by raltsn

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Sex Story: Leigh is bored today so I stop by to take care of it

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

Ugh. I thought. Back to work after a week off and to top it off, I'm sitting here at my desk, horny as hell. I tried just staring at the computer screen to no avail. Things were slow to begin with and I just couldn't wrap my head around anything. I checked the clock again and it read 1:02. Another 2 hours and 58 minutes and I'd be outta here unless they said we can go early.

A pop-up window caught my attention and I opened it up. The header said "New Message from Naughy809"

Naughy809: Hey there, you around?

Raltsn: Yup, I'm around. Barely :)

Naughy809: How were your holidays?

Raltsn: Pretty good ... kids had me up at 4:45 on X-mas, had to tell them to go back to sleep. But they still woke up at 6am to open gifts!!

Naughy809: hahaha well I'm sure you all had a good time

Raltsn: So what you are up to?

Naughy809: Nothing much ... just sitting around ... bored

Raltsn: need any help being un-bored? :-P

Naughy809: hmmmm ... what exactly is un-bored??

Raltsn: it's kinda hard to describe on IM ... but i'd be more than happy to show you :)

Naughy809: and what makes you think i want to know what un-bored is?

Raltsn: because you're bored :)

Naughy809: lol ... ok ... you got me...

Raltsn: gotta run ... sorry

Raltsn has logged off

As I logged off, one of the 'acting' managers stopped by and told us we could get going as it was a slow day. I shut down my laptop and grabbed my stuff, almost running out the door. I headed down the road and pulled up in front of your house 20 minutes later. I knew you weren't expecting me when I rang the bell.

You opened up the door wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I loved the look of surprise on your face as I stepped in the door and closed it behind me.

"Time to get un-bored." I said with a grin.

"I'm looking forward to..." you started before I closed the distance between us and grabbed the back of your head pulling you close in for a kiss.

"ohhhh" you say as I continue to kiss down from your ear to the nape of your neck. I can feel the hairs on your arm stand up and the goosebumps that suddenly appeared.

"I'm so fucking horny today." I said with growl. Taking a few steps forward, I back you up against the wall with a thud. One of your legs instictively wraps around the back of mine as I pull your head off to the side to expose more of your neck. I continue to roughly kiss your neck and whatever exposed skin is available to me for a minute until I grab your arms and pin them up against the wall.

Before you have a chance to say anything, I pull your t-shirt up over your head, up over your arms and toss it on the floor across the room. Before I have a chance to reach around your back, I notice that you aren't wearing a bra today and your beautiful 38dd tits are exposed for me to touch. I lean down and take in a hard nipple in my mouth while tweaking the other one.

"ohhhh fuck yeah" I hear you say. "lick that tit baby"

I'm so horny righy now I can hardly contain myself. I switch over and latch my mouth on your left nipple and alternatively suck and lick it. My cock is straining uncomfortably in my pants as I continue to suck on your nipples. Finally, I had enough and straighten up.

"OK get down on your knees." I pant, holding your shoulders as you kneel in front of me. I whip off my belt and in one step yank down my pants and pull out my rock hard cock. I grab the back of your head and slide my cock into your mouth. I reach down and grab your left tit and tweak your nipple, eliciting a groan from you as you speed up sucking my dick. I feel my orgasm building and continue to pull your head on my cock while still playing around with your nipples. You feel the head of my cock expand as you swallow my load. My knees buckle and give out and I fall to the floor in front of you.

My cock is still semi-hard as I stand up and pull you over to the couch, your tits bouncing along the way. I stop in front of the couch and unbutton and yank down your jeans. I push you down on the couch and pull your jeans all the way off. Spreading your legs, I lean in and plant my mouth on your red panties over your crotch. I rub my mouth over your wet panties and run my hands over your smooth legs.

Finally, I take a finger and pull your panties to the side revealing your red bush matted down against your wet pussy lips. The musky scent of your aroused cunt hits me as I dive in and start licking your soaking wet pussy. Purposely licking around your clit, your moans start getting louder. I continue to alteratively lick up and down then jam my hard tongue into your pussy. My face is all covered with your juices now and you wrap you legs around my back pulling me in closer to your clit. Again I dance around it as you moan in frustration and lust.

I take a finger and thrust it up into your pussy, easily sliding up and then out then add another one. I crook my finger inside of you hitting your g-spot as I finally dive in and suck in your clit. This time, your moan turns into a scream as your orgasm slams into you. I can barely hold on as you start bucking on my fingers.

My cock is hard again as I stand up and flip you around on the couch and ram my cock into you. I am rewarded by another scream as another orgasm hits. I grab the back of your hair and pull your head back as I slam into you again and again. With my other hand I reach back and give your ass a hard slap <thwack!> as you continue to moan, your orgasm subsiding a bit.

"oh shit Mark ... fuck me hard." you gasp out. "ram that hard cock in me."

Another <thwack!> as I continue to pound you from behind, my hands on your hips pulling your into me on every thrust. I can feel another orgasm building up and my thrusting gets a bit erratic.

"no no no." you say. "don't cum yet."

"ok" I manage to gasp out

I reach around and start diddling your clit and I can see one of your hands playing with your nipple. I can hear your breathing change as your orgasm approaches.

"oh fuck ... oh fuck ... oh ... fuuuuuccccccckkkkk..." you start chanting until finally your orgasm hits. "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk"

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