The New Unisex Beauty Salon

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2010 by niteowluk99

Erotica Sex Story: A week after their opening fanfare; I attend a new unisex hair salon and find its services go way beyond a short back and sides

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

The advertisements were out, the flyer and discount vouchers all posted and the initial interest seemed a bit over the top, but a week later the crowds had died down and along with it a lot of the interest too.

It was then I decided that because I needed my hair cutting, I would try it out and whilst there I would get a pedicure and facial too. So I phoned the number and was given my choice of appointment times. I chose the last appointment of the day figuring that I would do me good to be in tip top condition when I met Andrea, later that night.

I arrived at the salon and was surprised it was nothing like I imagined, yeah sure I expected it to be staff by youngish sexy girls and to immaculately spotless in cleanliness, but I mean the lay out was nothing like I expected from a typical British hairdressers. The most noticeable difference was the fact that the bays where the hair cutting and shampoos were done were very much separated and behind individual doors for complete privacy.

I entered the reception area and after giving my name; I was told Monique would be along to collect me and she would take good care of m every wish. This set my mind wandering as the receptionist was about 22 years old, five foot six tall with long blonde hair that must have reached her waist and her tits were enormous, I would easily say a 38 EEE. I almost began thinking that she was not wearing a bra either as I could clearly see her erect nipples through the gold satin top. I judged the nipples must have stuck out almost three quarters of an inch; In fact I was almost tempted to have a joke at their expense by commenting that they could have someone's eye out with those if she was not careful.

In fact I was just about to say something when the cabin door opened and out stepped a young lady; she was about 28 or 29 years of age, long brown free flowing hair surrounded her pretty face and she stood almost six feet tall. He appearance startled me as I was not expecting her to be dressed so casually, she wore a short micro skirt of crimson red and the same style satin gold top as the receptionist; the skirt was so tiny I could clearly see her gold satin panties as she walked towards me, I just did not know where to look. I was drawn to staring at her cunt area or her equally appealing 42GG tits. She too showed signs or arousal as her nipples also poked out through the material of her top.

She looked me up and down as she approached and said, "Ray, I understand you have booked in for the salon opening offers even though they were supposed to have finished two days ago. Never mind as this is your first visit I am sure we can accommodate you fully!"

As she said this she seemed to stress the word accommodate as she seemed to open her legs a touch wider. My mind went into overdrive as she led me into the private booth. Just before she closed the door she turned and asked if I minded if the receptionist; help as she was trying to learn the ropes as a beauty therapist. I never hesitated in allowing her to help; and boy was that one of the better decisions I took. She quickly entered the booth and turning she shut and locked the door saying, "We don't want to be disturbed do we?"

She too wore the same crimson red micro skirt showing plenty of the satin gold coloured panties beneath. I was given a dressing gown and asked to undress and slip into it so as to avoid any possibility of splashes ending up on my clothes. I was dubious of doing so; not because I doubted the reasoning behind it, but because I had a semi hard on and felt a little embarrassed by it.

Suddenly the receptionist began unbuttoning my shirt and she obviously saw my bulge; because she smiled and winked in my direction as she called out to Monique, "Monique, I think we may have a problem here; I think it may be tight to get his trousers off, what do you think?"

Monique came over and knelt directly in front of me, her face just inches from my still hardening cock. "Oh dear yes, I see what you mean! Maybe we should do something about it before we begin?" she responded.

Then without warning she unzipped my fly and soon had her hand wrapped around my still hardening seven and a half inch cock, she carefully pulled it from my trousers and kissed the purple helmet of my cock. She then allowed Sarah the receptionist to kiss its head as well; Sarah then continued to help me undress, but not without deliberately pressing her tits against my naked flesh, oh yeah she made it appear an accident but to my mind she held herself tight to my skin too long by half for it to be a genuine accidental contact.

I seized on the opportunity to rub my palm over her hard erect nipple as she slowly lowered my trousers and pants. I noticed Monique as she turned to come towards me and her panties were gone, for I could clearly see her cunt lips already juiced and parting and the hint of glistening fluid as she walked.

As soon as she got to within reach, I managed to slide my free hand between her legs and began gently rubbing her clit, instantly a low moan escaped her lips and I spoke for the first time, my throat dry from anticipation now I croaked for Sarah to remove her panties too. I half expected a rebuke and to be told they were not that type of girl but instead she giggled as she shimmied out of her panties; Her cunt was open and wet too, but she had a heat shaped pubic bush of blonde hair directly above her cunt; Sarah was clearly a natural blonde and I even managed to joke about finding the true heart of the blonde receptionist.

Becoming a little bolder by the obedience shown to me by Sarah, I told them both to remove their tops as they would not want to get stains on them as spunk stains were notoriously difficult to remove, just ask President Clinton and Monica Lewinski ... lol

Both girls happily pulled their tops up over their heads and took great delight in showing me the minimum sag factor of both their massive tits. Monique then took my hand and placed it against her left nipple; my fingers instinctively closed pinching her nipple hard as I looked over to Sarah. She had her fingers closing down on Monique's right breast and my left hand went to her right nipple and I squeezed down on her nipple too. Monique then leaned forward and began sucking hard on Sarah's left nipple.

My cock twitched at the thought of fucking just one of these two horny sexy women and yet here they both were begging for a good fucking and both as available as a gambler's poker hand.

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