If You Go Down to the Wood Today!

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2010 by niteowluk99

BDSM Sex Story: Experience the mental state of a sub as she is taken to Epping Forest and blindfolded; before being teased and fucked.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   Slut Wife   BDSM   DomSub   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

If you go down to the woods today...

It was Saturday evening when the five foot two Andrea, entered her bedroom she shared with her master Ray. Already laid out on the bed were the clothes he had intended her to wear.

Andrea had received a phone call from her master and partner Ray, telling her he had something special planned. She was instructed to go shower and shave her cunt freshly, she was warned to not play with her 36DD tits or her cunt but instead to efficiently wash herself then go to the joint bedroom and put on the clothes he had laid out for her to wear.

The final instruction was she was to wear only what was put out for her; or she would face a severe punishment. Master Ray added that he would be there in thirty five minutes to pick her up. Andrea hurried through the shower and upon entering the bedroom she checked the clothes she was required to wear, there was a blouse, a Basque and a mid thigh length skirt. Nowhere to be seen were any form of panties or bra although she reasoned the Basque would suffice as a bra.

Double checking that her cunt was smooth as a baby's bottom, she powdered her body with non scented talc and slipped into the Basque. Making sure her breasts were comfortable before putting on her white blouse, then slipping the skirt over her ankles she slowly pulled it up over her thighs admiring the reflection of her bare backside in the dressing table mirror as she did so.

Her sense of adventure was aroused and her imagination kicked in as she waited for her Master Ray to arrive. As she thought about what her master could have in store for her she noticed her cunt becoming extremely wet. Suddenly she panicked in case her master thought she had disobeyed him and had played with herself whilst in the shower. She hurried upstairs and using a towel she dabbed her cunt to try to dry it off enough to put more talc on it but the more she dabbed the more her cunt twitched.

Finally as she heard the front door open she gave up and hurried back down stairs; stopping as she came face to face with her master and partner, Ray. He merely raised his hand indicating Andrea should raise her skirt. Without a word being spoken he touched Andrea's wet cunt lips and raised his fingers to his nose smelling her arousal. He turned half away from her as he dropped his hand back to his side and Andrea knew she was to lower her skirt.

As they went out to the car, Andrea noticed the black case on the back seat; but said nothing. As always Master Ray opened her door and gentlemanly allowed her to take her seat before closing the door; as he walked around the car, she fastened her seat belt.

As he took his seat, in the driving seat, Andrea finally asked, "Master, may your worthless slut be permitted to ask where we are going?"

Master Ray started the engine and as they pulled away he said, "Yes my little horny bitch, I will tell you where we are going ... We are going back to nature!" he then continued, "we are going to go to Epping Forest and we will walk through the woods for a while."

He then ordered her to undo the top two buttons of her blouse ... Slowly and with a hint of blushing Andrea undid the buttons as she had been told. Then he ordered her to open her legs as wide as she could and asked, "Is my slut's cunt hot and wet again, bitch?"

Andrea nodded her head as she wondered where this would lead, at that Master Ray demanded that he could not hear her, she said with a shaky voice, yes master.

"Raise your skirt and show me your hot fucking slit my cock crazy whore!" demanded Master Ray.

Andrea blushed further as she raised her skirt and following Ray's directions she folded her skirt leaving her cunt on clear view. Still not completely satisfied, Master Ray demanded she use two fingers in her hot snatch and then when her two fingers were glistening with the cunt juices, he ordered her to pop them in her mouth and suck her fingers clean.

Having done so she was then instructed to undo the next three buttons on her blouse she now realised she had only three more buttons preventing her Basque being on full view to any traffic that may pass. Just as they entered the grounds of Epping Forest, Andrea was ordered to not only unbutton those remaining three buttons but also to remove her blouse.

Then for the next five minutes she sat with her bright red Basque on full view as the car made its way through the woody roads of the forest, until they finally pulled in to High Beach car park. She hoped there would be no cars anywhere near where her master was going to park and she was pleased as the car park appeared empty.

The car came to a standstill and Master Ray ordered her to step from the car and stand with her legs wide apart and her back to the car as he opened the black case on the back seat. Andrea was not permitted to see what he was selecting but Andrea already knew that this case contained her sex toys.

Then as Master Ray approached her, Andrea was ordered to step forward and place her arms behind her back and hold her elbows as Master Ray bound her forearms together. Secretly Andrea breathed a sigh of relief for if her hands were bound in such a way she could not possibly have to expose her breasts. Once she was properly bound, Ray produced the two nipple chains she owned and applied them both to her cunt lips. He delighted in pointing out that the chain lengths still showed beneath the length of her skirt and remarked how nice they looked shining and glittering in the bright moonlight.

Next Ray produced her dog collar; he quickly fastened her bright pink collar around her neck telling her if she was going to be his bitch in heat she may as well have all the trimmings. He attached the lead to the couplings and pointed out the two new dog tags he had put on her collar, the first one read Ray's bitch. And the other one simply said Slut.

What Andrea did not see was the blindfold Ray slipped into his pocket nor did she see the rampant rabbit vibrator he also hid. Soon down amongst the trees he stopped Andrea in her tracks and he took the leash and made her old the free end between her lips so she could not speak. Then he adjusted her Basque by removing her 36DD tits from the cups and folding the cup in such a way to create a platform to support her tits. He next took one of the nipple chains and pulled against her cunt lips until he released the lips and then applied the clamps to her now rock hard nipples.

Master Ray watched her eyes as she scanned the area around her making sure they were alone, he smiled to himself as he brought out the blindfold and slipped it over her eyes. Then taking her by the elbow he carefully led her deeper into the forest until they came upon a clearing. Here he made her stand in the centre as he wandered silently away. Then he deliberately created the sound of snapping twigs and watched as the heightened hearing of Andrea caused her to jerk herself towards the sounds.

Poor Andrea could not be certain but she thought that with Ray stood close by her, there must be someone approaching from the sound of the snapping twigs, she not only blushed further but found herself getting extremely turned on at the thought of being discovered in this predicament.

Two minutes later of to her right she heard another snapping twig. And she again jerked her head towards that sound. Suddenly she felt a pair of hands on her thighs and she felt her skirt being undone. She trembled and suddenly thought about using her safe word, but she trusted her Master so she did not utter the word which would have stopped everything in an instant.

Instead she felt the flushing getting even worse as her skirt slid down her legs and she realised she was now naked from the waist down and in fact the only cover she had was her Basque and that no longer covered her tits. So to all intense and purposes she was naked.

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