Her Darkest Hour

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2010 by niteowluk99

BDSM Sex Story: A sub; who loves bondage is taken to a woods and bound to a tree before her master brings about her wildest fantasy; this story is told from the woman's point of view.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Coercion   Slut Wife   BDSM   DomSub   Gang Bang   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Her darkest hour ... Her recollections.

My Master Bill has told me to write down my recollections about the night I was my natural self and a whore of the worst kind; so here goes.

As you know he took me to the woods where I was bound and gagged and fastened to a tree; well the simple act of being bound in the manner he did made me feel so sexually alive my cunt betrayed me by flooding with juices before he even touched me,

I can still recall the way the binding on my wrists to my elbows pressed my arms into the small of my back and forced me to thrust my tits out; my mental picture was of my extra large tits looking on offer to all and sundry. Then when he began binding them in that figure of eight formation; wow the rope felt like it was charged with electricity and the blood pounded in my tight breasts, it was just as if my nipples and flesh became even more sensitive if that was humanly possible. I had never felt my nipples so hot or so stiff as they were at that moment; I am sure my master could have hung his coat on them without it falling.

The ball gag, I did not expect as I anticipated the facility to speak my safe word but when he slipped the six inch rubber cock in my mouth; it was strange it felt so natural and yet so deliciously wicked. I honestly could have sucked that for England if it ever became an Olympic sport. I did panic when it first touched the back of my throat as I felt I could not breathe but soon realised that by breathing through my nose I could cope. I can only imagine how I looked; bound and gagged in such a manner out in the cool night air so wickedly exposed as I was,

The thin back board again was something I had not expected and to be honest it did very little to help things except it forced more pressure on my arms and I suppose it stopped my back becoming as scratched by the tree bark as my arse became. That bark whilst initially uncomfortable became very erotic when I was squirming around because of the nettles; and boy those nettles, I cannot believe nature could invent such an erotic aphrodisiac and not market it fully. Every little sting felt like 20 volts of electricity surging to my clit and from other such wonderful areas of my body too. Despite the distance from my nipples to my clit the jolt leapt across the distance in mille seconds and yet I seemed to sense where each jolt came from as it hit my clit; weird I know.

I honestly thought my master had wandered off to get his friends; when my orgasm broke; and I did genuinely try to fight it off; but my sense went into overload from the nettles and it seemed like sky rockets were exploding in my head as my body convulsed with its spasms of exquisite pleasure. It startled me when my master hit me with the silver birch twig but although the shock was painful the sensations of the fiery surge took me to another orgasmic level.

I was never allowed to come down from my euphoric high and in fact it felt so wonderful to be used as a whore as my master pounded my cunt with his real manly cock; then to receive his accolade of his spunk on my tingling skin was just like applying a soothing ointment to my itch.

I heard my master talking and it became clear he was talking into his mobile phone and my heart skipped a beat when I heard him say bring the group down and join the action. My mind went a w o l as I imagined anything from three to seventy men all cuing up to fuck me. Master told me later it was fifteen men who showed up and boy did I get my fill of cock that night.

The first I knew of their arrival when I heard my master talking to them and laying down a few ground rules; like they had to use fresh condoms every time they fucked me; which now explains why I had been buying up condoms as if they were going out of fashion. I really could not believe my ears when I heard him tell them they could use any of my holes as long as they tipped the contents of the used condoms into a bottle and I was to drink this concoction of spunk in the morning.

Then suddenly I felt hands all over my body as I was untied from the tree; the bindings were removed from my body; all except the tight straps around my tits and I was slowly forced down on to my knees. My senses having already become over sensitive because of being deprived of sight and the ability to speak; so the woodland smells became so sharp on my nose; my hearing picking up the distant sounds of the road nearly half a mile away; My nose suddenly detected a new smell; not one you would easily associate with a wood; it was the scent of stale spunk and oily rubber.

A stranger's voice commanded me with one word; open and I instinctively knew he meant my mouth; no sooner had my lips parted than he pushed his cock harshly into my mouth and grabbing the hair on the back of my head he forced its full length inside my mouth; well his cock was slightly longer than the cock gag I had been sucking but I still managed to relax and breath through my nose as he held his cock deep into my mouth.

Just then I felt something soft and yet hard at the same time press against my cunt lips, I felt them spread slowly over the invading object and soon realised I was being entered by a large thick cock. My cunt felt full to capacity as I finally felt his balls against my thigh. Then the cock in my mouth slowly pulled out till only the tip remained inside my lips; in an instant they developed a style in unison as they alternately ploughed my cunt and mouth.

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