My New Friend Emily

by emgeee

Copyright© 2010 by emgeee

Erotica Sex Story: Retired I down sized to a smaller house across from a park where I met my new young friend Emily.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

There is a small park across the street from my house; I will wander over every couple of days and girl watch.

For a week I have noticed a young lady, about 24. She looks so natural and sweet. Shinny hair, sparkling eyes, white teeth and face covered in little freckles. She dresses very casual. Baggy shorts and long tops. Sundress and sandals. Sweat pants and tee shirt. Other thing I noticed is that they were all different shades of pink.

But what I noticed the most is that it appears that is all she wears, no visible panty line and her breast move with each step.

I have watched her as she comes in view and as she leaves my line of site. Sometimes we will make eye contact and she will give me a big smile and little wave of her hand.

One day I looked up to see her walking towards me. She came right up to my bench and sat at the other end.

She was wearing one of her sundresses. Cut short, Cut low. As she sat her legs were exposed to her hip, nice legs, long strong calves, firm thighs, and nice tan thighs, my eyes traveled to her chest, as my eyes hit her breasts her nipples got hard and showed through her dress.

When I got to her face she gave me a big smile and stuck out her hand, "Emily"

"George" taking her hand.

We stared at each other for minute, small smile crept across her face; I felt a jolt of electricity pass through me. I don't know if that has happened to any one but I took and instant liking to this brash young woman, and I think she did like wise to me.

"I have noticed you watching me as I walk through the park" Emily stated.

"Well, is that problem?" I asked.


We chatted like magpies for an over an hour.

Then she turned to me and asked how I got such a nice tan.

I told her I was a member of the GHTS.

"GHTS?" She asked.

"George Hamilton Tanning Society.", I replied.

"She gave me a puzzled look,

"I guess it was before your time, I like to lay in the sun in back yard"

Are you tan all over? Emily asked.

"Yes, I guess I am"

"Are you a nudist?"

"No, not really, I just like be naked, does that shock you."

Emily looked to right and left, then looked at me and lean in closer to me, "I like being naked too, does that shock you?"

"Not at all, it is just nice to find some one else that admits it"

She smiled at me and stretched out and raised her arms over her head. I got to soak in her body from her toes to her nose. Young, firm, and ripe, like a peach.

She sat up and asked, "Do you live alone?"


"Can I see your house?"

"Pointed to my house across the street, there it is"

She laughed and grabbed my hand and led me to my house.

We walked into the house and out to the patio.

Emily asked "Is this where you tan?"

"It is"

Emily looked around, "No one can see?"


With that Emily pulled her dress off. She was naked. She was shaved. She was beautiful. Lush full breasts, a shaved smooth pussy. A bare bald pussy. She turned and showed me her ass, round and full. Her thighs turned into nicely turned calves and dainty feet.

No angles on this girl, nice smooth flowing lines, curves and swells, fullness, richness, the same small freckles splashed across her breasts, high lighting her pink nipples.

She looked at me and gave me a little shrug, I took the hint and dropped my shorts and pulled off my shirt.

She looked me up from my feet to my head, lingering as she took in my cock and balls.

She made a little motion with her hands and I did a slow turn for her, she gave me a little whistle.

She made her self at home and flopped in a chair.

"Nice" she said, "Very nice"

She sat with her arms on the chair arms, her legs spread, and her pussy on full display.

I stood looking as her naked body, "lotion?"


I handed her a bottle, she put it on her hands and rubbed it into her body. I watched her hands as she coated her tits, spreading the lotion over, under and around her tits. She looked me in the eye as she played with her nipples ... She pulled on them and pinched them smiling the whole time.

Her hands moved across her stomach and down to hips. She lifted one leg and ran her hands from her feet up her legs, the hand on the inter thigh coming close but not touching her pussy.

She took her other leg and did the same thing; she let her legs spread even further. Again watching me look at her open pussy.

Emily moved down the chair a little, letting her hands go limp she laid splayed out for my viewing pleasure.

I could not get enough, should I look at her tits, her pussy, her legs, or that great smile that gave me permission to look at her naked body.

My eyes dropped down to her pussy, it opened like flower, her pink lips wet with her juices. She followed my eyes; she took one of her hands and rubbed her pussy watching me watch her. I could see her hand becoming wet and dripping with her nectar. She licked fingers clean and then handed me the bottle of lotion.

I took the hint and quickly covered my arms and chest. I did a fast wipe of my legs. She looked at me the whole time. She raised her eye brows.

I took the hint and coated my cock and balls with lotion. Moving slowly and making sure everything was covered. I grabbed my ball sack and played with and squeezed it, pulling my cock to the side so she could see what I was doing. When I was done with balls, I pulled the skin on my cock tight and moved my hand up and down the shaft of my cock.

My cock started getting hard when I stopped and took my hand off my cock it was semi hard, a small drop of precum hung at the end.

Emily reached out and with the tip of her finger wiped the end of my cock. She then licked her finger clean.

"Sit" she ordered.

I sat across from her.

Now I could see her legs spread and her pussy was in view.

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