A Cougar Hunting Tale

by MuffDiver

Copyright┬ę 2010 by MuffDiver

Erotica Sex Story: A twenties something young stud is tired of the effort and expense to get laid by very young, hot, virgin or almost virgin beauties who demand to be romanced and wined and dined and given expensive presents before they will let him in their pants. But then he stumbles on an article about cougars which reorients his whole strategy. A different twist from my usual story themes of cheating/whoring wives or incest of all types. Hope you like it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   FemaleDom   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Cream Pie   Slow   Prostitution   .


My name is Stephen Dawson. I'm a 28 year old graduate of the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. I'm originally from Sumter South Carolina but since graduating from the Citadel, at age 21 I have been living and working in Charleston. Currently I'm a supervising building construction engineer working for Tidewater Development Inc, probably the largest real estate development concern in the entire southeast part of the US.

After graduating the Citadel I was recruited by Tidewater Development and decided to stay in Charleston and make it my home. Citadel graduates are among the top movers and shakers in the political and business worlds of South Carolina and I was happy to be recruited by the biggest and most influential engineering and development company in the state.

Of course the fact that the Citadel is such a powerful magnet for attracting hordes of beautiful nubile 18 to 22 year old cunts to the many colleges and universities in Charleston, each hoping to snare a Citadel graduate for a husband was also a big factor in my decision to stay in Charleston. A recent survey reported that the ratio of 18 to 24 year old cunts to 18 to 24 year old cocks in Charleston was about four to one.

If you were a cock in Charleston, especially a Citadel cock, getting laid or getting a blow job was not a problem. The real problem was hitting the clubs and bars on the week-ends to cull through the herds of cunts that gathered to sort through all the available virgin, or almost virgin, cunts to find the prizes among all the losers for a week-end hook-up.

For the first three or four years after I graduated and went to work it was a fun game we cocks played chasing after coed cunts down on the East Bay juke joints trying to land premium cunt meat for a couple of nights of good fucking and sucking. But by the time I got to be 25 I was growing very tired and bored with the games we cocks would have to play in order to achieve a hook-up with one of those young cunts. I was about ready to give up on Charleston and move on to some other part of the country when a couple of years ago I stumbled into the most fantastic situation that most young men my age would give a left nut to experience. It's that experience about what happened to me when I decided to begin hunting cougars instead of coed cunts that this story is about and begins about two years ago just a few weeks after I had turned 26.

It was a Friday afternoon about 3:00 o'clock and I was driving over the beautiful Cooper River Bridge heading back to my pad on the Charleston peninsula from the building construction site where I was the supervising engineer in charge of the project to build a 30 story office building that would occupy an entire city block. I was kind of depressed because I had no idea what I was going to do for some week-end fun. My latest live-in coed girlfriend, Amy, who I had been with for only about three months had broken up with me about a week and a half earlier just because I got carried away in the throes of passion one evening and forced her to swallow my cum from a great blow job that she had given me.

I was depressed and horny since I had not had a good piece of ass or blow job since Amy left me. She was the latest little cunt that I had hooked up with in a string of about six or seven coed cunts that I had had relatively long-term relationships of varying lengths of between the shortest of about 7 months to the longest which lasted all of 22 months since I had graduated from the Citadel. I had never gotten depressed after breaking up with one of my former cunts. In fact I always felt liberated with a sense of freedom and looked forward to the hunt for a new cunt to warm my bed and suck my cock. But this time I was depressed because Amy was the first one of all my long term cunts that actually broke up with me. I was the one that had always broken up with all the rest of them and gave them their walking papers when I got bored with them.

But I had had high hopes for that little 19 year old cunt to be "the one" who would be with me for a very long time. For the first time in my life, the possibility of marriage had even entered my thoughts about her.

She wasn't like all the other College of Charleston young cunts. Even though they all had dynamite, well developed women's bodies with big tits and luscious, tight, juicy cunts, in their minds and thoughts they were mostly still just little girls who expected to be constantly wooed with romantic attention, gifts, and fine dining before they would respond with just ordinary heavy petting. You know the kind-- lots of kissy face, feeling up, nipple sucking, finger fucking, maybe a little cunt licking and dry cock sucking that usually ended with just plain standard missionary cock in the cunt fucking with a standard orgasm, and then a good long piss followed by a good night's sleep.

After a while that got just plain boring and also very expensive- a lot more expensive in the long run than if I had just beat my meat and bought a good whore every now and then when I needed to get my rocks off in a cunt, ass, or mouth. But Amy was not like the average fuck slut coed who expected to be "swept off her feet" before she would open up her cunt.

The first time I met her was about three months ago right after I had ditched my previous squeeze as I was cruising the bars and clubs down on East Bay Street doing some "snipe" hunting (read cunt hunting) to see if I could find a suitable cunt to replace my former live-in 20 year old college cunt. But my heart really wasn't in it as I was not expecting to find a young coed cunt that would be any different than all of the previous ones I had hooked up with.

I was at the bar nursing a beer at the High Cotton Bar & Grill on East Bay half-heartedly looking over the supply of cunts. There were six or seven tables full of young honeys sprinkled with a few geeky guys (obvious college studs) as well, all of them downing beers and having a good time.

None of the cunts looked very promising or inviting to me until I got to the fourth table and I saw this beautiful dark haired, tiny young cunt with an absolutely perfect rack of big tits who couldn't have been more than five feet to five feet 2 inches tall. I couldn't see the rest of her body because the table was in the way. But there was something about her- a sensuousness about the way she held her head and moved her body that captured my attention.

I ordered another beer and went through the motions of looking over the other cunts in the place at some of the other tables but I kept returning to her. She was like a magnet to me. Finally as I was making my third pass with my eyes around the room surveying the herd of cunts and my gaze was shifting to her table, she abruptly turned her head and made eye contact with me and narrowed her eyes like a cat and riveted my eyes locked on to hers with a completely expressionless face for about five to seven seconds. I felt a shot of adrenalin course through my body that excited me as I had never seen that kind of reaction out of a cunt before.

Almost always, when a cunt would see me expressing an interest in her, she would respond with a smile, or maybe a wink, with a "come hither" look or some kind of expression that let me know she welcomed my attention. But then when I made a move to get up from my bar stool to go over to her table to ask her for a dance, she just as abruptly broke eye contact and turned her head and attention away from me to the young geeky kid that was sitting next to her.

So I turned back to my beer thinking to myself, "just another young inexperienced cunt that I don't need to be wasting my time on", and I decided that as soon as I finished my beer that I would move on to the next watering hole on East Bay. About ten minutes went by and I was just starting to take a swig of the last of the beer left in my bottle when the people sitting at the bar next to me got up to go to dinner vacating four bar stools to my right. I finished my beer and paid my tab and was turning to the left to get off my stool and leave when I sensed someone slide on to the bar stool on my immediate right and heard this low throaty voice say,

"Not giving up and leaving already are you? You just got here. Didn't you see anything that looked inviting and promising?" I turned back to see who it was and it was her, and I replied,

"Well, I did see one interesting prospect, but it didn't look like she was interested, so I thought I would move on. But maybe I will stick around for a little while. Who knows, maybe my luck will change."

Then she smiled and said, "Now I don't think you are the kind of man that ever depends on luck to satisfy your needs. By the way- my name is Amy. What's yours?"

I smiled and replied, "Well I think you'd be surprised Amy. It never hurts to have a little luck on your side and my name is Stephen, but you can call me Steve."

Then she said, "Well I'm very happy to meet you Stephen. I think I'll call you Stephen. I like that name so much better than just plain old everyday Steve. Stephen has a much classier and sophisticated sound to it."

Then there was a pregnant pause for about half a minute because it was my turn to keep the banter going and all of a sudden for the first time that I could ever remember, I came up dry and couldn't think of anything witty, or interesting to say and I finally said,

"So Amy, I guess you're a cu... , er that is, a coed from over at the College of Charleston aren't you?" I almost screwed up and started to call her a cunt and caught myself just in time and said coed instead. That cracked her up as she broke out laughing and she replied back,

"Oh my God!! Did you really ask me if I was a "coed"? You started to say cunt didn't you? Nobody ever calls us cunts coeds anymore. It's ok Stephen baby. You can call me a cunt because that's what I am alright- a cunt- a damn fine cunt and proud of it too. At least I'm pretty sure I'm a cunt and not a cock because I have to be one or the other and the last time I looked I thought I saw a juicy crack between my legs with a hole at the bottom of the crack just above my ass hole and not a pair of balls and a cock hanging there. I think they call that a cunt. OH C'mon, Stephen! I know you can come up with a better pick-up line than that. You're not very experienced at this sort of game are you? So why don't we try again honey. I'll start ok?"

She got off the bar stool and stood up and stuck her hand out for me to shake and said,

"Well I'm very happy to meet you Stephen. I like Stephen a lot more than Steve. Stephen is so much more sophisticated and classy than just plain old Steve. Now it's your turn honey."

So I laughed as I took her hand in mine and said, "The pleasure is all mine Amy and it's plain to see that you are definitely a classy lady yourself Amy and I really like classy ladies."

"Now there you go sweetie, you got it...", she said, "that was very good Stephen. I knew you had it in you. I really like you too honey. Now where are you from and how old are you anyway baby?; and where did you go to school; and what do you do now?"

I replied, "Whoa, whoa, whoa there Amy! Not so fast honey. Let me see if I can remember all of that. The answers are Sumter South Carolina, 26, the Citadel, and supervising construction engineer on a new 30 story office complex over in Mt Pleasant."

Amy said, "Well I'm impressed. Do you want to dance with me Stephen?"

I smiled with sort of a leer and replied, "Nothing would please me more than to hold you tightly in my arms and dance the night away with you Amy darlin', or almost nothing anyway",

and she returned my grin as we moved out towards the dance floor. She knew what I had alluded to and knew that I was hoping to fuck her brains out before the night was over and she also knew that she had me hooked- and she was right! If she would have dropped her skirt and bared her cunt right there at that moment I would have been on my knees with my face buried in her cunt sucking out her love tunnel and eating up all her cunt juices.

The small combo was playing a set of slow dance type music and while we were dancing close and rubbing our bodies against each other my cock started to come alive from it's normal wrinkly state of about six inches in length and grew a little to that state of smoothness where it would get rid of all the wrinkles but was still flaccid and fairly limp and it fell down to hang down into my right pants leg a couple of inches.

That's what I call the pre-rock hard state or the "cocked but not yet loaded" state, and when it was in that state it was normally about six and one half to seven inches long. When action was imminent, it would quickly expand to rock solid hardness and grow in length to about nine to nine and a quarter inches in length- the "loaded and ready for action" state.

I knew she could tell that my cock was reacting to her because when it started expanding to smooth out the wrinkles, she could feel the bulge in the crotch of my pants and she started to press her pussy hard up against it and began a sensuous grinding motion against it. Then when it dropped down my pants leg, she started rubbing her leg against it. Finally, she whispered in my ear,

"Am I exciting you honey? I can feel your rock hard cock down your pants leg. It feels deliciously good baby."

I whispered back, "You know damn well you're exciting me you little vixen and I love it, but that cock isn't rock hard yet. That's only its "getting ready just in case" position."

With that comment she reached down with her hand to feel around until she found the tip end of my cock and then she leaned back slightly to look me in the eye and asked,

"My God, it feels like it's half way down your thigh now sweetie. Do you mean to tell me that it gets even bigger than that! And when does that happen?"

I thought to myself that this hot little cunt was itching for a hard cock to fill its love tunnel and so I decided to go for broke and cut to the chase and I replied,

"Yes, it does sweetie, and it will get much bigger, and that happens my pretty little squeeze, when action is imminent and Sir Rodney knows that he is about to be called on to perform his duty and satisfy a succulent cunt with a big load of sweet, hot, creamy cum."

She nodded her head and reached up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then put her head back on my chest and said in a very contented voice,

"I take back everything I said at the bar Stephen and I apologize. You really do know how to play this game don't you? You're an expert and I really, really like you a lot Stephen."

Then she squeezed me tight and pressed herself harder against me as we continued to dance and sway to the music. I thought to myself, "Hot damn! I'm going to get laid tonight for sure!". And sure enough, about two minutes later she asked me,

"Do you live close by here Stephen?"

I tried very hard to keep the eagerness out of my voice as I replied because I wanted to seem cool and answered, "I sure do honey. I have a very nice apartment about five minutes from here located about half way between here and your college on the corner of Meeting and Clifford Streets."

Then all she said was, "Take me there Stephen. Take me there right now."

_(Now I know reader that you are probably wondering what all this has to do with Cougar Hunting, but just bear with me for a little while longer. You have to understand the state of mind I was in that drove me to hunting for cougars in the middle of the largest and richest herd of deer in the state with soft, juicy tender cunt meat available just for the taking. There were so many of them that I could have had a different one every night of the year to fuck me and suck me off and never put a dent in the herd. So it's understandable that you might think I was crazy to start hunting cougars. Hell, for a while I thought I was crazy myself! Especially when you see what a great piece of ass I gave up when Amy left me in a childish snit because of some pollyanish fairytale she had built in her mind about how to have an enduring adult relationship with a man and I let her go instead of fighting for her. But you'll see. So just bear with me. We're almost there.)_

I really did have a very nice two bedroom apartment with comfortable furniture and all my sports and Citadel memorabilia on the walls and spread around the apartment. When we got there I asked Amy if she wanted a drink or a beer as she was wandering around looking at all my stuff which included assorted photos of all my former squeezes and me and she absent mindedly said, "Sure, why not."

I went into the kitchen not sure if she meant a beer or something else so I decided to mix up a couple of Scotch and sodas making hers kind of weak because I didn't know how much she had already had to drink before I saw her at the High Cotton bar. I sure didn't want her to get drunk and pass out on me. I've fucked a passed out unresponsive cunt before and it wasn't all that satisfying. Actually, it's not much better than just jacking off.

When I came out of the kitchen into my living room with the drinks and Amy wasn't there I called out for her and she replied that she was in my bedroom and to come on back. When I walked through the door there was Amy stretched out on her back buck naked with her legs spread and her fingers spreading her pussy lips open. The pink fleshy gates to her cunt hole were wet with cunt juice and pulsing with anticipation of being folded back to allow entrance of a cock. I was mesmerized with that vision of erotic beauty. Amy said,

"Put those drinks down Stephen and hurry up and get naked. I want to see how long it takes Sir Rodney to spring to full rock-hard attention to satisfy my succulent cunt and fuck me silly."

It took me less than 15 seconds to strip naked and when I dropped my shorts Sir Rodney sprung straight out in all his 9+ inch glory ready for action. Amy took one look and her jaw dropped open and she sputtered out,

"Oh my God! Oh my God! You weren't kidding Stephen! He's magnificent! He's not Sir Rodney! He's King Rodney. Get over here and ram him deep into my cunt all the way to the bone! Quickly, quickly before I lose my courage."

I mounted her in the missionary position and sunk that hard cock into her cunt in one steady thrust all the way until our pubic bones collided. She gasped when it penetrated her cervix and I slowed down to mitigate the pain that I knew she must be feeling as my thick rod spread her cervix apart and entered her womb. When I hit pubic bone to pubic bone bottom, I paused for a few seconds and then made a move to pull my cock back to begin fucking her with in and out pumping of my cock and she quickly said,

"Stop Stephen! Stop! Don't' pump in and out yet. Let's rest for a minute or two and let my womb channel adjust and stretch a little bit. I have never had a cock this far up into my cunt before."

And then she took her fingers of her right hand and started poking her stomach and finally stopped with her finger on a spot about an inch below her belly button and slightly to the right of center.

Then Amy said to me,

"Put your finger where mine is Stephen and press down kind of hard."

I did as she asked and she said, "Do you feel that hard bump honey?"

I replied, "Yeah I do, in two places- on my finger where I'm pressing down and on the end of my cock in your cunt. That's really weird!"

Amy giggled and said, "No its not weird honey. That really is the end tip of King Rodney more than half way into my womb! That's fantastic and extremely erotic. I've never had a cock penetrate me all the way through my cervix into my womb. I think you might even be pressing on the back wall of my womb. You're the first Stephen to fill my womb with your hard love rod and God how I love it. It means that when King Rodney empties your cum sac and shoots all your cum out it will fill up my womb and very little of it will leak out back through my cervix."

Then after a couple of minutes during which I could feel her flexing her cunt muscles and rippling them along the length of my cock shaft she sighed and said,

"Ok, baby. It feels pretty good now and doesn't hurt any at all anymore. So go ahead and fuck me Stephen. Fuck me hard and deep baby and fill me up with your hot cock sauce."

I started pumping my hard rod in and out of her cunt and womb in a slow languid five inch stroke that brought the head of my cock all the way out of her womb and cervix into her cunt about an inch from the cervix entrance thinking to take my time and enjoy the build up to a fantastic orgasm. But after the second in stroke Amy cried out,

"Oh Jesus! That feels so good ... oh God ... Oh what a fantastic feeling ... fuck me baby ... fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuuckkkk mmmeeeeeee..."

and she threw her legs around my body and grabbed my ass buns with her hands and began pulling my body hard against her as she started frantically humping her cunt hard up into my thrusting cock trying to drive it deeper into her womb and so I started pumping my hard rod in and out of her in ever quicker, shorter three and two inch strokes never leaving her tight cervix which drove us both to the highest levels of exquisite, erotic, orgasmic, pleasure so intense as to be almost painful.

As we approached the stratospheric peaks of our orgasms I could feel the cum boiling up out of my balls as Amy was going wild clawing at my back and biting my nipples as her passion began boiling over. Just as my cock began exploding and shooting massive jets of cum into her womb she arched her back and thrust her cunt up into me in a powerful move that physically lifted me and screamed out in ecstasy as her orgasm hit its peak,

"OH GOD, OH GOD ... I'M DYINGGG ... AAAHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... !, and then she collapsed under me and fell into a trance like state for almost three minutes.

_( A couple of days later Amy went to a tattoo parlor and had a tiny bulls eye about a quarter inch in diameter with the label King Rodney around it tattooed on her belly to mark the spot for how far up into her womb I penetrated her.)_

We were laying there on our sides facing each other with my cock still in her cunt, although by then it had shrunk back to it's normaI limp size of about six inches long. But even in its limp state King Rodney still filled the entire length of her cunt tunnel with his head resting against the narrow opening of her cervix at the end of her cunt channel. I was monitoring Amy's breathing while suckling on her plump nipples and was beginning to get concerned when she finally stirred and said in a soft whisper,

"Stephen my darling, that was unbelievable. Just purely unbelievable! Never in all my imagination, dreams, and wildest fantasies did I ever believe it was possible to be fucked to such a giant peak of orgasmic ecstasy. Can I spend the night here with King Rodney? " Then a slight pause and before I could answer yes she added, "Oh, and with you too of course Stephen darling."

Well that began two and a half months of the wildest and sometimes most far out sex that I had ever had. She was an amazing cunt and totally unpredictable as to what she would do next. The extent of her repertoire of sex acts far exceeded mine for sure. I remember one night about four weeks after she had moved in with me, we were resting on the couch after two quick rounds of fucking watching some inane TV movie, when she abruptly told me to lay down on my stomach which I did and she pulled my ass buns apart with her hands and then squatted over my asshole and let loose a quick spurt of her pee from her cunt onto my asshole and then laid down with her face on my ass and started licking and sucking on my asshole to loosen it up.

And when it was loose enough she stuck her hard tongue into my ass and tongue fucked my asshole for five minutes. It was a really cool feeling. Not the cunt fucking orgasmic kind of feeling but a pleasant kind of stimulating soothing feeling of her tongue licking the soft tender flesh all around the inside of my asshole and exciting all of the exposed nerve endings just inside my anus.

On another occasion when we were cuddling on the couch she asked me if I liked the taste of cum and I thought she might be trying to find out if I was bi and liked to suck cocks. _(I'm not and I don't by the way, but I don't mind when someone else does. Different strokes for different folks is my attitude)_. I told her that I loved the taste of cum but only when it came out of a cunt that I was sucking out. I said that I especially loved it as a cream pie out of a cunt all mixed up with great tasting cunt juice.

Then she said that was good and asked me to scoot my butt forward on the couch so that it hung right on the edge exposing my asshole and she stuck her longest finger up my ass and started massaging my prostate gland as she was jacking me off and sucking on my cock and she told me to warn her when I was going to cum. It didn't take long with her finger up my ass massaging my prostate and when I told her my cum was boiling up out of my balls she aimed King Rodney at her tits and covered them both with my thick white creamy cum. Then she quickly laid down flat on her back and told me to lick her tits and suck on her cum covered nipples and she wanted to know if it felt like her tits were giving milk.

During those first few weeks I only noticed one queer aspect of her wide open, anything goes, attitude for having mind blowing sex and that was a strange reluctance to swallow my big loads of cum whenever she sucked off my cock with her mouth. She had this habit of holding all my cum in her mouth until I finished shooting my load and then she would hurry to the nearest sink or toilet to spit it out, or if we were in bed, spit it into a cup that she kept on her nightstand next to the bed. I thought it was a strange habit for someone who liked to suck out asses and tongue fuck ass holes, but I didn't let it bother me since I was getting all kinds of other exciting and perverted sexual services from Amy.

Amy really liked getting fucked in her ass and she always wanted me to ass fuck her at least once when we were getting it on in a marathon fucking session. A lot of her kinky desires also involved pissing. She loved for me to piss in her ass and cunt after I finished shooting my cum into her when I was fucking her in either of those two holes of hers, and she especially loved for me to stick my cock back in her mouth after she had sucked me off and finished spitting out my cum and then have me piss in her mouth and down her throat.

The first time she did that after we had been together for about three weeks, I asked her where she had learned all the kinky things she was so good at because none of the cunts that I had ever been hooked up with before knew anything about how to massage prostates or tongue fuck assholes or liked to drink piss or get pissed into their cunts and asses. She blew me away when she answered me and said,

"My daddy taught me all of that Stephen. He and my momma said that it was a necessary part of my training for becoming a whore."

I was flabbergasted at her reply and said, "Oh my god! I'm so sorry for you honey. It must have been horrible for you to be abused so badly like that by your own father and then have your mother go along with it. When did your father first rape you."

Amy looked surprised at my reaction and said,

"Oh no Stephen! You have it all wrong. Daddy didn't rape me. I begged him to fuck me when I was twelve right after I started my periods and told him that I wanted to be a whore like momma is. That's when momma said that she was proud that her little girl wanted to follow in her footsteps as a whore, but that it wasn't an easy profession and if I wanted to be a whore that there was a lot I had to learn in order to be a really successful whore and not an average whore like momma turned out to be."

Momma said that she had been whoring ever since she was 13 before she really knew how to be a good whore, and she became a street walking whore until she was 17 and then screwed up and got knocked up and had me when she was 18. She said it was daddy that saved her from becoming an unrecoverable bottom of the barrel alley whore when he found her strung out on drugs at age 28 on her knees sucking cocks in an alley for $5 a pop."

"Daddy said that when he found mama that in spite of being a skanky alley whore, she still had a dynamite body with a fantastic hour-glass figure with a real good juicy cunt, big firm tits and full fleshy soft lips perfect for sucking on cocks and balls and he recognized the potential in mama for becoming a first class whore and so he took her in to come live with him, cleaned her up, got her off drugs, and added her to his string of whores that he pimped for. When he found out she had a 10 year old bitch, me, he agreed to let me come live with him too. Mama was really, really happy when I told them that I wanted to be a whore just like mama."

Then I said to her that it sounded to me like the man she was calling "my daddy" wasn't really her daddy, but instead was just her mama's pimp and she got very angry and indignant with me and said,

"He is too my daddy. If you mean to say that he wasn't the man who fucked mama to make her pregnant with me, that might be true. Mama says she doesn't know who made her pregnant and that it could have been any one of fifty or sixty johns that she was fucking and sucking off on the streets at that time when she was 17 and 18 years old."

"She said that daddy is the only man who ever showed her any kindness and has been very good to both mama and I. Under his loving protection he got mama up to being able to average $150 to $200 a trick which she is still pulling down performing three to four tricks a day, six days a week. She said that easily pays for my college education with lots left over and we were very lucky to have him for her pimp husband and my daddy and that I should always love him and be very good to him and obey him in all things."

"So right after I had my first period two weeks after my 12th birthday, mama said that if I was really serious about becoming a whore like she was that it was then time for me to express my deep love and gratitude to daddy for taking us in to his home and taking care of us and give him my cherry by asking him to fuck me to break me in and to start teaching and training me to become a whore, but not a whore like mama was, just an average $!00 to $200 a trick kind of whore, but a real high class whore who could earn many, many thousands of dollars a trick fucking and sucking off men's cocks."

"Mama said that it was too late for her to become that kind of whore because she was too old with a worn out cunt and ass and had squandered the best whoring years of her life from 20 to 30 walking the streets and fucking and sucking off johns in the front seat of cars and in alleys until daddy found her and made her into a respectable call-girl, hotel whore. She said that with the right kind of training- the kind of training that only daddy could give me, I had the potential for becoming a truly legendary high class whore. And that's what I did. So I asked daddy to fuck me and break my cherry and train me to become a high class whore."

"I'll never forget that first cunt fuck with daddy. It was a marvelous experience. He was so gentle with me and licked and ate out my cunt and pussy until I had my very first orgasm so my cunt would be really juicy and soft and flexible inside when he stuck his thick cock in me. Then he took his time slowly working his cock through my cherry so it wouldn't hurt as he split my cherry and filled my cunt with his cock and began a slow, deep, pumping until I had a fantastic second orgasm just as his cock exploded and filled me up with his hot, smooth cum."

"When he was finished he told me to take his cock in my mouth and suck it out and eat all the cum that was still left in his cock. It was delicious. Daddy said that I was one of the best cunts he had ever had and I had the makings of a real top flight whore and he said that he would train me and teach me how to be an out of this world whore that could command thousands of dollars per engagement. But he made me promise that I would do everything that he asked me to do and that I would work hard and never argue with him when he asked me to learn how to do degenerate and perverted sex acts and he warned me that if I ever disobeyed him or refused to do anything he asked me to do that he would put both mama and me out on the street to fend for ourselves as whores. I promised him that I would always obey him and would love him with all my heart."

"Then daddy told me that it would not be enough to just be an expert at giving men all the different kinds of mind blowing conventional cunt, ass, and mouth fucking sex as well as some of the more far out degenerate and perverted sex they might want and need like sucking out their asses, tongue fucking their assholes, cum eating blow jobs, drinking piss from a cock, fucking dogs and sucking off dog cocks and eating up doggie cum, and so on."

"He said that in order to attract the kind of wealthy, powerful men that would pay thousands of dollars to possess my body that I would have to be a very beautiful, glamorous, sophisticated and educated lady that they would be proud to be seen with in public with me on their arms as eye candy. And in private when we were not fucking and sucking they would be enchanted by my capability for having serious conversations on their level about all sorts of subjects that were important to them and their world such as politics, finance, economics, philosophy, and the like."

"For the next five or six years after daddy broke my cherry until just before I was 18 daddy made me go to school all the way through high school during the day and monitored my grades closely to make sure I was applying myself, and during the evenings daddy and mama both taught me how to be a world class whore and made me perform all different kinds of degenerate and perverted sex acts on both of them every evening until I had become so used to doing them that I began to really enjoy doing them and could concentrate on perfecting my techniques."

"Daddy says that I am now an expert practitioner at delivering any kind of conventional or degenerate sex act you might have a hankering for with genuine enthusiasm, delight, and consummate skill that will send my johns into a whole new universe of exquisite, mind blowing, orgasmic pleasure. That's when daddy said it was time for me to start concentrating on making myself into a highly educated, classy, sophisticated woman of the world and so that's why I'm here at the College of Charleston majoring in political economics with minors in business finance and philosophy."

"Daddy said that when I graduate at age 20 that he would sponsor me into the world of high class whoring and told me that with the good management, that he would provide, that I could look forward to earning at least two million dollars in my first ten years of whoring. He said that the prime earning years for a world class $4000 to $5000 whore was from age 20 to 33 and if she took good care of her body along the way she could stay active as a very much in demand second tier $1500 t0 $2500 whore until she was 39."

"Then he told me to see if I could find a good fuck mate that wouldn't care if I was planning to be a whore so that I could keep on regularly practicing all the sex acts that daddy taught me for the three or four years I would be in college to make sure my sexual skills and techniques would remain sharp until my debut as a high class whore."

"So now you know my whole story Stephen and the question I have for you is this: Would you like to have me for your exclusive fuck and suck mate for the next three of four years?"

I replied, "Wow!! That is one hell of a story sweetie and absolutely yes!, yes!, yes!-you can be my fuck and suck mate and move in with me for just as long as you want baby- or at least until you finish school and decide to become a high class whore!"

Amy thought for a second and said, "Well what about after I finish school and begin my whoring career Stephen? Can't we still live together? It wouldn't bother you if I was a whore would it? I mean it doesn't bother daddy a bit that mama is a whore. In fact he likes her being a whore and he helps her find johns to fuck and suck. You could help daddy manage my whoring career baby."

I said, "Well I'll have to think about that for a while Amy. I've never thought about how I would feel if my woman was fucking and sucking off other men all the time. On the other hand, I have to admit that the idea of having my woman be in so much demand by wealthy, powerful men who would be willing to pay four or five thousands of dollars for a few hours of her time to have their cocks and asses serviced by her cunt, mouth and ass is very appealing to me, provided of course, that she always remembers to take care of all my powerful sex needs first before anyone else. So let's just play it by ear for a while sweetie to see how it goes."

Amy replied with a smile and a leer and said, "Well that's good enough for me Stephen and baby you never have to worry about your needs being taken care of first. I don't think I will ever find another cock as magnificent as King Rodney is. He fills my cunt better than any other cock could ever hope to match and he never seems to run out of his exquisite, velvety smooth, sweet tasting, cum and always fills my cunt, ass chute and mouth to overflowing every time I ask him to satisfy my cunt, mouth, or ass with a big load of his marvelous cock sauce."

That sealed the deal between Amy and me and for the next two months I had the most fantastic sex of my life. That little cunt never let a day go by after I would get home from work without making sure that I got at least two, and often three great orgasms spread between cunt fucks, great mind blowing cock suckings, ass fucks, and ass hole tongue fucks.

As I said earlier, I was considering actually marrying the little bitch after she finished school and actually proved her ability to pull down $4000 to $5000 dollar fees for fucking and sucking off these wealthy, powerful, men that would buy her sexual services that her daddy promised he would find for her. The idea of having a legal claim as her husband on at least half of her earnings if she really could command those kinds of fees as a whore sounded very attractive to me.

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