Built on Lies

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2010 by DG Hear

Romantic Sex Story: I met her on a cruise and we lied to each other. I need to see her again.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Nudism   .

"Can I help you?"

"Yes, I'm Adam Parks, and I'm looking for one of the students here. Her name is Eve Richards," I said to the woman at the visitor's information desk at Michigan State University.

"One moment while I check our register," she replied, turning away. "I'm sorry, but our records don't show an Eve Richards registered here."

I wasn't sure what to think since I was sure she went to school there.

"What about a Sylvia Masters?"

The woman looked a bit annoyed but checked again.

"Yes, we do have a Sylvia Masters registered here but I'm sorry, I can't give you any personal information on her."

"Can you at least contact her and let her know I'm here. I just drove five hours and would really appreciate it."

The receptionist stared at me before making a call.

"Miss Masters? I'm sorry to bother you but there is a gentleman here at the reception desk who would like to speak with you. He said his name is Adam Parks. Yes, I'll tell him you'll be here in about ten minutes."

Sylvia spoke as soon as she came into the visitor's center. "Adam, what the hell are you doing here? We better step outside and talk privately."

"I came to see Eve. I must have written down her phone number and e-mail address wrong. The lady didn't find her name in the register so I asked her to look for yours. What's going on? Where is Eve?"

"My god Adam, you shouldn't be here. Christ, I don't know what to tell you." She looked shaken up a bit.

"How about the truth? Does Eve go to school here?"

"Yes she does, but her name isn't really Eve. It's Christy. God, she's going to kill me if I tell you anything else."

"Look, I don't know what the hell is going on. I need to see her—I just drove five hours to get here. Where is she? Why did she lie to me?"

"Hell, you might as well know the truth. She's working."

"Where? Can you give me a number to call or something?"

"Sure, let her deal with this mess. I told her not to get involved with you but she didn't listen."

I was confused and had no idea what was going on. Sylvia handed me a card with the number of an escort service written on it.

"I'm sorry, Adam. Maybe a different time and place, the two of you would have made a nice couple."

Sylvia walked away, leaving me standing there with more questions than answers. What did she mean? Did Eve work for this escort service? And if so, what exactly did she do?

I called the number on the card and a woman answered. "Helpful Escort Service, how may I help you?"

"Yes, I'm looking for Eve Richards. Is she available?"

"She's out at the moment but will be free later this evening. Would you like to procure her services?"

Shit! She must be a whore or something. I decided to play along and get an appointment with her. I guess I wanted to surprise her the way she had me.

"There's a dinner party I have to attend tonight and I need an escort for a couple of hours. A friend of mine suggested Eve."

"Are you familiar with our services and prices?"

"Not really since I don't often use an escort service, but tonight I'm in a pinch. It's a reunion party and I need a nice looking woman on my arm."

"Our price is two hundred dollars an hour. If you should want an escort all night it's fifteen hundred dollars. Our minimum is two hours. We do not force them to do anything they don't want to do. Any gratuities are extra."

"Two hours should be plenty of time for dinner."

Damn, four hundred dollars to say 'fuck you' was a hell of a price to pay but would be worth it.

"I need a credit card and the location of where you are taking our escort since you aren't registered with us."

I had to make up a name. I didn't want Eve or whatever her name was to know it was me.

"Mark Adams and it's the Holiday Inn, banquet room."

Most every major motel had a banquet room, but I didn't know what credit card to use since mine all had my name on them. Then I remembered the one for my dad's business and decided to use it. I'd have to explain to him why I charged four hundred dollars to his card, but I'd worry about that later.

"Okay Mr. Adams, please hold while I verify Eve will be available for this evening." After a few minutes she was back on the phone. "Everything is set. Do you want Miss Richards to meet you at the Holiday Inn or will you be picking her up?"

"Umm, just have her meet me there. I'll be in the registration area."

I had really liked her and believed she had feelings for me. To discover she was a whore, or escort, or something, really messed me up. She sure had me fooled; she must be great at her job making people feel like she cared for them.

I went to the Holiday Inn about twenty minutes early and sat down and waited. When I saw a woman coming in through the door I wasn't sure if it was Eve until I saw her face. The blonde wig she wore looked natural and only added to her beauty.

"Adam, what are you doing here? Oh my god, you're the Mark Adams I'm suppose to meet, aren't you. How did you find me?"

A month before, my friend Oz, short for Osborne, asked if I was interested in going on a week-long cruise with him. His parents owned a string of clothing stores and even though he managed one for them, he grew up with money.

On the other hand my parents were hard workers who made a decent living. Dad owned a heating and cooling business, and after I finished taking courses at a tech school, I began working for him. I enjoyed working for my dad, and he always treated me right. Our biggest difference was he pinched pennies and I had no problem spending money.

I was twenty-nine and rented an apartment above my parent's garage but got a lot of free meals since my mom loved to cook.

Anyway, I asked Oz why he wasn't taking his latest girlfriend, Sheila.

"She's getting too serious. Now she's talking about marriage and all that shit. You know me; I like to play the field. I'm not ready to settle down with just one woman—not yet anyway. So, we broke up since I wouldn't commit to her.

"Now I have these tickets for a cruise. I figured you could ask your dad for a week off and we could hit the high seas and get laid every night."

"Wouldn't it look a bit gay with two guys going on a cruise together?"

"Hell no, this is an adult cruise, with a lot of single people and college students on spring break. It did say 'Not a family cruise, ' on the brochure when I made the reservations. I can switch cabins to two double beds instead of the queen size which I asked for.

"Come on Adam, this will be fun. You don't have to pay for the ticket so your dad shouldn't get too pissed."

He laughed after he said that knowing my dad and his spending habits. I talked with my dad and he let me have the time off, counting it toward my yearly allowed vacation time.

I got back with Oz and everything was a go. There was no backing out—I was taking a cruise.

Oz made me laugh how he was watching over me. We were on the plane and he kept telling me what to say.

"Seriously Adam, we will meet a lot of women. I'm telling you to not lay everything out there."

"What do you mean, Oz?"

"Don't let them know where you're really from. Don't give them your real phone numbers or e-mail address. These are one time shots; we'll never see these women again so you don't want to get too involved."

"That's nuts. Who cares where we're from or what we do?"

"Believe me Adam, I've been there. Sometimes you might end up with a stalker or at the very least they will pester the shit out of you. We'll just tell them we're from Iowa or something. Believe me; a lot of these women will do the same thing, especially if they're married."

"Okay, so we'll say we're from Iowa and I won't give them my phone number or e-mail address. I have to admit it seems a bit foolish. Is it all right to give my name or should I make that up too?" I shook my head and laughed but it all seemed to make Oz happy.

"We can give our names since we aren't telling them we're from Ohio. Besides, if we charge anything we'll need our correct ID."

The plane landed and the bus for the cruise ship was waiting for us. Damn, there were some nice looking women getting on the bus. If they were a sample of who might be on the cruise we would be having a hell of a good time.

We found our cabin and I was glad to see there were two beds. Just sleeping in a bed with another guy, even a friend like Oz, didn't appeal to me.

Then we headed down to the meet and greet. It was a send off with free drinks and snacks. There were a fairly equal number of men and women, and many seemed to be couples.

Next we took a tour of the ship. It had two pools, a number of restaurants, a movie theatre, and who knew how many clubs and bars. That's not even mentioning those in the on-board casinos.

There were a lot of young adults on the cruise, many who were on spring break. Because it was supposed to be an over twenty-one cruise and you needed a passport or birth certificate to board, we figured some just looked young for their age.

As the ship left the dock we headed to one of the bars. It wasn't long before we began to feel our drinks and decided to start dancing. Oz had this thing for older women. He always told me they liked younger men and really gave it their all.

We ended up dancing with two women Oz called cougars. They were in their forties and looked pretty damn good. After we tired of dancing we joined them at their table for the rest of the evening. They had rings on all their fingers and I was pretty sure they were married.

June and Barb were teachers from Pennsylvania and on the cruise for spring break. Oz mentioned we were from Iowa and they seemed to relax more then.

When the ladies excused themselves to use the restroom, Oz asked me which one I wanted for the night. I told him he could choose or let the ladies pick. He went with June, leaving me with Barb.

Later in the evening he asked June if she wanted to go back to our room and I would go with Barb to theirs. The women looked a bit nervous.

"Is there a problem or were we reading the situation wrong?" I asked.

June looked at Barb before speaking. "I'm sorry, but we made a pact that we wouldn't be separated our first couple of nights till we got comfortable with things on the ship."

"No problem," said Oz. "You're both welcome to come to our cabin. We can take a bottle up with us and continue our party there."

They didn't see any problem with it so we first stopped at the bar then headed to our cabin. Once there I poured us each a drink. Oz dimmed the lights and before I knew it we were disrobing our guests. They were down to bra and panties when they decided to undress us. In no time Barb was on her knees and sucking my cock. Oz was right; these older women really gave it their all.

After fucking Barb, we rested while Jane and Oz were climaxing. Barb and Jane were smiling at each other while I got us each another drink. A little while later, we switched partners and went another round.

At first I thought we were using the women but came to the conclusion they were probably using us. After we all rested the women got up and said they should go back to their own room. Of course that suited us just fine.

"Maybe we'll see you guys again later in the cruise. Thank you for such a wonderful evening," said Jane as they left our cabin.

"See I told you everyone takes these cruises to get laid," said Oz after we were alone. "I intend on doing just what those two women are going to do—fuck someone new every night of the cruise."

With that said we both went to sleep after a good first day.

Day two started off with a big breakfast. We would be landing on one of the islands and most passengers would get off the ship for the day. They had two sandy beaches; one was around the cove and it was for nudity only. I was surprised to see so many people heading that way.

Oz wanted to check it out.

"Look Adam, we have nothing to be ashamed of. We keep in shape and I think it would be fun to see the women au natural," he said, smiling.

"Fine, but to be honest I'm not big at having people staring at my privates. Me seeing theirs is another story." I had to laugh after saying that.

They had a changing room with lockers and you received a key on a band. We got our towels and I carried a large blanket in front of me. Oz wasn't afraid to show off what he had dangling between his legs. As we walked along the beach we saw some fine looking asses.

I was surprised at the number of couples. Did the men like showing off their wife or girlfriend? I guess I was still a prude—I wouldn't like my wife showing her private parts to everyone walking by.

Oz spotted two good looking women sitting alone.

"Mind if we put our blanket next to yours?" he asked.

"No problem," one said while the other tried to cover her nudity.

"I'm Adam and my friend here is Oz. Before you ask, it's short of Osborn."

"I'm Sylvia, and the quiet one here is Eve." Eve looked away when Sylvia said her name. "We're here on spring break. We will be graduating this year from Michigan State. Where are you two from?"

"Umm, we're from Iowa..." Oz cut me off.

"We both have our own businesses. I'm in clothing and Adam is in heating and cooling. We've always been good friends and Adam is fresh off a breakup, so I suggested this cruise."

I didn't really understand the lies. I didn't care that I worked for my dad because I wasn't superficial. Now he had me breaking up with my ex wife which I did three years ago.

"Adam and Eve, that's cute." said Sylvia. We laughed but I had heard it a thousand times in my lifetime so far.

Oz went after Sylvia—he always liked the outspoken ones. I asked Eve if she would like to walk to the drink hut with me and I would buy us a round. She seemed shy but there was something different about her, not the type I would have expected to meet on a nude beach.

We got our drinks and went back to the others where Oz had lounge chairs for us. They were far more comfortable than the blanket in my opinion. After we talked for a while we decided to go for a swim. I took Eve by the hand and we ran across the sand and into the water.

"Didn't I see you with like six girls yesterday in the lounge?" I asked Eve.

"Yes, guilty, sorry about staring at you. But you were with those two cougars and we were betting whether you guys would leave with them."

She made me feel kind of bad then. I noticed her when we went into the lounge the day before, but Oz said our chances of pulling two out of the flock wouldn't be easy so he headed to the other women. I hadn't realized Eve was watching me.

"Where are the rest of your friends today?" I asked.

"They prefer clothes so they went to the other beach." Eve laughed. "Sylvia wanted to come here and I didn't want her to be alone. Besides, I'm not ashamed of my body and thought I could get an all over tan."

"Believe me Eve, you are one beautiful woman."

That's when I realized that even though I was at a nude beach, I wasn't looking at anyone but Eve. We enjoyed our time in the water, playing the game where you try to knock the person off the other ones shoulder. I admit touching Eve a few times in places the game didn't call for, but she never complained. When we tired, we tanned on the beach for a while.

Afterward we all got dressed and had lunch where I met the other four students. They all seemed rather nice. I hated lying and telling everyone I was from Iowa. While we were eating I asked Eve for her phone number and e-mail address. She stared at me for a minute and then wrote down a number. She then asked me for mine.

Oz looked over at me so I lied and wrote down some number. Hell, I didn't even know the area codes for Iowa. I also gave her a phony e-mail address.

That evening the four of us got together. I mentioned to Oz that I felt funny telling all the lies. He reminded me these were just one day affairs and everyone would forget one another by the end of the cruise.

We went dancing at the lounge. I loved holding Eve close; she felt so good next to me. It was getting late and Oz invited Sylvia to our cabin. She looked at Eve and me, and then told him okay.

After the two of them left, Eve and I went outside and sat on the deck and talked.

"I'll be graduating soon and I have a job lined up as an assistant pharmacist. Out of my family I'm the oldest, and I have two brothers and a sister. Your turn," she said and grinned.

"Well, I have an older sister, who is damn near my best friend other than Oz."

"So, you are still rebounding from your divorce?" asked Eve.

"My divorce was about three years ago. I'm definitely over her."

I leaned over and kissed her lightly. She seemed to hold back a bit, but I chalked it up to not knowing me much yet. We took a walk around the deck and back into the lounge and danced some more.

A while later she said she needed to return to her cabin so I walked her to her door. "Thank you, Adam; I had such a wonderful time today. I can't invite you in because of my roommates. There are six girls staying here."

"I understand. Can I see you again, maybe even tomorrow?"

"I promised the girls I would go to the beach with them tomorrow. Besides if I remember correctly, you and Oz were going scuba diving."

"What about dinner tomorrow night. We can go to the island and take in a dinner show. I remember reading it in the activities program this morning."

She looked at me for a few seconds. "I'd love to go with you to a show tomorrow night." Giving me a smile, she leaned forward and kissed me goodnight.

When I got back to my cabin Oz was sitting there with a big grin on his face. "Damn, that Sylvia sure was a lot of fun. She knows how to make a man come. How was Eve?"

"She's wonderful—more like a date than a woman I met at a nudist beach."

"Come on Adam, was she a good fuck or not?"

"I don't know; we didn't have sex. We danced, took a walk, and we kissed goodnight. I'm going to see her again tomorrow."

"Hold on there, Adam. Don't go getting serious with anyone on this cruise. We're supposed to do the four F's: find them, feel them, fuck them, and forget them. A new woman every night."

"I'm not getting serious Oz. I just like her company. Besides, it was you who wanted a new fuck every night. You and I are supposed to go scuba diving tomorrow and I asked Eve out to a show tomorrow night. You're welcome to ask Sylvia or someone else and come with us."

"No, I've done Sylvia and we parted as friends. I might do a little gambling tomorrow night and find someone new. As for you, be careful. Don't fall into any love trap."

"I don't think Eve is out to trap anyone." I laughed at Oz. He was acting like an older brother.

The next morning we were up early and had breakfast. I had to go scuba diving just to burn up the extra calories I ate from the huge assortments.

When we got off the boat that took us to the island, I saw Eve and Sylvia at a distance. They were with their friends headed to the regular beach which made me feel better. Yet, why did I care which beach she went to since I barely knew her?

After our scuba diving we ate lunch and headed back to the ship. I was so tired I needed a nap before my date with Eve.

I knocked on her cabin door and one of her friends invited me in. It wasn't long before Eve came out of one of the rooms. She looked great.

"Sorry about the room, this is how it is in our dorm too," she said, nodding at the clothes thrown all over.

"No problem. Are you ready to go?"

"I am."

I opened the door and we headed to the boat that would take us to the casino/hotel back on the island. I had made the dinner reservations and already had the tickets to the stage show.

"How did you get into the heating and cooling business?" she asked as soon as we were at our table.

"Eve, I don't own the business. My dad does and I work there. I guess one day I'll own it."

"That's fine; I hope to own a pharmacy some day or at least work for a major chain as head pharmacist."

I loved talking to her. She seemed so much like the girl next door type. Nice looking, great personality, and seemed to love her family. I had no reason to think she was lying to me. Why would she make up a family or what courses she was taking at college?

We saw the show which had a lot of nudity but was in good taste. When we got back to our ship we went to one of the lounges and had a couple of drinks. By then it was really late so I took her back to her cabin.

She kissed me goodnight and I asked her to spend the next day with me. The ship would be moving so of course everyone would have to stay onboard. She agreed to meet me in the lounge at noon. We kissed again and I headed back to my cabin.

When I opened the door Oz and his bedmate were fast asleep. I could see a half empty bottle of rum so I figured they were both out for the evening, although I did get a look at his date. She was an older woman, with a darker complexion, large breasts, a big ass, and a hairy bush. I undressed down to my briefs and climbed into my bed.

When I awoke in the morning, the woman was getting dressed. Oz was still asleep and she was smiling at me. She wasn't afraid to show me what she had. She spoke with an accent and told me to tell Oz she had a wonderful time. After getting dressed, she left the room and I went back to sleep.

"Adam, it's time to get up. We don't want to miss breakfast," Oz said some time later.

"All right, I'm awake. Hey, your date said she had a good time last night."

"She's got nice tits," he replied and grinned.

"And a hairy bush. I saw you two sleeping when I got in."

"So how was your date with Eve? Get fucked yet?"

"No, but we did have a wonderful time. She really is a special girl."

"Special my ass, everyone wants to get laid. What seems to be your problem?"

"Timing and a place to do it. I don't think she's the type who wants to have sex in front of others and you are making pretty good use of our cabin. She has roomies in hers.

"I'm going to be spending the day with her here on the ship. I wouldn't mind using our room if Eve is willing."

"Okay buddy, tell you what. Tonight the room is yours. I'll find another place. I hear the top floor of this ship is for nude sunbathers. There's no sun at night but people still go up there."

"I don't want you barging in while I'm having sex with Eve."

"Just put the 'do not disturb' card on the door. If it's on the door, I'll come back later."

I met Eve at noon and she said her schedule was clear for the night. We started off with a light lunch and then took in a movie. After that we decided to go swimming in one of the pools.

"Damn," I replied. "You even look good in a bathing suit." She just laughed. I loved to see her smile and show those beautiful dimples.

After dinner we decided to try our luck at the slots. After losing a couple of hundred dollars we headed to our favorite lounge where they were having comedians perform. I couldn't believe how fast the time went by. I loved being with her.

"Eve, would you like to come to my cabin for a little while?" I figured she knew what I was asking.

"What about Oz? What if he walks in?"

How did I tell her we had set it up that if I was in the room with her he would stay away? It could surely kill the mood. She would think I preplanned the whole day just to get in her pants, which wasn't true. I mean I did want to have sex with her but I mainly wanted to be with her.

"Well, Oz puts a 'do not disturb' sign on the door when he's letting me know he has company. I'll just do the same thing. I'm sure he'll get the message."

We went to my cabin where I kissed her. But something felt a little different. Still, I slowly removed her blouse and skirt, then hugged and kissed her some more. After I removed my clothes, we laid on the bed. She removed her bra and panties and I started rubbing her, but it was taking a lot to get her wet.

I kissed her some more, put on a condom and eventually got on top of her and slowly pushed my cock into her. She felt good but something was still strange. She pumped against me till I came. I'm not sure if she came or not, although she acted as if she did.

I got off her and slipped on my briefs and she put on her bra and panties. I poured us each a drink and we talked about what was happening the following day.

"The ship is docking again and my friends and I are going shopping. I probably won't see you tomorrow but I do want to spend the last day of the cruise with you," she stated.

"I would love that. You made this cruise wonderful for me."

We kissed and I walked her back to her cabin. Something in her eyes seemed so strange, as if she was hiding something, yet I couldn't put my finger on it.

Oz was in the room when I returned.

"You hit pay dirt?" he asked.

"Yes, she is so beautiful but something was missing. Don't get me wrong, she was good, but I wouldn't say great. It's like she was holding back or something."

"Well, at least you got laid. I think the problem is you're falling for her and she might not feel the same."

I told Oz that I wouldn't be seeing her tomorrow; that she and her girlfriends would be shopping on shore. He suggested that we go to one of the x-rated nudie shows that he heard about. So that's what we decided to do the next evening.

"By the way Oz, did you get laid? I'd hate to think you missed a day on this cruise without getting your rocks off."

"Yep, it was rather strange though. I went up to the nude deck and it was almost all couples. I was about to leave when this man asked me to join him and his wife. What could I say, she was pretty damn nice. We talked for a few minutes and she put her hand on my thigh. She slid it up higher and of course by then I was getting pretty stiff.

"I looked at her and she said her husband liked to watch. I was sitting on this chaise and she got up, straddled me, and lowered herself down. Damn, she was good. I fucked the living shit out of her while her husband watched and jacked off.

"Even after I got soft, she sat there with my cock in her and rubbed herself back and forth against me till I got hard again. After I came the second time she climbed down and handed me a towel so I could clean up. Her husband bought me a drink and I left shortly after that. I have to admit it was crazy but fun."

The next day I didn't see Eve at all, and I kind of missed her. Oz and I went to the x-rated nude show. They actually had a woman on stage taking two guys at once. Lots of pole dancing and muff diving. They asked for volunteers but it was even too much for Oz. He got offered a lap dance but I begged out. I wasn't sure I wanted a woman who fucked on stage rubbing her pussy on me, even though the men wore condoms.

After we got back on the ship Oz went pussy hunting. I on the other hand felt a bit lonely. Odd, but I missed a woman I hardly knew. Instead, I headed to the slots and actually won some bucks. With all the free drinks, it didn't take long before I had a buzz going on.

By the time I made it to our cabin, Oz had the sign on the door, which sucked since I needed some sleep. Finding a deck chair, I slid into one and passed out. It was the sounds of the ocean and beginning of daybreak that woke me up. Even though I felt like shit, the morning sky was a beautiful sight.

I went to the exercise room and tried to get the kinks out of my body with a good workout. When I went back to our room, Oz was alone.

"Get your ass up, Oz. It's time for breakfast."

He grumbled while I showered, then took his turn while I straightened the room.

"Can I have the cabin for the night? It's the last night of the cruise and I'm hoping to bring Eve there," I said once we filled our plates and found a table.

"Sure," said Oz. "Remember those two cougars we were with the first night? They asked me if we could see them again tonight. I told them I thought you already had plans but I was available. So I guess I'll be doing a threesome."

I met Eve and we spent the last day on the ship together. We went swimming, laid out on the deck chairs, and had drinks. We even took in another movie before going to the lounge. She seemed so different today. It was as if we were really close friends. I knew I had fallen for her and thought about telling her the truth about where I was from, and my correct phone number and e-mail. But, I was afraid she might get mad and leave me. I wanted this last night with her so I kept the lie going.

We ended up at my cabin. Eve took the sign and put it on the door. She slipped out of her clothes, except for her panties and began to take off my shirt. She kissed me and worked her way down my neck and chest. After undoing my pants, she let them fall to the floor.

She reached in my briefs and pulled out my cock and started sucking on it. God, it felt so good. My cock was really getting hard. I pulled her up and kissed her passionately. I backed her up to the bed and as she fell back, I removed her panties. I got between her legs and began to eat her pussy. It was only a few seconds before she was wet.

It was hard to believe this was the same woman I had sex with two days before. She had an orgasm while I was eating her out. I tongued and fingered her all the faster.

She moved up on the bed and I slid over her. It was as if she was really enjoying herself, giving as much as she gave. I began to come and it was then I remembered I wasn't wearing a condom. I could tell she noticed.

"It's okay, I'm on the pill. Just fuck me, you feel so good."

We had sex twice more that night, each time more passionate than the one before. The last time she rode me until we were both in a deep sweat. I couldn't hold back any longer, and when I came she did too. I could feel her pussy pulsating.

I kissed her and she rolled off me and cuddled up to me. When I told her I had fallen in love with her, I could see the tears in her eyes. We fell asleep holding each other close.

When I awoke in the morning she was gone. While taking a shower I decided to go find her and tell her the truth. I wanted her to know I lived in Ohio and could make it to her college in five hours. I wanted to start a relationship with her. Oz came back while I was dressing and I told him what I was going to do. He thought it would be a mistake but wished me luck. The ship had docked and passengers were already getting off. I rushed to her room only to discover they were already gone. The gate was so crowded with people I couldn't see her or her friends anywhere.

I walked around the ship to some of the places Eve and I liked but she wasn't there. Eventually I went back to my room and finished packing my luggage.

Oz told me maybe it was for the best. After all, I just knew her for a week and had lied to her from the beginning. On the plane trip home I remembered that even though I lied to her about my phone number and e-mail account, I still had hers. I would wait till tomorrow and give her a call. I just hoped she would forgive me for lying to her.

The next morning I tried calling her but kept getting a wrong number. I wondered if she lied to me also. I tried writing to her but the e-mail came back. I didn't know what to think.

My dad already had appointments set up for me. I spent the next two days working. At least it kept my mind off Eve. My nights were sad as I thought about her and how my lying ended our relationship.

Even if she wanted to contact me, I had given her the wrong numbers to get hold of me. I went on sulking for the next week.

One day Oz gave me a call.

"You want to go out for a drink?"

"Oz, I don't—"

"Meet me at The Firehouse in an hour," he said and hung up.

Knowing Oz, if I didn't show up he would drag me there himself. With a few minutes to spare, I walked into the local bar. Oz was already there, sitting at a back table with a drink.

"Adam, you look like shit. Are you still sulking over Eve?" he asked when I joined him.

"Yeah, I blew it. I really cared for her and now she's gone. I'm pretty sure she lied about her phone number and e-mail account. I wanted to right the wrong I did but she disappeared before I had the chance."

"Do you really want to see her again that bad?"

"Yes I do, Oz. We were good together."

"Go to the college and see her. Sylvia told me they would be graduating from Michigan State next month. She was really happy about it so I believe it to be true."

I decided to take Oz's advice and went in to talk to my dad the next morning.

"Dad, I'll only be working till noon on Friday and will take all Saturday off because I'm going to Michigan to see a friend."

He gave me an odd look before replying. "Is your friend the reason you've been so bitchy since you came back from that cruise?"

"Yes, I'm sorry I've been such a grouch. I just need to talk to her and get a few things straightened out."

"It's none of my business but just be careful. Women can make you do funny things."

Dad had always told me how mom got her way. She just had a way of making him do things, even things he didn't want to do. It was easy to see he loved mom and would do anything for her. He was grumpy on the outside but soft as they came on the inside.

So I made the drive to Michigan and was waiting for my revenge, sitting in the Holiday Inn.

When I saw a woman come through the door I wasn't sure if it was Eve until a saw her face. She wore a blonde wig but it looked so natural. But I was sure when she came closer and looked right at me.

"Adam, what are you doing here? Oh my god, you're the Mark Adams I'm supposed to meet, aren't you. How did you find me?" she asked, giving me a shocked look.

I wanted to yell and scream at her but she had tears running down her cheeks and I hadn't expected that.

"So, is your name Christy or Eve? I want to make sure to call you by the right one."

"I'm so sorry. After I got to know you, I just couldn't take the chance on telling you the truth. I should leave. I don't know if I can handle this."

"Bullshit! I paid four hundred dollars to find out the truth. I need to know the truth. You see, I fell in love with you but you left. Then I discovered I didn't even know you."

"Fair enough, you paid for two hours so I'll tell you whatever you want to know. Can we at least go into the lounge and have a drink while we talk. I need something strong."

We headed into the lounge and got a corner booth. I ordered us a drink and she began her talk, even though she was crying a little too.

"What do you want to know first, my background or what happened on the cruise? I promise you everything I tell you will be the truth."

"I want to know why you gave me phony information. I tried to get in touch with you but everything came back saying wrong number or doesn't exist. I thought our last night together was great yet you walked out on me without saying a word."

"I left early that morning because I couldn't face you. I figured that if you knew the truth about me, you would hate me. Most of what I told you after I got to know you was true. A lot of people don't give out their real name or phone numbers in the beginning. After meeting you on the nude beach I never thought I would see you again. That's why I gave you the name Eve, which is my working name."

The pained look on her face made it obvious she knew that admission hurt me.

"Later when we exchanged phone numbers and e-mails, I still wasn't sure about you. I figured I could always tell you the real numbers later."

"So why didn't you?" I asked.

"Because I was falling for you and I was afraid to admit I lied. I remember you saying you wouldn't want other men looking at your woman. Here I was an escort, and you wanting a girl next door type.

"Sylvia told me I shouldn't get involved with you. She didn't think you would understand the life I lead. Besides, after the cruise we figured I would never see you again.

"God how I loved being with you. I have all these wonderful memories of the things we did together. I couldn't believe you didn't push me to have sex. It was as if you wanted me for who I was, not just the sex. I know your friend Oz was with Sylvia for the sex, but you didn't push me at all. The first time I held back. I wanted so badly to let myself go with you but I've never had a real relationship and I didn't want to get hurt."

"What about on the last night together? It was more like making love than having sex," I stated.

"I decided for the first time in my life I wanted to feel love. I was going to drop my guard and make love with you. You have to believe me when I say no one ever made love to me like that before. Afterwards we cuddled and you said you loved me.

"When you fell asleep I was thinking I could never face you again and I started crying, wishing my life could have been different. There was no way I could tell you how I made money that you would accept. I went back to my room and started packing. I was one of the first off the ship."

"So that was it?" I asked. "You didn't care how I must have felt or what I must be thinking?"

"I know it was wrong but I was really hurting inside. Even though I'm twenty-four, you're the first man I have really cared for and I felt I lost you. Sylvia told me she thought it was for the best. After a week of moping around, she told me to just write or call you and get it all out in the open. I did what she suggested and after telling you everything in an e-mail, it came back. I then tried to call you and the number didn't exist. So I thought I was a fool for believing you loved me when all the time you just played me."

"No Christy, I never played you. I cared for you right from the start. Stupid Oz is the one who told me not to use my real numbers. I was going to tell you before we left the ship but you were gone and I couldn't reach you.

"When I ran out of options on how I might get hold of you, Oz told me Sylvia mentioned the courses she was taking at State so I came here to find you and tell you the truth. Then I find we had a relationship built on lies. I wanted to hurt you, so I arranged this date. Christy, why do you sell yourself as an escort? Are you hooked on drugs or are you a sex addict? You seemed so ... normal. You seemed like the type of woman I would love to be with but now ... I don't know."

When the server came around, I ordered two more rounds of drinks—I needed them.

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