The Doctor Cured It.

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2010 by niteowluk99

Erotica Sex Story: An annual check up takes a turn for the better when it's discovered the old family doctor has retired and a new more radical doctor has taken over.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Coercion   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Doctor/Nurse   Big Breasts   .

I received my annual check up letter from my old family GP; only this time it also announced the surgery had been taken over by a new doctor as my old one had now retired; further more it stated that all annual medicals would now take over an hour and a half so would be scheduled for the end of the day.

"Ok!" I thought, "Obviously wants to be really thorough for the first one!" Boy I did not realise just how thorough my new doctor and nurse intended to be. I phoned to confirm the appointment and the reception actually put me through to the nurse for some additional information or so they said.

"I confirmed I was male; my date of birth and my marital status as being divorced and then an unusual question almost threw me; "How large and thick is your penis when fully erect?" the female voice asked.

I hesitated before spluttering my answer of seven and a half inches; before the next shocker of a question; "Have you ever had same sex intercourse or sexual experience?" she asked. I demanded to know why such questions, as it was surely a personal thing and unless it caused me a medical problem was for me to know only. The female voice simply answered that "It helps them prepare for the sort of examination to ensure fully my future well being! But you can always decline to answer if you're ashamed!"

"I am not ashamed of anything I have done, sexual or otherwise!" I stated, "Yes many years ago I did engage in male to male sex when a teenager; it was a try it and see stage I was going through!" I answered.

"Thank you!" the nurse answered and finished the conversation with "See you Friday night at 6 pm sharp!" then she put down the phone. I sat there for a few minutes thinking and the more I thought the more a mental picture came into my head of the woman I had just been speaking too, In my mind's eye I saw her as being late fifties, buxom and almost matronly in appearance. My mind kept going back to the same sex question and I began to recall how as a sixteen year old; A clearly gay friend of mine had invited me over to look at his model railway layout knowing it was also an interest of mine.

He had led me to believe his mother at least would be there but when I turned up he said she had gone off to see a sick relative and would not be back for some hours; but he lead me out to the garage and showed me the six foot by four foot train layout complete with station and village. He told me he kept all his good trains in a case beneath his bed in his own bedroom and invited me up to see them.

I sort of knew where this was leading but was curious too so I casually accepted his offer to go look at the trains; once in his room he pulled out a case from under his bed and placed it beside me. For a split second I thought I had misjudged him until he opened the case and there inside were not trains as he said but it was porno magazines, not just any porno magazines but mainly men on men magazines. He made a lame excuse that he had grabbed the wrong case and as he began to close the lid, I stopped him and pulled a magazine out and began flicking through it.

Suddenly he was beside me and telling me about a guy on page 64 who had a cock to die for; he described it as circumcised and about fourteen inches long and as thick as his wrist; I doubted any real cock could be that size and dared him to show me. Excitedly he flicked to the page and laid it open on the bed; then he said compare that picture to this and he dropped his trouser and pants and showed me his six inches already more than semi hard cock; He asked about my own cock and I said my one was about the same size as your own; but he asked to see it.

I must confess I very nearly bolted out of the room but instead I nervously stood undid my trousers and let them and my pants fall to the floor. Glynn then knelt in front of me to get a better look he said and next thing I knew he had my cock head in his mouth and was rolling his tongue over my plum coloured head. Well as a teenager full of hormones and with his skilful tongue I was rock hard in seconds; my natural urges took over and I began thrusting into his mouth.

Just as quickly he pulled away from my cock and asked me to return the favour and suck his; I must confess he had given me such pleasure I felt mean not to repay the feeling so I knelt and gingerly took his cock into my mouth. I imitated his actions and was delighted to see his reaction was same as mine to begin thrusting.

As I sat recalling all this I suddenly became aware my cock was threatening to burst from my trousers.

In my mind's eye I recalled how he had then begged me to slip my hard cock up his arse and to fuck him; so as he knelt beside his bed I took my first sample of another anal chamber as he read a story out allowed about a boy who's own father came to his room each night and sucked his supposed sleeping son's cock till it sprayed it cum all over his face; and how the boy longed to return the favour or even allow his dad to take his anal cherry.

Needless to say Glynn, begged me not to cum up his arse as he wanted to taste my seed and as my tingling balls threatened to explode I told him to suck me. My first few spurts hit him on his chin and forehead but he soon had my spewing cock inside his mouth and draining my jism for all he was worth. He asked if he could return the favour and fuck my arse but I was scared and promised him maybe next time but I did allow him to fuck my mouth and tasted my first load of another man's spunk.

Now here I was some thirty years later sat reminiscing and sporting a raging hard on to boot. It made me wonder about my forthcoming appointment tomorrow and what would happen. That night my dreams were invaded by cocks and spunk; I even dreamt about taking a cock up my own arse which I had never actually done as Glynn had to move away not long after our little escapade.

Friday dragged slowly as I waited for the time to set off for my appointment; after what seemed like several days it was time to leave for the surgery and ten minutes later I was outside and preparing to go into the reception area. I handed in my name and appointment time and was instructed to go sit in the reception area. Five minutes later a stunning angel in a white nurse's uniform entered and called out my name.

She was about five foot four tall, very slim waist and the largest tits I have ever seen on such a small frame; I later found out they were 42DD, but looked three sizes bigger because of her slight stature. She has shoulder length blonde hair and legs which seemed endless from her shapely ankle to her full firm thighs which disappeared up under her short uniform dress. The six inch stiletto heels looked uncomfortable to walk in but made her look so fuckable my cock began to stir the moment my eyes adjust to this vision of sex on legs.

I recognised her voice instantly as the nurse I had spoken too on the phone so I chastised myself for being so wrong in my imagination of her appearance. I eagerly followed her through the door and into the examination room. She asked me to confirm my date of birth and as I spoke I felt her hand on my bulge; she gave me one of those sexy reassuring smiles and winked as she said, "Glad to see your not one of those who over exaggerate your manhood size!"

I weakly smiled but did not pull away and she seemed happy to lightly stroke it as we stood in silence; then she broke the silence saying that I would need to undress and put on this gown but if I needed help in doing this she would stay and gladly help and as she said this she tweaked my now almost rock hard cock.

I manage to mumble I could just about cope and as she left she stopped by the door and made a slow show of brushing some imaginary thing off her breast; in fact all she did was draw my attention to her large bust and the clearly hard nipple below the stretched tight material.

When the door was closed; I quickly undressed and slipped the gown on feeling rather exposed around the back as the fastening exposed my arse. I moved over and sat on the examination table; just as Nurse Rose entered the room again, she smiled in my direction before slowly licking her lips in the most seductive of ways.

As she approached me she said "Dr John Jacobs, will be here shortly but I need to do some of the minor exams before he gets here, is that ok with you?"

All I could do was nod as my throat was so dry and my eyes could not break away from her large bust, in fact I swear she had unzipped some more of the front fastening zip as her cleavage was much more prominent now. She asked if I was worried about being naked in the room with her and I shook my head. She then took hold of my gown and pulled it from my body; instantly her eyes locked onto my hard cock and she smiled; "Wow bet you made your wife happy with that monster!" she cooed.

"Hardly or why did she run off with someone else after 19 years of marriage?" I replied.

"The fucking fool!" Nurse Rose mumbled and it was now my turn to smile.

The nurse firstly measured my cock in length and thickness and then caressed my balls as she told me she was checking for any unusual lumps. I suspect she was interested in more than just any unusual lumps as she certainly took her time and never actually let go of my cock whilst doing it. She almost shocked me again when she said I could ask her any questions I wanted, whether personal or medical and she added; "Yes my tits are real and measure 42DD, my nipples are sensitive to the point where they can give me an orgasm simply by being pinched and sucked." Before I could respond her hand left my balls and found the zip on her uniform and it was past her navel in a flash, well the poor material when held together by the zip struggled to contain those beauties but now her tits spilled out and looked so delectable.

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