Breaking Dawn

by Angel Fire

Copyright© 2010 by Angel Fire

Erotica Sex Story: An outdoor fantasy that is close to realization!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

The morning dawns as squirrels scuttle around collecting their fill for the upcoming winter and the birds announcing the morning's arrival. I lay here listening to all the sounds, taking in the waking up noises that nature makes as dawn breaks. I can smell the residual campfire smoke that has soaked into our skin and hair. It mixes with the freshness of having spent days in the great outdoors. Lying here listening and savoring the peacefulness, I wonder if I should wake you. I choose to lay here and watch you sleep. Taking in the sight of you.

As the suns rays start to brighten the cocoon of our tent, you stir and reach out to hold me. I snuggle in to spoon and bask in the safety and comfort of your embrace. A sense of rightness fills me. You nuzzle the back of my neck and kiss behind my ear. Your arms wrapped around me, hands resting on the mounds of my breasts. I reach back to touch your thigh and hold you closer to me.

Ever so slowly, your wakefulness becomes apparent in every touch and caress. You press your warm body against my backside and continue to caress and rub your hands all over me. Your touch makes my body come to life. I want nothing more than to feel you and touch you in return. I roll over into your arms and am greeted with a morning smile and gentle kiss. There is so much said that words could not, in those simple gestures. Our touching is like that of new lovers and filled with curious exploration. Our kissing is a dueling of tongues and mouths. Probing exploring. Our kisses are gentle and teasing initially but they build to intensity as the need and want of each other consumes us.

As slowly as you awoke, the opposite is true of our effect on each other. We are quick to our sexual awareness and our need to please and arouse. We touch and explore each other so thoroughly. There is no place we haven't touched or kissed and we know each others bodies so well. My hands roam to your buttocks and outer thighs. My mouth and teeth suck and nip on your nipples, making you moan. There is a sense of power knowing that my touch and kisses alone can arouse you so completely.

Your hands roam under my t-shirt and find my breasts, teasing my hardened nipples with your gentle strokes. You engulf me in your arms and rain kisses on my face, ears, and neck. Your touch is the fuel feeding the fire burning inside me. You sense my arising need and remove my t-shirt exposing my full breasts to the cool morning air that is seeping into our cocoon and to your eager mouth. You kiss each one in turn and they blossom under your lips. Taking one hard nipple into your mouth suckling gently while slowly rubbing the other with your hands, a low moan escapes me and you know I am all yours. You are my lover, my friend, and the one I give complete abandon to. With you I have no fears, no worries! I find solace in your touch and in being with you.

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