that? It's just between the warm tingly feeling, Mom's fingers working the tension from my neck, and her warm nipple I felt so relaxed that I didn't even realize it was her nipple...

I also felt aroused. My arousal suddenly increased in a wave from the top of my neck that spread throughout my body to puddle in my breasts and between my legs making me groan with need.

Then I jumped back with a cry of surprise as the movie ended with a loud BEEP!

Mom looked surprised too. Suddenly I felt alarmed and I grabbed for my neck and started running my hands over it and my upper back. "Where is it? Where is it?" I cried.

Mom grabbed at my hands saying, "Honey! Honey! Where's what?"

"The pod! Where is it?"

Mom gave me a blank look then smiled. "It's on the back of my neck. Where did you think it would be? See?" she said turning her head slightly to show off more of her pod.

"Didn't you just... ? Didn't you just try to put a pod on me?"

Mom gave me a surprised look. "Of course not Dear. Why would you think that?"

I could have sworn I felt something touch my neck.

"That was me. I was rubbing your head and back while you slept."

I wasn't really sure I believed her. Considering my wet panties it was a very real dream. Then I saw that her erect right nipple was wet.

Mom must have seen where I was staring because she said, "You drooled in your sleep."

I gasped. "I do not drool!"

Mom laughed then said, "Are you sure?" while cupping her breast and rolling her nipple between her finger and thumb.

Mom teased me some more then the phone rang. Mom smiled and said, "It's for you."

I gave her a puzzled look and went to pick up the phone. When I heard Emily say, "Hey" I happily screamed her name. Emily laughed then apologized for being out of it that afternoon. I told her it was okay and then started asking if she was okay and what it was like meeting the Perdon and along with a whole lot of other questions.

Emily laughed and tried to answer my questions. A lot of things she said I had to experience it. "It was a little embarrassing at first" she said "but it was so amazing, Katie! It was like ... orgasmic! They don't just talk with words but also with all the body's senses like sight, and touch."

"So they like ... use their whole body? Like a dance or something."

"Yes! Exactly! Like a dance. It was so incredible Katie. You have got to accept a pod so you can talk with them. There's so much they can teach us about space, science, nature, ourselves, everything."

"It sounds amazing. How long did you communicate with them?"

"Oh it was Katie! It was! I'm not really sure how long we communicated though. It was pretty late when my parents arrived to take me home and then I still had to assimilate everything I was told and experienced."

"Wow! No wonder you needed to rest."

"Yeah but it was so amazing! You'll see when you accept a pod Katie. They want to talk to you too."

I was surprised and a little unnerved by that. "They do?"

"Oh yes! Your Mom and I told them all about you. They're looking forward to meeting you. Don't you remember?."

"Uh ... wow!" I was so surprised that she knew about Mom, getting a pod, and the weird message she'd given me. I hadn't told her about either.

While I talked with Emily on the phone, Mom had turned things off and rinsed out the dishes. When she was finished, she kissed me on the cheek and mouthed, "Good night. Love you." gave me a smile and headed upstairs. She was still naked.

Emily and I talked a few minutes more and made arrangements to go to the mall the next day then we said, "Good night. Luv ya" to each other and hung up.

I turned off the light and headed up stairs. Then I went to ask Mom if she was going to use the shower and got another surprise. Mom was laying nude on her bed, masturbating. Her left hand was squeezing her left breast. Her right was between her wide spread legs thrusting a dildo in and out of her pussy.

I stood there completely stunned. I never even imagined Mom did that, much less owned a dildo. I'm not sure how long I stood there watching until Mom moaned, "Yes! This unit understands. Yes! Oh Yes!" Then she arched her back as she cried out.

Blushing hotly, I backed up out of site then ran for my room. As soon as my door was shut I sank to my knees, with my hand inside my very wet panties. It didn't take me long to reach a climax of my own.

When I'd recovered, I nervously peaked out my door to make sure Mom hadn't heard me. Her room was quiet so I sighed with relief and headed into the bathroom for a quick shower. When I was ready for bed, I nervously checked under the pillows and covers for a pod but I didn't find one. I also put my chair near the door so it would bump and make a noise when it opened but it was unmoved when I woke up the next morning.

The next day I met Emily, after breakfast, and we rode our bikes over to the mall. We had a great time but I couldn't help blushing every now and then when I remembered our kiss. I also couldn't help blushing when we tried things on and she'd bare her breasts and the tentacles under them. Being braless in the mall didn't seem to bother her even though she hadn't done that before.

Finally, while we were trying on more tops, I had to ask, "What do they feel like?" while looking at the tentacles under her breasts.

Emily looked down and smiled a dreamy smile. "Like they're being held."

I think she realized I didn't really understand what she meant because she said, "I'll show you."

Before I knew what was happening, she spun me around and unhooked my bra. " I gave a squeak of alarm and brought my hands up to catch it.

Emily laughed. "It's just us silly. No ones going to see. Now let go."

I reluctantly lowered my arms letting my bra fall with them. Then she told me to close my eyes and put my arms out to the sides. I did it and jumped as she ran the edge of her hand around my sides until my breasts rested on the edges of her hands. I opened my eyes and looked down. Her pinkies were resting where the tentacles were between her and our Mom's breasts. For a moment I imagined tentacles instead of Emily's hands.

"How's that feel?" she asked.

I had to admit it felt kind of nice. She said, "Uh huh" and I felt her move closer flattening her breasts against my back. She whispered, "This feels nicer though," making me gasp as she rotated her hands to cup my breasts.

"Emily!" I hissed surprised as all sorts of emotions rushed through me.

"Shh or someone will hear us." She whispered then started nuzzling my neck and squeezing my breasts.

It felt so good! I couldn't help leaning back against her and tilting my head so she could kiss my neck easier. Still we were in the dressing room and I was worried we'd get caught. "Emily we shouldn't be doing this!"

"Hmm? Why not? It feels good doesn't it?"

"Yes!" I groaned as she rolled my nipples.

She tilted my head to look in my eyes. "Then enjoy," she said before leaning in to kiss me.

I opened my lips when hers met mine and moaned when her tongue found mine.

My arousal rising, I turned in her embrace to better kiss her back. As I did she momentarily lost her hold on my breasts but easily captured my right again. Her left went around my waist to pulling me against her. I reached around her also but flinched when I felt the tentacles running down her spine. Emily shivered against me, then whispered in my ear. "That feels good Katie. Don't stop."

Hesitantly I stroked her back again. As she moaned she squeezed my breast making me moan. Soon I became lost in her kisses and touch. I even stopped paying attention to her pod. Even the tingling in my fingers and hands just added to the pleasure Emily was giving me.

It all ended though when someone entered the dressing room, banging the doors. Emily and I both jumped and blushed. Then we started giggling softly. We both quickly dressed. As I pulled my top over my head, I was sure I heard the sound a clasp makes when it's opened or closed. When I looked though both our purses were still closed and Emily was straightening out her hair.

We headed over to the food court after that and Emily teased me about the hickeys she'd left on my neck. It was so embarrassing but a part of me was thrilled by them too. We also talked some more about her pod and the Perdon.

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