Kaycee Gets What She Wants

by LingerieRobot

Copyright© 2010 by LingerieRobot

Humor Sex Story: Kaycee is just your typical harem story girl who feels neglected and dissatisfied with being one of the pack. But thanks to a blatant plot device, she gets the chance to be the centre of her own story, with a small army of male suitors to please her day and night.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   DomSub   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Harem   Black Female   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Teacher/Student   School   .

Author's Note: This is a loving parody of a certain type of story you see on sites like this. No offense is intended to anyone.

It was another long night alone. Kaycee yearned for John's touch. Ever since she had surrendered to her desire and slept with her childhood friend, she felt like her life had changed completely. John was so kind, so loving, and so fucking good in bed that she found herself thirsting after him constantly. Kaycee was a satellite orbiting him. Unfortunately, so were his mom, his two sisters, his Math teacher, all of Kaycee's female friends, most of the cheerleading squad, Kaycee's mom, his formerly lesbian next-door neighbours, his dentist, that Japanese foreign exchange student, two famous actresses, his former babysitter, and about a half dozen women Kaycee didn't know at all.

In his defence, John never seemed to try and accumulate a harem. It just happened. And all of the women cooed the same thing in his ear: "I'm fine with you being with other women, but I could never sleep with another man after you." It was a line that sprang naturally to their lips, and was honey to his ears. Kaycee even found herself saying it. But she still found herself lonely on nights like these, when he was out fucking three other girls at once. Some of the girls slept with each other, revealing previously unearthed bisexual tendencies, but no matter how far she dug Kaycee couldn't find a part of her that wanted to munch rug. If only there were more Johns to go around.

Kaycee rolled onto her stomach and stared at the stars through her bedroom window. Yes, why couldn't there be as many well-hung studs with a nice personality as there were buxom love machines with insatiable sexual appetites? Fuck that line everyone said. She would be in bed with another man right now if the only alternatives to John weren't half-witted yokels with two-inch dicks. With this huge disparity — one fantasy man, twenty-something fantasy women — it was no wonder the guy got a harem.

There was a shooting star, skidding down the night sky. Or maybe it was just a falling satellite. In any case, Kaycee made a wish on it. She wished that one day things would be different, that she could have as many men as John did women. It would serve him right.

With that idle revenge fantasy in her mind, Kaycee was finally able to get to sleep.

Kaycee was not entirely unused to being woken up by licking. It was one of her dog's favourite pastimes. But the licking wasn't usually on her crotch.

"Wha..." she muttered, sleepily trying to turn over. An arm stopped her.

She pulled back her nightgown to reveal her brother Louis loving licking her pussy. Kaycee's white panties hung on a nearby chair. Her cheeks turned scarlet, not entirely with embarrassment. "Louis, w-what are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious, little sis? Dad asked me to wake you up for breakfast, and I thought this was a pretty pleasant way to get you up. Got me up too. If you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I get your drift." Kaycee was confused by about twelve different things at once. Whenever she would try to start asking a question, another more pressing enquiry would come up behind the first question and suplex it back down her throat. Not to mention it was increasingly hard to concentrate on anything with a skilled tongue jammed down her cunt.

There was suddenly a knock at the door and a deeper male voice came in. "Stop fooling around in there, kids. Breakfast's ready."

Louis reluctantly removed himself from Kaycee's crotch. "Bummer. Well, let's get down there quickly. Dad's scrambled eggs are always delicious."

Kaycee got dressed slowly. It was a very confusing way to start your day. Louis had never done anything like that before. She didn't really have a problem with incest, she supposed, seeing as how she was okay with John fucking his mother and sisters all the time. But she had never felt any desire to do it herself. Of course, maybe that was just because the male side of her family were the shallow end of the gene pool.

Come to think of it, her brother looked a lot different, at least in the brief glimpses she saw of him this morning. Over the years he had turned into kind of a fat redneck stereotype, who had once got beaten up with John in a fight over John dating Kaycee. But today he was handsome and skinny.

More to the point, apparently her father was home. She hadn't seen him in a while, though she didn't remember why. Maybe he left them. Oh well, minor details.

Kaycee got dressed in her usual short-skirt and low-cut top and headed downstairs. She had been dressing more and more like a slut recently, but she didn't mind showing off. John certainly liked it, and it made it easier for him to fingerbang her in History class.

At the kitchen table she found two plates piled with steaming scrambled eggs and bacon. Her newly handsome brother was sitting at one, and the other was at her place at the table. Her dad was standing there in an apron and boxer shirts, grinning. "Bon appetit!" he said.

Kaycee sat down to eat, wondering what exactly was going on. Besides his bizarre attire, why did her dad cook this involved a breakfast on a weekday? Shouldn't he have to go to work or something? (Kaycee also wasn't sure what her dad did for a living.) Although she had to admit she didn't mind her father being less than dressed. He was, she realized, one of those sexy older men, with a muscular body, an aged but handsome face, just enough stubble, and (she could tell through his boxers) a monster cock.

She shook her head, trying to shake the thoughts out of her head. He was her father, for crying out loud. Kaycee decided to try not to think sexy thoughts and just focus on her breakfast. Which was delicious.

"Didn't you make any for yourself, Dad?" she asked.

"No, I think I've got enough to eat." With that he dropped to his knees and crawled under the table. Kaycee was shocked to feel his teeth pulling down her panties.

"Daddy!" she squealed with surprise.

"What's wrong, honeybuns? Did I scratch you?"

"That's not exactly the issue!"

"Kaycee's right, Dad," Louis said. "This is totally unfair. You can't hog her delicious pussy all to yourself."

Kaycee gulped and tried to be the voice of reason. "Dad, I really don't think this is appropriate given our relation — ooooh — relationship. It's not that you don't — oh, oh, ungh — give good head, because you do — I mean, I'm like dripping wet right now — but given that you're my dad — aw, fuck!"

Despite herself, Kaycee found her rational mind getting lost in the storm of pleasure her father's cunnilingus was bringing. He was damn good at that. His tongue left a warm, loving sensation on her pussy, while moving fast enough to send waves of pleasure racing through her. Kaycee guessed that this was the experience of an older man. She realized that without even thinking about it she had grabbed hold of his short brown hair and was holding his face to her cunt. Hell, why hadn't she let her father eat her out sooner?

Not bothering to finish his breakfast, Louis stood up and dropped his pants to the floor. His long cock stood rigid at attention. Kaycee thought it must be about eight inches long (she had a good eye for this sort of thing), and plenty thick. She realized that she was about to suck her brother's dick, and couldn't bring herself to feel bad about it.

Still holding her father to her crotch with one hand, Kaycee put the other hand on Louis's cock and softly pulled him closer. Her fingers felt the smooth skin, travelled through his neatly trimmed pubes, and came to rest on his heavy balls, softly caressing him. With him standing up and her still sitting down, his dick was right about the level of her mouth, so she did what came natural. His dick was warm and throbbing in her mouth, and she started slowly bobbing her head up and down it, making soft licks along its underside. Louis groaned with pleasure. "God, sis, you're always so good at that."

As if competing for Kaycee's attention, her dad picked up the speed of his ministrations, licking and stroking faster. He pushed a finger inside her cunt and started sawing it back and forth. Kaycee felt a little guilty for getting her pussy juice all over the family chairs, but decided just to focus her attentions on her brother's cock in her mouth.

Before long, however, she had to let go of Louis's dick with a slick popping sound. Kaycee threw her head back, and her eyes jammed shut involuntarily. "Oh fuck ... daddy, that's so fucking..." Dissolving into incoherency, she let out a loud gasp as she came, trembling with pleasure and the sheer joy of release. It had been too long since she felt like this.

Kaycee opened her eyes again and saw her scrambled eggs, now looking cold and droopy, but that wasn't what she was hungry for. And she realized that there were now two hard cocks attached to two patient but obviously desirous men. Who cared if they happened to be related to her?

Delirious from an erotic high, Kaycee stood up and tossed off her top and skirt. She was now nude, pert young breasts standing to attention, toned body highlighted by the morning sun. Kaycee leaned against the table, wiggling her butt out at both men, a physical, animal invitation. They responded in kind.

Louis came up behind her and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit. Kaycee groaned and reached down, fingering her clit. Her father, meanwhile, walked around in front of her and dropped his boxers. He had lost his apron somewhere along the way, so he was now standing in the buff — and very buff he was. Between his muscular legs his ten-inch python stood to attention, even longer and harder than his son. Kaycee found herself salivating.

Louis slid into her with a grunt. Kaycee moaned, loving the feeling of his smooth cock filling her up. At the same time she leaned forward and took her dad's prick into her mouth. It felt weird sucking on the organ that had made her, but at the same time it was strangely erotic. She guessed it was the taboo element. Her brother put his hands on her hips and started fucking her in earnest, his hips slamming against her ass. Each thrust echoed through Kaycee's whole body, pushing her further forward onto her father's massive cock.

Kaycee wasn't sure how she was going to fit all of her dad's tool in her mouth, but she was enjoying sucking on it nonetheless, and she was certainly enjoying getting fucked from behind by her big brother. Louis reached down and rubbed her clit, stroking it like a guitar string, and Kaycee began to involuntarily gasp with pleasure.

Her father pulled his prick out of her mouth and leaned down to suck on her tits. Kaycee's breasts were very sensitive, and that was all she needed to send her over the edge. Kaycee came violently, letting out a primal scream and slamming her hips back mercilessly against her brother. In her throes of ecstasy she realized that she was squirting clear juice out of her pussy, leaving her mark on her brother and the kitchen floor. Louis thrust into her one last time. Distantly, Kaycee could hear his groan and feel his hot cum shooting into her, and a part of her was screaming that this was wrong, but most of her was over the moon about it.

Louis pulled out of her, and their combined juices fell to the floor. "Wow," said a breathless Kaycee. "I-I've never done that before."

"What do you mean?" Louis asked. "We've been getting a lot — let's just say closer as a family for the past couple of months."

This wasn't exactly how Kaycee remembered it, but she didn't want to get into the strange changes in the world just yet. "No, I mean the... squirting."

Her dad looked genuinely puzzled. "What do you mean, honeybuns? You squirt all the time. Don't worry, we love it."

Louis nodded. "Yeah, I love getting your warm juices all over my face. It makes me feel like I belong to you."

This was too weird for Kaycee. She sat down and briefly tried to eat the now-cold eggs. Louis politely patted her shoulder. "Come on, sis. You don't want to leave Dad hanging, do you?"

Kaycee looked up at her father, standing there in the buff, patiently waiting with his hard cock, shiny with her saliva, jutting straight out into the air. She blushed. She knew that it was wrong, that she was probably being taken advantage of, but she did so want to fuck that man. The fact that he didn't bear that much resemblance to her father as she knew him numbed any kind of resistance.

Her heart, or more likely her cunt, won over her head. Kaycee cleared aside some plates and then climbed onto the kitchen table, stretching out against the hard wood. It wasn't the most comfortable place she'd ever done it, but there was a kind of eroticism to it, transforming the everyday into something filthy.

"Hop on, pop," Louis offered. Everyone groaned.

With his son exiled to the corner for bad puns, Kaycee's dad positioned himself at her entrance, moving between her creamy legs. "God, you're gorgeous," he said, before burying himself inside her with one smooth stroke. Kaycee gasped. His cock might be even longer than John's.

Her father's hands reached down to caress her breasts, tweaking the rock-hard nipples, and then slid over the rest of her body, rubbing her shoulders, her neck, her thighs. Kaycee closed her eyes, lost in the sensation, and her dad began to fuck her in earnest. He started out slow, but like a train he gradually picked up speed. His balls slapped against her ass, and he grabbed onto his daughter's legs to pull her further onto him.

Kaycee squealed. "Daddy! Fuck me hard!" And so he did. He slammed into her like a jackhammer, crushing his pubic bone against her clit, driving himself to the deepest end of his daughter's steaming pussy. She cried out wantonly as brute, animal pleasure filled her.

Louis wandered over to inspect the familial fucking. He had lubricated the way for his father, and now was watching little drops of his cum be forced out of Kaycee, leaving pearly spots on the table and floor below. He bent down and took one of Kaycee's breasts in his mouth, rolling his tongue around the fleshy globe. That was all the extra stimulus Kaycee needed. She came, yelling out a cry of release and spasmodically jerking her hips, banging her body down against the hard table. It would leave welts that she would discover in the mirror the next morning, but for now it just felt good.

Her dad wasn't done, though, and kept fucking her hard. He leaned down to capture one of her breasts in his mouth, his head squeezing in next to his son's, and Kaycee was delighted to feel both of her tits being warmly sucked and tongued. She grabbed the heads of her father and her brother and pressed them closer to her, still cresting on waves of pleasure.

Kaycee's father was still slamming his cock into her pussy. Judging by the redness on his face he was approaching release, but that wasn't stopping him from keeping up the fast and hard pace, and Kaycee found herself soaring towards release again.

"Oh daddy, daddy, daddy ... fuck me! It's so good, daddy!" Kaycee had never understood why girls liked to say "daddy" in the sack, but if all fathers fucked their daughters as good as hers, she could see why.

Her father groaned and, with one final slam of his hips, embedded himself deep within his daughter. Kaycee felt his hot cum shooting into her (very well-protected, if you must know) pussy, and was surprised to find herself orgasming violently. She squirted again, leaving her mark on the crotch of her daddy, and frantically rubbing her clit to prolong the heavenly sensation.

He kissed her repeatedly in the afterglow, and they were somewhere between comfortable familiar kisses, and hot romantic ones. Finally, he pulled out of her and the cum of two generations oozed out to the floor.

Kaycee glanced over to the clock on the microwave. "Oh shit! I'm late for school!"

She hopped off the table, rubbing her sore back, and rapidly put her clothes back on. They were a bit wrinkly, but she rarely got to lunch without taking them off at some point, so everyone at school would probably think it was business as usual.

"I'll give you a lift, sis," said Louis.

Kaycee hurried out the door. "Bye dad! Thanks for the breakfast and, uh, the orgasms!"

"You're welcome, sweetie!"

Kaycee's dad (who probably should have gotten a name three pages ago) waved goodbye and turned back to his neglected scrambled eggs. Every morning he made a nice breakfast, and every morning they got distracted by sex. He should really just go back to giving his kids cereal.

Despite your preconceived notions about people who start off the morning with an incestuous threesome, Kaycee was not a stupid girl. She knew that something about her world had changed drastically. Looking out the window, it was as though the men and women of this town had switched places. Whereas before there had been a small army of knockout babes, John, and a bunch of sleazy guys no one wanted to get involved with, now it was the opposite. She was living in a town of hunks and she was the only pretty girl in it.

Kaycee thought this might have something to do with the wish she made last night, but that sounded stupid. If those wishes came true, she would have a pony right now. The weirdest part was that her newly hot brother and father had acted like this was all routine, like she had stepped into an alternate universe with a history that she was unaware of.

Oh well. Kaycee wasn't sure what was going on, but she made up her mind to enjoy it.

Louis dropped her off in the school parking lot, and gave her a not-very-brotherly kiss goodbye. "I'll pick you up at 4 today, Kaycee. And, uh ... I'm really glad that we decided to get closer as a family. It means a lot to me." Kaycee dumbly nodded, wishing she remembered what he was talking about.

When she walked into her first period History class, all eyes were on her. "So nice of you to join us, Kaycee," her teacher Mr. Hammond said. "You're half an hour late."

"Sorry, I had, uh, car trouble."

"A likely story. Take a seat and I'll see you at lunch."

The class that day was on the 60s and the Sexual Revolution, which Kaycee thought was pretty heavy-handed. She didn't like hippies. Free love? She had been living free love for months now, and she didn't feel the need to get all self-righteous about it.

Kaycee paid more attention to Mr. Hammond than the rest of the class. She hadn't noticed this before, but for a teacher he was pretty attractive. He must have been in his early 30s, but he had a baby face. His youthful features were fighting with the mature/intellectual/take-me-seriously-please goatee. Today was a hot day, so he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, which revealed some pretty muscular arms. She thought that spending her lunch period with him wouldn't be so bad.

Meanwhile, the rest of the class was paying attention to Kaycee. She hadn't had time to shower before coming to school, and as such reeked of sex. The boys smiled at her, flashing their good looks, and Kaycee smiled back. The other girls simmered in jealousy.

John was sitting across the room, but while he usually would be covertly fingering some girl under the seat, he was now just one of the crowd staring at her. Kaycee grinned and tossed her hair back, enjoying being the centre of attention.

When the seemingly interminable class finally ended, John walked over to talked to Kaycee. She composed herself, smothering her mixed emotions towards him, and offered up a bright smile. "Hey John. How's it going?"

"You know, the usual," he said with a shrug. The two started walking, as both of their next classes were in a similar part of the building. "You available at lunch? I was thinking we could head up to that little clearing in the woods outside school and maybe have some fun..."

"Sorry, but I have detention or whatever with Mr. Hammond," Kaycee said.

John frowned. "That sucks. You sure seem to be getting detention from him a lot recently."

"What can I say? He's a hard-ass. But I'm sure you can have some fun with Mandy or Laura."

"Who?" John looked genuinely puzzled.

Kaycee tried to suppress her wild grin. "Oh, nobody. Forget I said anything at all."

Lunchtime came quickly. Kaycee slipped into the silent classroom where Mr. Hammond was waiting. The masses of students that streamed through here everyday were gone, but their presence remained in the dirt, discarded snack wrappers, and desk carvings they left behind. Mr. Hammond was behind his desk, quietly marking papers.

Kaycee cleared her throat. "Mr. Hammond? You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, Kaycee," he said. "Shut the door behind you. Now, you're a good student, which is why I hate to see you screw up so much. But you were late to class. And you have to be punished."

"So, uh, I guess I have detention here or something?"

He smiled knowingly. "I guess you could call it that. Bend over. Put your hands on my desk."

Kaycee did so, with growing trepidation. It wasn't entirely a surprise when she felt her teacher flipped up her skirt and slapped her ass hard. Mr. Hammond continued with the spanking, smacking his cupped palm against her behind, which had been praised by John as "the cutest little bubble butt I ever saw." To her surprise, while there was a ring of pain that travelled through her body, she was beginning to enjoy this.

After ten slaps Mr. Hammond stopped and, in another move that didn't entirely surprise Kaycee, pulled down her skirt. So she was involved in this kind of tawdry affair. Well, if she was going to sleep with a teacher, Mr. Hammond was certainly towards the top of the list. He caressed her through her panties, rubbing the white cotton up and down her slit, moistening it like a well-watered plant. It was a nice contrast to her bright-red ass cheeks, which looked a bit like a gorilla's from the spanking.

Mr. Hammond tugged Kaycee's panties down, and they fell in a pool with the skirt around her ankles. He slid one finger into her moist slit. While with his other hand he gently rubbed above it, coaxing out her clit. Kaycee found herself groaning, especially when a second finger was added to her pussy.

The teacher turned around and backed her up, pressing his student against the blackboard. Without even needing to be asked, Kaycee removed her top, leaving her once again nude as the day she was born (if she had been born with socks on). Mr. Hammond wrapped his lips around her right breast and sucked both hard and tenderly, masterfully flicking her erect nipple with his tongue. His fingers slid back into her, and she moaned with pleasure.

Kaycee felt like she was losing herself. This guy really knew how to treat a tit, and things only got better when he moved his talented mouth over to her other breast. In addition, Mr. Hammond was finger-fucking her hard now, sawing his two digits in and out of her warm and wet cunt. His other hand rubbed her clit with enthusiasm, sending shockwaves of joy throughout her body.

Kaycee arched her back and shuddered, cresting to a small orgasm. Mr. Hammond slid his fingers out of her, and for a second there was still a string of her juices connecting the two of them. Staring at his glowing student, Mr. Hammond seemed to undergo a sudden transformation. He sat down and clutched his head.

"I've been bad..." he muttered. "I can't keep playing with my students like this."

Kaycee gave him an awkward pat on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it. I, uh, had fun."

Mr. Hammond's head snapped up, an expression of irritation in his eyes. "I don't want you to comfort me, idiot. I want you to punish me."

"Oh, okay then. Uh, one punishment coming right up." Kaycee had no idea what to do. She ultimately decided that imitation is the best form of flattery. "Bend over and drop your pants."

"I don't want to--"

"Drop'em, mister!" Kaycee shouted. Mr. Hammond meekly bent around and discarded his pants and underwear. "Shirt too. What, you strip your student naked but stay fully clothed? You think you're better than me?" His button-up shirt joined the pool of clothes on the ground. She was quickly growing to enjoy the role of authority figure.

Kaycee circled her teacher, judging his body like a piece of meat — to be more specific, like prime steak. She licked her lips. Mr. Hammond was now bent over his desk, legs spread apart, ass in the air like Kaycee had been earlier. His erect cock dangled between his legs. With a wide arc of her arm, Kaycee brought her palm down on Mr. Hammond's ass, creating a not-quite-satisfying smack.

"That doesn't hurt," he muttered. "You have to do it harder."

Kaycee rolled her eyes and grabbed a nearby ruler. She smacked the small piece of plastic down across her teacher's ass, leaving a distinct mark. Mr. Hammond groaned, a sound that mixed pleasure with pain. "Yes Sister ... I've been a very bad boy."

Catholic school. I should have guessed, Kaycee thought as she brought the ruler down on Mr. Hammond's ass repeatedly.

He grunted, exhaling raggedly, with each strike. With each blow his cock stiffened a little more, twitching forward. Kaycee took the ruler away, hoping that they could get down to some serious fucking and be done with all this roleplay crap.

"You're going to punish me some more, aren't you Sister?" said Mr. Hammond. The end of his question was a mix of acted fear and genuine desire.

Kaycee sighed inwardly. "I guess I'll have to. Since you're such a naughty, naughty boy."

"Please don't use the thing in the bottom drawer," he whimpered.

Following his command, Kaycee went to his desk and pulled open the bottom drawer. There, sitting on a pile of next week's tests, was a large black strap-on dildo. Too many jokes. Shrugging and deciding to play along, Kaycee picked up the strap-on and put it on like a piece of underwear. She liked the feeling of having a large, protruding phallus hanging between her legs. Kaycee wondered how guys could get through life without walking around waving this in peoples' faces all the time, and then realized that she now understood the male psyche. Well, except for Mr. Hammond, holding onto a desk in front of her, legs spread wide, asshole wide open and ready. He was a special case.

Kaycee grabbed the bottle of lube and poured it over the artificial cock, slathering it heavily, just for safety. It was a big one and she wasn't really sure whether Mr. Hammond could take it. Some of the lube spilled onto the floor, and Kaycee almost slipped and took a header into one of the desks. Regaining her balance she walked over to her teacher and pressed her dick up against his ass.

She leaned down to whisper in his ear. "You've been a very bad boy."

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