Poltergeist Script

by David Caspian

Copyright© 2010 by David Caspian

Erotica Sex Story: A sexual horror script I wrote

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Mind Control   Slavery   Heterosexual   Horror   Paranormal   .

Scene 1:

(Karen opens the front door of her new home and walks inside. The phone rings.)

Karen: Hello? Yeah Mary I just arrived. How do you get here? Just take a left Harrison Street and follow it down to 42nd Street where you'll take a right. The house is the third on the left. Alright I'll see you here. I'm just going to take a quick shower.

Scene 2:

(Karen brings her bags upstairs and heads to her room to the right.)

Scene 3:

(Setting down her bags by her bed Karen opens a bag and pulls out a towel. Stripping down she heads into the bathroom.)

Scene 4:

(You can hear the sound of the shower turning on back in the bedroom. An invisible intruder opens one of her bags and holds up a pair of lace panties. The intruder carries them off out of the room.)

Scene 5:

(Karen comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She finds the open bag and heads over to it.)

Karen: That's odd, I thought I had this zipped up.

(She begins laying out a change of clothes.)

Scene 6:

(The doorbell rings and Karen rushes downstairs still wearing her towel.)

Scene 7:

(Karen reaches the bottom the stairs and opens the door to let Mary in.)

Mary: This is a nice place.

Karen: I know and I got a great deal. How long are you going to be in town?

Mary: Just a few days. We are having a conference downtown. I've been having trouble finding someplace to stay.

Karen: Why don't you stay here? I have a guest room here downstairs.

Mary: Ok I'll go get my bags out of the rental car.

Karen: Alright I'll go put some clothes on. Feel free to have a look around.

Mary: I can't thank you enough.

Karen: It's no trouble, besides I like the idea of us spending more time together.

(Karen heads back up the stairs leaving Mary alone.)

Scene 8:

(Mary heads outside to get her bags out of the car.)

Scene 9:

(Mary brings the first two bags inside and sets them beside the door before heading back out while closing the door behind her.)

Scene 10:

(While she is gone the poltergeist picks it up and hides it behind a potted plant nearby.)

Scene 11:

(Mary comes back in carrying her last bag and looks for the second that's missing.)

Mary: Where'd my bag go? I know I brought it in.

(Mary sets down the bag she is carrying and starts looking for the hidden bag.)

Scene 12:

(As Mary bends over the couch to look behind it, an invisible hand starts to lift up her skirt to expose her lovely ass.)

Karen: (voice from upstairs.) Maybe we can go out to dinner tonight. I know a lovely restaurant not far from here.

(As you can hear her approach the poltergeist immediately lets the skirt fall back into place.)

Scene 13:

(Karen comes downstairs and sees Mary looking for something.)

Karen: What are you doing?

Mary: My bag, I can't find it.

Karen: Where did you leave it last?

(Mary points next to the door where the other bags are.)

Mary: Right over there.

Karen: Ok I'll help you look.

(Karen and Mary search the room looking behind all the furniture. Karen is the one that finds the bag.)

Karen: Here it is.

(Mary comes over.)

Mary: I didn't put it there.

Karen: Well it didn't just get there on its own. Maybe you just put it here and forgot it.

Mary: I'm telling you I didn't

Karen: You had a long flight to get here and I'm sure you're tired. Why don't you get some sleep now and tomorrow maybe we can rent a movie to watch after work.

Mary: I am a bit tired.

(She yawns.)

Karen: I do odd things when I get tired. Here, I'll help you move your things into the guest room.

Scene 14:

(They enter the guest room and store the bags in the closet.)

Karen: If you need anything I'll be right upstairs.

Mary: Thank, good night.

Karen: Night.

(Karen leaves and Mary undresses to change into her nightie and a pair of panties. Pulling back the covers she slips into bed and closes her eyes.)

Scene 15:

(When she is sound asleep the poltergeist pulls back the covers, exposing her beautiful body from head to toe. Mary stirs and nothing happens for awhile.)

Scene 16:

(He slowly removes one strap from her shoulder, and halts to make sure she isn't waking up before slipping it down all the way.)

Scene 17:

(The poltergeist focuses on the other strap of the nightgown and pull it down until both breasts are exposed.)

Scene 18:

(Stopping to massage each breast he elicits a moan from Mary, but she still remains asleep.)

Scene 19:

(Invisible hands remove her panties next; slipping them off inch by inch until they are all the way off.)

Scene 20:

(The covers are pulled back up, but you can see the outline of another person moving in on top of her.)

Scene 21:

(Focusing in on the top half of her body and her face she starts to moan as the poltergeist thrusts into her slowly.)

Scene 22:

(Her breasts move start to move as his thrusts become harder and more urgent. Mary starts to moan softly, seems unable to wake up.)

Scene 23:

(After she climaxes under him, he cums inside her, leaving a sticky mess.)

Scene 24:

(The outline of his body on top of hers disappears and Mary is left alone again.)

Scene 25:

(The closet door slides open.)

Scene 26:

(One of Mary's bags is opened by the poltergeist before he steals a pair of her panties and takes the panties out of the room.)

Scene 27:

(Mary wakes up and stretches when the morning comes.)

Scene 28:

(Throwing back the covers she finds her straps down and her pussy sticky with goo.)

Mary: What the hell?

(Touching her pussy she gets goo all over her fingers.)

Mary: Eeeewww!

Scene 30:

(Mary pulls back the covers and finds her panties hidden beneath the covers.)

Mary: Karen!

Scene 31:

(Karen is standing out front with the door open, and you can see the flash of police lights flashing.)

Scene 32:

(Mary is waiting inside when Karen comes back in.)

Mary: You all think I am making this up.

Karen: No we don't. They took samples of the goo.

Mary: And the entire time they had a look on their faces as if I was playing some practical joke. One of them stopped taking notes halfway through my account.

Karen: They probably don't understand how you could not remember your assailant.

Mary: I can't explain it: I just woke up and I was undressed and there was that goo.

Karen: Will you be alright for work today?

Mary: I already called in. No one is expecting me today. Joe is covering for me.

Karen: Your boyfriend?

Mary: Ex-boyfriend.

Karen: It's good to know that you two can still get along.

Mary: Yeah I am too.

Karen: Why did you two break up in the first place?

Mary: We just grew apart that's all. He and I decided to break up so we could at least remain friends.

Karen: Let's go out. Maybe after a little shopping and some time outside you'll feel better.

Scene 33:

(They grab their purses and head out the door.)

Scene 34:

(The two women arrive back later that night carrying shopping bags and wearing smiles. Mary enters the house first.)

Mary: You're right. I do feel better now.

Karen: Told you.

Mary: What movie did you get?

Karen: A comedy. I figured we could both use a good laugh. Why don't you put it in and I'll put these away and make us some popcorn.

Mary: Sure.

(Mary passes her bags to Karen and Karen heads out of the room to put them away.)

Scene 35:

(Mary turns on the TV in the living room and slips in the DVD.)

Scene 36:

(Karen cooks popcorn in the microwave and puts it into a bowl.)

Scene 37:

(Coming into the living room with the bowl of popcorn Karen calls out.)

Karen: Is it still playing the previews?

Mary: Yeah, hurry up. It should be starting soon.

Scene 38:

(Karen plomps down next to Mary and offers her some popcorn.)

Mary: Thanks. I don't think I've seen this one before.

Karen: I would think not, it just came out on DVD and you've told me you've been far too busy to go out to a movie.

Mary: Well not all of us can be famous movie stars like you.

Karen: You're right, you always did suck at acting.

(Mary grabs a handful of popcorn and playfully throws it at Karen's face.)

Karen: Hey, you little punk!

(She grabs some popcorn and throws some back at her. A popcorn fight ensues until they are both covered with it.)

Karen: (Holding up her hands defensively.) Enough, enough, I surrender.

(They are both laughing and smiling.)

Scene 39:

(The lights go out in the room.)

Mary: What happened?

Karen: It must be a one of the circuit breakers. I'll go check it out.

(Karen goes to a nearby desk and pulls out one the drawers to find a flashlight. Picking it up she makes sure it works by switching it on.)

Mary: Don't leave me!

Karen: I'll be right back. Don't worry. It's probably nothing.

(Karen leaves the worried Mary alone in the living room sitting on the coach. Getting up Mary grabs another flashlight out of the drawer and turns it on so she has some light of her own.)

Scene 40:

(Karen heads opens the door leading down to the basement.)

Scene 41:

(The light from the flashlight Karen is holding shows the stairs ahead of her as she heads down into the basement.)

Scene 42:

(Karen heads to the breakers on the far wall.)

Scene 43:

(As she moves across the room a wrench rises from a toolbox off to the side.)

Scene 44:

(Karen opens up the breaker box and starts to look at it using her flashlight.)

Scene 45:

(The poltergeist comes up behind her carrying the wrench.)

Scene 46:

(Karen manages to switch the lights back on and closes the box.)

Scene 47:

(The poltergeist winds up and clunks Karen over the head, knocking her unconscious.)

Scene 48:

(Karen wakes up to find herself hanging naked by her arms with ropes from the ceiling.)

Karen: Mary?

Scene 49:

(Upstairs Mary is starting to panic and looks for her purse.)

Scene 50:

(When Mary finds it, she looks through it to find her cell phone missing.)

Scene 51:

(Back downstairs the poltergeist produces Mary's cell phone and dials a number.)

Scene 52:

Karen: This can't be happening: there's no such thing as ghosts.

Scene 53:

(The poltergeist offers her the phone by placing it where she can talk into the receiver.)

Joe: (His voice can be heard over the phone line.) Hello?

Karen: Joe? Joe is that you?

Joe: Karen? Are you alright? You sound weird. Where's Mary?

Karen: Joe listen to me: we're in trouble. Help us! Call the cops or something! There is an intruder in the house.

Joe: I'll be right over. Hang on!

Scene 54:

(The phone moves away from Karen's face and closes, ending the call.)

Karen: Who are you? Why are you doing this?

Scene 55:

(Mary hears a car pull up. It's raining hard outside and you can hear the occasional thunder.)

Scene 56:

(Mary rushes to the window and looks out to see who it is.)

Scene 57:

Mary: Joe?

(She opens the door.)

Scene 58:

(Joe rushes inside out of the rain.)

Mary: Why are you here?

Joe: Karen called me. She said you had an intruder in the house.

(Mary immediately presses up against Joe for safety.)

Mary: An intruder? Did she say where?

(Joe looks around the room.)

Joe: No she didn't. I have a baseball bat out in the car. Why don't you come with me?

Mary: Ok.

Scene 59:

(They head out into the rain and Joe uses his keys to unlock the trunk. Mary shivers beside him.)

Scene 60:

(Inside the trunk is a baseball bat and a crowbar. Joe takes out both.)

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