A Sin of Lust

by RedVelvetRose

Copyright© 2010 by RedVelvetRose

Fantasy Sex Story: A young priest is confronted by someone he thinks is a parishioner, but is something much darker.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Horror   Paranormal   non-anthro   DomSub   FemaleDom   First   .

He tossed and turned in his bed, desperately trying to rid his mind of the stunning images that had plagued him since that afternoon. That young woman kneeling so obediently as the altar and crossing herself with an innocence belied by her attire ... her presence had called him from the rectory as certainly as the loyal bells ever had. Even a young priest such as himself had been attracted to her sweet looks and tempting manner. Her beauty was stunning to him, so much so that he had nearly forgotten to answer her when she approached him with a question.

Would he hear her confession?

Although it was highly unorthodox for a priest to know which parishioner's confession he was hearing, and vice versa ... he had not denied her. He had simply led her to the confessional, ignoring the questioning look of the archbishop. The things she had told him!

Under any other circumstances he would've been shocked by her confessions, yes ... but not so ... tempted. She couldn't have been more than eighteen, and yet she had done things with men that he had never even imagined in his deepest thoughts. She had attended some party and been fucked all ways; a cock in her mouth, another in her dripping pussy, another shoved deep into her ass. She had accepted a payment of a thousand dollars to suck the cocks of some college sports team while tied against their lockers with jock straps. She'd even seduced a professor at her school into giving her a passing grade in return for unlimited sex in his office; bending over his desk, on top of the Xerox machine, pushed up against the file cabinet.

Against his will, his own sex had lengthened and hardened in response to her frank and erotic declaration. Under his black cassock, he throbbed and swelled despite the desperate prayers he ran through his head. When he had finally managed to give her absolution and penance, he had not been able to resist peeking out the door of the confessional to watch her walk away, her ass swaying seductively with promise.

He had fled the church, all but running back to the rectory and the safety of his plain rooms. He had stayed there; skipping dinner ... he could not face his fellow priests or the chaste nuns he had grown to call his family. He had claimed illness when one knocked to check on him, although the infirmity was in his soul and not his body.

Now it was well past midnight ... almost three in the morning by his figuring and he was still wide awake ... his cock still pulsating with every frantic beat of his heart. His blood fairly boiled with a lust he had never known and knew even less how to fight.

He had lit a candle earlier; having learned that it's soft light suited him better than either total darkness or blinding of electric lights. As he heard the bells of the church strike three, the candle turned dark, as though an unseen hand had snuffed it out. But there were no open windows in his room, no drafts ... it was the middle of summer and yet suddenly his room turned icy cold. A chill ran down his spine as a feeling of dread passed over him.

Something wicked this way comes...

He glanced towards his window, a movement attracting him out of the corner of his eye ... and what he saw nearly made his heart stop dead in his chest. Two eyes staring back at him, burning in the darkness. He could almost feel the blood draining from his face as it seemed to come closer and he felt his bed shift under the weight of another.

"Poor priest ... so lonely..." a voice hissed in his ear, one that he recognized easily ... the one that had echoed in his head all night.

"You!" he started, trying to rise from the bed but finding that he was held down by invisible bonds.

The woman looked at him, still dressed in the skin tight black that she had worn earlier in the confessional. While she remained beautiful, there was something undeniably sinister and inhuman about her now ... her eyes a little too bright, her smile a little too knowing...

"Did you not call to me, priest? Did you not call out for me in your fevered imagination as you plundered my body?" she asked with an evil smile.

He gasped. "How? How could you know? What are you?"

She leaned down and breathed in his ear, making him shiver with both pleasure and dread. "I am what you want and fear. A demon devoted to the basest sin you can think of ... that of sexual lust."

"In the name of the Lord, what do you want with me?" he demanded, summoning all the courage he had left.

Those unearthly eyes met his again. "You ... priest." She reached down and flung the sheets from his body, exposing his naked chest to the cold air ... and the large bulge within his underwear to her eager gaze.

"Stop." He gritted out between his teeth as her hand traced over his chest and stomach, coming dangerously close to his aching cock.

"You have no power over me, priest ... I will do with you what I please." She growled at him slightly, her hand deliberately rubbing over his sex through the thin cloth, making him cry out involuntarily.

"What are you going to do with me?" he asked, unable to keep the fear from his voice any longer. She smiled that disturbing smile again and leaned close, whispering in his ear with a sultry voice. "I want your blood to heat for me ... I want this hard cock of yours to swell and throb and grow larger than it's ever been ... I want your balls to boil with cum ... I want you to struggle at these bonds and fight me. I will tease you with my breasts and steaming sex ... bring you to the edge over and over, but not let you find release until I'm ready."

Even to that punishing declaration, he could not help but respond, groaning deep in his throat and pushing himself against her. She smiled at this, pleased at his brief moment of pliancy and leaned down to kiss him, thrusting past his resisting lips easily with her tongue. Before he could even realize her intent, his underwear was thrown to the floor and her clothes seemed to have melted away into some mysterious abyss. Her naked skin rubbed enticingly against his, making him acutely aware of how seldom he had been touched. Although the old Catholic assertions against masturbation had relaxed to acceptable levels, he still didn't engage in it regularly ... now his long-restrained lust had been awakened and tormented until it had grown to uncontrollable levels.

Her breasts were softer than any silk he could imagine and he could only feel as she rubbed them against him and his erection pulsed hotly. Her teeth were at his neck and her nails scratched over his chest, raising thin welts in their wake. She slid down his body, her breasts and hair trailing over him in a sweeping caress that made him arch like a cat.

At the first touch of her hand against his aching cock, he surged forward in a panic, startled by the hot rush of fluid that trickled out of the tip. The invisible bonds held him down, but he fought regardless.

"No!" he breathed in a pleading voice, his eyes squeezed shut.

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