My Sexy Aunt Patricia

by dirty oedipus

Copyright© 2010 by dirty oedipus

Sex Story: My Aunt and I are close and get even closer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Aunt   Nephew   .

"Hi mum" she was standing at the sink looking good as usual in tight pink trousers and a white top,

"Oh hi darling, how was work?"

"Oh you know same old stuff, but at least it's Friday, I can relax for the weekend"

"Well I'm not sure about that, your Aunt Pat phoned to see if you could pop over to help her with something"

I hid my grin and hoped like hell that she wouldn't see my cock stirring in my pants, my Aunt Pat, mum's sister was the horniest woman I'd ever met in my life before.

"What does she want?"

"She didn't say darling, you know her, shall I call her and tell her you're too tired?"

"No I'll go, if it's a big job I might stay over so don't worry if I'm not back"

"Well I hope she appreciates it, you're always over there helping her out"

"It's no bother mum, I'll just have a quick shower first"

My erection got in the way in the shower, but I resisted bringing myself off, Aunt Pat would see to that all right!"

Changing into pale blue jeans and a white tee shirt, I kissed mum goodbye and drove the twenty odd miles to my Aunt's house.

She answered the door dressed in a fluffy toweling robe and she smelled divine as I took her into my arms behind the door,

"Your mother sounded cross" she said as I caressed her sweet little ass through the robe,

"She worries in case you wear me out"

"Never" she laughed throatily and snaked her tongue between my teeth, "Let's have a glass of champagne shall we and then I'll show you what I want"

I followed her swaying ass through into the lounge and sat just watching her as she poured out our drinks,

"How was work?"


"What I want isn't boring" she said softly, "In fact it could be interesting, very interesting"

"Show me"

"Mmm we ARE impatient aren't we?"

"I'm always impatient where my favorite Aunt's concerned"

We walked up the winding staircase together and into the master bedroom,

"This is it" she smiled and gestured to a black lace basque laid out on the bed, there was a pair of sheer black panties and matching stockings next to it,

"I need help doing it up, do you think you can do it?"

"I'm not sure, but I'll give it my best shot"

"I'm sure you will David"

She unknotted the belt and allowed her robe to slither to the floor, I felt my cock hardening as I looked at her, the beautiful firm breasts with their pink nipples, the flat stomach and the tiny triangle of her pubic hair pointing like an arrow down to her beautiful little slit,

"You're beautiful Aunt Pat" I croaked my mouth suddenly dry,

"Thank you" she smiled and reaching for the basque, she wrapped it around her body settling her breasts into the underwired cups.

"There are hooks and eyes all the way down the back, do them up tightly, I like them tight, I like to feel constricted"

Kneeling down in front of me she turned and presented her back to me, it was flawless like the rest of her, it took me about five minutes to do all the laces up

Because I couldn't stop looking over her shoulder to where the lacy bra cups only just covered her nipples,

"You're looking at my breasts" she said simply,

"Yes" I smiled and she laughed, "Naughty boy"

Standing up still with her back to me, she bent to pick up a single stocking and quickly rolled it into a neat little ball over the toe,

"Now these please" and she placed a foot on my lap giving me a perfect view of her glistening slit, "And stop ogling my pussy"

"I'm afraid I can't do that" I leered, but I drew my eyes back to the job in hand and smoothed the nylon up over her thighs,

"Some of the men who work for me would give a month's salary to be where you are now" she smiled, "And a few of the women too"

I finished both stockings and sat entranced as she fastened them to the long suspender straps dangling from her basque before standing in front of me hands on hips.

"There, what do you think?"

"I think you look fantastic"

"Thank you, now would you help me on with my panties?" but before I could, she bent to pick up her high heeled shoes, she bent from the waist and my prick jerked as I looked at the tiny puckered hole of her anus, still bending knowing full well what I was looking at, she put both shoes on.

"You like looking at my bottom don't you?"

"I like looking at all of you Aunt Pat"

"But especially my bottom?" she smiled,


"Dirty, dirty boy" she smiled, "Now my panties please"

I held the filmy little garment out for her to step into and asked what this was all about,

"I've just been handed a script for a new film, this one's a big budget job where a horny young widow actually gets seduced at the wake following her husband's funeral, I just want to get a few ideas, we're shooting next month"

"A porno?"

"Soft porn David" she grinned, "Well soft at the moment, but I think I've got a big German distribution company interested, if they want it, I'll go hard core, that's where the big money is"

My Aunt was the founder and managing director of a chain of DVD rental shops, she'd backed movies before financially and made herself a multi million pound fortune in the process.

I took my time about easing the panties up over her long legs, the aroma coming from her sex was intoxicating and I wondered if my zip was strong enough to contain my aching prick without breaking.

"I think a long dress would be more suitable for a funeral don't you?"

"Oh yes, a grieving widow would hardly wear a mini skirt would she?"

"She probably wouldn't wear a sheer black thong either David, but it's called poetic license"

She stood for a moment looking at herself in her full length mirror before going into a walk in wardrobe and coming out again wearing a small black hat with a face veil,

"How's that?" she asked,

"Perfect" I answered truthfully, "Except possibly for the panties"

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