The Nooner

by Jake Marlow

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Erotica Sex Story: After sexting him all morning, Anna picks Jason up for a lunchtime quickie in the back of the car.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I'm sitting at my desk, bored out of my mind. The morning could not be dragging on more slowly. It feels like I started work weeks ago and it's only eleven a.m. I haven't had enough coffee yet to make me care about whether some low level drug dealer gets probation instead of time. It doesn't help that I have a stack of similar files to dredge through before court in the afternoon. My phone chirps, letting me know I have a text message and I can't pull it out fast enough, thankful for the distraction. It's a message from my girlfriend Anna and I'm tingling with anticipation was a flick my phone open.

Tilting the phone so no one can seen the screen I open the message and am pleased to see a picture of Anna with her blouse unbuttoned and her lacy blue bra unhooked. I can see one of her pert little breasts and she's smiling at the camera. The message at the bottom says, "Can't wait for lunch!" There's enough of the background in view to tell she's in one of the stairwells at work. It's become one of her favorite spots to send me these pictures from.

The past few months with Anna have been pretty wild. After that night in the casino, when she paraded around in a little outfit I'd picked out for her, something changed inside her. It seemed she had discovered a sexy new side of herself and she wasn't prepared to back to how she'd been before. The genie was out of the bottle for good. It's not like she was a complete prude before, but Anna was a proper woman who did not go out of her way to show off, even though she works at keeping her petite body in shape. My first inkling that she had hidden depths was when we started fooling around one night in the car on the way home from a movie. I couldn't wait to get her home and pulled into a local park. We snuck into a play castle and ended up having sex right there in the open air. It was so incredibly hot and I could tell Anna was getting off on the risk of getting caught. Things really went up a notch when another couple with the same idea snuck into the park and all of us went at it with the others right there.

I started testing her boundaries after that with some discreet touching in semi public places and by convincing her to dress a little sexier. I didn't go nuts, because I knew Anna wouldn't go for anything too out there. Our sex life steadily improved and then one night she shocked me by sneaking into the men's locker room one night at the gym. It was just about closing time and there was no one around when she joined me in the shower, but I still couldn't believe she'd taken the risk. We were having crazy sex in the steamy shower when we were almost caught. Anna was petrified, but I could tell she really got off on nearly being caught.

After that night I thought I could take things even further than I thought. When Anna and I talked about it she tried to make it sound like it was no big deal and a onetime thing, but from the way she enjoyed it I didn't think it would be too hard to get her to go out on that ledge again. My chance came when we took a weekend in Atlantic City. First, I got her to wear a little string bikini on the beach, which got her so hot it was no challenge to get her to fool around with me out in the water. I gave her a quick climax right there with all those people on the beach only yards away. That night she balked when I showed her the little outfit I wanted her to wear down to the casino, but I had won a bet and after some sweet talk she agreed. The miniskirt was so short she had to be careful how she walked and the halter so skimpy that even with her b-cup breasts she had to be careful not to spill out of it. After a few drinks at dinner and on the casino floor, Anna was much less careful about covering up and she ended up flirting with several younger guys at a blackjack table. She was so fired up that we went at it like teenagers in the elevator and she happily let me pull down her top. It made her even hotter when I pointed out the security camera. The sex that night was mind blowing and left me with no doubt that my cute, reserved girlfriend was a closet exhibitionist!

The change in Anna was evident right after that weekend. During the day she still dresses demurely and professionally for the office, but when we go out at night she's always in something sexy, like revealing dresses or tight tops or short skirts. She doesn't dress like a tramp, but she's discovered that you can be classy and sexy. She loves the attention she gets when we go out and that always leads to her taking chances in public. She's also started sending me sexy little pictures during the day, like the one she's just sent me. I love every second of it, but I have to admit it's like I'm dating a completely different woman.

After Anna's text I can't wait for lunch and the rest of the morning drags on even more slowly. At quarter after twelve I go downstairs and she's waiting in front of the building in her black SUV. I jump in and lean across to give her as kiss before fastening my seatbelt. "Where are we headed?" I ask.

"I stopped and grabbed some sandwiches. I thought we could go over by the lake."

It's early December and a little cold for a picnic, but I know that's not what she has in mind, not after the picture she sent me earlier. It wouldn't be the first time we've sneaked off for a lunchtime quickie, although usually we go to one of the downtown hotels. Anna loves the way the desk clerk looks at us when he check in at noon with no baggage. More than once I've caught her looking for their reaction when we're leaving an hour later.

"You know, you drive me crazy with those little messages," I tell her, moving closer.

"Good, since that's really the point."

"Aren't you afraid I'm going to show them to one of my friends?"

I place my hand on her knee, just below the hem of her navy skirt. It's a respectable length, but it's ridden up as she drives. She's wearing matching navy stockings underneath.

"No, because you know I'd kill you."

"But you know they all think you're hot. Every time Gary sees you he checks out your ass. He would totally lose it if I forwarded him your message from today." I slid my hand up under skirt and discover she's not wearing pantyhose. I finger her garter strap as my hand moves higher.

"You're crazy. If his last couple girlfriends are any indication he likes them blonde and busty. I don't think my little chest draws his interest." My hand moves higher and I feel her panties are damp. "I don't think that's too safe."

"You're not the only one who can tease," I tell her.

I press into her mound and Anna whimpers and accelerates, nearly rear ending a car ahead of us. She gets a hold of herself even though I keep rubbing her pussy, but I can see her grip tighten on the steering wheel. Her skirt is hiked higher as I get my hand in a better position and she spreads her legs wider. I rub her pussy in a tight circle and her breathing becomes labored. As soon as she stops this vehicle she's going to be all over me. When I stop touching her I'm not sure if her sigh is from relief or frustration, but I'm not done with her.

"Hey!" she exclaims as I pop open a couple buttons on her blouse. She tries to stop me, but steering the SUV slows her and her blouse gapes open enough to see her pert breasts nestled in their blue lace nests. I can't help myself and slip my hand into her blouse and massage Anna through her bra. I've always been a breast man and I have to say that Anna has the best breasts I have ever seen. Not too big, but a perfect handful and so very firm, with small, pale pink nipples that have just the slightest up-tilt. It helps that they are so sensitive. I can have her practically begging me for sex from teasing her breasts alone. Anna really is the ideal woman for me.

"Mmm, that's not fair," she whimpers when I give her nipple a slight pinch. She's told me it's even more of a tease when I touch her through her bra.

"You'd better keep your eyes on the road. It would be embarrassing to get into a crash like this."

I leave her breasts alone and return my attention between her legs. Her drenched panties are plastered to her and pressing my middle finger I push them between her lips. I rub her clit with her panties in the way and this time she almost puts us through the windshield and she squeezes her thighs closed over my hand, but I still have enough wiggle room to tease her. She's squirming in her seat and staring straight ahead purposefully as she tries to control her reaction.

"Look to your right, Anna," I tell her. She does, only to find some guy in a delivery truck that sits even higher than us looking down her blouse. I'm not sure if he can see my hand in her lap, but he must be able to tell something is going on by the way I am leaning in her direction. To make the point I press harder on her clit and her jaw drops open as she gasps.

"You know he can see right down your blouse. He's looking right at your breasts."

"Oh Jason..."

"He can probably tell how hot you are, too. You're so flushed and you're breathing so heavy. He's probably rock hard right now."

"Ohhh ... God..."

Anna turns right into the park, leaving our friend to keep going straight. I hope the eyeful he got makes his day. I know it made Anna's show off like that. She really has become quite the exhibitionist. She swings right into a spot at the end of the lot. A dozen yards ahead of us is a picnic area and the lake is beyond that. The water is dark, reflecting the iron gray winter sky, and rippled by the wind blowing across it. As I said, it's hardly a day for a picnic and it seems like we have the place to ourselves. Anna pushes me back and unsnaps her seatbelt. It's awkward, but she climbs over the console and flings herself into the backseat, giving me a perfect look at her round ass in that skirt before she rights herself. She stares at me and when I don't follow she finally says, "What are you waiting for?"

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