Take My Wife... Please!

by akarge

Copyright© 2010 by akarge

Science Fiction Sex Story: When you take the girls out for Chinese food, remember to bring your CAP Cards. Just a simple pick-up story. This is a stand alone story in the 'Vulcan Colony' sub-series in the Swarm Cycle Universe.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Harem   Oral Sex   .

All in all, it was an exciting end to what had started as a quiet, pleasant evening.

The guys had promised their ladies a night out if they made the sale. After three years of working late nights and weekends, canceled family plans, and forgotten dinners, the women wanted to be spoiled. No one was exactly sure how the three older girls ended up coming along, and things were tense in both marriages, even with the real affection that they all had for their spouses, but it ended up being a nice, family evening after all. Bill and Jeremy promised their wives another evening without teenagers next time. After dinner at the nicest Chinese restaurant in town the teens started begging for ice cream. Jeremy made the obligatory remark about being hungry thirty minutes after Chinese food, but Bill said his two were always as hungry as starving wolves, so there was no real difference tonight.

As the seven of them started to walk through the outdoor pedestrian mall to the ice cream joint, gray patches of what first looked like a thick fog popped into place at the ends of the block. There were suddenly several large armed men in uniforms appearing from the shops. They were politely driving the staff and customers out in front of them. Soon the entire block was filling with people: customers, clerks, cooks, waitresses, busboys, managers, everyone. The Confederacy Marines were in town for a pickup.

There was a short announcement about people holding weapons. Obvious remote control drones were overhead in increasing numbers. One person got zapped for being careless while disarming himself. His wife convinced the Marines that he was just a klutz. He had a 6.7 CAP score, so they gave him the benefit of a doubt. He shipped up unconscious with just his wife though. The grumbling from some of the Marines indicated they would have left him if he had been scheduled to join them, but he was a navy recruit.

There was another announcement. This one stated that this was a pick-up for Vulcan colony and another bit about one extra concubine being allowed if one was a qualified mother. One group of Marines was walking down the street, placing small daypack sized objects on the ground and triggering them. They started inflating and it was obvious that they were inflatable air mattresses.

"Bill?" Mona looked nervous. "I know that we've been having problems. Do I need to start asking around for another guy to take me off planet?" She was a good-looking forty-year-old brunette with a pleasant face. A bit heavy in the torso, as might be expected after three kids, but a decent figure for a middle-aged mom.

"Mona, hon, I agree with the problems part, but I'll either make sure you get out of here with someone decent or I'll take you myself. I think you and I are about burned out as a couple, though and I don't think that you being my slave will help matters much. Give me a minute to get my bearings. Okay?" Bill still had a lot of affection for his wife. Mona had hung in there through the fat times and the lean. She hadn't given up on him or the kids. He knew she had had offers, but she was an honorable person. She sure hadn't stayed for his looks. He was ordinary enough; around five foot ten, with black hair, and a lean build accentuated by forgetting to eat while working. He liked everything about her. He was just having a hard time living with her anymore. What was he going to do with her or with their two teenaged daughters and the one eight-year-old boy at home with the sitter? His glances around brought Jeremy back into his sight and his thoughts.

Bill's partner Jeremy was an old school buddy. For that matter, so were both wives. They had all met at college. Bill and Jeremy were working on EE degrees. Mona and Terri were working on their Mrs. degree with a dual major in Math. The four of them joined a study group for Calculus and all of them graduated with their planned degrees. The guys had dated each of the girls, as well as a few others, before settling in for the long haul with the current pattern. Jeremy knew about Bill and Mona's problems. He'd recently confided to Bill that he was in the same boat.

"Hey, Jer'!" Bill flagged Jeremy a bit off to the side, away from the girls. "Uhh, I have this wild idea. Don't get upset, now! Would you take Mona into your Harem? I know you'll treat her right. If I keep her I think something bad will happen to her. I've been getting more and more frustrated when I talk to her. I haven't hit her, but I've said some mean things lately when I get angry. From the stories we've been hearing about Harems, I think I could dump her in a fit of rage and then it would be too late to take it back."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Terri knows just what buttons to push to get me steamed up. Yeah, I think the two of them would get along well enough togeth ... Wait, wait, Hell! Let's just completely swap! I bet they would both go for it. That keeps them with someone they know, and we'd know the kids are with decent parents. Uhh, wait. That brings up a point. Who gets the kids? I've got two at home, and you've got one. And then we have the three girls here, all three over thirteen." Jeremy was looking down at the five females in a new light. Jeremy was a bear of a man at six foot three and over two hundred pounds and curly brown hair.

"Munchkins stay with the mothers," Bill said. "Both of them are great mothers and we're never at home anyway. We can always visit if we get stationed nearby. Yeah, and as for the girls, well, let's just ask them. I doubt that my two could find a better older-man type husband than you. I've seen Kiera looking at you in your Speedos at the pool. And uhh, don't get too upset now, but your Valerie is ... Well, they didn't make fifteen-year-olds like that when I was in school." Bill didn't want to offend his old buddy.

"I'm not upset, well, not much. Hell, lately, I've been having big problems not noticing that myself. And I wouldn't kick Kiera out of bed for eating crackers, either. I'm not so sure about Rose, though. I think she's too much of a Daddy's girl. Literally. I wouldn't touch her unless she really wants to come with me. I think you are going to have to keep her unless she falls in lust with some other guy tonight." He looked at Bill until he got an agreeing nod. "Let's go talk to our ladies." Jeremy turned towards the women.

As they walked back, they could see that Mona and Terri had been anticipating something. They had both stripped down to nothing but their high heel shoes and they were standing next to a couple of the air mattresses in identical postures, legs spread, chests out, hands clasped behind their backs, tongues licking their lips. Terri was a light brown or dark blonde, depending upon how much sun she got. She was about two inches taller than Mona's five feet two. Mona had a bit more bust, but Terri's were a bit higher. All four nipples were starting to pop out from a slight chill in the air, or maybe from the excitement. The teenagers were also partially stripped for action, dressed only in their bras and panties except for Rose, who had on a see-through camisole top instead of a bra.

The wives did not move as their husbands approached, but their nervous looks from one man to another showed what they were anticipating. Bill, always the front man for the partnership, started the negotiations. "Mona? Terri? We think it might be best if we swapped you out. I get Terri, and Jer' gets Mona. We all know each other and care for each other. Jer' and I want you taken care of even if we are currently having problems. If you agree the two of us are swapping you but since we may be visiting, there will be no jealousy if I decide to spend some time with Mona again or if Jeremy spends some time with Terri. You both shared us a couple of times before we got married, so assume those attitudes are in effect again. What do you say?"

The women did not say a word. Instead, they stepped closer to the men and did a graceful little weave to step past each other and change who they were in front of. Mona dropped to her knees in front of Jeremy, Terri in front of Bill, and two zippers were grabbed as one. Bill's zipper snagged and there was a little fishing around before Terri gave up, undid the belt and yanked Bill's pants completely down, so she was a bit behind on getting her lips around a penis. Jeremy, as usual, had to make a quip. "I always did like Mona's way with words."

"What about us?" Seventeen-year-old Kiera was the speaker for herself and the other two. She looked almost like her mother did the first time that Bill had seen her; short and compact, with rounded breasts that were the size of two large oranges, dark brown hair with just a highlight of red. Her legs were short but well formed and they were attached to a perfect butt. Little sister Rose was only fourteen, but she looked almost as good. Five foot nothing, slimmer and smaller everywhere, with chestnut hair. Valerie was only fifteen, but she could already launch a few dozen ships. At five foot eight inches, she was already four inches taller than Terri and had killer legs, a firm, size B bosom and a gorgeous face. People rarely took the time to really notice that she also had a creamy complexion and hair the color of a moonless night.

"You talk, Jer'. I'm busy!" Since Terri had a bit easier access to Bill as his pants were around his ankles; she was showing off her deepthroating technique. Three stokes deep, then a few shallower ones. She had her hands locked around his butt and her breasts were bumping against his thighs.

"Girls, you, uhh, slow it down a bit Mona. You have a couple of options. You can go out and find someone else that you might like, or you can stay here on the planet. You would inherit our houses. Or you can go with your mothers. Val? That means you would be Bill's concubine. You would be doing the same thing Terri is doing, and a lot more. Look around at the other people. Everything happening out there is a possibility." The girls took a minute to look at the different acts already happening within eyesight: Straight sex, oral sex, anal sex, male-female, female-female, multiple partners, and even some male-male stuff over in one corner.

"All of that?" Valerie was not a total prude, but there were some things going on that she was not sure even qualified as sex.

Bill struggled to be coherent. "Valerie. I have done almost everything that you see a guy doing with a woman, or with more than one woman. So has your Mom. I did threesomes with Mona and Terri in school. So did your dad. Mona and Terri have put on shows for both us guys and they kept themselves amused when we were too tired to satisfy them. If you join my Harem, you will be doing all of that with me and with any other woman in my Harem, including your Mom."

Terri had obviously been listening. She suddenly came to a complete stop with his dick thoroughly engulfed in her throat and mouth. Then she started slamming him in and out, every stroke to the hilt, one of her hands dropped away from him and sought out her pussy. Her fingers were a blur as he strained and shot off in her throat. She finished him but was still trying to get herself off. As she fell onto her back, with her fingers still thrusting, her daughter squatted down on the ground next to her.

"Mom, do you want me to help?" Valerie's hand slipped in beside her mother's fingers. Two fingers disappeared, then three. They started gently slipping in and out, and then they picked up speed. Terri was screaming as she approached her orgasm.

"Suck on her nipples, like this." Bill was alongside Terri, across from Valerie. They both bent down and suckled on Terri's heaving breasts. Terri shrieked out her orgasm, and collapsed. Valerie seemed to be a bit heated herself, but Bill decided that he needed a breather before anything else happened. "So, was that a yes? You want to join my Harem and have hot, passionate sex with me and with all of my ladies, including your mother?"

Valerie giggled. "I guess it was. Wow, who would have thunk that she would blow up like that over me? I've, uhh, that's not the first tit I sucked, or the first pussy I stroked. And Mom can show me the rest. I've sucked a couple guys off, but I'm still a virgin. Will you go easy with me?"

"Certainly. And I'd be honored to be your first guy. As for your mom, she's bi, and you're gorgeous, so I guess that sort of makes sense. It did kind of take me by surprise, though." Bill looked up to see how the others were doing. Surprisingly, nothing much else had happened. Well, Mona had finished Jer' off. However, Keira and Rose were just standing looking at Bill's little tableau in surprise and even shock. "Kiera, what Jeremy said goes for you, too. I think he would be a better choice for you than most of the people around here and you already actually have a decent idea of what he is like. Say something, Hon. Your mouth is going to dry out if you leave it open like that."

"That was SO HOT!" She turned to Jeremy and Mona. "Do I get to have sex with my Mom, too?" Her mother gasped and flushed all the way down below her nipples.

"If you're nice to me you can. And if you aren't nice to me, I'll make you. We haven't worked out how the rules work out for daughters, but I bet you will be having sex with all of Bill's women as well, including Terri and Valerie." Jer' looked at Bill, who nodded with a faint grin on his face. "If you want to say yes, just come over here and suck on your mom's tits for a bit. And lose your undies." Kiera was sucking on Mona's tit before he finished. At first, Mona was obviously trying to keep from pulling away, but after just a few sucks and licks, she was helping her daughter remove her bra. They stood up so that the panties could come off, and then they lay down on a nearby mattress and started exploring each other's bodies.

"Daddy, Uncle Jer' is nice, and I would go with him instead of the other guys I see in a heartbeat," Rose was squatting besides her dad. "But I would rather stay with you. Uhh, you and Val. That's my tit she was talking about sucking. It's my fault. I was asking about boys and kissing, and we started practicing and..." She quieted when he placed a finger on her lips.

"Don't worry about it. She's not in trouble. Neither are you. I assume that if you were practicing for boys, that you are willing to do it with boys. And that you like to do it with Valerie as well?"

Rose nodded her head. Then she hugged up against him. He could feel her hard little nipples through the baby-doll. One of her hands was on his shoulder, the other was right on his penis. She was trying to get a good grip on it, but her angle and lack of experience were making it a bit difficult. "I'll do whatever you want, Daddy. Mom said you were great in bed."

"Oh, she did, did she? When did she tell you that?"

"Uhh, I overheard her talking on the phone to someone."

"Eavesdropping? Well, I guess that I have a reputation to uphold, but not right now." He gently disengaged her hand from the tender head and stood up. We have some more women to pick." He grabbed his wallet, keys and cell phone then kicked his pants off. "Does everyone have their CAP Cards?"

As the others got up, he collected all three CAP cards and placed them in his shirt pocket. He dumped his hated tie, but pulled his briefs back on. His stylish men's shirt, with the cards in the pocket, went onto Terri, but he had her keep it unbuttoned, tied at the bottom. Her skimpy panties were collected and tucked into the side waistband of his shorts, like a trophy scalp. Jer' liked the look and copied it. He had Mona's panties on one side and Kiera's on the other.

After a few seconds Val and Rose were stripped as well and they were tucking their things in Bill's shorts. It took them a while as they decided to further check the contents of his shorts while tucking and he was loath to discourage them. Jeremy made sure everyone was wearing shoes, as the sidewalks were occasionally rough or gritty. Besides, the women and girls all looked great in the heels they had worn for the evening.

"Okay, we need a Marine to verify that Terri and Mona qualify as mothers. I can't believe that they wouldn't. Then, you need two more and I need three." Jeremy always brainstormed by stating the obvious out loud. It occasionally caught some whoppers before they got put on paper, or, nowadays, on disk.

"Five women per household. I think we need another mother apiece, someone submissive for me, probably. Mona can be in charge around the house. Then maybe a young mother or single lady, like a waitress type." They contacted the Marine in front of the Chinese restaurant and sure enough the ex-wives were considered near perfect mothers. The Marine managed to screw up the assignments at first, assuming from the names that Terri was with Jeremy and Mona with Bill, but it was straightened out quickly enough. He gave them a couple of CAP Card readers to speed things along.

Bill was distracted by a disturbance among the restaurant staff. A young Asian man dressed as a cook was shoving a lovely young Asian woman out into the street. She was crying and clinging to him. He appeared to be crying himself. The dialog was apparently in Chinese. Bill recognized the woman as one of the waitresses that had been serving them. "Hey, Corporal? Any idea what their problem is?"

"Yeah, some. The guy seems to want his girl, hmm; I guess she's his wife. Anyway, he wants her to go out and get picked up. 'Save my children, ' he says." The Marine seemed to be listening to an internal dialogue. Bill figured that what he had heard about the translator implants was true. "Hang on a minute."

He started talking to the couple and a small speaker at his collar was putting out a translated version. After a couple of minutes, he turned back to Bill. "Married about six years. They have two kids at home and a bun in the oven. One each boy and girl. She has a CAP Card, but he doesn't. He was afraid that Immigration would deport him. I can tell that she has decent numbers. CAP 5.0 overall, very submissive though."

Bill looked at the rest of his group. "Sounds just like your prescription, Jer'. Submissive young wife, one each."

Jeremy asked to see her card and while he was looking at it, and talking to her, Bill was watching the young Asian man. He was obviously devastated, but trying hard to be brave for his wife's sake. The waitress had enough English that Jeremy was having no problems communicating. Bill was getting an idea though. "Terri, are you on the pill?"

"Uhh, no. My doctor wanted me to take a break for a bit. I have a diaphragm if I need it. Why?"

"Where are you in your period? Mainly, how fertile are you?" Bill was still watching the young man.

"I'm as fertile today as I ever get. You want me to have his baby, don't you?" Terri did not sound totally displeased, but she did sound hesitant.

"I'm thinking that way. What he is doing is the perfect example of a man giving up everything to protect his children. I think he deserves to have the chance for one more kid. Look, we're just starting our relationship out, but I would like you to do this if it doesn't freak you out too much."

"It looks like Jeremy is going to take her, and that is going to be emotional. Let's do it at the same time." Terri obviously had decided to go along with his idea.

Bill talked to Jeremy and got his consent for a 'joint ceremony' test drive. Then he got the Marine again. He needed to be translated accurately.

"Deng Hao. You are very brave and strong to be sending your wife and children off without you. My friend will need to be sure that Ehuang can do what is needed for her to do to join him. I am sure that this will be very upsetting to you both. I feel that your sacrifice needs to be acknowledged. You need to try to get more of your children out. Your children deserve the stars. Terri would like you to try to give her a child right here and now."

As he gestured to Terri, there were several startled faces. The Dengs, husband and wife, of course, but also the Marine who was looking like Bill had suddenly grown two heads. The other women and even most of the restaurant staff now stopped their own conversations to listen. Terri stepped up to Hao and held out her hand, bashfully. He protested, but his wife, Ehuang suddenly said something to him and he shut up. His face was wet as he let Terri pull him down to the mattress. Ehuang turned to Jeremy and she was also crying quietly as she started taking her clothes off. Mona helped her get naked and Jeremy was very tender as he lay down with the trembling girl.

"Hey. How did you know that his name meant strong?" The Marine asked Bill.

"What? Deng means strong?"

"No. Hao. His given name. At least that's how the AI says it translates. You didn't know?"

"Nope. I just meant what I said. His children deserve it. He deserves to have children in the gene pool. No way to take him without a CAP Card, is there?"

The Marine answered a bit sadly. "No, and if he only knew that the INS is an agency of a totally different government. We don't pass on the immigration status to them unless we find a real bad guy that we don't want anywhere."

Jeremy was being very gentle as the woman was visibly pregnant now that she was nude. He was on his back and letting her ride him at her own pace. She started only doing it as a rote thing to save her children, but she seemed to be heading towards some sort of small climax. Jeremy was still feeling the effects of Mona's blowjob so he was in no danger of blowing off too soon. He was concentrating on using his hands for small caresses of her thighs, breasts and pussy.

Terri was just concentrating on keeping Hao's erection from failing. She was squeezing her little snapper on him and pulling his face into her breasts. She had both legs wrapped around his and was trying to meet his thrusts. Unfortunately she could not get much purchase against the air mattress. Then she saw her daughter Valerie over his shoulder. Val squatted down on the mattress besides them and started rubbing her breasts against his face, while reaching back between his legs and grasping his balls lightly. She started fondling them and stroking the base of his shaft as he thrust harder and harder into her mother. He was making noises now that let Ehuang know that he was very close and she started pumping harder herself. When he shot off in Terri, Valerie stuck a finger in alongside as she continued to fondle his balls. Terri went off a few moments later.

Ehuang found Mona reaching in to caress her pussy as she leaned in to suckle on one of Ehuang's small breasts. She started to have one orgasm, then another, and another. None were very big, but one after another they devastated her. She collapsed on Jeremy's chest and fell off to one side. As his erection popped free, Kiera immediately moved in and sucked it down. It only took a few strokes of his new teenaged concubine's mouth to have him spurting into her throat.

As Hao recovered and dressed, he was obviously still saddened, but he was standing a bit prouder. Bill used the Marine to tell him to go get his CAP Card. He looked determined to do so as he started to turn and walk away. Bill called his name again. As Hao turned to him, Bill bowed formally in what he thought was the Asian manner. It probably looked a bit silly in his briefs with panties hanging from his waist, but Hao pulled himself erect and returned the bow.

As he started to leave, his wife took a few quick steps and hugged him. She was still naked from her time with Jeremy, so Hao stiffened, and then he relaxed and hugged her back. A quick kiss and he left. Mona pulled Ehuang into a comforting hug.

"Terri, just lay there for a bit. I really want the pregnancy to get a chance." Bill was standing over Terri who was flat on her back with her knees up. Just then, several women from the restaurant came out with warm moist towels and dry towels to clean her up. They seemed to understand and approve of the attempt for another Deng child. Or maybe it was for the sop to his emotions. Bill looked around and found that the wait staff had brought out white cloth tablecloths for the mattresses by their door. They were bringing out some chairs and small tables for serving Tsingtao beer, wine and tea to those who wished to indulge between bouts. They were raking in a fortune in tips. After all, who needed money if they were leaving the planet? Also, there were a lot of people who weren't leaving, but who were enjoying the show.

"Here Terri, maybe this will help keep it in." Rose was handing Terri a tampon applicator. She had apparently pulled it from her little purse, which she was still carrying. Bill left the plumbing issues to them.

"Hey, Mister, have you got a minute?" Bill looked around and found a man talking from the entrance to an alley. He looked like one of the homeless panhandlers that unfortunately frequented the area.

Bill started to ignore him, but then he thought. "I really don't need it anymore," so he turned back. "Here." He pulled a twenty out of his wallet and held it out to the guy.

"I don't want your money. Well, Ok, I do, but this is a lot more important." He gestured to the alley and a down-beaten woman and two waifs came out. "I want you to get my wife and kids out. It's my fault that they're here. I lost my job, the house, everything. I drank it away. Laura should have dumped me. She might have saved something, but she's too loyal. She waited too long." He pulled the kids in front of him. "Mike's ten, and Cindy is seven. We get better handouts if we're here as a family, then we go to the shelter later where they can always spend the night even if it's too full for me." Bill noticed that their local Marine had moved up to his side.

"Let me see your Card, both of you." As they both handed them over, he saw that the woman was not bad looking, but she looked very close to being thoroughly burned out emotionally. The kids were in worn clothes, but the tears were all mended and they were all reasonably clean. The Cards told a story of their own. The husband, Joe, had an addictive personality. He had low willpower, decent intelligence and decent parenting skills. He was loyal and altruistic. However, he could not handle stress. One crisis would inevitably lead to another, and another. When he was stressed, he drank.

Barbara, his wife was similar. She had no need for booze or drugs, but she needed stability. She was also a generally good parent, but her very high loyalty and submissiveness did not let her leave until it was too late. Bill thought that she would make a decent back-up mother once she settled in. "Barbara? Are you willing to do this? You know that you will be my slave and have no chance to ever see Joe again, right?

Barbara lowered her gaze and nodded. "Sorry. That's not good enough. I need you to say it out loud." Bill was a bit stern sounding, but he figured that she needed to articulate this.

"Yes, I understand." She had a soft, southern drawl that he found he liked. "I can do this."

"Okay. Joe. Tell me the truth. What's your drinking status now? Can you be trusted to not go on a binge?" Bill looked at the Marine as he asked the question. It had been reported that the Marines were connected to an AI that acted as a lie detector.

"Sober for three months. I could have said no problem if it was yesterday, but I figure tonight will be real bad and the next few weeks as well. No guarantees. I know this is the best way, but it's going to really hurt." The Marine nodded.

"Ok, here's what I am going to do. These are my house keys. You and I are about the same size. I am writing my address on a business card. That twenty will get you a cab to my place. Go there tomorrow, not tonight. The sitter is there tonight with the kids. Get cleaned up. Use my clothes. We're about the same size. Get out and get some job interviews. Make sure you continue your meetings if you are doing that. Pack a bag with any of my clothes that you can use. I have relatives that will be taking the house over, so you will only have about a week or two. I will pass the word to them so no one accuses you of trespassing. That's the best that I can do for you."

Joe could not find enough words to thank him. After a few minutes with his family, he wandered off toward the gray wall and disappeared into the edges of the crowd. Barbara came up to Bill with red eyes and simply said, "Thank you."

After Joe was out of sight, Bill turned to Barbara again. "Barbara, I need you to take your clothes off like the others. Is that going to be a problem?" She started removing her clothes before he even finished. He could see that she had the face and basic build to look nice, but she was out of shape, with a recent diet of too many cheap foods. She had been wearing a sports bra under a few layers of blouses and sweaters. Below the waist, long skirts over long underwear. She was dressed to spend a lot of time outside at night. She would look a lot better with decent food and a few nice baths. Even though Joe was as white as Wonder Bread, Barbara was a very light-skinned black lady. "How long ago did you take that CAP test?"

"About three years. Just before Joe started really losing it," she said.

Bill figured that her scores had dropped since then. She was very submissive and seemed to have no willpower at all. "Leave your shoes on," he said.

Jeremy came over to Bill. "Looks like you are still ahead of me in the concubine race," he said.

"Yeah. It never really dawned on me before how much heartbreak there is in one of these things. I don't want to break up any more families, Jer'."

The children were quiet, but Rose and Valerie had already procured a huge 'to go' order of rice, chicken wings, spring rolls, barbeque pork and other finger foods. Bill hugged them both and told them that they were clever things.

"Let's go over that way a bit. We still have to find a few more people."

"Mister, take my wife and kids with you?" Jeremy's first thought was 'deja vu'. His second thought was 'Wait a minute, that's a woman's voice!'

"Melanie, I am not leaving without you!" Jeremy turned. Yup. Female. Both of them. One was apparently of the ' butch lesbian' persuasion. Melanie seemed to be somewhat mannish in face although that may have been more due to her hairstyle and lack of makeup. She was wearing a dumpy plaid work shirt, jeans, and boots. Her dark brown hair was cut shorter than his. She was over five feet eight inches tall, but maybe two or three inches were the boot's heels. Her weight was hard to figure due to the clothing, but he guessed from one twenty to one fifty.

Her 'wife' was much more 'fem', wearing a skirt and blouse. She was a conventionally pretty blonde with shoulder length curls. She was quite short, maybe five feet tall, maybe a bit more, but she was wearing three-inch heels. Her blouse was pinkish and mostly opaque with only a couple of buttons undone on a modest cleavage. Probably they were larger A cups in the lacy pink bra. The couple also had three kids with them aged from two to eight-ish.

"Okay, let's start with the beginning. Who is whose mother?" Jeremy was trying to figure that out by who was hugging whom. However, the kids seemed to be hugging both women.

"We adopted Peter, together. He is both of ours, by state law." Melanie pointed to the oldest boy. "I had Cindy with the help of a donor." She gestured to the two-year-old at her side. "Gabrielle had Anthony by a former lover." That was the four-year-old, and Gabrielle was obviously the 'fem'. "And she's pregnant again with the help of my brother." Bill and Jeremy's ex-wives and daughters were checking out the children. Kiera was obviously enchanted by little Cindy.

"Okay, let me ask this. First, Gabrielle, you are apparently bisexual. How bi are you? I mean, are guys a once every few years thing? Every night? Necessary evil or necessary?"

"It doesn't matter. I'm not leaving without her." She had a soft voice that he could just imagine enchanting him.

"First things first. Then we see about her." Jer' was thinking that there might be a decent figure under that plaid, but would she be willing... ?

"Uhh, I like women a lot. So that's all of the time. Guys are a lot of fun or not, depending on the guy. If you're willing to go down on me, and don't do the really sick stuff, I can handle it. You've got a few nice girls here. If any are bi, I should be ok."

"Oral, both you on me and me on you. Straight sex. Lots of cuddling. Occasional anal sex. No scat, water sports, latex, or bondage. I might have to spank someone, but I never have before. Oh, yeah, and lots of girl on girl."

"What about Melanie?" she asked.

"Well, that's up to her. Melanie? What about you? Are you totally lesbian? Have you been with a guy? If you become a concubine, at a minimum you need to get pregnant occasionally, and we aren't using a turkey baster this time."

"I uhh, have some issues. I got raped. Young. By my ever loving Daddy. I have been with a few guys since then and sometimes it's okay, but I sometimes just, freak. I found that I can do threesomes, but if it's just a guy and me and the guy gets on top, I have about a one in ten chance of losing it, and then I shut down for a week or three."

"Okay, so. Let's say that we do two things. I've heard some things about the AI's on these ships. Maybe it can help you with your issues. We can check on that. But I have three lovely women here. Two are apparently bi and Ehuang is still coming out of her shell, but she hasn't freaked at women helping her and being friendly. I expect that Kiera, Mona and Gabrielle would be willing to keep you from being alone with me. I am not breaking any more families up if I don't have to. You can come with me, but it's all of you or none of you. If you agree, I'll need to see your CAP Cards. Talk it over a bit first." Bill stepped off to the side and pulled Barbara into his lap as he sat on the edge of a concrete tree planter.

The women talked quietly for a bit. Melanie was watching Rose feeding wings and pork to the homeless children. "Not too much so fast, Honey. They'll get sick."

"Ok. You have pretty eyes. Why do you wear those ugly clothes? I bet you look nice without those things on. My dad and Uncle Jeremy would like to sleep with you. I can see it in their eyes."

"Thank you Sweetie, but ... Wait a minute. Which one is your dad?" Melanie was warming up to hostile really fast. "And which one is sleeping with you?"

"Well, that one is my Dad," pointing to Bill, "but I'm not sleeping with either of them, yet. Well, I WILL be sleeping with Dad, but not until I convince him. He let me in his Harem, but I think he'll resist. He's really kind of old fashioned. I bet he just leaves me alone until I manage to trick him or something." Rose was concentrating on the kids, so she did not see Melanie fire up for the battle, and then, slowly, calm back down.

"So he is just going to be with your mom and this homeless lady?"

"No, silly. Mom is going to be with Uncle Jeremy. Well, he's not really my uncle. He's just a good friend of Daddy's. Anyway Dad and Uncle Jeremy swapped wives and daughters, but I stayed with Dad, 'cause I like him better. They let me choose. Except they are using some weird rule that basically means that they are going to share. Share wives and daughters, that is. I'm not sure about Ehuang, Barbara, and you guys. But they're both nice guys and I think it will be fun, and Daddy will let me do oral sex with all of the other girls. Val and I have been practicing, but I bet you and Gabrielle are lots better. Can you show us?" All of this was coming out at a mile a minute and Melanie could barely keep up. However, she was smiling at the end.

"I think so, Hon." She turned to Gabrielle. "Give me your CAP Card, Gabe. Let's see if he wants us."

The women got their kids to stay with Rose and Kiera for a few minutes while they approached Jeremy, who had moved away to talk with Bill and give the women some room to talk and decide. They silently handed their cards to Jeremy who put them in his reader one at a time, showing them to Bill as he did so.

"Okay, your scores seem about like we figured. Both are similar overall, but in the sex subscores, Melanie has a bit higher sexual skill and sexual drive scores while her open-mindedness is down a bit. In other words, you close up about some issues. Gabrielle has all three subscores similar. Both of you are good mothers, intelligent, and loyal. Neither of you is really aggressive, but neither is really low either. Most of your scores are clustered around the low fours to high fives. This reader does show that Melanie has issues with males and sex, but it doesn't look crippling. Ok, one thing that you should know is that Bill and I plan to share as long as we are nearby. You will be in my Harem, but he can come and play when he wants to. Also, we are having all of the women strip naked until we get on the ship. We only need one more after taking you, so it shouldn't be much longer, and it's a warm evening. Melanie. I'm going to sit down here and you can kneel on that mattress. I want a blowjob. Your hang-ups are the only real sticking point. Gabrielle, you can take care of Bill." Jeremy dropped his pants and sat on a park bench. He was barely semi-erect. Bill found a nearby mattress. He was much harder. Of course, Jeremy had been with Ehuang after he was with Mona, while Bill had just had Terri and that was a while ago.

Gabrielle was between Bill's legs in a minute. She had dumped the blouse, skirt and bra in a flash. She was not wearing panties, but she was wearing a garter belt and stockings. "Leave those on." Bill commanded. He smiled as he watched her buns framed by the pink belt and straps as she bent over his penis. He smiled again as she showed that she knew her way around a blowjob.

Melanie was slower at the start. She started unbuttoning her shirt, but barely had it off before Gabrielle was on her knees. She was wearing a tee shirt, which came off, then a very tight sports bra.

"Didn't want any guys hitting on you at all, did you," said Jeremy. "I guess I can understand that." He tried to stay leaned back against the bench, not threatening her. He found that he really wanted this to work.

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