A Perfectly Acceptable Story

by Vidi Veni

Copyright┬ę 2010 by Vidi Veni

Sex Story: I wrote this vile bit of filth to protest the over/under 13 option - before I bothered to actually find out why that option was put in place. After I learned that my outrage was misplaced, I had no intention of ever posting this or letting it see the light of day. Unfortunately, I had entirely too much rum tonight.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Bestiality   Scatology   Amputee   Caution   .


Unfortunately, I don't have the time to visit SOL often. So, it was only recently that I was presented with the over/under thirteen option. As many people are wont to do, I didn't bother learning any of the background reasoning that went into the decision that perturbed me. Instead, as a writer who has a number of stories on the shunned side of the new pedo ghetto line, I gave into outrage fueled by what I, in my ignorance, perceived to be censorship and punched out the following vile story.

Later it occurred to me that there might be a good reason for the option, and a quick perusal of the forums proved that it was, in fact, a valid and rational business decision. So, this story was tossed into the dirty basement of my hard drive with the intent that it never see the light of day. Unfortunately for those who might actually read it, tonight my sense of decency has been blurred enough by entirely too much rum that I'm going to post it. On the bright side, it does incorporate my two favorite tasteless jokes.

"Give it me! Give it to me!" she moaned from beneath me.

I grunted and then sighed with satisfaction as my bowels emptied upon her chest. It truly was a relief; the mexican food I'd eaten for lunch had been trying to burn its way out for hours.

"Yes!" she cried out as she smeared my hot, watery feces over the upper parts of her boobs. "Now fuck my tits."

I frowned, wondering how I could manage to accommodate her request. With a shrug of my shoulders, I reached down to the vicinity of her navel to cup the undersides of her wrinkled, elongated teats. As I lifted them up from her belly, what looked like a chicken bone fell out from beneath the left one. Holding the massive mammary as high as I could, I leaned down for a closer look. Fortunately, it apparently hadn't been there long enough to cause a pressure ulcer.

She grinned up at me, showing her single remaining tooth, as I mashed those fleshy behemoths together and slid my dick between them. My rapidly cooling shit provided plenty of lubrication as I slid in and out of her fun canyon, doing my best to ignore the slight burning sensation.

After a few fun-filled, squishy minutes, she groaned out, "Let me suck it now, sonny!"

Releasing her dugs, I pushed the bulk of them under and behind me and inched forward. She puckered her lips, creating deep crags in her dry, pinched face. I fed my filth covered meat slowly into her nearly toothless maw, moaning as she gummed me vigorously. More than anything, I wanted to take her by the hair and fuck her face, but she only had a few sparse, gray wisps left on her head. Not wanting them to come loose, I instead grabbed her ears, hoping that they, at least, would hold.

"Unh! Unh! Ughngh!" she said as the head of my cock pummeled the back of her throat. The sensation of her mushy, sunken gums gnawing on my shaft was nothing short of divine. In fact, it felt so good that it quickly pushed me to the brink and over. She gurgled happily as I came down her throat; I even thought I could see joy in her milk-colored eye. The glass one, of course, showed no emotion.

When I pulled out, she smacked lips rimmed in brown and white. "Rub it on my stump until you're hard again and then fuck me!" she commanded.

I agreeably slid down the bed until I was poised over the point where her right leg ended six inches or so beneath where I suspected her pussy was. The shriveled, emaciated remains of the limb quivered in anticipation of the contact to come.

As I pressed my meat against it, she wiggled it up and down and from side to side. The smooth scar tissue rubbing against my most sensitive area felt like the finest of silks. After only a few moments of this, I was again hard and ready.

"Fuck me! Fuck me now!" she demanded.

I looked down to where her lower rolls concealed her sex. "I dunno," I said doubtfully. "The last time ... well, it was ... uh ... kinda scratchy."

"Trust me, sonny," she said with another of her toothless grins.

It took me a few minutes of searching through the folds of flesh, caressing skin covered in stretch marks and short, thick hairs, before I found the right one. Her cunt was lovely, with thick, wrinkly labia that protruded a good way down her inner thighs and a bush of scraggly grey hair.

"Oh, God!" I moaned as I sank inside her. To my surprise she was every bit as moist and creamy as a young woman. "What did you do?" I gasped about between my groans and moans of pleasure. "Use some kind of lube?"

"Nah," she breathed in my ear, the fetid stench of her breath only making me gag a little. "I just picked off the scabs and let the pus run free."

My thrusts slowed as I considered this revelation, but, with an inward shrug, I quickly resumed rutting into her. What was a little infection among friends?

I humped into her furiously, my body riding the waves that went up and down her jelly- like body. Her breasts heaved up and down for a time before falling to the sides where they jiggled enticingly on the bed's surface. Throwing back my head, I came with a scream, my seed splashing into a womb that hadn't been fertile in decades.

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