Wifes Craving Changes

by Sweet Willy

Copyright© 2010 by Sweet Willy

Erotica Sex Story: Wife favorite past time takes a turn for the better after some new friends

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .

My wife loves to suck cock. This is something I found out about her when we first started dating. Well, actually she gave me a blow job on our first date and admitted that she loved the taste of dicks and having guys cum in her mouth and covering her face. But I surprised her that first time by not cumming. I'm not sure the reason, but I can't get off through oral sex, I like it don't get me wrong, just not enough. Now this doesn't discourage my wife from trying, much to my enjoyment. Anyway back to my wife.

We dated for about a year and even though the oral sex part was off, the rest of our sex life was great and we also had a lot in common and enjoyed each others company. While we were dating I suspected she would suck off other guys but I didn't do or say anything about it as I always got her pussy. We got married and on the first night of our honeymoon I presented my wife with a gift, more of a promise actually, that she had my permission to satisfy her cravings. She readily accepted of course and admitted that she sucked off the two strippers at her bachelorette party, swallowing both loads. For the next 11 years of marriage, things went along just fine, our sex life slowed somewhat as it tends to do and she would occasionally suck another guy off, usually a guy that would hit on her when she was with her friends on their "girls night out". Each time she would come home and tell me about it and we would end up fucking the rest of the night. I am able to tell when she had had a cock in her mouth even if she didn't tell me because she would come home really horny with her pussy dripping wet. Again, I didn't mind and other than the oral sex she was faithful to me until a recent encounter changed everything.

I guess I should describe my wife at this point. She is 35 years old, 5'8", brown, shoulder length hair with bright blue eyes, and 140 lbs. Yes, she is a little on the chunky side but has a 38C-30-36 figure, nice round ass, great tits with large pink nipples and usually keeps her pussy shaved. Now most of her oral adventures involved one-time flings but every once in a while she would have a regular guy where she would give him a blow job maybe once a month or so but they usually ended when they wanted to go further and she refused. My wife's change happened because of one such regular, Al, a mid 50's black man she had met at one of the clubs she and her friends go to. She started meeting Al at his office in the evening every few weeks after he would send her an email. My wife describe him as being a widower, his wife passing away 3 years prior, about 6' 240 lbs, with a belly, shaved head and had an 8 inch dick which was very thick and that he was always polite and acted like a gentleman. Plus the fact that he always had a large load of cum. We both figured that with his wife gone, Al just needed some release which my wife was happy to help. She has sucked off black guys before, and white, and hispanic, and asian but didn't seemed to have a preference. My wife received an email two weeks ago from Al asking if she would like to stop by his office after work. She hadn't seen him in a while or sucked anyone else off for that matter so she was really in the mood and agreed to stop over the next evening. When she got home that night, she was hornier than usual and said she needed my dick now, so right there on the living room floor I ripped off her clothes and plunged my stiff dick into her sopping wet pussy where I proceeded to fuck her as hard as I could before emptying my load into her. We then went up stairs, climbed into bed and cuddled where she told me what happened.

She arrived at Al's office and went in just like usual. The other times he would take his pants off, sit in his chair, she would get on her knees and blow him. But this time when she walked in, there were two other black men, older like Al, sitting on the couch in his office. She was startled a bit at first when Al apologized and said that the two gentlemen were clients and that business had run late. He introduced them as Mike and Robert and introduced them to my wife saying she was a special friend. They all said hello and Al said that they were almost finished when Mike looked at Al and asked him, what kind of special friend was my wife. Al started giving a bunch of um's, not able to come up with an answer when for some reason my wife blurted out "I'm here to suck Al's big black dick". This surprised me when my wife told me and she admitted that she was also surprised she said it. Mike smiled and said that they were glad that the meeting ran late. Al then looked at my wife with a questioning expression on his face and her reply instantly got me rock hard again. She said "Three black cocks? Looks like my lucky night". Robert who hadn't said anything other than hello stood up, dropped his pants around his ankles and started stroking his dick which my wife said was about the same size as Al's but not as dark. The other two men did the same and my wife got on her knees with Robert in front, Al and Mike on either side. She took turns stroking each man's cock, then would suck one while jerking the other two switching every so often.

As my wife was telling me this she had started jerking my cock and I was rubbing her pussy which was getting very wet. My wife continued her story saying that she sucked and jerked each cock for several minutes when Al said he was going to cum, so my wife took his dick in her mouth where he erupted, shooting his thick jizz right down her throat. The sight of my wife swallowing a load of cum must have set off the other two because they said they were going to cum also so my wife took there dicks into her mouth, one at a time until she ended up with three loads of cum in her belly with just a little dribbling out of the corner of her mouth. As the men were pulling there pants back up, Robert finally spoke and said that they were going to have to have regular business meetings from now on. My wife said that would be great as she loved having three cocks, big black ones at that to suck at once. Al smiled and said that, that could be arranged easily. Everyone said their goodbyes and my wife got in her car and came home to tell me the news. By this time my wife's pussy was dripping wet again, probably from my playing with it or most likely from her retelling of what had happened that evening. I was sporting a major hard, climbed between my wife's legs and slipped my dick easily into her pussy causing an instant orgasm on her part. We ended up having sex the rest of the night, finally falling asleep. The next morning while sitting at the kitchen table having our morning coffee my wife said that she really enjoyed last night. I said our having sex or those three black dicks you sucked. My wife gave a sheepish smile and said it was both and that just telling me what happened made her extremely horny. My wife's next comment floored me, she said "It's a good thing I left that office right away as I needed to be fucked real bad." My response surprised my wife and me for that matter, "Do you want those black men to fuck you?" My wife was quiet for a moment and in a soft tone, said "Yes".

"Lets go back to bedroom and talk this over" I said next and taking her hand we went back upstairs. Once in the bedroom I told my wife to get naked and lay on the bed. I did the same and while running my fingers over her body I asked her what did she want from those black gentleman. She started to talk softly, so I told her that she needed to say it louder. Finally after giving me a "are you sure?" look my wife said "I want to be fucked by all three men, each filling my pussy with their black cocks and cum and to treat me as a complete slut". We ended up having a quickie again before each of us getting dressed to go to work.

Two days later, my wife received an email from Al asking if she would be free to attend another "business meeting" that Friday evening. She of course replied yes and over the next two days we made plans for her, what to wear, how to act, what to say, stuff like that. Not to mention that we ended up fucking like animals those two nights.

We both took off Friday afternoon to get her ready for her meeting. I picked her outfit which consisted of, a tight denim mini-skirt, white tube top, and flip flops. A very sexy beach type outfit that always turned me on. She put on a little lipstick, just enough make-up, not too much, didn't want to be appear to be a total whore and when she came out of the bathroom, I thought I was going to cream my pants. My wife looked smoking hot and I had her spin around and lightly jump and down causing her tits to bounce in her top. She said that too much of that and her tits would pop out as she wasn't wearing a bra. When she bent over in front of me, I gave a sigh and she asked what was wrong. I replied that even though she was wearing some lacy panties, they had to go, that when she was in the office, and bent over for the guys, I wanted them to see her glistening pussy just waiting for them. She agreed, took them off, gave me quick kiss on the cheek and said she'll be back some time later.

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