Andrea's Morning Pleasure

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2010 by niteowluk99

BDSM Sex Story: The story of one of the early morning episodes between a master and his sub.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   BDSM   Light Bond   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Andrea, for those who have not read previous stories, is five foot two tall blondish hair and beautiful 36DD breasts, on a slim build; her breasts though have wonderful nipples when fully erect and always appear as delectable ¼ inch nubs protruding almost half an inch from her breasts. The other thing you should be aware of from previous stories is that Andrea is submissive but of limited experience but she does fully trust her master.

Andrea was standing in the computer room in her pyjamas and Master Ray comes up behind her; he instantly slips his arm around her waist, holding her tight, now his other hand finds her nipple and as soon as he feel it in his fingers; he begins pinching and twisting it to make it nice and hard. His free hand slips inside the waist band of her pyjamas and finds her hot wet cunt; now his finger rubs against her clit as he pulls on her nipple at the same time; he whispers into her ear, that she his horny little fuck slut and he commands her to remove your pyjama top.

Once she removes her top, he turns her round and quickly fastens his mouth on to her hard nipple; as he sucks it, he scrapes his teeth lightly over the nipple. Meanwhile his fingers are now probing her cunt lips and becoming coated in her cunt juices; which he spreads over her clit making it slick.

Suddenly he grips her nipple in his teeth and firmly pulls his head away from her body stretching her nipple from her breast, his teeth firmly gripping her nipple as she begins to groan lustily. The instantly he releases the nipple, it flicks back and once more a moan escapes her lips. At this point he has two fingers buried deep inside her cunt. Slowly he begins to finger fuck her whilst her panty-less pyjama bottomed cunt bubbles away in horny passion.

He tells her to tell him what she is, and she gasps that she is his horny personal fuck toy, a hot horny whore who needs her cunt full of cock and a slut for spunk. Master Ray pretends not to hear her but instead he begins twisting his fingers in her cunt as he continues to finger fuck it, he demands an answer and she repeats herself only louder. Her face contorts in a frenzy of fuck lust, as she almost snarls as her passions and need to be fucked increases. Her horny appearance is enhanced by her stressing the dirty words like fuck, cunt, slut, cock and whore.

Master Ray continues to finger her hot wet dripping cunt as he instructs her to play with her own nipples, telling her to pull them this way whore or twist that way bitch or pinch them hard slut. She find yourself being turned just as much by the names he is calling her as by her own actions on her nipples but all this is still being backed up by the two soaking fingers plunging in and out of her wide open cunt, the wet stain on the pyjama bottoms spreading like rising damp.

Suddenly with out warning the two sticky wet fingers were withdrawn not only from her cunt but also her pyjama bottoms and a stern voice commanded Andrea remove the offending clothing. Immediately she began to undo the button and slipped her bottoms down, exposing her shaven cunt. Knowing her place she bent and picked up the bottoms and held them out to her beloved master. Only to be told to place the wet patch in her mouth and suck the juices from them. Knowing better than to refuse or delay, Andrea placed the centre of the wet patch I her mouth and began sucking hard. It felt really weird and yet totally exciting to be sucking the cunt juices from her own pussy out of the pyjama bottoms.

She never hesitated when Master Ray ordered her to open her legs wider, and her face obscure any view of his intentions but she soon felt the first slap as his palm hit her squarely on her cunt and in particular stinging her clit. Instead of feeling the pain she felt surge of excitement quickly followed by a rush of heat spreading from her cunt lips. The instant shock of this caused her to suck her breath in harder and she swallowed even more of her own cunt juices, which hiked up even higher her excitement pitch.

A further three erratically timed slaps landed on her clit and cunt, Andrea was almost gasping her way through the pre orgasm state, Master Ray knew it would take very little more to send her over the top and into her first orgasm of the day. With a cruel glint in his eye he took the pyjama bottoms from her and ordered her to sit on the computer chair. He then completed making the coffee's and passed one to Andrea, as he did so he noticed she was clamping her legs together and trying to discreetly rub her cunt lips together to make herself cum. He snapped for her to cease immediately or face a punishment spanking. Andrea knew that this would mean pain and not pleasure so she forced herself to open her legs and to sit still.

As they drank their coffee's Andrea began to calm down, although she was now becoming self conscious of being totally naked, and her overriding need to orgasm still kept her from feeling the slight chill of the room. Master Ray turned to Andrea and said, "My little horny bitch, you will sit there as naked as the day you were born, you will keep your legs wide open and if you so much as try to touch your cunt, I will know and you will not be sitting down for quite a while!"

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