Andrea's First Group Test

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2010 by niteowluk99

BDSM Sex Story: Andrea a submissive slut gets to test ehr will against many men and women for her first group experience.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   Light Bond   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   .

Andrea, for those who have not read previous stories, is five foot two tall blondish hair and beautiful 36DD breasts, on a slim build; her breasts though have wonderful nipples when fully erect and always appear as delectable ¼ inch nubs protruding almost half an inch from her breasts. The other thing you should be aware of from previous stories is that Andrea is submissive but of limited experience but she does fully trust her master.

Summoned to her master's side, Andrea was told to completely undress, she expected her Master Ray, to leave and return in about five minutes but he remained seated on the edge of their bed. He clapped his hands and warned her she was trying his patience as she still had not started to undress. Quickly realising that a punishing spanking was only seconds away, she hastily began undressing and soon stood naked before her master. For Andrea was aware her master had two forms of spanking a punishment one and a sensual pleasurable one.

He now made her, open her legs and placed the back of his hand against her shaven cunt. He uttered one word, "Rock!" instantly Andrea began thrusting her cunt against the back of Ray's hand, feeling it pressing against her clit as her cunt juiced up.

All the time, Master Ray was watching Andrea's nipples and when they became hard and erect; ordered her to stop. He produced from behind his back a special body harness and ordered Andrea to put it on immediately. The harness was a range of straps which enclosed the sensual parts of her body except the breast area which consisted of two four inch metal rings. Of course Andrea's 36 DD breasts pressed tightly against the rings sending a sexual thrill through her body as she turned round and allowed her master to fasten the straps and buckles.

The straps that passed between her legs left a small opening which once in place allowed her clit to poke through and left access to her now horny hot wet cunt. Master Ray now attached the non piercing clit clamp which brought her clit even higher from its hide away hood and he handed Andrea a nipple clamp chain and ordered her to attach it to her nipples. Andrea opened the first butterfly clip and supporting her left breast she attached the clip to the rock hard nipple. She actually groaned in a pleasurable way when the clamp began to pinch her nipple.

Master Ray remained quiet as she now took her right breast in hand and attached the other butterfly clip on the other end of the chain to her right nipple; once more Andrea groaned with excitement. Master Ray then took hold of the chain and pulled it towards himself stretching Andrea's nipple even further, he was testing that the chain would not come away. He smiled when he saw the sheer look of lust on Andrea's face as he pulled the nipple chains this way and that.

Next he took a remote control v-pod bullet vibrator and slipped it into her cunt, taking the remote control he added it to her I-pod player and turned to the first track which had a very low bass beat, instantly a low throbbing vibration started in her cunt. Now Master Ray took the flashing ball gag and slipped it into Andrea's mouth and fastened the straps behind her head. Unable to make a sensible sound, Master Ray, explained to Andrea her safety word would be replaced with a gesture instead. She was to stamp her foot three times in rapid succession to indicate her desire to stop everything instantly. Andrea nodded her head in agreement as Master Ray now began to prepare the final preparations of Andrea. First he tied her forearms together behind her back and made sure to secure her wrists to her own elbows. Then he fed some soft silk Japanese bondage rope through between her arms and her back and began to tighten this which pulled her arms back and made her thrust her tits forward pressing them harder against the metal rings.

Master Ray began teasing Andrea, telling her how wonderfully slutty she looked and how great she would feel when she was the centre of attention. He carefully omitted any references to any other participants; but was rewarded with fervent nodding of Andrea's head when he asked if his slut was feeling as horny as she looked. He slapped gently the side of her tit as he laughed and said "Yes I bet you are, you are just a wanton common little whore, who would fuck at the drop of a hat just to feel your cunt full of cock!"

He smiled at her as she shivered with lust, and made a great display of showing her the suction cups he had in his hand; he squeezed the rubber ball and applied the first of the cups to the underside of her left breast, releasing the ball caused the suction to kick in and the flesh pulled into the clear plastic cup. Another suction cup was added to her right breast on the underside; a further two cups were then added one on top of each breast.

Now taking the nipple chain he jiggled it about making sure it did not interfere with the suction cup, they never moved or fell off so he reminded Andrea that if she was a good little fuck toy, she would be rewarded with lots of spunk either on her tits or up her horny fuck slit.

Suddenly Andrea spotted the riding crop and she trembled as she felt the lash of its leather flap biting against her nipples, the chains attached added to the pleasure she was feeling and Master Ray's hand between her legs confirmed her cunt was like a leaking tap. Six strikes of the crop on her tits warmed then up to a cosy pink glow and a further twelve on her arse cheeks brought out the best of colour on them.

Master Ray figured the v-pod must have reached the second or third track which he had purposely ensured had a heavier bass track, thus increasing the vibrations of the bullet inside Andrea's cunt; as he now watched as Andrea's thighs were quivering. Only one final act remained to be carried out and Master Ray slipped the blindfold into place, before helping Andrea to lie on the bed. He whispered to her that she should lay perfectly still till he returned and unbeknown to Andrea he went and met his guest at the front door.

Quietly he ushered his guest up to the bedroom and placing his finger against his lips he ushered the guest to remain quiet. He then spoke out, "Oh my, what have we here, it looks like I have a horny fuck slut all trussed up ready to become an all orgasmic whore!"

Master Ray then indicated for Sarah his guest to touch Andrea's tits, now Sarah was a friend who Ray knew was bisexual and he watched as she immediately took hold of the chain between Andrea's nipples and pulled on it as she lightly traced the erectness of the nipple.

Andrea sensed that the feel was different to anything she had ever felt before but she could not figure why. No until she suddenly heard, "Sarah get undressed and let us get started!"

Sarah replied, "Oh yes, Ray let's get it on, I can't wait to taste your whore's cunt juices!"

Andrea suddenly went stiff and was almost tempted to stamp her foot to end this before it all began. She heard the sounds of zips being undone and almost tried to scream to stop when she heard Master Ray say, "Why, Sarah, your tits are almost as big as my fuck slut Andrea's!"

Andrea heard him instruct Sarah to start by licking Andrea's tits but not to touch her nipples, but all the time Andrea's cunt was being assaulted by ever strengthening vibrations as the bass beat of the tracks got stronger. She was so close to an orgasm but was trying her very best to stall that until she hoped her master would give permission for her to cum. Of course this was made all the harder now as she knew she was not the only female present and she just hoped that her master would not choose to fuck this other woman instead of her, so she was doubly determined not to give him any excuse to punish her and thus deny her the fucking she was hoping for.

Sarah's tongue bathed Andrea's breast's in her saliva being careful to avoid the hard nipples, Despite her concern at being bound and gagged as she was and being not the only female present, Andrea could not help her passion rising a further notch or two.

Suddenly she heard her beloved master telling Sarah, to shove her wet cunt over Andrea's mouth. Now despite Andrea wearing the ball gag, she sensed that it would not only serve to stop her refusing but also serve to make sure she could not close her lips and she sensed her mouth would soon be sampling the taste of a totally new flavour. The flavour of a horny cunt, wet with juices and horny intentions. This both excited Andrea and yet she still felt strange, then she realised what exactly she was feeling, she was jealous of the thought of Sarah receiving her master's attentions.

The bed moved as Sarah repositioned her weight over Andrea's head and suddenly she felt extra pressure pushing the ball gag in deeper to her mouth. She tried to groan but all she succeeded in doing was to increase the flow of Sarah's cunt juices into her own mouth. She now realised she needed to swallow or choke; she instinctively swallowed and marvelled at the musky scented sweet tasting creamy like fluid she had just swallowed.

More and more of the juices began sliding down her throat and Andrea began to like her education and introduction to female to female sex. Suddenly out of the blue her cunt was on fire with a stinging pain the like of which she had never experienced before, and she immediately heard her master's voice telling her she had five more spanks with the leather paddle to follow. The pain was an instant shock but also a surge of passion to the captive Andrea. She tried to anticipate the next swat of the paddle but blind from the blindfold and now her hearing was impaired between Sarah heavy set thighs she could not hear the swishing sound, also Sarah did not help matters by tugging on the nipple chain teasing her nipples mercilessly.

Suddenly Andrea's head spun as the most intense orgasm ripped through her cunt and she had no way of disguising it for she squirted so hard that it resembled a small fountain. She heard the distant sound of Sarah laughing, but not in a mocking way she thought, no it was more in an envious way. Then Master Ray ordered Sarah to clean up the cunt she had caused to explode in such an orgasm. Andrea instantly felt Sarah's tongue sliding over her highly aroused clit and dipping into her wide open soaking wet cunt lips.

Of course the clit clamp caused her sensitive clit to be stuck there unable to hide from the ravaging tongue of Sarah and releasing much more juices every time her tongue contacted the clit. Sarah leaned back and said, "Ray she is producing it faster than I can lick up!"

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