So Just Imagine I Am With You

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2010 by niteowluk99

BDSM Sex Story: A dom's emailed account of the teasing of his slut sub; including the dom's fantasy for that submissive.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   Fiction   DomSub   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Voyeurism   .

I would order you to remove all your clothes stand feet apart and with your hands on your head as I come up behind you and whisper in your ear, that my slut is looking particularly horny tonight. I drop my hand till its resting on your arse and slowly trace your left leg down the back to your ankle before feeling your lower calf muscle then slowly trailing my finger tip up the inside of your legs until I am almost touching your cunt, my hot breath now wafting over your ass cheeks, I take my index finger and give a little prod at your cunt lips as I ask if my whore wants me to finger her, instead of waiting for your reply, I drag my finger back towards your anal ring and give a light thrust there to test your sphincter muscle. Now my hand drops back to your right ankle and I begin again, trailing up the inside of your right thigh till almost touching your cunt; I ask if your nipples are erect as I probe your cunt lips, I again slide my finger through to your ass as I tell you what a naughty horny little slut you really are. Your only reply was, "oh ray I'm soaking already!"

I chastise you for not using my proper salutation of Sir or Master, then I stand behind you so close you can feel my erect cock against your arse as I demand to know if you want my cock to fuck your cunt or does my slut bitch want an anal fucking, you gasp, "oh master my cunt is so hot that even the thought of your cock sinking in to it would be my undoing and I would not be able to prevent myself for cumming on the spot!"

"Good but you had better hold off as long as possible before you do cum!" I warn you, "you will be cumming soon enough my little harlot of pure lust!" I then slide my hand around your waist as I tell you to put your right tit flesh into my hand; you lean forward trying to fit your tit into my hand whilst this makes your arse begin rubbing against my cock. As soon as I feel your tit flesh in the palm of my hand I squeeze and tell you that I think your tits are so suck able and would look lovely covered in spunk. I then pull you back upright and begin nibbling your earlobe as I whisper that my slut will be taking my cock in all her fucking holes as I intend to fuck you senseless. I step back away from you and notice your arse jerk back trying to keep the contact between us; I ask if you're so fucking horny that you can't stand up straight on your own.

I walk round in front of you and immediately latch my mouth on to your left nipple; sucking it right into my mouth before lashing it with my tongue. My eyes never leaving yours as I tease your nipple with my mouth, I pull on your nipple with my teeth as I step back and watch your eyes dart down to look at my naked erect cock.

I can see in your eyes you want to suck my cock but I release your nipple and step in close before kissing you and forcing my tongue into your mouth; my tongue licks yours before I pull back telling you that you have a sluts body designed to take lots of cock and spunk. I tell you your tits are perfect targets for a spunk shower and your mouth is a suction hole to make cocks hard before your cunt and arse massage the loads from them. I then run the back of my hand against your cunt lips and feel your clit ornament press into your clit as your hard little clit cock feels so hot against my hand.

At this point I tell you of an imaginative scenario I claim is going round in my head. You are inside a glass tube, the tube is then inside a black tube and the only opening is the top, the tube is small enough to be a tight fit around you so as to prevent your moving. Then a succession of men enters naked into the room and kneeling above the top of the tube, they wank their cocks delivering load after load of spunk raining down over your head. Your position is such that with difficulty you can just about manage to look up and see the cocks being wanked and the bollocks tighten as they shoot their loads. You manage to close your eyes each time just before the hot sticky fluid hits your face, hair and upper body. You can feel the fluid sliding down your skin as it cools. These cocks keep cumming till you feel the sticky mess drying against your skin and the glass tube. I describe them dropping their loads onto your naked body till you were covered in a second skin of cum. I tell you to imagine having cocks of all sizes and colours filling your glass tomb with their white sticky baby making seed.

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