Dr. Feelgud

by raltsn

Copyright© 2010 by raltsn

Humor Sex Story: Leigh visits the Ob/Gyn Dr for a check-up and gets more than she bargained for.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Reluctant   Humor   .

Checking your hair one more time, you open the door and enter the waiting room for Dr. Feelgud and head over to the reception desk. The nurse looks up at you and smiles.

"Good morning Leigh, can I help you?"

"Hi Nancy, I'm here for my appointment with Dr. Feelgud."

"Ummm OK. Yes, you are" Nancy replies, checking the appointment calendar. "Have a seat and the nurse will call you in when they are ready."

"Thanks Nancy." you say with a grin.

Nancy is looking a bit confused as you walk to a chair and sit down. Grabbing a magazine you read a little until the door opens and another nurse calls out your name. You stand up and walk through the door and the nurse leads you to an examination room in the back of the office.

"So, what brings you here today?

"Just my yearly checkup" you reply.

"Has anything changed since last year? Any problems or issues?" She asks.

"Nope you reply, I seem pretty healthy, but I figured it's time for the doc to check me out." you say with a grin.

"OK, well let's get started with your vitals."

The nurse proceeds to check your temperature, and your blood presses and then asks you to undress and put on a gown before taking you out to weigh you. She steps out of the room as you get undressed down to your panties and into the paper gown. A few minutes later she steps back into the room and leads you over to the scale and takes down your weight before leading you back into the room.

"OK Leigh, the Dr. will be in shortly."


You sit on the examination table, your long bare legs dangling over the side. You took extra time this morning to prep yourself for the appointment. Your legs are nice and smooth, no razor burns or marks and your pussy is nice and trimmed this morning. The pink satin panties with matching bra were just purchased yesterday to make sure you looked your best today for your appointment.

Five minutes goes by and you are still waiting for the Doctor and your mind begins to wander. The office is a bit cool and your nipples are already hard and sensitive, rubbing up against the rough paper gown. Your legs start to rub together absently and you can feel your pussy getting wet. You reach up and tweak a nipple through your gown and chills run down your spine, through your crotch and down to your toes. Your legs involuntarily stretch out and your toes curl and you can't believe how turned on you are right before the Doctor comes in and puts you in stirrups.

A knock on the door and Dr. Feelgud walks in. Your heart does a little flutter as you take in how handsome he looks. He looks up at you and gives you a smile that always makes you wet.

"Hi Leigh, how are you doing today."

"I'm good Dr. Just coming in for my checkup." You reply, as you see Dr. Feelgud looking down and checking out your hard nipples. You feel another gush in your pussy as his eyes come back up to your face again.

"OK well let's get started shall we." he said. "Why don't you lie back in the table and we'll do a breast exam."

You comply and lie back on the exam table, as he comes over and stands next to you. He reaches down and pulls the gown out of the way and proceeds to examine your left breast. Your eyes close and you can almost swear that he's gently massaging your tits as he checks them. After what seems like forever on one, he moves to the other one and gently examines it, every time he brushes by your hard nipples shivers go directly into your pussy making it wetter than before.

If you didn't know any better, you think that Dr. Feelgud was actually touching your breasts sexually but you think it could just be you and how turned on your were right now.

"OK why don't you sit up and take your panties off and we'll get you in the stirrups after you lay back down." he says, breaking you out of your thoughts.

You stand up and slip your panties down your legs, a little slower than usual as you are afraid the scent of your wet pussy will fill up the room the minute they come down. The Dr doesn't seem to notice anything as you throw your pink panties on the table behind you and lay back down. He goes to his table and pulls out a latex glove and comes back over to the table. You notice he's breathing a little heavier now and your face flushes a little more than usual. The bulge in his pants is evident as he walks up.

"OK Leigh, let's get your legs up here."

He helps grab a leg and position it in the stirrup, his strong hands on your smooth legs again sends chills all over you. You feel the hair on your arms standing up and the goosebumps all over your body. The Dr. is looking at you a little funny and you feel his hands sliding down your legs, past your knees and onto your thighs. Unable to help it, your butt starts wiggling a little bit on the table. His hands are now on your inner thighs, lightly moving down.

"Ahem, um uh let's start the exam." you hear him say. "You will feel a little pressure here."

He slides a finger into your wet pussy and you stifle a moan as he checks your cervix. Your pussy is so wet that he doesn't need any lube to allow his entry. He starts to pull his finger out and this time the moan actually escapes your lips and you feel his finger slide back into you. Your eyes fly open as you see the Dr. in front of you, smiling and slowly sliding his finger in and out of your wet pussy.

"Unnnggghhh Mmmmm..." you say, barely able to talk. "What are you doing Dr?" you ask in a sultry voice.

"You know what I'm doing Leigh." he replied with a grin. "I think you came in here today knowing what I'll be doing"

"OK you win." you say with a grin. "Please Dr. I need you to fuck me now. My pussy is so wet, and I need you in me ... NOW"

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